So dirty blonde slut is rimming grandpa ass cocksucking and oldvsyoung

So dirty blonde slut is rimming grandpa ass cocksucking and oldvsyoung
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Fbailey story number 182 Dad's Girlfriend Robin was quite stunning. She was thirty-six years old and had frosted hair, which gave her sort of blonde and gray streaks. It was long and covered her hard nipples at times and it was crinkled too. My mother would have been her age if she had survived the car accident.

Robin wore a 36-C bra and her panties were a size six medium because I had snooped in the laundry. Her measurements were 36-28-36 because she had told me so. Robin also said that she stood five feet six inches tall and that she weighed a hundred and twenty pounds. Dad sure was one lucky guy from what I could tell after they went to bed.

Robin was a woman that could really moan and groan with a few 'Oh Gods' tossed in for good measure. Robin had only moved in with us a month ago but she sure knew how to tease me. Every night after they made love Robin would walk by my bedroom on her way to the bathroom to clean up.

She would be wearing one of dad's extra large white T-shirts and holding her hand on her pussy to keep the cum from dripping all over the floor. She would smile at me as she went to the bathroom but on the way back she would come in and pull my blankets up snug and then kiss my forehead. With the light on in the hallway I got a pretty good look down the gaping neckline at her bare breasts but I never really got the view that I wanted. Then after that first month of living with us Robin started leaving the bathroom door open whenever she was on the toilet or in the bathtub.

She also started to tease me by wearing sexy negligées around the house after dinner.

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She said that it was to tease my father but I knew that she liked to tease me too. They were cute little baby doll things with matching panties that I couldn't see through but as she got bolder her negligées got more shear as did her matching panties too. I would watch her as she stood in front of dad while he watched television and let him feel her up. At that point in my life I was jerking off two or three times a day and a couple times before I fell asleep. Every day it seemed that I would catch Robin on the toilet as I passed by or in the bathtub with her headphones on and singing to the music.

Then every night I would see her in a transparent negligée for that final goodnight kiss. It was more than a horny sixteen-year-old boy could handle. Dad was forty-two years old but at least he had an outlet for his sexual needs. Mine were all pent up and I was about ready to explode. Then after two months of living with us dad got a call one Friday evening to come into work for a serious problem.

He told us not to wait up which meant that it was going to take a long time to fix. Robin had been getting ready to go out dancing.

She loved that Country Line Dancing.

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That's where she had met my father. Dad told her to take me dancing with her if she still wanted to go. She just looked at me and smiled. I just looked at her and drooled. Robin was wearing a tight blue jean mini shirt with threads hanging around the bottom and a blue and white gingham shirt that was just tied in a knot under her breasts. Her bright red bra was about half visible in the front.

Her matching thong panties were up high enough to be visible in the rear. Robin had on a pair of white cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat. She honestly looked good enough to eat. I was surprised that her skimpy skirt even covered her pussy. It was way down below her belly button. Thanks to her see through nighties I knew full well that Robin shaved her pussy bald.

She looked like a million dollars and she was my date. Thank you God! So she drove us to the bar and of course she knew the bouncer at the door. After a few words he let me in but he stamped the back of my right hand with the words "Under 21" so that I couldn't get served any alcohol. Hell I didn't even drink. I didn't even have a diver's license either.

As I walked in with Robin on my arm I swear that every guy looked at me and wondered what to hell she was doing with me.

She was clearly out of my league. Robin saw six ladies that she knew and worked our way over to them. They pushed their chairs out and grabbed two more to add to their table for us. Robin kissed them all right on the lips and smashed breasts into their breasts as she introduced me. I was very pleased to also get a kiss on the lips and to have their tits smashed into my chest too. As we sat down I had a clear view up most of their short skirts and could see the color of their panties.

One lady had on a pair of blue jeans but they were skin-tight and looked like she was poured into them.

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They drank beers and shots while I enjoyed my Pepsi. We all got up to dance a couple of songs then we would sit one or two out. After about an hour the lady in the tight jeans asked me to accompany her to the bathroom. Robin told me to go with Stacy and help her so I did. She took me right into the lady's room with other ladies in there. They had doors on their stalls for privacy but I still concerned.

