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T.V.'s Brothers and Sisters: A revised episode. Introduction: In a recent episode of the TV drama, 'Brothers and Sisters', Kitty (Calista Flockhart) and Nora (Sally Field) are attending a charity function to do with raising funds for a cancer cause. Kitty is hiding out in a washroom because her hair has just started to fall out because of chemotherapy she is receiving for her lymphoma.

Nora approaches the door and begs her daughter to come out. I have altered the scenario that they have been kidnapped and are being held in my secret location far and away from any prying eyes or attentive ears.

The story starts with Nora calling Kitty. Page 1. More than half an hour had passed since the last of her daughter's whimpering had subsided which was an hour after her screams were at their fiercest. I finally permitted her mother, Nora, to stand outside the unlocked bathroom door where Kitty hid inside. Hid inside from any further abuse from me, their kidnapper and her earlier tormentor.

Nora knocked ever so softly. 'Kitty. Kitty, it's your mother. I want you to come out.' There was complete silence as we both waited for a response, me in heightened anticipation. Such mother daughter moments were precious and irreplaceable.

Nora knocked slightly louder and faster. 'Kitty, please come out. Come out or I'll come in instead.' Kitty objected quickly. 'No, Mom, no. Don't come in.' 'Why? Why not sweetheart? Why?' 'Please Mom, please, because, because I don't want you to see me.

Not this way. Is he still out there? Is he out there with you? I don't want you to see what he did to me.' Nora directed her mother's instinctive fury my way.

'You bastard. What did you do to my daughter? How did you make her scream? You filthy bastard. What did you do to her? Why doesn't she want me to see her?' I was prepared for her anger, for her resistance, in that I had my trusty twenty-two pistol in hand, the one I'd used to kidnap them with several hours earlier and two hundred miles removed.

I'd grabbed them in the underground parking garage of a swanky hotel where they were attending a benefit for Lymphoma, a form of cancer with a high survival rate, and they were dressed to the nines in their finest finery. I kept the gun pointed in Nora's general direction, often aiming at her pussy area. 'Nothing she can't live with or without for that matter, and the same goes for you.' I responded to Nora's outrage. 'I have no idea what you're talking about.

What are you talking about?' 'Get together with your daughter and you'll see, you'll find out.' 'Kitty. Kitty if you don't come out I'm coming in, so please sweetheart, please honey.' Page 2. After ten seconds we heard a rustle at the door knob as it turned ever so slowly. The door opened at an even greater snail's pace and finally, at last, Kitty emerged from her hidey hole.

Most immediately evident, she was naked from the waist up, her party dress resting all bunched up on her hips and she had her slender arms crossed tightly across her flat chested front. Her delicate shoulders were rounded forward and she was trembling.

Her hair was disheveled and many tears stained her cheeks. Her eyes were pleading and incredibly sad. She looked like a woman injured. Nora was incensed. 'You bastard. What have you done to her? Why does she have her dress down like that? You monster, you have no right. What did you do to her?' Now the thing was, I had just instructed Nora that if I let her see her kid, see Kitty, that she could not run to her to hug nor comfort her and she couldn't even tell her that I was forcing her to behave in such a distant manner.

I advised her very specifically if she did, Kitty would pay a horrendous price, so there she stood, merely ten feet from her and could not move forward to embrace nor protect her.

It was clear from the trepidation on Kitty's face that she was confused by her mother's apparent lack of willingness for physical contact and union. Her unwillingness to comfort her in her greatest time of need. Kitty glared at me and began to berate me too. 'How could you? How could you do it to me?' 'What? What?' Nora cried out to Kitty all alarmed. 'Do what to you?' I stepped back for the moment of truth wanting to take in the whole scene.

As I said, such were priceless, unrepeatable moments between mothers and daughters. 'Mom. Mom, oh God Mom. What he did to me. Mom? God, Mom he, he, God, he cut.' Nora's face began to go ashen pale white sallow. 'Mom, he cut, he cut, he cut off.' Kitty opened her arms to reveal. Nora shrieked at me. 'You ungodly bastard. You sick, sick maniac.

My baby. Oh God, my baby girl.' Now Kitty was thirty-five so she weren't no baby other than in her mother's eyes. She took a step towards me so I leveled the gun at Kitty's head.

'Try it. Just try anything and the bitch dies. You wanna be responsible for me putting a bullet in her head?' Nora stopped short of her tracks.

'Mom. Mom, why did he? Why did he cut off one of my nipples? I didn't do anything to him, Mom.' Page 3. It was a question no sane, no loving, mother could ever answer with relevance for her mutilated daughter. 'I don't know. God, Honey, I don't know how he could.' 'But mom, how can I go on? I. I know my breasts aren't very big but I've never hated myself because of them. They're what God gave me and now, now one of my nipples is gone.

What am I supposed to do?' 'You have to go on. You have no choice. You must remain strong and prevail.' 'But Mom, there's more. So much more. I'm a terrible daughter. I've been a terrible daughter and I don't know how I can ever forgive myself. How I can ever make it up to you?' 'No.

No. No, Honey, no. No, it's not your fault. No, he's insane, so there's nothing you have to blame yourself for.' 'No Mom, you don't know. You just don't know. You don't know all of it. You don't understand.' 'What? What, baby, what?' 'He's evil. He's a monster. Before he did it to me, he told me he was going to. At least an hour before, he let me know so I could anticipate and be scared. And I prayed so hard but it didn't make any difference to me.

Look at me.' (The mutilated woman pressed at her injured breast) 'Look at my breast. Now Mom, why can't I understand? Why did this have to happen to me?' Why did he have to do it to me?' Nora answered softly, 'I don't know.

I don't know honey.' ** And then she turned her vitriol on me. Nora shot her hatred my way like stabbing, firebrand arrows. 'You scum. You degenerate piece of garbage. She's my daughter. She's precious, my precious. How could you? She never harmed you. She's never harmed anyone. How, how in God's earth could you?' I shrugged my shoulders like the whole matter was funny and I didn't give a shit, flying or otherwise and answered her, 'Why don't you let her finish.

Go ahead, Kitty, finish.' Page 4. 'But Mom, he, he gave me a choice. He said, said, he said if I cut it off myself, if I did it to myself, he wouldn't hurt you.

Mom. I failed. I failed you. I tried. I really did, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't cut my own nipple off.' 'Oh Honey. Oh Sweetheart, of course you couldn't. Of course not. No woman could.' 'But look at me. It's gone anyway. It hurts just as much and looks just as horrible but he said, he said if I didn't do it, he'd cut both your nipples, both of your nipples off.' Nora shot her fiercest glare at me and I gave her a smug, power-filled look as I pointed the gun at her chest.

I smiled at Nora and nodded my head to affirm Kitty wasn't lying, that she hadn't made it all up. I then looked at Kitty. 'Tell her. Tell her the rest.' 'Oh Mom. Oh, God Mom, he said other horrible, unimaginable things. Things he said he would do to your vagina too.' Nora became a little less mother like and more unsteady and afraid for her own physical and sexual identity.

It had never occurred to her that I'd torture her vagina and by extrapolation that of her daughter too. She hadn't even thought I'd rape them, in that somehow she'd prevent me from having the opportunity. Y'know, a mother's protective instincts and all directed towards her young one.

Her legs were growing wobbly and she feared she was about to faint. 'I have to. I have to sit down.' There was a chair (conveniently, since I'd anticipated her reaction) just off to the side. 'Go ahead.' I motioned to her. 'Have a fucking seat if it'll help.' Nora slumped down to be seated and looked down at the floor for a few moments and then back up at Kitty still standing all guilty and afraid. 'Sweetheart, I'm your mother. I could, I can never be angry at you for something you could not possibly help.

You must understand that and accept it. As for him, that monster, no. No he will not. I won't let him. So don't worry about that.' Page 5. It was so masterfully marvellous and really quite predictable. The main question was, what did Nora think she wouldn't let me do? Didn't she understand I could play Kitty against her just as effectively as I had played her against Kitty. Always and ever threaten to hurt one to get the other one to do something horrible and unthinkable. Nora was a dunce when it came to motherly daughterly control.

And of course about matters of sexual torture and mutilations. She knew nothing of how a tortured woman dies. I decided to decidedly show her who was boss.

'Mom. Mom, over here. Stand up and take your fucking dress off. Take it off now.' I pointed the gun at her face. She looked shocked, like she never expected she'd actually have to strip for me.

She was the older, wiser woman who was worthy of respect. She'd never been so humiliated in her life before nor forced into such a degrading unfolding situation.

She had the temerity to resist. 'I will not. I won't take my dress off for you.' Kitty interjected, 'Mom. Please listen to him. He's made it perfectly clear to me that you'll eventually have to do what he says. That I had to do what he wanted. Mom, I know you don't want to, I don't want you to either, but you'd better do what he says.' It was two against one and Nora looked confused and hurt.

That her daughter would gang up on her hurt her. As offended as her sensibilities were, she knew Kitty's hurt went way beyond just the emotional. It dawned on her she'd have to comply but wanted to wring some concessions out of me. She revealed them slowly, layer after intricate layer, or so she thought. To me it was mostly so very simplistic since I'd heard it many times before in different shades and nuances. Many hues of the same color. 'I will take my dress off but I have to do it slowly. It's an Italian designer, one of my favorites and very expensive so I will take it off but carefully.

