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Xxxbp hot mom scool bo
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- Controlling Sister (mf, 1st, inc, mc/tg, nc, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- I was playing with my dick while watching an R rated movie on the small TV in my room. The main girl character was getting fucked in the back seat of a car, and not entirely willingly.she wasn't saying no but not saying yes either, y'know?

There wasn't actually anything more than a bit of momentary boobshot and lots of gasping and suggestive movement, but I had just turned 14 and hadn't seen any female nudity, other than in that porno mag I had found under my parents' bed, and that was just pictures. This had movement and sound and was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my young life.

I know, kind of pathetic in this day and age; this was back in the 1980's, though. Late night nudity and fake sex on the movie channel and porno mags were pretty much all we had for titillation, and I didn't have a girlfriend either. The main guy character in the movie grunted and shook a bit, and the girl gasped.

I realized that something momentous had just happened, and then all of a sudden my dick felt really good, and then it felt like I needed to pee RIGHT NOW! I rushed from my room to the bathroom, flinging the door open and hoping not to piss everywhere in my mad dash.

I directed my dick to the toilet and.nothing. I couldn't pee. Confused, I returned to my room. The movie had moved on to less interesting things so I went to bed. I realized later that I had actually had my first orgasm. The feeling of needing to pee was actually my first ejaculation, but cut off partway through. Yes, everyone knows that now, with sex education available early in school and porn a click away, but like I said, it was the 80's.

Also, I lived in a small town that didn't believe in teaching sex ed until you were older. That's pretty damn stupid, as kids can get pregnant at my age, and sometimes even younger!

Anyway, those weren't the only firsts that occurred that night. After I went to sleep I dreamed I was floating up, out of my bed. I felt cold, and then I was wrenched to the side. I couldn't see anything. This had never happened before. Then I stopped, settling back down. I felt warmth return to my body. I awoke, sitting up in the darkness. I felt kind of weird. My head. I moved my hand up and touched my long hair.

I suddenly had hair going down to my shoulders! Surprised, I felt the wrenching sensation return, and then I was lying down again. I sat up once more, touching my hair to confirm it went only down to my ears. Also, my body felt.right.again. Confused, I fell back asleep. --- In the morning I was awoken to my sister banging on my door. "Get up VD! You're going to be late for school!" she called. My fucking sister. She was almost 3 years older than me at 16 but acted like she was my mother sometimes.

Oh, and my name isn't VD, it's JP, short for Jean-Paul. My sister Marie has called me VD ever since I wrote "JP" a little sloppily on an assignment a few weeks ago and she thought it looked like "VD". That stands for venereal disease, a term she had learned in health class last year (yes, 15 was just old enough for sex education in our town). She never called me VD when our parents were around, of course, which meant that they had already left for work and I really was going to be late for school.

I heard Marie go out the back door on the way to that very place and then I rushed about getting ready. I don't remember many dreams but the previous night's was particularly vivid. I recalled that besides the longer hair there were other odd things.feelings.but I couldn't put my finger on what they were. Oh crap, I thought, I was daydreaming again, and was going to be late for school!

--- I had actually been late to school that morning, and Marie had heard about it somehow. After I got back home she took great delight informing Mom and Dad about it.

I got grounded from seeing my friends for 3 days. I caught up to her alone in the basement living room while she was watching TV alone. "Bitch," I said to her. She just turned that petulant frown of hers -- which these days is referred to as "bitchy resting face" -- on me, gave me a stare, and then turned back to her program. She was pulling this crap all the time, treating me like I was a little kid, and I was pissed off!

My face got hot, and. .the wrenching feeling again, though it stopped almost instantly. I was sitting down now. But I had been standing. .just like the boy standing in front of me now.

I looked up into the boy's face, which I realized was my face, though it looked kind of strange because normally I only see my face in a mirror, and this was not a mirror image. I looked down. The first thing I noticed was long, shapely legs crossed under me. The next thing I noticed was the pair of boobs pushing out the tight t-shirt I was wearing.

I had boobs!? I took a moment, never having seen breasts at this angle before. And then I realized. I was my sister! Or I was in her body, anyway. I looked back at my body.

I was just standing there, looking at me, er, my sister. My body hadn't crumpled to the ground like you'd expect it to if nobody was controlling it. As I thought about this I realized I could still feel "myself".my own body. I concentrated, raising "my" hand and waving at, er, me. So Marie and I hadn't swapped consciousnesses; she wasn't in my body and me in hers. I was in both! Just then Mom called us to dinner and the surprise snapped me back into my own body.

Marie was sitting on the couch in front of me, looking confused as I stopped waving at her and put my hand down. I went upstairs to wash my hands. Mom had to call Marie to dinner again, as it seemed that my sister hadn't heard her the first time.