After all I had never been allowed in a lady's bathroom before. Stacy asked me to undo her jeans for her because she couldn't. She had really long fingernails and her pants were far too tight. I had trouble getting them undone too but I finally managed, then she asked me to help her get them down.

You've got to be kidding! However after seeing Robin in the bathtub several times I was kind of interested in what other girls looked like so I pulled them down a ways and watched her go into the stall and close the door.

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I could even hear her pissing into the water in the toilet. Then she opened the door up. She had pulled her pretty pink panties up but needed help with her pants again.

They were just below her knees so I knelt down and grabbed a hold of them and started pulling them up. It was like trying to put the skin back on a grape. I struggled to get them up her thighs and I accidentally hit her pussy but she didn't say a word so I managed to let the back of my hand brush against her panties a few more times.

Eventually I was lifting Stacy up off the floor trying to pull her pants up but finally I was successful. Then the really hard part was to get them zipped and snapped again. She definitely needed a bigger size but she looked oh so good in them. When we returned to our table the other ladies asked her what took us so long and Stacy told them I was a real gentleman and had helped her out of her pants and back into them again.

However she didn't stop there, she told them that I had copped a few feels but that I was sweet about it. The other five girls and even Robin asked me if I wanted to feel them up too and that they were jealous. Stacy told them to take me into the lady's room with them if they wanted to get felt up.

Jill the lady sitting next to me just grabbed my hand and held it to her crotch until I stopped trying to pull it away. So with them all watching me I felt Jill up for a minute or so.

All I know is that it was for a long time. Then we started to play musical chairs. Jill swapped chairs with me so that I could feel up Cynthia for a minute or two. By then I didn't need to have my hand held in place and I knew that I could get away with just about anything at that point so I tried to get my finger into Cynthia's pussy. She knew exactly what I was trying to do and opened her legs up enough for me to gain entry.

She lowered her hands to try and cover up what I was doing to her so that the other men wouldn't see. When Jill found out that I was finger-fucking Cynthia she demanded a do-over. So I turned that way and felt Jill up again before Cynthia and I traded chairs. One by one every one of these gorgeous ladies let me reach up under their mini skirts and into their panties so that I could finger fuck them.

Even Robin liked it. Doing it right out in the open with people watching us made it very exciting. Then Stacy took me back into the lady's room for turn. She didn't have to pee but she wanted me to finger fuck her too and she couldn't very well have me take her pants off out near the dance floor.

So as I pulled her jeans down to her knees she pushed her own panties down to them. Then she leaned back against the sink as I finger fucked her right there in the open.


Other ladies came in but they didn't say anything. Stacy told me to rub her clit if I wanted to see her orgasm. I did rub her clit and boy did she ever like it. She explained to me that it was just like me jerking off but that a girl could cum a hundred times in a row if she wanted too.

She told me to go for it if I didn't believe her so I did. I had Stacy squirming all over the pace and begging me to stop. The whole time she was counting out loud by ones and then by twos. After forty orgasms my finger was sore so I had to quit. When Stacy went in a stall to pee another woman came over to me and told me to use a finger on my other hand on her. Wow! This strange woman lowered her jeans and panties to her knees for me and let me finger fuck her for a minute.

Then she wanted to be on the receiving end of forty orgasms too. I was still going at it when Stacy came back out with her pants and panties still at her knees for me to pull them up for her. When the strange woman had her fortieth orgasm she said that I could stop.

When I turned around to pull up Stacy's panties and pants there were two other strange women standing there with their pants and panties down to their knees waiting for their turn with me. I pulled up Stacy's panties and pants and sent her back out to the dance floor while I stayed in the lady's room. I was in there about an hour and had probably had fun with a dozen strange women.

They loved the fact that I would give them thirty to forty orgasms and not expect to fuck them afterwards. However most of them said that I could if I wanted too. Finally Robin came back in to pee. She just stood there watching me when one of the other women told her to get in line if she wanted the kid to give her a series of multiple orgasms. Robin went in to pee first and then came back out to stand in line.

