Bukkake whores facial cum shower

Bukkake whores facial cum shower
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Let's just say Adrianna was very often running through my head ever since her first session. I had exhibited better self control and had been able to do more detailed sessions with her. I convinced her mother to let me do hour and a half sessions with Adrianna, that she needed extra "help." It gave me longer to stare at her, longer to try to get details of her escapades. Plus it left me a free half hour until my next patient. Every session lead to a masturbation session in my private washroom, and God knows it didn't take but two or three minutes.

It was those fucking legs and that angelic face. I just couldn't help myself. I had tried over the last month, with our twice a week visits to get more details about the teacher or the encounter with her father's friend Ian, but she never got specific about him. She was willing to talk about the two guys from school she had been with but her stories were so un-detailed. She shied away from specifics in every way to the point I got very frustrated.

It was selfish but I was tired about fantasizing about her and her teacher from the first visit we had, she had never been as detailed as that again, and I needed more masturbatory material.

I also thought more details from those experiences, might get me some inspiration to get what they got, and what I so desperately wanted, to cum deep inside her teenage twat. After a month of no success I did have an idea. I brought her mother in and told her I wanted to try hypnosis and got her mother's permission on a consent form. While I didn't really need consent for that, I thought it would be good to have a consent form signed, in case I needed it later.

Adrianna arrived for her next appointment and I was again surprised how docile her clothing always was. For such a trouble maker and deviant sex addict, she didn't play or dress the part very well.

Today she was wearing yoga pants, which while hot in their own right, I was bummed to not get to see her perfect svelte legs. The legs that made my mouth water.

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She had on dual tank tops, one light white over a neon green one to go with her neon green yoga pants. Tennis shoes and hair in a pony tail.

She wasn't wearing any make up except for lipstick today. She was used to using the couch at this point and laid down without prodding. "Adrianna, I want to try something different today, I have already discussed it with your mother. It's called hypnosis. It's like a trance and it makes things easier to remember. Does that sound ok?" "Um, sure.

. I guess." She sounded very unsure. I began the slow descending process into hypnosis. Some patients fall much further under than others and Adrianna was definitely one of those who fell deeply under.

Contrary to what some think, no matter how far under someone is, they still have free will. They can still not answer questions they don't want to. It is really a "you get out what you put in" type of thing and Adrianna's answers to questions about her teacher Mr. Jenkins and her father's friend Ian, were still very vague and nondescript.

20 minutes in and I had nothing, not even a hotter version of the events in her words for my digital recorder.

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Nothing. I remembered a book I had that explained coaxing techniques and went to my bookshelf to retrieve it. On my way back to my chair I passed the couch and stopped to stare. Such a pretty face, nice hair, great tanned bronze skin and those shapely legs.

I really wanted to see her legs. That was when i had they idea that set in motion a number of events. Medication. I ran to my fridge and pulled out the drugs inside. Yes! I thought as I scanned the options. I had one heavy sedative and it's antidote. I grabbed a syringe and filled it with a modest dose, my hands shaking as I did so. The thoughts of losing my license or worse mattered not, I had wanted to see her body from day one, and now i was going to.

I went to the door and turned the lock just in case. I told Adrianna in her hypnosis to relax and that she was going to feel a prick. I pushed the needle in and drugged her, enough to be sure she would not wake up for a few hours.

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I put the syringe on the side table to free my hands. They were shaking as I knelt next to her and began to push her tank tops up all the way to her neck. I stared at her chest. Her breasts were modest at best, but perky and held nicely by her bra. I reached behind her and unsnapped it, slipped the straps under her tank top and over her shoulders and pulled the garment free. I put it on the table next to the couch without taking my eyes off of her. Her breast size according to the bra was 27B.

Her nipple were hard due to the chill from the air conditioner of my office. Her breasts looked smaller, falling against her as she laid down. I reached out to touch the right one. I squeezed it together, kneaded it and rubbed it.

Soon I was using both hands and feeling them both. My breath was getting heavier as I was getting super aroused. My 6 inch dick was already rock hard. I leaned over to put my mouth on he right breast but it made my cockhead very uncomfortable pressed up against my trousers.