Did Marie have no recollection of what had happened while I had been in possession of her body? --- After dinner I finished my homework and watched The A-Team with the whole family, and pretty soon it was time for bed.

I lay in bed, thinking. This new had started pretty much right after my first orgasm. I was becoming a man, growing underarm and pubic voice was changing. Oh my God, I thought, I'm a mutant! Like the X-Men! Or, more specifically, Professor X. The possibilities were unlimited! I could control anyone: teachers, police officers, even my parents! I tried reaching my mind out towards my parents' bedroom, to my Dad. I concentrated really hard.

Nothing. I tried my Mom as well.also nothing. I even tried to control Ribbons, our kitten. Nada. What had happened to my power? It would have been nice to control one of my parents. They made the decisions and had all the power, and I could use one of them to ground my stupid sister and she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

I turned on my TV and it was already on the movie channel. I hoped this movie had some nudity and/or sex in it.

Sure enough, about halfway through the main female character went full frontal and jumped the bones of one of the male characters, actually being quite enthusiastic about it as she pushed him back on his bed. I had never seen a woman act anything like this before, and my dick was quite hard as I stroked it.

Then I was aware of.a sound?.reaching not my ears but I could hear it in my head. A woman, gasping in pleasure, but separate from the sound of the movie. Where was it coming from? The wrenching sensation came again, and I was lying back, looking down my body, between my bent legs as I watched the same movie on a slightly larger screen. Pleasure radiated out from between my legs, such as I had never felt before. Two of my fingers were hooked into a crevice where the base of my penis would normally be, and I was gasping from how good that penetration felt.

I reflexively continued to move my fingers as I watched the sexy movie, bumping a little nub that felt really good! I could feel my body building to something, something. Ecstasy exploded out from between my legs, seeming to shoot inside "my" body from where my fingers were into some place inside I had no understanding of. From there it raced up my spine, blossoming into my chest and nipples.

My back arched as I cried out, overwhelmed by the kind of orgasm that had never been experienced by a male before. It was too much, and the wrenching feeling came again. I was back in my body, my hand on my dick, which was as hard as a rock.

I could hear someone gasping in the next room, and then silence. I started tugging on my cock and I felt the need to pee start again, but by now I had realized it wasn't that at all. I kept going, thinking about what had just happened in what I now realized was my sister's room.

She had been watching the same movie, and playing with herself as well! I could feel something building in my cock, similar but different to what I had just experienced while in control of Marie.

Within a few seconds there was a spasming feeling behind my crotch, a feeling of something rushing up my cock shaft, and then I was spewing hot liquid from my dick, not pee but thick.

It felt incredible as I shot spurt after spurt from it, making a mess on my floor, but I didn't care. Finally I lay back on my bed, my softening cock springing back and coating my belly with a splat. As I lay there my faculties returned. Okay, so it seemed that I had the power to take over my sister's mind, but nobody else in the family?

What a rip-off! Also, for some reason I hadn't maintained my consciousness in my own body while in my sister's this time. When I had snapped back into my own body I had just been sitting there, unmoving. Why was that? After my first full orgasm (my first male one, anyway), it was easy to get to sleep.

--- I woke up after my sister had left but this time managed to get to school on time. I knew I had to investigate this ability further, but couldn't really do anything about it at school. Or could I? In between classes I tried to control some of Marie's friends in the hall. Nope, nothing. I was then able to briefly jump into Marie's mind as she walked by, causing her to trip.

I jumped right back out and snickered at her pratfall. Okay, so I could only control my sister. What could I do with that? There were some options, I supposed, but first I had to make sure of something. --- When I got home Marie was downstairs watching TV again. This time I made sure she didn't see me before I put the "whammy" on her. Once I was in her head my real body stepped around the corner. As before, I could see her and I could see me in a kind of strange feedback loop.

I slapped her right across the face. OW! That fucking hurt, as it was currently my face too! This time, though, I managed to keep myself in her head, instead of jumping out like the last time I was surprised.

I moved my real body back around the corner, out of sight, and then I withdrew myself from Marie's head.

The pain of the slap on my face immediately disappeared. For me, anyway. I could hear Marie gasp at the sudden discomfort left behind on her cheek. I heard, "What the fuck?" as I quietly slipped upstairs. Yep, she had no recollection of the time when I was in her head.

--- That night I considered what to do about this new ability. Yes, I could take over my sister's body, but why? To put on makeup and be a bitch? I know what you're thinking: why didn't I just use this newfound power to start fucking my sister?

Well, either you've never had a bitchy older sister or you're some sort of incestuous freak, because I was not attracted to her. Not at first, anyway. I finalized my plan for the next day and whacked off at the thought.