I don't want to damage it.' Page 6. Was she for real? Her fucking daughter was standing there nippleless and she was fussed about her dress. Stupid, arrogant, spoiled rich bitch, indeed if she really was worried about the state of her ladi-da dress, I'd fix it for her. She continued with another layer of her concerns. 'And. and I want you to tell me, I need you to tell us both that you were not serious about hurting me. That you only used it to scare Kitty, which you did terribly, horribly, but that was it.

The end and that you won't hurt either one of us any more. I need you to promise before I take off my dress.' I could have acted angry like I was outraged at her demands but what was the need? I'd get everything I wanted out of them eventually so there was no percentage in being a boor other than I could be a right fine one if I wanted to be. 'I'll think about that.' I answered. 'But before you undress which I know you will, so that dress is expensive? Huh?

One of your favorites? It sure as hell fits you good. Show off your fucking figure. I love how it pulls across the front, across your tits.' 'Yes. Yes, I already told you that.' I reached into a drawer in a side table and fetched out an Italian switch-blade knife with an ivory handle.

It was from WWII. I showed it to Nora and asked her, 'So what do you think this is?' She wasn't a hundred percent sure since the blade was folded in. I snapped it open with the push of a button. 'Oh my God. My God, I can see it's a knife.' 'Indeed it is and isn't it a coincidence, it's from Italy too just like your designer dress.

So maybe the two of them should get together.' I stood up to approach her. Now Nora's dress was of the finest quality silk, a medium blue and stretched across her bosom in a low gentle curve revealing two inches of her moderate cleavage. The finest feature were its spaghetti straps which made it look like lingerie, which it wasn't. It was an Ungaro original which cost near ten thousand dollars. Spoiled cunt, I'd show her how much respect I had for such decadence.

Page 7. Nora stood up defiantly and wanted to back away but I warned her ever so matter-of-factly, 'Stand still. Stay right where you are or I'll cut her other nipple off.' Both women scrunched their faces up as I arrived at Nora's shoulders. I raised the knife to her face and traced it's sharp point down her neck and over to a thread thin strap. She fully expected me to cut it with a quick flick of my wrist and stood trembling with her breasts jiggling. Fuck was she turning me on.

Of course, I surprised her. From a certain angle I was able to slide the blade of the knife inside her dress from just in front of her armpit and I didn't make it go inside her bra which was a strapless variety.

I wiggled the blade inside her dress and then said, 'Oops.' But nothing had happened. 'Oh pardon me.' I said again. 'Oops.' And with that thrust the knife point out through the fabric covering her bra and gave a hard slice and cut her dress open at the front on one side.

It was royally and completely ruined. Ten thousand bucks down the crapper. Nora jumped back. 'You bastard. You miserable bastard. Why did you have to do that?' I reached forward into the tear and ripped her dress right off her shoulders. It didn't take much strength and the thin straps snapped. 'Fine that's better. That's the way I wanna see you. So now it's up to you. You gonna take your bra off or do I have to do it for you, with this?' I raised the knife to her again. 'No.

No. OK. No. I will. I will. I'll take it off for you. Just give me a minute.' 'Sure, take all the time you want. While you are I'll just check out what's going on with Kitty over here.' I moved in on her daughter. Nora removed her bra before I ever got the ten feet to her kid. 'Stand up straight.

Don't round your shoulders. Stick your fucking tits out like you're proud of them.' She tried her best and her best not to shake but she kept on jiggling her stuff. Page 8. I addressed her. 'So Kitty told you the deal. She told you how she failed you.

How I told her if she'd cut her own nipple off, I wouldn't do it to you. But she failed. My God, how miserably she failed so I suppose it's up to you now.' She looked at me angry, humiliated and confused. 'What? What are you talking about?' 'It's up to you to chose.

Which one? Which one of your nipples comes off? To start?' Her mouth trembled and her chin quivered and Kitty cried out, 'No. No, please you can't. No please. Don't do any more. I know I failed. I tried as hard as I could but I failed. But don't make my mother pay for it. It's not her fault. It's not even my fault. It's, it's yours for. Oh, please just don't hurt my mother.' I sauntered over to Kitty. 'I see.

I. so. I see. OK, what if I give you a second chance? Huh? A second chance to save your mom? Think you could do better?' 'What?

I don't know. What?' 'Sure you do. You have another nipple, at least still. So what if I give you another chance to cut it off and that way your mom gets spared?' Nora piped up, 'No Kitty. No don't. Don't even think about it. Don't give into his preposterous suggestion. Kitty, Honey, I'm your mom, your mother. It's up to me to protect you. So please, just let me deal with him.' I went back to the older woman. 'So you wanna deal with me. Huh?

What kinda deal do you wanna make?' 'Let me work up the courage and I'll take my clothes off. I'll take all my clothes off for you.' Did she really think she wouldn't be doing that anyway? Both of them? Still it was a treat to play along with her like her offer had significance and hope. 'No more shit. No shit. No more delaying nor dodging and weaving.

You'll co-operate and just.' 'Yes. Yes I will. If you'll just let me have a moment with Kitty, a private moment. I'll do everything you say.' Page 9. What neither woman knew was I had super sensitive microphones hidden in several locations within the room where they were imprisoned and also had a window that looked like a mirror from which I could observe them unknown from a secret adjoining room.

Like the set up you see on TV cop shows where a suspect is included in a lineup for a victim to identify. I had a remote control panel which allowed me to activate the mikes and a tape recorder located in the hidden viewing room. 'I suppose I could do that.' I offered as I sidled-up to the right switch and set the equipment going.

'I'll just sit down over here so you can figure it out between yourselves. Take as long as you want.' Nora sent me a suspicious, unsettled look.

Take as long as they wanted, what did that mean? She would have expected impatience from me, like I'd want to get at whatever it was I was proposing to do, but no.

Leisurely and relaxed, no hurry no fuss. What were the implications of that? One of my favorite portions of the sterling book, The Collector, by John Fowles, (highly recommended reading for any true fan of the kidnapping and hold 'em sport) is where Miranda is negotiating for the length of her stay.

Where at first she believes a day to be too long and yet eventually settles for four weeks. Not a month mind you which for the story would have been thirty-one days, but absolutely no more than four weeks. It was the same sense that Nora was picking up on. Did 'take as long a you want' really mean they wouldn't be leaving that day or heaven forbid, not any time soon? It unsettled her and even Kitty sensed my generosity of time allotment held deeper sinister meaning. So I did as I said, moved away from within earshot, and Nora moved close to Kitty.

Her motherly instincts overpowered her and she gave her daughter a big, tender hug and consoled her head by stroking her cheek and her hair. She tried to sooth her mind. I guess she'd forgotten my threats about not embracing her, but surely I hadn't.

I just didn't say anything about it right then. I'd let them have almost half an hour and stood up. 'OK. Enough is enough. What have you decided?' 'If I take my dress off, oh God help me, I don't believe I'm saying that, saying it. When I take my dress off, I'll let you do it. I'll let you rape me if you want to but you have to promise not to hurt Kitty anymore.

You have to promise.' Kitty cried out, 'No Mom. No. That's not what we said. No Mom you can't. You can't let him.' 'Kitty, I'm your mother. Just please be quiet and let me handle this.' 'By handle this you mean handle me, I presume?' I interjected. Nora gave me a more suspicious look. 'No, that's not what I meant. I just meant I don't want Kitty making it any harder for me to stick to my resolve than it already is. That's all I meant.' 'Humph.

OK. I guess. So you're going to let me fuck you? I can stick it right up between your sweet legs. Huh? Right into your fucking cunt. Huh? Ram your twat? Suck on your clit?' 'Stop it.

Stop talking dirty. You have no idea how difficult this is for me and there's one other thing you have to agree to.' Page 10. 'And what would that be?' 'Not in front of Kitty. Not in front of my daughter. You don't get to rape me in front of her.' I strode over to Kitty. 'What do you think of that? What do you think of your mom's offer?' 'Please. Just please, don't do it. Don't rape her. Can't you see how desperate she is to protect me. She loves me. She really loves me and I love her too.

So please, don't hurt her.' 'Tell you what. I'll give it a bit of thought. Take it under advisement as they say. I've got something to do for awhile. I'll let you know when I get back.' With that I high-tailed it out of their prison room into my secret observation room and got all ensconced to watch them while I played back the contents of their conversation.

I really wanted to know how much and what they had been plotting. As Nora touched her daughter for the very first time since her mutilation she began, 'Oh Kitty, oh sweetheart, let me see your breast.

Oh God, how much does it hurt? Can you stand the pain? How can you stand the pain?' 'Mom, I don't know. It's not as bad, not as severe as it was when he first did it, but it still hurts. It hurts a lot.

God, Mom, why did he do it to me? Why did he have to?' 'I don't know. I truly don't know. Some men are just so sick that everything normal to us means nothing to them. They just live and operate outside the norms, the bounds of decent human behavior. I don't know, Honey, but he must be crazy.' 'Do you think he's going to kill us? God, Mom, do you?' 'No. No, I'm sure God won't let that happen.