About twenty minutes later she got to the front of the line, lifted her skirt up for me and showed me her panties in her hand. After finger fucking a good sixteen or seventeen women I was more than good at what I was doing so Robin was in for a real treat. When she begged me to stop I wouldn't but when she told me that I could fuck her I stopped.

She wouldn't get down on the dirty floor but she would lean over the sink and help me get my cock into her pussy. As I fucked Robin from behind I just closed my eyes and thanked God for letting me fuck the prettiest girl at the bar and for letting me finger all of those other women. It didn't take me more than a minute to cum in her but Robin didn't care. In fact she told me that she would teach me how to be a better lover if I would finger her at home.

It was a deal.


Finally Robin put her panties back on and took me back out to our table. Stacy, Jill, Cynthia, and the other three women were upset that I hadn't fucked them too.

Robin promised them an opportunity and invited them to come over sometime. Before closing time Robin took me home and the first thing she did was to get completely naked and get into my bed. I too got naked and this time I got to play with her tits too. When Robin felt that the time was right she had me get up between her legs and then she slipped my cock into her again. It was a lot different than what we had done in the bathroom. She couldn't believe that I had fingered all of those women and hadn't fucked any of them.

That's when I told her that I had been saving myself for her. She seemed surprised that I was still a virgin but she was very happy that she had been my first too. So I got to fuck Robin in my own bed just like dad does to her.

It felt terrific. Robin let me do it again a few minutes later and then she cleaned herself up and went to dad's bed to wait for him to come home. Dad came home about six in the morning and fell right to sleep.

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Robin took me over to Stacy's house and invited Jill and Cynthia to join us there. She didn't want dad to catch us fooling around at home so this was a lot safer. Robin asked the other girls to help her teach me to become a better lover. They all thought that I was pretty good all ready but they were certainly willing to help her out. We started out with every one of us getting naked. Robin wanted me to become the perfect lady's man.

She wanted me to be able to satisfy any women even a lesbian. She said that if I could master that, that no girl my age would stand a chance. I would be the sexual king of my school.

I liked the sound of that. So I paid attention to each of the women as they gave me instructions. Of course I had to practice on them all to pass their tests. I got to do some very strange things like bite their nipples but not so hard as to do permanent damage. I got to bite their clits too and rake my teeth across them. Since I had small hands I got to force my whole fist up into each one of their pussies too, with the help of some lubricant.

Plus I got to fuck all four of them that day too. Robin had been good the night before and just as good that Saturday but Stacy was really nice to fuck. She could do things with her pussy that felt just too good.

Jill was just as good as Robin had been and then there was Cynthia. Cynthia was probably the youngest of the four and she had the biggest tits so when I was fucking her all I could think about her nice big tits shoved up into my chest and I cum in her a little sooner than I really wanted too.

Robin made arrangements with the girls to do some more training with me that day and the next day while she kept my father occupied.

They called the other three women over to help them out. So I spent the next day and a half learning, experimenting, and fucking those six women all that I could. Stacy, Jill, Cynthia, and the other three wanted to continue my education every weekend starting right after their Friday evening of Country Line Dancing.

That first weekend dad wasn't even concerned that I went to the bar with them and went home with Stacy and the other girls. He didn't care that I spent most of the night in the lady's room fingering and fucking every woman that would let me. I figured that Robin must have told him about my sexual training.

She certainly kept him well occupied. Those six girls taught me how to control myself during blowjobs, how to give them several orgasms before unloading myself into them, and they even taught me how anal sex should be performed so that the woman would enjoy it too. After six weeks of training Robin came to my graduation ceremony. Well actually Robin was my final examination. I got to fuck all three of her holes, play with her until she couldn't stand it any more, and fist fuck her too.

I got to kiss her, eat her pussy, and give her a bath. I got to suck her nipples, caress her clit, and massage her entire body.

I even got to spank her, tickle her, and poke a banana up into her pussy. In essence I did just about everything that a man could possibly do to a woman. Needless to say I passed with flying colors. All seven women were proud of their creation. That following week Cynthia introduced me to her youngest sister. Tabitha was fourteen, beautiful, and a virgin. Robin called her my virgin sacrifice. In addition to all of my sexual training the women had taught me how to talk to a girl, to open their car door up for them, to hold their chair when they sat down, and how to compliment them.