After I was done I easily fell asleep again. --- At school the next day, near the end of math class, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. Sitting on one of the toilets, I cast my thoughts out toward my sister, where I knew she would be at this time of day. It took a moment, maybe because of the distance, but then the wrenching feeling came and I was looking through Marie's eyes again.

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.at mostly naked girls! Marie had P.E. during my math class, and now near the end of the period everyone was getting naked and showering! I scanned the change room, spotting Christine van der Valk, a girl I had a crush on.

The cute dirty blonde had just removed her shirt and bra, showing off some nice boobs, the small nipples surrounded by large pink circles, which I now know are called areolae. I could feel my own nipples harden at the sight, except they were in the wrong place, too far down and away from my body.

I looked down. My sister didn't have her shirt or bra on either! I froze, looking top-down at Marie's firm breasts. Unlike Christine, Marie's areolae were small. I couldn't look away. I felt damp between my legs. After some moments I managed to look back up. Christine was gone and several other girls were heading toward what must have been the shower, if the girls' change room's floor plan mirrored the boys'. I looked at Marie's unused towel that was next to where I was sitting and realized that she hadn't showered yet.

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I quickly stood up and pulled down Marie's gym shorts. Carefully, almost reverently, I then lowered her panties. There, before me, though upside down, were the first real female genitalia I had ever seen. She had a V of dark hair tapering down to her vaginal lips, which were distended and I could see a slight glistening on them.

I thought that must have been why it felt damp down there. Sweat? As a male, it was really fucking weird to be looking at my crotch and not seeing my cock looking back at me. I didn't quite know how I felt about that. I then realized what Marie must have looked like, just standing there, staring at her own twat. I quickly stood back up, removed her shoes and socks, grabbed her towel, and headed to the showers. There were lots of naked girls there! I tried not to be too obvious as I did my best to memorize the naughty bits of all of them.

There was Rose Arroyo, a short but cute girl of Spanish descent, her boobs huge and her ass almost as big. Tall Ellen (what was her name.Davies?), with her long legs and bushy beaver keeping me from seeing what she had between her legs, though she had some nice tits that glistened from the water that cascaded down her lithe form.

I figured I had enough "money" for the "spank bank" and withdrew my consciousness from my sister. As before, my body had just been sitting there while my mind was elsewhere, though my dick was super hard from all the girl flesh I had peeped at. I stood up, whipped my cock out, and quickly whacked off a load into the toilet. --- After school on Fridays Marie had extracurricular gymnastics.

When she got home she had to take another shower. I thought about all the girls I had seen earlier in the day, naked and glistening as the water ran down their bodies, and got hard. I headed to my room to whack off, but then thought back to that time I had jumped into my sister while she had been pleasuring herself. That had been incredibly intense, though I had been slipped out of her head before I got the entire experience.

Not this time, I decided. I sat on my bed and concentrated on my sister in the bathroom shower. And then I was her. I could feel the water from the shower hitting my chest, making my nipples tingle. My long hair was wet and I was nice and warm. I couldn't feel me in my original body, though. Was it something to do with sight, or distance?

I didn't really want to think about it right then. I turned from the spray, bending and looking down between Marie's legs. Her pussy lips looked back at me. I experimented, using my fingers to move those lips apart, to push one finger between them a bit to see if I could find that nub that felt so good when I had touched it before. After a bit I found it, though it was really sensitive so I had to lightly brush it.

I lifted one foot to the lip of the tub so I could access her pussy easier. As I lightly rubbed that nub, which I now know to be a clitoris, I managed to push my finger further up inside Marie's pussy.

It felt so weird, having a hole instead of a penis there, but the penetration felt good! I thought about Christine, Rose, and Ellen, naked in the change room, each of those girls with different body types but all of them beautiful and sexy in their own way. It got easier for my finger to slip inside my sister's vagina.

Her clit was less sensitive now so I rubbed that while getting another finger into her pussy. Her boobs were tingling so I moved a hand to squeeze one while continuing to finger her pussy and rub her clit with that same hand's thumb. I was a quick learner, it seemed. I thought about Christine van der Valk, half naked with her boobs pointing at me as I walked toward her in the girls' change room. I kissed her passionately, our boobs rubbing against each other as we continued our embrace.

I reached down, slipping my fingers into her shorts, searching for her pussy as she did the same to me. As I fantasized I squeezed Marie's nipple. The orgasm hit me suddenly, Marie's pussy squeezing my fingers. Something deep inside me spasmed or convulsed, causing sparks behind my eyes and sending an explosion of pleasure outward.

I lost my balance. I snapped back into my own body as I heard the loud THUNK from the bathroom. "OW!" I heard Marie yell. My Mom was outside the bathroom door in a flash, asking if she was all right. "Yeah.just slipped or something," I heard my sister call out. She didn't sound so sure.I smiled.