I'm sure God will give me the strength and the opportunity to be sure that doesn't happen.' 'I dunno. I'm not sure. Look how he already got us. How he laid in wait and forced us into his van when we weren't even aware of his existence. I don't know, Mom, he's gotten away with a lot already. And even more so, what he did to my breast. Isn't that even so much more horrible?' Page 11.

'Yes. Of course it is, yes. Kitty, please tell me. I know it may hurt, it may be more than you want to re-live, but how did he do it? What did her use to, to.' 'To remove my nipple? To cut it off?' 'Yes. What did he use?' 'That's part of what scares me so much about him. He had, no he has, a whole array of medical instruments. Surgical stuff. Like the real thing from hospitals. He says he bought them on the Internet and he used a scalpel to perform what he called a nipple-ectomy.

He joked about it not being a radical mastectomy, and not even a radical nipple-ectomy since he didn't take my areola too. How could he joke about it. How could he mom?' 'Like I said he's crazy and demented and we have to find a way to beat him. We have to find a way to defeat him so we can get away and be free.' 'How? How is that possible? We don't know where we are.

It was a long drive, at least two hours. We don't even know if we can get out of this room he has us in.' 'I know. You're right, but we can't just let him abuse us and then kill us. We can't just surrender our bodies to him nor our lives. I think we both know that.' 'Yes.

OK. What do you want to do? What do you want to try then?' 'The only thing I can think of and I know it sounds horrendous and impossible, but the only thing we have to use against him is, are our bodies.' 'What? Why? How?' 'We have to trick him into thinking we're going to co-operate with him. That we will be willing participants, even victims, and when the moment is perfect we have to attack him. We have to attack him to kill him. Anything less and I'm sure we'll fail and end up paying for it even worse.

We'll have to find the strength and just do it no matter how reprehensible and horrid and foreign it might seem.' Page 12. 'After what he's done to me, nothing would please me more. I hate to say it but I want to cut his penis off. I want to smash his testicles since that's what's motivating him to do all this in the first place.

I hate him. I despise him. I want to murder him myself. You wouldn't even have to help.' 'No. No, we do it together. He's injured my baby girl. No I want to kill him along with you. So we're agreed on that?' 'Yes. If we can, we'll kill him together.' 'What is your plan? What is your plan, Mom?' 'I'm going to undress for him. I know I'll have to do that.

So I'll offer. And you'll have to do the same thing too.' 'I don't know if I can. Even though he's already handled my breasts, and he suckled them too, I don't know if I can offer to take the rest of my clothes off.

You know Mom. You know why, about my vagina.' 'Oh baby, I'm so afraid for you. God sweetheart, I wasn't thinking. How could I be so forgetful?' 'It's OK. It's OK Mom, but what am I supposed to do? Do about it?' (I have to say here, they really engaged my heightened interest. What was the big mystery? What the fuck was with Kitty's Kunt? I liked that, like KK, Kitty's Kunt with a capital K.) 'God, there's nothing you can do. I don't think there is.

Why, oh why God when you asked for the reconstructive surgery didn't I listen to you. Yes, it's how God made you, but I should have listened to your concerns but I guess I felt it wasn't urgent and any time you wanted to we could arrange to have it done.

God, I'm sorry. God, I'm so sorry Kitty, now you're going to have to deal with him looking at you, leering at it and.' 'Oh God, Mom, what if he want's to cut it off too? What will I do then?' 'I don't think he would. I don't think he could. I don't know. I truly don't know what to say.' 'I. I didn't want to say. I really felt I couldn't, but you could be wrong.' 'No. Why?

What makes you say that?' Page 13. 'No, it's what he said to me. What he said when he was trying to convince me, trying to force me to cut my own nipple off, what he said besides if I didn't, he'd cut both yours off.

What he said about hurting your vagina.' 'Kitty, you have to tell me. You have to tell your mother. I need to know so I have a truer, the truest picture possible of what we're dealing with in him.

So I know how hard I have to fight back to defeat him.' 'If you can.' Kitty replied softly. 'Don't think like that. Don't say it either. Of course we're going to triumph over him. I know God won't let us lose to him, so please, please Honey tell me. What else did he say?' 'I can't. I can't repeat it. It's too horrible and disgusting. It's completely inhuman and shows such horrid disrespect for a woman's body.

Oh Mom, please Mom, don't make me say.' Nora took Kitty's face in her hands, at that point, I could easily see it from where I sat off in the distance and gave her her most sincere and serious motherly but stern look.

'Tell me. Just tell me now. You must.' 'Mom. OK, Mom, but I think I might be sick. I think I might throw up as I utter the words. I don't know if I can keep it all inside, I'm so scared when I think of it and my own vagina.' 'What. what exactly did he say?' 'He said if I didn't cut my nipples.' 'Yes I know it was about that. What did he say about me more?' 'He said he would hurt your vagina.

He said he would tie you down with your legs spread and he'd torture you between them. Mom, Mom, he said he would cut your labia, he would use the scalpels on them and oh God, heaven forbid, he said he would puncture and then burn your clitoris.

Burn your clitoris, Mom. How could you ever stand that?' Nora sounded audibly shaken. 'Any more? Anything else?' Page 14.

'Yes. Yes, the worst part of all. He said he has a number of speculums, y'know what the doctors use for internal examinations to open the passage. He said he would insert one into you and, oh God, he would violate your cervix. He said he'd concentrate on torturing your cervix.

Oh God, how could anyone think to be so cruel and then the last worst thing which I've never heard of nor ever even thought of. He said he'd put a big firecracker into your vagina and blow your cervix into your womb. How could any woman, no matter how strong or determined survive that? Survive all that? How Mom? How?' 'No. No, she couldn't and you know what, I think he knows it. I think he just wanted to talk as dirty and as horrible to you to try to terrorize you into doing something else he knew was impossible.

I think it was just an extreme abuse of power and control. Control and power he thinks he has over us, had over you at the time.' 'And I'd agree with you except he did it. He actually did it and if you look closely how he did it, he left a stub of my nipple. He explained to me by not cutting the whole end off, but leaving a fraction, about a quarter, it would be more painful since so many nerve endings would still be left. He even tried to maximize my suffering that way by leaving a trace of it.

Like a nipple stump. (I loved it. Spectacular. Why hadn't I thought of that before? "A nipple stump.") 'OK. OK, give me a minute, please. This is so much to take in. Almost too much to absorb. I don't know if I can, but I have to find an answer and the right one right off. I don't think we'll get a second chance with him.' 'While you are, please tell me what to do about my minora labia. Please, and the way they hang out so far. What am I supposed to do about that part that hangs out of my vagina?

I'm sure when he sees it he'll want to torture it too.' (My eyes grew wide and I ground my teeth. I knew. I fucking knew if she had one of those hangy-out cunt thingy-magigys, I'd be stretching it long and biting it off. I'd done it to two before her already. And it just proved the premise that there was no accounting for, nor predicting, vaginal construction.

Some of the sweetest, tidiest females had sloppy cunts too. And I never took Kitty with her flat chested tits to be one of those also. Oh happy day, what a lucky time for me was ahead.) Page 15. 'I don't know. God I don't know what to think of anything about him. I don't know what he'll want to do to your minora and, Honey, I have to ask even though I don't want to know.' 'What? What is it?' 'What did he do with your nipple?' 'Oh God, that's another horrible part.

I almost forgot. I guess I wanted to shut it out, suppress it. How can one man, one monster, be so completely evil?' 'What did he do with it?' 'First he put it in his mouth like I thought he was going to eat it, almost like a wad of chewing gum and then he took it out and told me to do the same thing. And when I refused he said he'd cut the other one off so I did. Oh God, oh my Jesus, I had my own severed nipple in my mouth. How utterly disgusting and horrid.' 'And then what?

What did he do next?' 'He asked me if I wanted to eat it and, of course, I said no so he asked for it back. My God in Heaven, what are we talking about here? We're talking about one of my nipples but I gave it back to him and he thanked me and said it was just as well I wouldn't swallow it since he wanted it as a souvenir of me. He said he already has a whole collection of them and he'd be happy to add mine and then he said about adding yours to.' Nora muttered, 'God.

Oh my God.' Several times in quick succession. 'I told him it wouldn't last very long as a souvenir, like it would spoil and he said he had a method of preserving it in clear, liquid acrylic that when hardened, it, my nipple would always look just as it did when he cut it off me. He seemed so proud of that, like it took special skill or intelligence or something. God, Mom, how can any of this be for real?' 'Yes, I have heard of certain sexual deviants keeping souvenirs of their victims but it was usually pieces, items of under-garments or maybe a lock of hair, never actual sexual body parts.

My God, the man is highly demented. My God, he could be the worst. The worst ever.' Page 16. 'Do you think he's a psychopath? A sexual deviant psychopath? Do you think that, Mom?' 'I really don't know, but from what you're describing he could be. God, I hope he's not. God, I hope we haven't fallen into the hands of a torturing, mutilating, sexual psychopath because then he's most likely a serial killer too since otherwise he'd've been caught by now.' 'You really think he kills his victims?' 'I don't know.' She paused reflectively.