They told me to send flowers, phone them, and to thank them for a wonderful time. They taught me to slow dance and how to gently let my hand cup a butt cheek.

If the girl didn't like it she would let me know. I also got to do a lot of kissing too. So when Friday evening arrived Cynthia picked me up. Tabitha was already in the car and in the back seat waiting for me. I hadn't met her before so I gave her a little peck on her cheek and introduced myself to her. I held her hand and we talked as her older sister drove us to the mall. Tabitha was wearing a very nice blue jean mini skirt with a pretty blue blouse that had a scoop neckline.

She had on a pair of flat shoes, a wristwatch, necklace, and earrings. Her necklace and earrings matched so I asked her about them. She was pleased that I would notice such a thing and even more so that I would ask her about them. I told her that it was my training to become a true gentleman and she smiled.

Cynthia smiled too because I could see her better than Tabitha could. I noticed Tabitha's bra as she moved and I hoped she had worn matching panties but of course I didn't ask her that. Cynthia dropped us off at the main mall entrance and told us to call her when our movie was out.

She would come back and pick us up again. Cynthia was going to the bar to be with her friends. Both Cynthia and Tabitha had their cell phones with them so that we wouldn't be stranded or get into any trouble. Dad and Robin both made sure that I had enough money. Tabitha said that Cynthia had given her some too. It was nice that everyone was looking out for us financially. We walked the mall from one end to other on the first floor then halfway down the second floor was the food court so we stopped for a bite to eat.

Tabitha was expecting us to eat at one of the fast food places and sit in the noisy food court to eat it. That was not at all what I had in mind. Thanks to my women teachers I took her to one of the finer dinning places where we could sit, relax, and talk quietly.

I told the waitress that greeted us that I wanted a booth in a corner somewhere quiet and she grabbed two menus and led us to one. I couldn't hold her seat for her but I waited for her to get in first before I sat down. The waitress placed our menus in front of us and poured us two glasses of water before leaving.

I had checked that place out previously as my teachers had suggested so I quickly scanned the menu and suggested a nice grilled chicken salad with a broccoli and cheese soup and a Pepsi. Tabitha agreed with my selection so when our waitress returned I placed our orders. Then we sat and talked. Mostly I asked her questions about herself and listened as she spoke.

Occasionally I would insert something about myself too but my intention was for Tabitha to be the center of the conversation. I listened as Tabitha talked about her girlfriends, her sisters, and a few of the boys that she liked. I paid attention too, as if there would be a test later.

Our meal came and she was very pleased with it. We talked some more as we ate. The waitress filled our drinks but other than that she kind of left us alone. I would see her checking on us from a distance and waiting for me to call her over if I needed anything but other than that we had complete privacy.

I left our waitress a good tip too as I had been taught. Tabitha assumed that I knew what I was doing and just enjoyed it. Half of the time I was scared that I would fuck up or something. Soon it was time for us to head toward the theater. I had checked out the movies that were available and had gotten Robin and Cynthia to help me select a 'chick flick' that Tabitha should like.

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When I suggested that movie, again I surprised her. Tabitha was not used to a boy liking a romantic movie like that. I had been warned to pay attention to the movie and no matter how boring it was to act like I was enjoying it. As we settled in I automatically placed my arm around her shoulders and she leaned in toward me.

Since we had just eaten I only purchased one big drink to share with her. I nuzzled into her hair and told her how nice it smelled. When the movie started I held her hand in mine and pulled her a little closer to me. As I held her hand I rubbed my fingers along her bare leg very gently.

I started out along the top of her thigh but slowly worked my way over toward her inner thigh. She didn't stop me. I eventually released her hand and placed my entire palm on her leg and continued to run it up and her down her smooth leg.

I even asked her if she minded me doing that and she said that she didn't mind in the least. About halfway through the movie I was boldly stroking her entire inner thigh right up to her panties.