When my Mom went back to what she was doing I pulled out my cock and shot my wad within a few seconds. The male orgasm wasn't as powerful as a female's, I thought, but maybe that was because I was more familiar with my own body, and experiencing it from within a female body was all new?

--- That night I lay in my bed, thinking about all I had experienced since I found my new power a couple of days previous. I couldn't control anyone but my sister, but I was making the best I could of that limitation.

What else could I do with her? Despite my fantasy in the shower earlier, she probably wouldn't be able to help me fuck some of her friends or classmates. Maybe I could take her over when she had one of her sleepovers? And then what? Try to guess which of those girls had lesbian or bi tendencies? That seemed a dead end. I was pretty sure Marie was already asleep.

I projected my mind into hers. I left my sister's room with her nightie still on and slipped into my room. As I passed through the door my consciousness seemed to kind of split and then I could feel my own body as well, looking back at me. Hm, the pronouns are getting confusing. I'll use "me" and "female me", okay? Let's have some fun, I thought. Female me whispered, "Oh, JP, you're so awesome! I'm just a stupid girl," in a singy-songy voice.

Heh. I had her pull her mouth wide, tongue out, and cross her eyes. She looked pretty stupid. What else could I do? Marie was in better shape than me, with the gymnastics and all. Female me bent over and touched her toes easily. As she did so I got a good look at her nicely curved panty-covered ass and toned legs. I wasn't attracted to my sister but my cock did stir. Hmm. Female me came and sat on the edge of my bed, helping to remove my underwear and taking a hold of my cock, stroking it slowly.

Her hand was warm and, as I thought it might, it felt differently for me than if I was masturbating myself. I looked over at female me, but it was my stupid sister's face that was looking back. That turned me off so I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed. I thought about the naked girls in the change room and female me's hand moved faster on my cock. She also slipped her other hand into her undies to play with herself. Pretty soon I was getting close, my hips rising up. Female me sped up her movements and within seconds I was spewing cum everywhere.

Female me had been using her good hand on my cock and hadn't been able to reach orgasm herself with the other, so she pulled her panties down, moved her good hand to her pussy, and started to slip her fingers inside.

That was the hand I had just been spewing sperm onto, but neither of us considered that. Female me found that she was able to get two fingers deep inside herself easily, moving them in and out with little resistance as her other hand manipulated her clit. Unknown to either of me, a couple of fingerfulls of my sperm were now swimming up inside my sister's overheated vagina. The sexiness of masturbating myself with my sister's hand had female me cumming on her fingers in no time, her spasming pussy urging my incestuous seed deeper within my oblivious sister's body.

Both of me were tired now, so I directed female me to get her panties back on and then she headed back to my sister's room. Female me laid there for a while, not wanting to leave my sister's mind too quickly in case it left her awake. Finally, I gently withdrew my consciousness from her mind and waited. After a few more minutes I knew I had gotten away with it and drifted off to dreamland.

--- Did I mention that my sister had a boyfriend? No? Well, Scott was his name, and he was the guy that bullied me in school just a few years ago. "Hey, VD," he nodded to me as he headed out the door with my sister under his arm. Goddamn sister, I thought.of course she would tell him about her stupid nickname for me.

A few minutes later I realized I could have taken over her mind and told him not to call her brother that, but by that point they were gone, kinda like when you think of the perfect comeback after someone disses you, but far too late. I sighed. An hour or so later I thought about projecting myself into Marie's head, but couldn't find her.

I figured there must have been some sort of distance limit, or I needed to know where she was, or maybe I needed to get stronger? I didn't know. Marie got home in the evening but within her curfew.

She had a stupid smile on her stupid face as she went to bed. --- That same stupid face was looking at me again as female me approached my bed that night. I was going to try a blowjob tonight. Female me put her head above my chest so I only saw her hair and then she licked my cock.

That felt awesome! Female me took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked a little. More awesome! Even with my limited experience I knew that "blow" was just an expression, so I didn't hurt myself. Female me took more of my cock in her mouth, sucking harder. Then she pulled away, disgusted. I realized that this felt really gay.

I mean, it was one thing to whack myself off with my hand while thinking about fucking girls, but to actually suck my own cock? Nobody but me could actually do that, but I was in both minds a boy, and boys don't suck boys' cocks unless they're gay, right?

Female me started whacking me off again. Once again I could see my sister's stupid face and it turned me off. This time female me had an idea and she clambered onto my chest, her back to me.

Now I couldn't see her face and she continued with my cock. I tried to think of the naked girls in the change room but was distracted by the feel of strong, warm legs hugging my torso. In the dim light I could make out the curves of female me's body through her nightie as she continued to whack me off. I moved my hands under her nightie and felt the swell of her hips, curving up to a slim waist. I rubbed female me's lower back and that felt good to her.