'I hope not.' 'You think he's gonna kill us?' 'No, I won't let that happen. I already told you he's come to the end of his killing spree line, if that's what he's been up to.' You might say she was right, not about the end of the line but about what I'd been up to. That would be up to number twenty-two and counting and when their times came, it would make an even two dozen.

Not to shabby for not even coming close to being caught. And the crazy, but delightful, part of pursuing my proclivity was the endless supply of potential victims.

I mean they were every where in the most unsafe and insecure of locations and positions. It was a bounty, an inexhaustible supply of female flesh to be rendered. Take local regional shopping malls, the ones where ninety percent of the staff and customers arrived by car. Many had at least a couple of hundred of stores. Focusing on the staff possibilities first, it was common mall practice that they had to park quite far out from close to the entrance doors to facilitate the paying shoppers and, of course, because of the long walk, most clerks parked still where they could be closest to the entrance nearest to the store they worked in.

And of two hundred stores, percentages dictated there would be a small but guaranteed number of female clerks who would be right up my alley.

Especially in the women's higher end stores or the trendy boutique type staffed by savvy young women on the way up, or so they thought. It took almost no smarts to wait for them at closing time to jaunt the long haul to where their cars were parked and follow them around and to learn their routines. Then under cover of darkness and bad weather, driving rain was the best, to kidnap them at gunpoint and spirit them away to my secret prison specially constructed to keep them in.

Page 17. And some other ones were the female real estate agents. I mean how fucking dumb could they be? They even published little pictures of themselves with their listings and it was easy to scan them to find potential victims and delve further by accessing their web sites. The good looking ones, and there were always a few, why didn't they just run a banner add, - Potential rape victim. Come and get it, come and get me.

Here's where I am. I'm asking for it. Cut the cunt out of me. They might as well have, with the wording of some of their ads. Yes, indeed, the listings themselves. The catch words and the watch phrases. 'Immediate Possession' and lately 'Bank in Possession' which meant the house was vacant. Was currently unoccupied and what better place to grab an unsuspecting woman than in a house that's guaranteed to be empty.

Also, 'secluded, very private, or estate like setting', all indicating a level of privacy and isolation conductive to kidnapping a woman unnoticed. Then there was the greed factor, ever the almighty lure of the slimy dollar. Find a property that fit the parameters and the targeted woman was the listing agent and as a potential buyer dealing with her, she would get both ends of the commission.

I mean let's say a million dollar house, common in many city and even rural areas, and the six percent commission so common, on both ends, was sixty-thousand dollars.

What an incentive to ignore the danger signals that she could be being lured to her demise. Another ripe area were seasonal properties. Cottages or camp as some of the upper crust liked to call them and again remoteness and isolation and nobody home all rounded out the feasibility. Anyhow, enough on my theories and practical applications of victimology. Back on the ranch, er, in the prisoner's pad, the two women had fallen silent.

Kitty looked at Nora really deeply and finally came out with it, out with the unanswerable question. 'Mom, what if we fail? What if we don't succeed in overpowering him or even deterring him? What then? What are we supposed to do? To do then?' 'We'll just have to believe that we will. That's all we can do.' Page 18. 'No, but no, Mom. What if we can't. Please answer me. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm a grown woman. Please don't treat me like a child. I know you're still trying to protect me but look at my breast.

You couldn't protect me from that. What if we can't and we know he's going to kill us or he already has killed one of us and the other still lives. What then?' 'You have to believe.

I'm asking you to believe that God will take care if us. That He won't let that happen. That her cares for us and loves us and won't let such a horrible fate befall us. You still do believe in God, don't you?' Kitty hesitated. She scrunched up her face and gave an indication she wasn't so sure anymore. 'Sweet heart, you have to believe. I know you're a good Christian and you believe in Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, so you must not let your faith waver.

Is this what's shaking your faith? You don't see that is might be a test? A test for both of us?' 'I understand that Mom. I really do, about God not giving you more than you, than we, can handle but I'm not so sure anymore.

I mean not since Dr. Marla.' 'Oh. Oh, I see. Oh. OK, yes, I can understand that. I think I can.' 'But Mom, think about it. I mean you appeared on her programme 'Balance TV' and she was so healthy and vibrant and the aerobics workout you did together, it was really something.

Like the fitness part and how two older women could still look so good at your ages, but I mean she was a doctor, is a doctor, and the thing about her breasts. I mean you told me how she confided in you about how important her chest was to her, even though publicly she said otherwise to others, how she claimed her breasts never defined her but how she was terrified and prayed to God she might keep them and yet, a double, a double one.

She still had to have a double mastectomy so how much did her prayers matter to God then? And what she said about being 'mindful' about her life. How she paid attention to the smallest of details always watching for a moment that could be a turning point.

Weren't we mindful of our lives? I guess not, for this to happen to us.' 'No. No I don't think that's it at all. You can't say this is our faults. It's just, to a large degree, bad luck.' Page 19. 'No, but Mom, no. Marla said about luck and chance too. She said about, it's not the luck, good nor bad, but what you do with it. The chances that the circumstances present to you. What possible good chances can what he's done to my breast already and what he's still threatening to do, what good can come from any of that?

I just don't know. I just don't see nor even sense any. And that's why I think Dr. Marla is wrong. Her God didn't care about her and she had to sacrifice her beautiful breasts to the devil of cancer.

What's spiritual or Godly about that?' 'I know. I see, it might seem that way but she's still alive and remains a vibrant and successful woman.' 'Yes she does. She is, but she has no tits. And like I just said, her precious breasts still had to be sacrificed to her uncaring God so I don't know that I believe anymore. I don't know that I believe God will save or even help us out of this so we shouldn't count on it.' Visit: Visit: 'I don't know Kitty.

I don't know that it's the same thing.' 'But it is Mom. Don't you see? God didn't intervene, He didn't prevent us from being kidnapped in the first place. Why didn't He keep this from happening at all?' 'I don't know. How can I know? I only know we have to find a way to defeat him and the only realistic one is to use our bodies to fool him into thinking we're going to co-operate, no, into thinking we want to participate to show him what a pleasurable time we can allow him to have and then do it.

Kill him. Execute him. That's what we have to do. Oh, look. He's coming back. I'll have to lead off with our plan.' It had been over twenty-five minutes so I'd been really generous allowing them so much time to commiserate and to plot. Of course, I knew I was going to be able to play back every one of their secret words so wasn't in a hurry to stifle them.

But my crotch was getting itchy for some pussy so it told me to get on back in to deal with them. Page 20. I fairly skipped back in to join them. I mean there's no more exhilarating nor satisfying thrill than the anticipation, the knowing, that I was going to eat and beat a beautiful woman's cunt. They were in there and I was joining them for some serious vaginal mayhem.

Of the two, I suppose Kitty was the more beautiful, but Nora had a quiet strength and presence about her, a dignity, that made her even more appealing, like she'd be a tougher broad to break. The differences in the degrees of satisfaction I'd exact from each women were so miniscule I suppose they were insignificant but I decided to really go for Nora.

I wanted to lay a beating on her and see how hard she'd fight me back. 'So ladies, what's up? What have you decided? I gave you lots of time, more than I expected, so I'm sure you've worked something out. Right?' I strutted right up to Nora. She could sense the aggression, the focus in my demeanor. 'You're gonna take your dress off? Right? Huh? Just like I was saying before?' 'Yes I told you I would but only if you promise.

Just like I was saying before too, you don't rape me in front of Kitty. You don't make my daughter watch.' 'What if I rape her in front of you instead? How would that be?' 'No. No, of course not. You know that wouldn't be acceptable.' 'So look, I don't give a shit which one of you it is.

My cock's got a real itch and if it doesn't feel some pussy lips around it soon, real soon, I'm gonna get mean. Really mean. Understand? And I'm sure Kitty will be tighter than you.' I stepped towards the younger, trembling woman. 'No. No. OK, no. Look. Look, I'm taking my dress off. Leave her alone. Look.' She wriggled out of her party dress and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. Normally she would have treated it like spun-gold but since it was already ruined from my knife cut across the bust she didn't care that she stepped on it.

Her bra was a marvel. Even though it was strapless, it was thin and near see-through. Her nipples were normal with tight, hard, encircling little areolas. Nothing puffy about her nerps. Her panties were the rest of a matched set. Again, near see-through and very light, feminine pink. She didn't shave herself but still her bush was tidy and trim just like the rest of her was.

Page 21. She was so focused on me not attacking Kitty anymore that she'd forgotten to cry or even tremble but when I left off confronting Kitty to attend to Nora's display, she became more scared and self-conscious about her near nakedness and vulnerability.

She tried her best to look brave and strong, even defiant, but her lower lip and chin quivered and were giving her fears away. I moved to within five feet of her and stood like a vision of authority looking her up and down and up. 'Not fucking bad. Not fucking bad at all. How old are you anyway? I mean you're her fucking mother and she's gotta be forty-five.' I motioned to Kitty. (Calista Flockhart, born Nov.