Again I asked her if she minded and again she said that she didn't. That was my cue to continue. Then I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and she started to coo in pleasure to signal me to continue. Fortunately I had learned to read those signs with my training. Soon Tabitha was scotching down in her seat, lifting her ass up, and slipping her panties down her legs. Next she handed me her panties and asked me to put them in my pocket. Of course I noticed how damp they were and then I held them up to my nose before putting them away.

Tabitha asked me how they smelled so I placed her hand on my crotch so that she could feel my hard-on. She didn't remove her hand but I put my hand back in her crotch.

Tabitha opened her legs up to give me better access. That was my signal to masturbate Tabitha to multiple orgasms. She loved it totally and for the next ten minutes had no idea what took place in the movie or even what was taking place around her. Tabitha cooed sweetly just like her older sister does. Eventually she begged me to stop so of course I did. She wanted to return the favor so she pulled out my cock and started to masturbate me.

I warned her that if I cum it would make a mess all over my pants. Tabitha told me not to worry about it so I relaxed and enjoyed it. Tabitha was very good at giving me a hand job. I wondered if Cynthia had taught her how. Just before I cum Tabitha bent down and slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and took in all of my cum. By the time the movie had ended we were both sexually satisfied. When I offered to give her panties back to her she told me to keep them. While we waited at one of the mall entrances for Cynthia to arrive Tabitha and I kissed.

She was pretty good but I impressed her with my ability. Cynthia arrived and we both got in the back seat. We just started kissing and my hand was up under Tabitha's skirt and in her pussy when Cynthia turned around and asked us if we wanted a room for an hour or so. Tabitha said yes and Cynthia told us that my father and Robin would be another couple of hours if we wanted to go to my house.

Again Tabitha was the one to say yes. After we were dropped off Cynthia said that she would come back with my father and Robin to pick Tabitha up afterwards. She would call first to give us a few minutes to get ready. That was a polite way to tell us to get dressed before my father got home. I took Tabitha straight up to my bedroom. She entered and kissed me. When I asked her if she really wanted to go through with it she said yes.

I cautioned her that she was only fourteen years old and she said that she was old enough. I asked her about birth control and she said that she had been on the pill since soon after her first period.

I was done trying to talk her out of it so I kissed her and slipped my hand back to her pussy again. As her knees buckled during an orgasm I picked her up and placed her gently on my bed. I placed my head in her crotch and started to give her oral sex.

Tabitha loved it and held my head closely. The more I gave her the more she wanted. When I finally came up for air Tabitha was topless and her skirt was unbuttoned. She quickly removed her skirt and wrapped her legs around my head again.

This time I looked up more and paid attention to her naked heaving breasts. I reached my hands up and caressed them as I ate her pussy some more. Then she told me to get undressed too, so I did. Next I crawled up between Tabitha's legs, kissed her, and asked her if she was a virgin even though I already knew the answer.

Yes she was! Was she sure that she wanted to loose it to me? Yes she was! So I slipped my cock into her and I had to push a little harder than I had before with the other girls but not hard enough to hurt her. Then I used all of my training to give Tabitha an orgasm with my cock in her that she would remember forever. I managed to do it just before I cum in her. Tabitha was very impressed. She said that it had been a lot different than her girlfriends had led her to believe.

We were right in the middle of doing it for the second time when her cell phone went off. Of course we ignored it and continued to make love. Neither one of us cared at that point if we got caught or not.

In fact we had just finished making love when Robin tapped on my bedroom door to let us know that they were home. Tabitha and I got dressed and went into the bathroom to clean up before we went downstairs. I watched Tabitha use Robin's douche bag to clean out her well-used pussy. When I offered to give her back her panties she smiled and said no that they were mine to keep. After we were cleaned up and she had brushed her hair we went downstairs to face the music.

Dad just smiled at us while Robin and Cynthia asked Tabitha about her date. She told them about dinner, the movie, and then she told them that we came back here to make out. They wanted to hear more so Tabitha told them that she lost her virginity to me, that I was a very gentle lover, and that she was probably going to marry me.

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Wow! I just took her into my arms, kissed her, and told her that I loved her. Dad just shook his head while Robin and Cynthia jumped for joy. The girls were talking about a June wedding in five years right after Tabitha graduated while dad handed me my fist bottle of beer.

The End Dad's Girlfriend 182