Finally, I could take no more and started to spurt. Female me directed the gobs of cum away from her so that her nightie wouldn't get messed up. When I had finished, female me again jammed her spermy fingers into her pussy, making herself cum and pushing more dangerous seed inside herself as she did so. Again, neither of us was aware of the sperm that she slipped inside of herself, or knew the dangers of it, since we were still two years from a sex education class.

--- On Sunday Marie was in a bad fucking mood. I heard her telling Mom about blackouts she had been experiencing lately, and I realized I would have to be careful about when I took her over. Later, she commandeered the downstairs TV and I almost took command so that I could watch what I wanted, but then decided against it.

I didn't want her to suspect anything. --- That night I took Marie over again but this time something was different. She was wearing flannel pajamas and there was something in her panties that wasn't comfortable at all. Turning on the light, female me found a plasticky paper pad down there, and when she moved it she could see blood! Oh gross, I thought, she's having her period! Female me didn't want anything to do with that, so she went back to bed and then I whacked myself off.

--- Marie's period lasted a whole week. While I was happy to masturbate myself each night, and sometimes during the day, it was better when she did it for me. When I finally entered her mind 7 nights later and found her back in her nightie, with no pad, I was elated.

I tried something new that night, getting on all fours while female me came from behind, reached around, and masturbated me. It was awkward but satisfying, and I didn't have to see my sister's face while getting off. --- The next night, because the previous night's position had been so awkward, both of us sat on the bed, female me behind, reaching around to whack me off, her boobs pressing against my back.

This time, however, after I finished, female me pulled my hand back and directed it to her pussy. Since she was behind me I again didn't have to see my sister's face, and her moans were generic enough that she could have been any girl. By the time she orgasmed -- which didn't take long because it was my hand and not hers pleasuring her -- I was hard again.

She went back to sitting on my chest while she whacked me off, but this time I reached around and played with her clit and pussy at the same time. We came together. --- It went on like this for another week, sometimes her in front of me, sometimes me in front of her, as we masturbated each other.

Now it was normal for us to cum multiple times a night. I was getting pretty familiar with how to make female me orgasm. This whole experience helped me to become a better lover later in life. The next night, however, something was different again. When I projected myself into my sister's head, female me found herself in bed completely naked. She entered my room and surprised me with her nakedness as well.

I had been mostly avoiding looking at Marie's body during our mutual masturbation sessions because she was my stupid repulsive sister, but now, because I was turned on by the promise of a handjob from a hand that wasn't my own, I was looking at the body of a very sexy naked girl approaching my bed.

I avoided looking up at her face. Female me climbed onto my chest again, her back to me, and I lay back. As she skillfully manipulated my cock I got a closer look at my sister's body, no longer hidden by her nightie. I tilted to the right and saw the underside of one of her breasts bouncing up and down as that arm likewise rose and fell as she pleasured me. Something was definitely different that night.

Through our mental connection female me was getting turned on due to me getting turned on by the sight and feel of her warm, curvy, naked body straddling my chest. Female me, without panties, felt the warm skin of my chest against her pussy lips. She started to move her hips a bit, generating a slight friction against them. That felt good! She moved her hips forward so that on each down stroke on my cock her thumb knuckle bumped her clitoris. It felt fantastic.

Finally, I reached my peak and orgasmed, my cum splashing on female me's stomach due to how close her body had gotten to my cock. Immediately she directed her good hand to her pussy to finish herself off, my sperm dripping down her stomach, soaking her pubes while she did so. For some reason female me was hornier than usual.

She directed me to sit behind her and play with her pussy until she came again, but by this point the semen in her pubes had dripped down more, inundating her pussy lips with dangerous sperm as I inadvertently pushed some of it inside her. Before long she was cumming again, and a few more of my incestuous swimmers went on the flume ride of life. --- The next night, Marie was again naked when I took her over. The weather hadn't been any warmer lately so I was still confused as to the lack of nightie, but finally figured that maybe it was in the laundry.

I had done my best to keep it clean of evidence, so it wasn't my nocturnal emissions that had dirtied it. Female me went straight to straddling me again, since that worked so well for her last time. This time, though, she moved her pussy lips forward as she rubbed them on my skin and they bumped against the base of my cock. This felt really good to her so she continued to apply pressure, her pussy lips parting around the base of my cock shaft as she moved her hand up and down, though not as far down my shaft because her pussy was now in the way.

Trying to make the feelings stronger, female me raised her hips a bit, sliding her pussy lips up my shaft a little, and then back down. I liked that feeling too, though it was softer than her hand. This new activity really worked for female me, who started to cum. This hadn't happened before; normally I came first. As she shook from orgasm her hips lifted higher and the head of my cock bounced off her clit.