11, 1964.) The thing was I already knew she was over sixty but could easily pass for forty-five too. (Sally Field, born Nov. 6, 1946.) Nora's face contorted more. 'I'm old enough to know you shouldn't be doing this and you are too. That you have no right and that you should leave us alone.' 'Dressed like that, or undressed like that, you think I'm gonna leave you alone?

Get real.' Her face contorted and quivered more and her eye lids batted rapidly. I decided to tease her. 'What is it? What is it? What are you crying for?' 'I'm not crying.' She protested with a quavering voice that caught in her throat.

'Maybe not yet but you're pretty fucking close to tears. Right?' She calmed herself and sucked in a deep breath of courage (and foolishness) to inform me, 'I'm not going to let you make me cry. I won't. I'm scared. I've never done this before.' 'What? Stood in front of a man in your underwear?' 'No. No, not that. Of course I've done that before. I've just never been forced to before. That's why I'm scared.

Surely you can understand and accept that.' 'So what if I do? What difference is it supposed to make?' Page 22. She gave me a plaintive, sad look.

'The difference that you see me as a person and understand me as a human being, both of us, and you don't do anymore horrible things to us. That's what I want you to see.' 'Y'know what I'd rather see? I'd rather see your nipples out so take off your bra.' Nora was catching on. She gave me a shape, piercing look but took the bra off right away.

She new it didn't hide anything anyway. I groaned. 'Oh fuck. What, you about a thirty-four C? Huh?' She simply glared at me. 'Give me your bra. Hand it to me.' I was only five feet away in front of her. She extended her hand tentatively and I accepted the garment and looked at the label inside. 'Right. Fucking on right. I got it right. Says thirty-four C here. Damn I'm good. I really know my tit sizes.' I paused to gloat at her. 'How come she's so flat when you've got so much body to your tits?

You sure she's your daughter? Maybe she's adopted.' 'Go to Hell. Stop being so mean and insensitive, disgusting. Go to Hell.' 'Maybe when I compare cunts, maybe then I see the similarity. Right?' Of course Nora had no way of knowing I'd heard Kitty lamenting her hangy-out minora labia and Nora clearly didn't have the same, not that I could make out through the sheer, stretchy fabric at her panties' crotch.

So that would prove to be a bigger hoot and difference to be exploited. 'Anyway, so you're almost there. Give me your panties.' She had maintained a facade of strength and dignity, believing the woman in her, the femininity in her soul, would carry her through but she could not surrender the last vestige of protection covering her intimacy. Her vagina belonged to her and she could not surrender it without some level of protest.

She could not surrender it at all, she then knew, so her plan to seduce me seemed pretty much skuppered and doomed. Page 23. She began to tremble remarkably and her legs jiggled at the inner top thighs. She was near to pissing her panties and I didn't want them soiled. 'You piss yourself and I swear I'll make Kitty lick it up.

You understand?' She scrunched her bladder muscles shut and squeezed her vagina tight. 'Now give me your fucking underwear, the rest of it.' She swayed and resisted. She was going to lose her balance. 'I can't. I can't. I just can't. I'm sorry. I can't.' 'You're sorry?

Really? If you don't, it's her that'll be sorry.You want her to lose another nipple? Or worse? You want me to cut her vagina? Maybe even burn it?' 'No. God, no. No don't. Don't make me. Don't threaten her to make me. Please. Don't. Just leave us alone.' I decided to change the topic while keeping on the subject. 'Did she, did Kitty ever tell you how she came to lose her nipple? The one that's gone? The one that got away? Did she?' I knew she hadn't. Nora shook her head and looked even more fearful.

She didn't want to hear any account. 'Well maybe I should tell you. It's quite a story and maybe it'll help you to co-operate better, so let's see. Let's see if I can go back an hour or two.' Nora twisted her face and Kitty contorted hers. 'Y'know that compared to you, she's a mouthy bitch. She's a know-it-all.

She thinks she knows it all. Isn't that right, Kitty?' I called out to her. 'You bastard. You miserable miscreant. What's wrong with you? It's bad enough what you did to me, you did already, stop tormenting my mother with it. Stop it you misfit creep.' 'Geeze, I must say, you're getting better at the name calling.

You've almost got it down to an art but not a science. Better leave the really detailed stuff to me.' It sort of went over her head that I considered her an amateur. I addressed Nora again. 'Y'now if she'd've kept her fucking mouth shut, just like now she didn't, checked, kept her attitudes in check, she'd still have her nipple.

Dumb feminist cunt of a daughter you have.' Page 24. 'I taught her to be strong. I taught her to stand up for herself.' Nora defied me with her assertions.

'That you did and that you did well, the way you taught her. Too bad you didn't teach her to be sensible and pragmatic. Y'know, when to be flexible.' 'Everything I could, I taught her the best I could.

I did my best as her mother.' 'Yeah, whatever. So you know I separated you two when I got you here. You already know that. So I took Kitty off into another room, a bedroom actually, and the moment she saw the bed she got uppity, all uppity.

If I recall she said something like, "If you think you're getting me on there, you're crazy." Yeah, that's exactly what she said, "If you think I'm getting on that bed with you, you're crazy." So I suggested she should give her attitude a second thought, like an adjustment and she suggested I should live in Hell which wasn't very charitable since I hadn't done anything to her, at least not yet or then.' 'You hadn't done anything?' Kitty piped up.

'You'd kidnapped us and brought us here against our wills and you say you hadn't done anything? You're deluded. You're sick.' 'Enough from the peanut gallery unless you want to finish the story. Do you? Do you Kitty?' She shook her head, no. 'Didn't think so, so don't interrupt again or you'll have to.' I was sure she muttered, 'You can't make me' and something about a pig's eye but I let it pass.

I'd deal with her severely later. I just knew she was in for a minora labia-ectomy and Nora was going to assist. Man could I fantasize their screams in my mind. 'So anyway, you wouldn't believe how she slagged me, how she starts in on me. I mean you'd think she was a fucking lawyer or something like the Ally McBeal bitch on TV, so I says to her put a lid on it or I'd cut her tit off.

That was before I saw how little she had. Fucking pancake tits. There's hardly a decent meal there. So anyway I tells her to strip and she's even worse than you. She don't want me to see her twat. I can't imagine why. I mean she's a good looking woman so she's going to have a good looking cunt. Right?' Page 25. Nora looked at me dumbfounded.

'Right?' I repeated. She nodded and said, 'Yes. OK. Right.' 'Anything I should know about her vagina? Anything you want to tell me?' Nora's eyes grew narrow with suspicion and calculation.

How could my question be so pointed without prior direction? Something smelled fishy and it wasn't their humid cunts. 'Go to Hell, you despicable bastard. Go straight to Hell.' 'I'll take that as a no, then. I hope you're not lying to me. Y'know, like lying by ommission.' She felt she should say something but how does a mother describe her daughter's sloppy, untidy cunt to a murdering, mutilating rapist.

Where would she start? What would she say?' Nora took my inference seriously, my verbal threat to heart. She believed I was a misfit of my word. 'Kitty's vagina is unusual and it's my fault.' She blurted out. 'Mom. No, Mom, don't.' Kitty cried out. 'Really? How so?' I asked Nora like I had no idea. 'I'm sure you're going to find out anyway from the way you're behaving, from how you're treating us, so I'll tell you. I'll tell you. I have to tell you.' 'Mmooomm. Mmooomm, don't.

Please don't.' 'It's alright sweetheart. Mother knows best. Her minora labia protrude from her majora labia.' I gave my head a shake. She'd actually said it. Fuck was I in control. 'Oh shit, Mom. No shit. You almost made me spunk my pants. You mean she has an outie, like with shit hanging out between her lips?' 'I mean she's formed differently than some women. She's formed differently than me.' 'And you're sure, as I said, she's your daughter?' 'Of course, I gave birth to her.

Of course I am.' 'OK, good on you for honesty. We'll have to see about that later. So back to how Kitty lost her nip tip. I didn't take it all, y'know. I don't know if you saw that.

Did you?' Page 26. 'I saw it. I noticed it.' 'Y'know why? Why I didn't take it all?' Nora's face twisted in fury and hatred. She remembered what Kitty had told her and it was the ultimate in despicable as far as she was concerned.

She would not offer an answer. Of course I knew she knew so I gave her an inspired, superior look. 'OK, never mind. I can see you're upset.' 'Since when did that matter to you? Huh? Since when?' I looked at her like she was no more than a bug to be squished or a cunt-roach to be hammered. 'Fuck you. So like I was saying, like Kitty ditty, she sees the bed and says, no way.

No way on the bed, so I tells her either on the bed or on the floor. I didn't care which where. So you know what she says next? No, of course you don't. Well she lies to me, isn't that right miss high and mighty liar Kitty?

Tell you mom what you lied to me.' Kitty locked eyes with me and could tell I was dead, as in murder, serious. 'Mom, I told him I had my period. That's what I said to him.' 'Fucking lied about it, didn't you?

Said you were on the rag when you weren't. That's the oldest, dumbest trick in the book that a woman often uses when she's about to be raped and wanna know another? AIDS. They fucking claim their twats are infected with AIDS and you know how I respond to that?' They both looked non-plussed. 'I offer to burn it out of them. To burn the fucking AIDS right out of their cunts and you never seen a faster cure. I mean, oops, all of a sudden the disease has gone, disappeared in a poof like a lie being untold.