The door was locked so I decided to slip my pants off and give my aching cock the freedom it needed. Her nipples were so damn tasty! I licked one breast than the other, my sucking sounds audible in my office, and were my panting breaths. I reached down and stroked myself as I sucked, but stroked slowly, I didn't want to waste my remaining hour.

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After about 5 minutes more I had gotten my fill of her small teen tits and wanted to see those legs. I gripped the sides of her yoga pants and pulled, and damn if the girl wasn't even wearing panties.

While her breasts were as tanned as the rest of her, the outline of her bikini bottom was very pronounced, the pale skin very different from her tanned tummy and legs. I rolled her to the side and propped her up staring at her tan lined ass.

I rubbed the cheek and eventually was licking and sucking on the closer on. My head was pounding a bit at this point, my heart accelerating to match my horniness.

I laid her back flat and stared at her thin, manicured pubic hair. It was in a V shape, stopping before it touched on her pussy lips.

For all the fucking she had talked about I expected her labia to be peaking out, but they weren't, her pussy was a tight and well shaped camel toe. I wanted to suck on her pussy, stick my fingers in her, stick my cock in her but I had no condoms and I knew I could not trust myself to pull out. Scratch that, I know I would not have, I would have fucked her until I was spent, and I just couldn't risk pregnancy.

Not yet anyway. I allowed myself one lingering kiss on those pussy lips and pulled up and away. No, I told myself. You just can't, no woman is worth a future in prison. I swallowed hard and sat back on my heels. I considered my options, I could jack off on her tummy, on her tits, or.

in her mouth? Oh jesus, I thought, I really can, I can fire off right in that beautiful mouth, I can know this girl took my cum, even if not willingly. I knew I shouldn't, that it could blow up in my face but my cum was coming before too long. I moved to her head and was jacking off right above her face, wondering how to control my flow enough to get it in her mouth when I realized I didn't have to, I could be sure it got in there.

At this point I felt I had nothing to lose, I was already violating ethics, my oath, and the law. I went to the head of the couch and pulled her back and up until her head was resting on the arm of the couch. I plugged her nose with my fingers and her mouth popped right open. Hell yes, look at those lips! I could see her tongue, pink and ready to swallow what i could offer. I Turned her head a little to the side and lined up my cockhead with her open mouth and began to masturbate faster, it was now or never and I better just do this shit before something fucks it up.

I stared at her face, followed her neck to her small breasts, to her flat smooth tummy, to her tan lined pelvis, to her silky bronzed legs. Jesus she really was amazing, I couldn't imagine how luck the males who had gotten to sex or sex-sex with her, as she called it. That was when the first really bad idea populated my mind. I could have sex with her. Not sex-sex, but nothing was keeping me from pushing my cock just a little further ahead.

I could be in her mouth! Some thoughts should never be thought, because you are going to follow through as soon as you think them. I took a hand and grabbed her pony tail, and with my other hand I grabbed my manhood. I stepped forward and pushed my cockhead between her parted lips. Her teeth grazed my mushroom cap as I went in causing me to wince.

But her jaw pushed further open as I pushed inside until I felt the collapsing of her petite mouth and the back of her tongue making it hard to push further, and I didn't want to initiate her gag reflex at all. I pulled back and watched my shaft pulling back out of her mouth, wet with her saliva. I had gotten about 4 and a half inches in her mouth before I had to stop. But it was a wonderful 4.5 inches! I pushed in again and felt tears in my eyes watching my manhood disappear into her young mouth.

After about 5 good long slow strokes her jaw was open too much and her lips no longer sealed around my dick. So I reached down to push her jaw back up and did so just as I was pushing in again. "Uuuuuuoooh!" I moaned not expecting the side benefit. My fingers, pushing on the bottom of her silky skinned jaw had pushed her tongue up to coincide with my pushing my unit in.

It gave the effect of her working my shaft with her tongue. Thank god my office was sound proofed, or that slip up could have cost me. I kept at it until I found just the right rhythm and was pumping at a good pace, her tongue and jaw manipulated from beneath. "Awww shit Adrianna. Oh yeah baby, you know how I like it!" Inspiration struck again and I grabbed my phone from my desk, located next to the couch. I turned on the video and placed it on the edge of the desk, pointed at our intimacy.