This heightened her orgasm and she made sure to bounce her clit off my cock head a few more times before she finished, collapsing forward, trapping my engorged cock between our bodies.

I waited until female me recovered, and then I thrust my hips a little to indicate I wasn't done. The movement of my cock along her pussy lips brought female me back to her senses. It still felt really fucking good to her. She sat back up, considering my penis and how wonderful the tip had felt against her pleasure button.

She rose up and nestled the head of my cock in the hood near the top of her vaginal lips where her clit was, wiggling her hips and savoring the feeling of it there. Then she started to bounce a little on it. The cock head slipped out from the top of her pussy lips and then back into place. I felt very warm flesh around my cock head but not a lot of movement. On the next uplift from her I shifted my hips a little. Suddenly I felt wet warmth surround my cock head.

It felt absolutely incredible! Female me gasped at the sudden pleasurably intrusive feeling. On that last bounce my cock had somehow gone into her vagina a little. She had managed to get each of their fingers in there before but had no idea how much could actually go up there. I wanted to find out, and so did I. She lifted up a bit, keeping my cock head just inside her borrowed vagina, and then pushed down again. Her earlier orgasm, as well as certain biological processes that occur a couple weeks after a woman's period, created enough lubrication that she was able to get half of my cock inside her without much effort.

As good as it had felt for both of us to get the first little bit of cock inside her, these couple extra inches ramped up that pleasure dramatically. On the next bounce I was 3/4 of the way inside, and then on the next I was all the way inside her. My 14-year-old cock was now deep inside my 16-year-old sister's fertile, unprotected pussy, and she was completely unaware.

We both paused to savor the feelings. My cock was completely surrounded by hot flesh. It was 100 times better than when she was masturbating me with her hand! Female me felt so incredibly full, deep inside! My male mind within her female body had been able to handle the female orgasm and some fingers up inside her vagina, but this was definitely a feeling that no man was ever prepared to feel!

She wanted more. She raised her hips up again, pulling halfway up my shaft, and then moved down slowly, still getting used to the feelings. I was lying back, enjoying the incredible heat of my sister's forbidden depths gripping and rubbing all along my cock shaft. Female me had "tested the waters" enough by this point, and started to bounce on my cock harder and faster.

It was the greatest feeling either of us had ever experienced before. Both of me wanted to do nothing more than what I was doing right then and there. Female me bounced on my cock more vigorously, making sure to impact her clit on my crotch on the down stroke. Deep inside, she could feel she was building up to a huge orgasm. I was getting near my end as well.

I didn't know if I should tell female me to get off before I blew. Did it matter? Female me came first, slamming her pussy down hard on my primed babymaker as her back arched and her body shook in an incredibly strong orgasm.

Her pussy muscles, strengthened by her gymnastics, squeezed my cock as she came. This set me off.I grunted as I also experienced the most powerful orgasm of my young life, spurred on by the walls of female me's vagina as they gripped my cock, urging my creamy load up, up my shaft. The sensation of my cock expanding deep within her and the warm wet feeling of my cum blasting her insides only heightened female me's pleasure.

She peaked and, overwhelmed, her mind snapped back into my own. I didn't notice this right away, partly because my sister was now experiencing the most powerful orgasm of her life and couldn't do anything but moan, gasp, and writhe on my cock.

The other reason I didn't notice was because I was a little distracted spewing hot sperm-filled semen into my first pussy and it was fucking marvelous! I felt spurt after spurt of incestuous seed shoot from my cock deep inside my sister's unprotected vagina. I was overcome by the incredible feelings and could only lie there, shaking. Finally, I came to my senses and realized I wasn't in my sister's head anymore. Marie was actually present, still gasping as she finished shaking from the pleasure!

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I quickly jumped into her mind again. How much had Marie experienced? What was I going to do? Female me raised herself up, freeing my cock and loosing a river of semen onto my lap.


It just kept coming out! I realized I couldn't send her back to her bed with my stuff dripping out of her.then she'd know that what she had just experienced was real, rather than a vivid dream!

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As I cleaned myself up female me went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, waiting as the white stuff slipped out of her cooch. It was taking too long, so she decided to get a bath going, doing her best to be quiet.

When it was ready she climbed in and held her vaginal lips apart, trying to let the warm water inside so it could flush the cum out.

Holding her pussy lips open like that in the nice warm water made her feel horny again. She pushed 2 fingers inside herself, playing with her clit until she came again. After a few more minutes she stood up and only a few drops of cum slipped out of her pussy with the water.