HIV positive shit. Of course that doesn't stop me from still burning them later, roasting their fucking cervixes as retribution for them lying to me.

So what do you think? Kitty, should you look forward to that? What do you thing Mother superior Nora? Should I burn the pussy out of your baby, for lying?' Nora trembled and tried to measure her response.

'Please, you have to stop. You must stop. None of this is right so you have to.' 'Cease and desist?' Is that how they say it on the cop shows?' I taunted her. Page 27. 'Please. Please. Just stop.' 'Yeah. OK. So anyway back to how Kitty lost the end of her bud.

I'm getting pretty horny seeing her shivering there so close to the edge of the bed and my pecker can imagine grinding away inside of her. I mean I really wanted to split her labia.

I took her by the arm to force her onto the mattress and Kitty twisted violently and managed to elbow me in the gut. I mean she got super strong and winded me. She went to bolt for the door but it was bolted so she had nowhere to run to. She really thought I was mad. I guess I certainly looked it but it was all an act. I fucking love it when a bitch fights and Kitty wanted to prove she could out-wrestle or perhaps out-box me.

Well. Fucking well. Tell her Kitty. Tell her what happened next.' Kitty raised her cheeky chin at me and her jaw trembled. She remembered only too well but had no intention of repeating it to her mom who was watching her daughter with dismay and pity. She got stupidly spunky.

'Go to Hell. You know what you did. Go to Hell you miserable little excuse for a worm.' 'Come on. That's not nice. Not nice at all. Fucking tell her.' 'Go to Hell.' Kitty persisted. 'Fine. Fine, I'll show Nora, I'll show your mom what happened instead.' I moved in on the older woman. 'No. No. OK, no. Don't. OK, I'll tell.' 'Thought you might.' I gloated back to her.

Actually gloated back to them both. 'Mom. Mom, I made such a mistake. I thought he was really mad. It seemed like he was so I was even more scared but I was angry too. Why hadn't I seen that the door, bedroom door, was bolted and that I couldn't run to escape. I was really disturbed with myself so I tried to keep up the momentum. Y'know, keep up an offensive, an attack, so I ran at him again.

He may not look it, but he's very agile. I don't know, maybe he works out or something but as I arrived to clout him again he did a small side-step, like he deeked me and he punched me. He punched me really hard in. God in.

God he struck my vagina. He punched it. Oh God, he did. And he did it so mean and hard.' Page 28. 'Oh Kitty. Oh Kitty sweetheart. Oh my precious. - You miserable bastard. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hope you die. You deserve to die.' 'I'm sure you do and I'm sure you should.' I replied with a smirk and a lilt in my voice.

'So anyway, yeah, she got that right. I planted my fist right into her pussy. Fuck did she fold. Fuck did she ever stagger and collapse and it was nothing to grab her to hoist her onto the bed.' 'You raped her. You raped her? Kitty you didn't tell me he raped you.' 'No, Mom, no, because he didn't. I wish he had instead.' 'Yeah, fucking right she wishes that. So I did follow her onto the bed, bounced onto the mattress already to tear her clothes off and the cunt hadn't learned.

Not a fucking thing. She twisted and hoofed me in the goolies. I don't know how she got her feet around so fast and into position for such an accurate shot but she folded me right over again. I mean, Kitty you're a fucking little scraper. Aren't you? Take after your mom here, do you?' 'Go to Hell.' 'Fine.

We'll see. We'll find out about that. You a fighter too, Nora? You fight as good as your bitch, arrogant daughter?' It was a challenge. Or was it an invitation? Nora sensed the change in my tone. A change in my attitude, even though it was only slightly perceptible. But she was worried I was gearing up for more and probably greater violence against Kitty so she needed to shut me down and failing that at least to divert me.

'I know who you are. I know what you're doing. My daughter is not a bitch. She is not arrogant. She's never been a bitch and you have no right to degrade her like that. Yes, I'm a fighter. Yes I am. I taught Kitty to stand up for herself. I already told you that. So I taught her how to be strong because I know how to be strong too. You think she was a fighter? I'll show you what it means if I get the chance.' 'What, you want me to give you the chance to fight me?' Nora looked shocked.

Page 29. She hadn't meant that expressly. What she'd meant was if I was careless and she ever got the chance to be free, then she'd show me who knew how to fight and who didn't. But she was fast on her feet and sensed an in.

'You wouldn't fight me. Not fairly. Bullies like you never allow. You wouldn't fight me in a fair contest.' I eyed her trying to look as suspicious as she was looking suspicious at me.

I'd set many women up for such a contest before and I didn't want Nora getting a whiff that she was being maneuvered into an inescapable boxing-ring corner.

That she was on the ropes before she even started. 'You really think you could mount a credible effort? You think you're strong enough to do that?' 'There's only one way you can find out.

Right? Only one way you can ever see for sure.' 'Hhmm. Fuck. Hhmm. Interesting. Fucking sounds interesting.' Kitty cried out. 'Mom. No, Mom. You can't be serious. No. He's evil. God he won't play by any rules of decency. No Mom, you can't.' 'Now you know she's right. I mean if we fight it'll be no holds barred. Nothing's off limits, nothing's off the table or the floor, so to say.' 'Just give me a chance.

Give me the chance and I'll show you how much I care about rules of civility. How much I care about my daughter.' 'No Marquis of Queensbury shit for you? Huh?' 'Just let me and I'll show you. You'll see.' 'Y'know I just might take you up on that. Could be interesting.

I'll give it some thought. Meanwhile let me finish telling you how Kitty lost the end of her nipple.' Nora looked disappointed. She thought she had diverted me from the terrible tale but I was ready to begin re-accounting.

'So Kitty hoofed me in the balls, in the goolies, like I said and I had no choice but to buckle over. I mean my balls aren't made of brass, just flesh and lots of blood like any other guy's are. So she sees it as an opportunity to try to escape, to go running out the door but unfortunately for her I'm blocking the way. But that doesn't stop her from trying. She came running at me like a little steam engine with her long legs whirling and crashed into me to knock me to the floor.

It doesn't quite work, although almost, as I bang up against the wall. The door's closed and she can't wrench it open. At least I'd had the good sense to lock it. She fires over to a window but it has unbreakable glass in it. The stuff's called Lexan and you can't put a bullet through it. So all the while she's trying to find a way out, I'm getting my act back together and I sucked up the pain in my groin and finally started back after her.

I mean we played one helluva game of tag. Didn't we Kitty?' Page 30. Kitty gave me a disgusted grunt. 'Isn't that right, Kitty? We played a decent game of tag?' 'If you say so.

I wasn't playing. Only you were playing so if that counts I guess you could say you're right. You're still stupid and a monster and I hate you even more. You're not going to fight with my mother. If you're going to fight with anyone, it's going to be me.' 'Maybe the two of you? Maybe I should fight with the two of you at once?' They could not hide their hope.

They could not conceal the prospect of their good fortune. Whatever else came to be, they had to entice me into fighting the two of them at once. They exchanged deep glances of intrigue and plotting. 'You'd never do that. You don't have the courage to fight just one of us.' Nora piped in. 'Let alone facing a mother and daughter together. I know you're not that brave. I know you're not that stupid.' 'Geeze, you're giving me an awful lot to think about, but we'll see.

We'll see later. So to continue, I finally got my shit back together and Kitty could tell I was more than pissed. As I got in close to her in a corner she made a desperate flight to sail by me and I grabbed onto her thin, fine, long blonde hair. I mean she's lucky she isn't fucking bald. I ripped back on it so hard she flew off her feet and landed on her ass, on her fucking tail bone on the hardwood floor. No carpet there to soften the blow.

The crack to the end of her spine, really did it. It fucking stunned her and I had no trouble re-dragging her to the bed and hoisting her up onto the mattress again. All the while pulling her by the hair with her legs kicking and wielding about.

On the bed I smacked her head to the bed post. It dazed her. Kitty went woozy but not out cold. So I took a firm hold of her chest and right away I knew she had no tits. I mean how could you make a daughter, an adult woman, with so little tit meat?

Huh? You proud of that, that you spawned a titless daughter?' 'You vile, vile monster. Go to Hell. You despicable bastard. Let me loose so I can send you to Hell.' 'We'll see. Not yet though. We'll see.' Page 31. 'You're disgusting. I hate you.' Nora shot back. 'Yeah, that I am. So anyway I had to find out. I mean I'm trying to use her its for handles to lift her but there's nothing to grip onto so I had to see.

I ripped her party dress away and she's got this stupid little bra on. I mean she doesn't even need a fucking training bra so I guess it was just to hide her nipples. That right Kitty? You didn't want your pokies poking out? Guess you don't have to worry about that now for one of them, huh?' At that point all the two women could tell me to do was go to Hell.

'Go to Hell, you despicable bastard. You didn't have to hurt me like that just because my breasts weren't up to your expectations. You had no right. You didn't.' 'Yeah, but it was fun. Was it ever delightful.' 'For you maybe. But not for me and I know you know that.' 'So ask me if I care?