I groaned deeply, knowing time was running short. I took one last good look at her legs and imagined her on her knees, sucking me off. I closed my eyes, my minds eye's picturing her in a slutty short skirt, legging clipped to a garter belt and no top.


Her big brown eyes looking up at me and she worked my cock like a champion. I pumped faster and faster, imagining her moaning for me to give her the gift she had earned, to give her the cream filling from my dick donut. "Aw fuck baby, oh jesus. .

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oh my god here it comes baby!" I cried out as I felt the cum gathering in my tingling nut sack. "I opened my eyes and looked down at her.

I held her jaw firm and pumped, trying hard not to push too deep. I felt my balls clenching and the first waves of orgasm beginning to build. "Oh. . oh shit.

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. oh. . oh!" I felt cum rocketing up my shaft. I let go of her jaw and reached behind her shoulder to pull her up and make her head bop up, opening a direct line from her mouth to her throat to her gullet.

"NNNNNAAAH!" I felt cum erupt from my dick and gush into Adrianna's mouth. "Oh goooooood!" Another spurt of cum shot out of my cock and into this beautiful young teen's waiting tummy.

I lost my grip on her back and she slumped to the couch again and i fell forward to follow her mouth. "Mmmmphhh!" A third rope of cum bathed her tonsils and dripped down her young throat. My hand gripped the back of the couch to keep me from collapsing as i felt my dick continue to pulse, tiny bits of cum still bubbling out.


I stood rigid, still basking in the orgasm I had just experienced, my arm shaking as exhaustion was setting in. I was seeing all sorts of colors and patterns in my closed eyes until I snapped back to reality. I looked down and pulled my shrinking cock out of her mouth and she instinctively took a huge gasp.

Holy shit, I almost chocked the girl. That would have been an odd discussion with the police i thought to myself as I fell back into my chair, panting. "Yes officer, I don't know what happened, I had my cock buried deep in her mouth and the bitch just quit breathing" I said out loud to no one and laughed again.

I closed my eyes and dozed for a few minutes, basking in the gloriousness of knowing I have put my self, my cum inside this delicious young tart. I didn't even feel bad, she was a slut, why shouldn't I get a piece? My eyes popped open about 20 minutes later and I realized her appointment was up in just 8 minutes. I pulled myself to my feet and stumbled to the rest room and wiped my self clean and straightened my hair, washed my face and made my way back to her with a bottled water and wash cloth.

I grabbed my camera as she was in quite a pose. Nude, her head leaning back, cum on her tongue in her mouth, one streak of cum that had dribbled out and slid down her jaw and neck.

I took a picture or 10 and then put on my pants. I cleaned her up as best I could and pulled her clothes back on. I opened the window to air out the stink of my cum, though most of that was covered by Adrianna's stomach. I filled a syringe with antidote and she came around in a few minutes, cum still on her tongue. She smacked her lips four or five times. "Wha--?" Before she could get a full word out I put the bottle in her hand.

"Here, drink this water, you are coming out of hypnosis and your mouth will be very dry." She gulped the water down as instructed, and down went the last of the evidence of my non-consensual intimacy with her. "I feel really---mmm--groggyyyy." She slurred. "Yes, it can be jarring to come out of hypnosis but you did great." My heart was pounding, wondering how it was possible just a few minutes earlier I had my penis in between those plump but tiny lips.

I wondered how angry she would be that I had done that. I wondered if she might be turned on. Maybe enough to let me do more? I shook my head, I had to stop trying to convince myself what I was doing was okay and would get better.

I did wonder to myself what would happen next. Would I violate my oath and bathe her tonsils with me again? Would I break my promise and. . enter her? I wasn't sure, but I was worried I was going to be in a lot of trouble some day soon. I helped Adrianna to her feet and she shuffled out the door, her splendid ass moving back and forth with each step through her yoga pants.

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I went to my couch and collapsed and fell asleep until I got a buzz that my next patient was here. Two more days until Adrianna's next appointment. . it was too long.