She had done it! What she didn't realize was that some of the sperm had actually been pulled further inside her very fertile reproductive system when she had orgasmed. She dried off and went to bed, but stayed in her sister's mind. If her sister was let free now, would she freak out? She was too afraid to let go for fear of discovery.

After a while she fell asleep. --- I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door. My dad called, "Kids! Get up or you'll be late for school! "Okay Dad," I responded with my sister's voice. OH SHIT! I was still in Marie's body!

Based on how this power seemed to work, my real body was laying in my own bed, unmoving. I rushed to the door, flinging it open. My dad was there, about to knock on my own body's door as well. As he turned his eyes grew wide in shock as he looked down at my body. .my naked body! Marie was still not wearing anything! I quickly slammed the door in Dad's face. "Um," I heard my Dad say on the other side of the door.

I called through the door, "Dad, I think JP is sick. He didn't sound so good last night." I jumped from Marie's mind to mine, faked a wracking cough, and jumped back to Marie. It seemed like I had timed it right, as she hadn't moved.

"Okay, I'll.let the school know," Dad said, moving away from the door. I didn't know what to do. If I jumped out of Marie's mind, would she freak out because of last night, or would she think it was a dream? The longer I waited the worse it might be when I finally left her mind. Finally, I got back into Marie's bed, lay down, closed my eyes, and receded from her. I found myself lying in my own bed, and waited.

I heard a muffled, "Shit!" in the next room, and then hurried movement. Within a few minutes Marie rushed out of her room and out the door to school. I smiled. I was safe! --- I stayed home that day, "sick", mostly masturbating, thinking about the previous night. Female me had actually fucked me! I didn't realize that's how it worked, but it made sense now. Unfortunately, I still didn't know how babies were made, or I wouldn't have done any of that, or any of what was to come. --- I again took control of my sister after she went to bed that night.

I wanted more sex! Female me lay back on my bed and directed my face down to her crotch. I had seen this in that porno magazine but didn't know what it was about. Now that I had more experience with female genitals I knew what I had to do. I licked around female me's vaginal lips, and as they lubricated I switched to her clit, flicking it with my tongue. I could tell when I was doing the right thing because of the mental connection between both of me.

As I licked her clit more I pushed a finger into her pussy, and then two. I was able to bring female me to orgasm within a few minutes. My cock was as hard as a rock now. I still didn't want to see my sister's stupid face so I had her get on all fours facing away from me, her butt in the air.

I pushed my cock at her very wet slit, lubricating the head. Within no time I was thrusting my cock into my sister's hot pussy again. As before, it felt incredible for both of us. I knew I was going to do this a lot. No more mutual masturbation!

I bottomed out in her cunt in no time. I looked down at her body, which could have been any sexy young woman's body because she was facing away from me. I caressed her trim waist, moving my hands to her hips, getting a nice grip, and then I started to really give it to her.

She liked that a lot, her face pressing into the pillow as she gasped again and again. I rammed her quickly for a few minutes, and then stopped, my crotch pressed tightly to hers. I reached my hands under her, grabbing her hanging breasts, tweaking her nipples as I ground my crotch against hers. She started to cum and I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock. Again, it set me off as well.

Unlike last time, I was able to remain in Marie's mind to experience the entire orgasm, and it was absolutely incredible, the feeling of fullness, of completeness as I repeatedly spurted my seed inside her, though I didn't realize that I was attempting to make a deposit into her baby bank.

As before, female me went and washed out the cum from her pussy in the bath, masturbating herself again when she got turned on from touching herself in the warm water. This time, though, I left her mind after only a few minutes in her bed, and then I fell asleep myself.

--- At school the next day I noticed some of the girls were looking at me differently, as if they could sense something different about me. I thought about it and, yes, I was different. I was no longer a virgin, I was quite confident in my sexual prowess, and empathetic due to my unique ability to be able to know how to pleasure both males and females from direct experience.

Marie had P.E. that day and I thought about jumping into her head at the end of it again, but then decided against it. What need did I have for peeping at girls I couldn't touch when I had a hot, nubile sex partner every night? --- That night female me wanted to try something different. We each closed our eyes, she lay back on my bed, and then I got between her legs. The closed eyes were so I didn't have to see my sister's face and she also didn't have to see my own, as I wasn't attracted to myself.

As I pushed my hard cock into female me's very moist pussy I realized that there was a big advantage to this position. As I started to thrust into her I angled my head down to her breasts, taking one nipple into my mouth and sucking on it. Female me hadn't felt anything like it.

She pulled my head tighter to her bosom, the pleasure quickly ramping her to orgasm. Female me writhed under me as she came. I continued to smoothly thrust into her and suck on her nipple. Soon, I started speeding up my thrusting. It was feeling really good. I moved my head back up, nuzzling female me's neck. Female me, overwhelmed with strange feelings, grabbed my face and kissed me. I was surprised, but returned the kiss and continued to thrust.