Ask me if I fucking care.' 'I know you don't. You don't care but you should. If you were any kind of a human being you would.' 'Whatever, so why don't you tell your mom what happened next?

Why don't you share it with her?' 'Uh uh. No. No, I won't. You're telling the story. You're the one getting off on it, so no, I won't.' I trotted over to Kitty with intent on my mind. I took hold of her face by gripping her cheeks. I planted a mean kiss on her reluctant, fighting lips. I stated my purpose clearly and slowly.

'Tell her. Tell her now or one of her nipples comes off now.' Kitty's face defied me but her mouth started to work. 'Mom. Mom, he. Mom, when he saw my bra, he almost had a fit. For some reason it fascinated him and he told be to take it off carefully, that he wanted to keep it as a souvenir. Mom, I should have listened. I know I should have, but my anger got the better of me and I tore it off. It ripped across the front and through a cup and as I threw it at him he punched me in a breast.

God Mom, he punched me for the first time in my breast.' Page 32. 'I hate you. I hate you.' Nora screamed out towards me but mostly it bounced off the ceiling. 'Look Mom, it's getting boring. You've already established that, that you hate me so come up with something more original or shut the fuck up.

So continue Kitty. Tell her some more.' 'I hate you too.' Kitty added uselessly. 'I will pop her nipple in a heart beat if you don't continue. Believe me. You want that?' 'No.

No. OK, no. Yes I threw the damaged bra at him and as he examined it he told me I would pay. That I was gonna pay for being so impulsive and contrary. That my breasts were gonna pay. Then he noticed. God, Mom, I couldn't help it. From the fear and the cold, my nipples got erect.

They got hard. I couldn't stop it nor help myself and right away he zeroed in on them. That was the start of him cutting one off.' Kitty looked at me like maybe I should finish telling the story. It would be too difficult for her to go on. No such luck. I gave her a smirk. 'Go on.' 'Please. Please, you finish.

I can't.' 'Then your mom can't keep a nipple.' 'OK. OK.' She blubbered as she continued. 'Like I said he focused on them and started insulting me and saying degrading and horrible things about the size of my breasts. Like he has said to you too about them being so small that a young girl would have more. You know, you know Mom, how sensitive I am about that. How sensitive I've always been and I spat back at him.

I couldn't help myself, he made me so mad and furious showing such disrespect for my person, for the woman who I am and so somehow it got around to him saying maybe he should cut one of them off. He meant one of my breasts off but then made his sick joke that it would be impossible since there was so little there.

Y'know, of course, then he played on how easily a nipple could come off instead. He made sick, terrible, horrible jokes about how it would hardly damage me and how I could easily go on living without one.

God he was a monster. An impossible creep.' Page 33. 'I was a monster. Wasn't I?' I interjected proudly. 'And you still are. You're despicable and I hate you more than I can ever say.' Kitty retorted. 'So don't say and finish the fucking story. Your tale of tit woe.' 'Mom. Mom, once he said about cutting a nipple off instead, I couldn't get him to change the subject, to get him off the idea or topic.

It didn't matter what I said he just stayed focused on it. I even offered to let him rape me but nothing would dissuade him.' 'Oh baby.

Oh my sweet baby.' Nora cried out softly to her. 'So that's where it got to. He told me he was going to do it for sure and that he had to get the right, God, he called them tools. Tools. That he had to get tools to cut one of my nipples off. He left and came back with surgical instruments he said he got off the Internet, scalpels mostly, but forceps and clamps too. I couldn't believe what he was showing me.' 'Pretty decent stuff. Weren't they?' I added.

'Go to Hell. - Mom, I started to cry. I couldn't help it but it only turned him on more. He said he loved how it made my meager chest jiggle but he wanted to see me screaming too. He said he wanted to see my tonsils. It really scared me so as he finally got around to nearing me to actually do it, I stuck out at him again. I had to. What choice did I have?' 'None, sweetheart.

I'm sure you had none.' Nora supported her. 'No I didn't but I wasn't very good. I was so scared seeing the scalpel in his hand and when I tried to kick him, I only kicked the air but he punched me again and you know where.' 'You loathsome, impossible bastard. I swear. I swear I will kill you.' Nora fired her promise at me again. 'We'll see about that. In a bit we'll see but for now, your fucking cunt daughter's about to get to the best part. Go on Kitty, finish telling her the best.' 'Mom, he pinned me.

He dragged me off the bed by my hair and pinned me to the floor as I doubled over and held the scalpel to my throat, right to my jugular vein. He told me he'd slit my windpipe and I'd bleed to death if I didn't hold still.

I had to. I had to freeze. He, God, he. God he, he pinched my nipple out and was ready to cut it off when he stopped. I mean, I had no idea. How could any woman? He handed me the scalpel.' Page 34. My boner was getting firmer just hearing her recount what had happened then. 'What? OK.

Yes. OK.' Nora knew what was coming next. 'He told me. He told me I had to do it myself. To myself. He told me I had to cut my own nipple off.' 'Baby.

Baby, sweetheart. Mommy's here. Your mother's here.' 'I tried. As impossible as it sounded and was, I really tried and when he saw I was never going to succeed, that I threw the scalpel away, that's when he made the horrible threats about what he would do to you if I didn't.

I tried, I tried again but it hurt way too much.' I trotted over to Nora. 'Fucking little cunt, really let you down. Didn't she?' Nora slapped my hand away from her face. 'I will kill you. I swear I will.' Nora had unqualified hatred for me. 'So good. Wonderful. I think you'll make one hell of an effort to try, so anyway I think I'll finish the story.

I mean Kitty got it right. Right on. Like she said, the first thing I threatened to do was to cut your nipples off instead. Both your fucking nippers. Think you could live without them? Humm mommy dearest?' 'I can do whatever it takes to defeat you. That's what I can do.' 'Yeah, I suppose, so when I told Kitty about slicing your nips off I figured it'd turn the trick and she'd do her own off but no such luck so I figured I had to up the ante, like make the stakes more severe, so I told her what I would do to your cunt.

Your cunt. Your fucking pussy. That I'd torture it inside out. That really freaked her so she tried harder but still no nippy off.' I placed my hand to Nora's throat and squeezed on her wind pipe. I lowered my other hand to grope her crotch. My eyes narrowed and my grip tightened. 'You want me to torture your cunt? You want me to spread your legs and mutilate your womanly vagina? Huh?' Nora twisted her hips in a circle.

Kitty cried out for me to leave her alone. I didn't as I pressed my thumb into the crack of her crease. Page 35. 'I'll tell you what I told her so you can make up your mind.' 'Stop it. Stop it. You're hurting me. Stop it.' 'No shit. You think that hurts? What about this?' I found the nub of her clit and dug my thumbnail into it. She shrieked and jerked her ass back. I twisted on her nub and pulled it forward as her bum shot back.

'Hold still. Fucking hold still or I'll cut it off. I swear.' Nora froze with her vagina in my hand. 'So yeah, I told Kitty I'd tie you down. I'd tie you down good and tight and spread your legs so far you'd think your hip joints were going to dislocate.

Then I'd come at your vagina with the scalpel. I'd cut into your clit, - fucking like how I'm pinching it? Do you?' 'Stop it. Stop it. Please stop it. You're hurting me.' 'Stop it. Stop it. Please stop it. You're hurting her.' Kitty echoed her mom. 'So anyway then I got down and dirty. I told her that I could burn your clit too.

That I could apply a soldering iron to it and fry the crisp out of it. And then came the really good stuff about your cervix. That I have speculums and I can open your canal and burn and pierce your cervix.

That sound appealing to you? It certainly didn't to Kitty. And finally I told her I'd insert great big firecrackers into you and blow your vix clear into your uterus. Now wouldn't that be a fireworks show to end all womanly matters?

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Huh?' 'You're sick. You're the most degenerate person I've ever heard of.' 'I'll take that as a compliment. So I mean I've told her all that and still, still the selfish little cunt bitch, she won't cut her own nipple off. What the fuck would it take? What do you suppose?' 'I don't know. I don't know. It's not at all possible. I don't know.' 'No you don't because there was nothing. It all ended so fast for her. I came back to do it to her and she fought and flailed like a banshee.

She would not let me proceed. I kicked her. Right, Kitty, I kicked you?' Page 36. 'Ohh God. God ohh. Ohh God. God, no, my precious baby.' 'Yeah, I hoofed her alright. I'm surprised I didn't crack some ribs under her nipples. I fucking booted her chest. But the one to her pussy, my fist I mean, that's the one that sent her out cold.' 'I hate you.

I'll kill you. God, let me kill him.' 'So now Nora, now ladies, we get to the good part. We get to the surprise. The whole thing, the whole fucking thing, I got it on video and now we're gonna watch it together.' They looked stunned. Completely flabbergasted.

'You. What? What? You. You mean you've been making us, making me recount all this when you recorded it? What? When? How could you? I didn't see any cameras.' Kitty was beside herself. 'You incredible monster. What's wrong with you? Have you no shred of human decency?' Nora added to the cacophony.