Female me snaked her tongue into my mouth. That was it. I grunted, thrusting my cock as far inside female me as I could and shot wad after wad of baby batter deep inside her.

The feel of my cum splashing her insides sparked female me's orgasm and we continued to French kiss as we came together. After it was over I stayed between female me's legs, holding her, my cock still inside her. I kept my eyes shut. She nuzzled my neck and my cock gave a little lurch. Female me rolled, putting me underneath her but keeping some of my semi-hard cock still inside her. Then she started to kiss me again, our tongues intertwining, almost dancing with each other. My cock rose to full hardness quickly.

Female me rode me, still kissing me passionately. This was so incredibly intimate.I had never experienced anything like it. Then she sat back, her back straight, in order to get maximum penetration. She moaned and I opened my eyes, making sure to only look at her sexy body. I saw our pelvises pressed together, and higher up from there were her rounded hips and slim waist. Above that were her firm breasts, her nipples hard.

Female me rolled her hips, grinding our genitals together. I reached forward to massage her clit and one of her breasts. Female me gasped, continuing to roll her hips. Soon, she started riding my cock while leaning forward and kissing me again.

As we passionately kissed I put both hands on her breasts, tweaking one of her nipples. She came again, her pussy gently massaging my cock. When she had recovered we continued to kiss while female me slowly rose up and down on my cock. We were making love, not fucking or having sex. I was getting close. Female me was moving her body on my cock, up and down, so slowly that it was almost excruciating how long it took for me to peak.

But peak I did, grunting into her mouth as her fertile body urged what it needed from my cock. She lay upon me, panting. Both of us now knew that we were in love with each other. I was in love with myself! --- I awoke later in the night, my sister's body still lying on top of me.

I almost freaked out but then realized that I was still in both bodies. Female me quickly slipped from my room and back to hers. Not much cum was dripping out of her pussy by this point so she used some tissues to clean the last of it up and then got into bed.

As she lay down she felt an odd, almost hot, fluttery sensation somewhere deep inside her midsection, and then my mind was wrenched back to my own body. What had that been? I wondered as I lay in my own bed. My sister wasn't making any noise so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. --- School went by slowly. Not only was it Friday, but I wanted it to be Friday night already! I wanted to have sex with the woman I loved, who was my mind in my sister's body.

After dinner Scott came by to pick Marie up, as he did every weekend.


"Hey VD," he nodded at me as he put his arm around my sister. Fuck this guy, I thought. Me as my sister would kick him in the nuts this time. I reached out with my mind and.nothing?! I tried again. No wrenching feeling, no feedback loop of power was gone! Both Scott and Marie were looking at me weirdly. I guess I looked pretty strange, just staring at her intently. I went to my room, embarrassed and worried. --- When Marie got home and went to bed I was already in my own.

I concentrated on my lover again. Still nothing! I gave myself a headache trying again and again. What was wrong? --- I tried several times a day for a week, and then a month.

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I was growing depressed, having lost the woman I loved, and feeling jealous of Scott for being able to touch her body when I couldn't any more. One day I heard Marie crying in her room. Mom and Dad were out so I knocked on her door. "Come in," she said, sniffling. I entered the room and found her sitting on the bed, her head pressed against her raised knees.

I couldn't help but admire those toned legs, which I hadn't been able to touch for over a month. "Are you.okay?" I asked, sitting next to her. I wanted to touch her, to make love to her. Except, it was me in her body that I loved, not her. She grabbed me and gave me a big hug, her head against my shoulder, sobbing. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest through our shirts. My cock stirred. "I'm sorry I've been so mean to you, JP," she said, her face still on my shoulder.

I was flabbergasted. My sister was apologizing? I reached my arms around and held her as well. I could smell her scent, the one that I had smelled each time we had made love. I missed that scent. She pulled away, her eyes red. "You should go," she said. I waited, not wanting to leave her. "Please," she said. I left.

--- I came home from school the next day to find my mother crying and my father yelling at Marie in her bedroom. Pretty soon the truth came out: Scott had gotten Marie pregnant! Our parents were fucking pissed! I didn't get many details over the next few weeks, but apparently Scott quit school and took off to work on an oil rig. Marie was going to be a single mother. What an asshole that guy was!

Our parents said that she could stay and they eventually started getting along again. This was weeks later, and as the pregnancy progressed Marie's stomach got bigger and bigger. I thought the baby belly looked sexy on her. --- Months later, Marie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As I looked at my niece, who I didn't realize was actually my daughter, she looked back at me and I felt something briefly touch my mind.

The feeling was somehow familiar. Fourteen years later was when it got really weird, but that's another story.