'I'm just full of surprises. Aren't I? So whatever, let me show you the vid. Show you the best part of all. I wanna see it anyway. I haven't watched it yet.' The women objected uselessly but predictably as I got the TV screen all set up where they both could readily see it. I set the unit to play with remote control in hand. It started to roll as they used to say in the olden days of film. I let it start at the beginning where I'd shoved Kitty roughly into the bedroom and she said just as I'd already told them, 'If you think you're getting me on the bed, you're crazy.' Of course I had a good memory for those kinds of first words.

I zipped the fast forward to where I'd returned to the bedroom with the scalpels and other funky and sundry tools. 'Fuck. Fuck we gotta look at that. That's a good place to start. Give me a sec while I rewind it.' I got it back to where Kitty took her wild kicks at me as I approached her with a scalpel but she only connected with the air. I could see clearly why I punched her cunt since I hadn't really intended to. Her dress had ridden up and her power blue panties were stretched so tightly across her labia and my eye caught a glimpse of her crinkly stuff hanging out of the center of her crease.

Of course, all under the privacy of the double fabric of the silk gusset of her undies. It was like my hand was on a spring, like a, ha ha, Jack-in-the-box only it would be a Jack's-fist-into-the-box.

Page 37. 'Ooofff. Fucking Hell, would you look at that? Fucking look how my fist connected with her labia. Fuck Nora, what do you think of that? I guess she shouldn't have shown me her panties.

Huh? She should have had more modesty. Right Kitty? You should have kept your snatch to yourself?' 'You scum. You scum. We'll kill you. You scum.' Nora wailed out.

Kitty was just embarrassed. 'Fuck I gotta rewind that. I wanna see it in slow motion, y'know like freeze framed.' I did the slo-mo thing and could freeze the frame where my knuckle penetrated the deepest into her slit. It showed her labia splay out and my knuckle burrow in. I left it frozen there. I went to see Nora. 'So what do you think of that? Huh? That's your fucking precious daughter with her cunt almost ruptured.

Look, she's all doubled over. She can hardly breath and she's convulsing. What do you think of that?' Nora took a swing at me.

I gripped her striking hand and twisted it down to force into her own crotch. I pulled it back and made her punch her own vagina. I pulled it back farther. Kitty wailed out, 'No stop it. Stop it. Finish showing us the video instead.' I pressed Nora's hand hard to her crease and slid it up and down along her slit, like she was pleasuring herself. I smelled her palm. 'Fucking right. That's what I gotta do. I gotta finish showing you the video.' I got up and gave Nora a light back hand to the face and resumed with the remote control.

'Oh look. Fucking look. She's barely conscious. Look how I pulled her off the bed by her hair. Isn't that sweet, ladies?' They didn't concur. 'So there, look. I've got her on the floor and there's the scalpel, right at your throat Kitty. You really thought I was gonna slit your neck, didn't you? Open up your windpipe. Look how you're fucking begging me not to kill you. What a sap.

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What a baby.' Page 38. 'You scum. You bastard. You scum.' Kitty derided me. 'Oh fuck there it is. Fuck and fucking shit look how I've got your nipple. Like fuck, pulled way out from your tit or at least what you've got that passes for a tit. Fucking sweet. Fucking delicious. And there it is. There it is. There, I give the scalpel to you. Let's hear the words.

Let's pay attention to them. Let's hear it louder.' I increased the volume using the remote. (Me: Kitty: Are the direct words from the recording. A line space has been left when switiching back and forth from the recording and what the women watching it (and me) are saying.) Me: 'Here. Here bitch. It's too fucking easy if I cut it off. You do it. You do it to yourself. You cut your own fucking nipple off.' Kitty: 'No God. No God. No God, I can't.

You must be crazy. No don't. No. No. For God's sake, no.' Me: 'Take the fucking scalpel.' Kitty: 'No, God please.


Don't make me.' Me: 'Take it or I'll cut your cunt open' (I'd forgotten I'd said that to her so she took the scalpel.) Kitty: 'Please. Please. Please stop no.' Me: 'Pull your fucking nipple out and do it.

Just fucking do it.' 'Awh look at that. Look at the little bitch crying.' I interjected into the playback as Kitty took the scalpel in the video. 'Awh shit sweet. Fucking sweet. Look how you're pinching yourself. I mean you've even got your fingernails dug into your nipple. Fucking sweet.' I interjected anew.

Me: 'That'a girl. You're doing good. Pull it out. Pull it fucking way out and get the knife to the side.' Kitty: 'I can't. God, God, I can't.' Me: 'Fucking right you can. Just put the knife to the side and start sawing. Start sawing it off.' Kitty: 'You're crazy. You're insane. No woman can do that to herself. You can't make any woman do it. No. No, I won't.' At that point in our exchange she tossed the scalpel at me trying to take out my eye.

She only missed my head by a yard. Me: 'Fuck. Fuck you cunt. That wasn't very smart. Not very nice. You could have blinded me. That what you were trying to do? Huh? To take out my eye?' Kitty: 'Go to Hell. You miserable, impossible bastard, go to Hell.

I wish I had.' Page 39. Me: (As I retrieved the tossed tool.) 'Very well. Fucking last chance. Here take it. Take it again. This is your very last chance. Now do it. Or I'll start on your mother. Now do it and when you're finished hand me your severed nipple.' Kitty: 'Oh God. Oh God. How am I supposed to do it? God help me. God help me, why?' Me: 'Here, take it. I swear, you throw it again and I'll cut your cunt and then go to work on your mom's.' Her hand reached out and she could barely see it for the veil of tears overwhelming her eyes.

She placed the blade very specifically to her bud and pulled her nipple out really far, more than before. Me: 'That'a girl. That's a girl. Just saw away at it and it'll come off in no time.' Kitty: 'God. What? God. Look. There's blood. There's a trickle of blood. No. No, I can't. No, God, I can't do any more.' Me: 'OK, enough of this shit. Fine. Fucking fine I'll tell you. Give me the knife. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do to your mom now. Fucking stupid cunt bitch of a daughter.

She'll wish she never had you.' Kitty: 'No. No, I don't want to hear. No.' Me: 'So first right up, one of her nips comes off. Right the fuck off and then later the other one. But I'll tell her. She'll know for sure after one's gone the other one goes too. Y'know anticipation being the best part of tit torture or any other kind of sexual torture and mutilation for that matter.

Build the fear, the dread. Y'know.' Kitty: 'No. No, you can't. No. Not to my dear mother. No you can't. She's too special and precious to me. She's too wonderful.' Me: 'Oh no? Fucking no? That's just the beginning for her. Next will be her cunt. Her fucking vagina. You have no idea how I'll ruin her pussy wack.' Kitty: 'No. No, God no. Give me the scalpel back. I'll do it. I'll do it. Let me try again.' Me: 'Very well, but last chance.' Kitty takes the scalpel and tries to attack her nipple but at the next sight and feel of blood she can't go on.

The nerve endings in her bud are simply too on fire and besides her vanity doesn't want to see her tit messed up. Her breast was barely adequate enough to begin with. Kitty: 'Oh God. Oh God. Give me the strength to do it, God.

(She saws gingerly) God. God, why can't I do it?' (She drops the scalpel down and hangs her head down too lower. Her delicate shoulders shudder and shake.) Page 40. Me: 'Because you're a fucking coward. That's why. Nothing but a useless, fucking, chicken-shit coward.' Kitty: 'No.

No, that's not true but I can't. God forgive me. I just can't. Mom forgive me.' Me: 'Yeah, you got that right. But I don't think she'll ever forgive you because the first thing I'm gonna do to get at her cunt is tie her down.

Tie her down so tight to the bed with her legs spread so wide she'll think her hips are going to dislocate at the joints. Sounds like fun, huh? Bust her hips.' Kitty: 'No. No. No. No. Not. No.' Me: 'Oh yeah, and then her clit, her fucking clitoris. I'll massage her and finger fuck her to get her good and full, y'know like engorged, like a fucking female hard on, and then the scalpel. I apply the scalpel to her g spot. Think that'll give her an orgasm?

Huh?' Kitty: 'No. You're sick. You're so sick. No. No.' Me: 'And burn her. Y'know what a soldering iron is? Sure you do. I'll fucking heat one up and burn all the blood out of her lacerated clit.' Kitty: 'No. God, no. How can you say such horrible, disgusting things?

How? You can't be human. How?' Me: 'You think that's bad? Huh? You know what a speculum is?' Kitty: 'Yes, all women do.' Me: 'So I have a bunch, a few of them. Right. So fuck, I pick the right one for the size of your mother's cunt and I open her up and I fucking go at her cervix. I mean I pierce it and blunt it and bash at it until she screams for me to kill her but you know what I do? Huh? You know what I do next?' Kitty: 'God.

God. God. God. Where are you God?' Me: 'Nowhere close to you, that's for sure. So yea for the grand finale, fireworks.' Kitty: 'Huh? What?' Me: 'Fireworks. I stuff big cannon firecrackers, y'know the ones about five inches long and an inch in diameter, I stuff them into your dear mother's cunt and blow her cervix into her uterus. Think she'd be able to have any more babies then? If she wasn't already too old? Huh?' Page 41.

Kitty: 'You're sick. You're the most degenerate person I've ever heard of. You can't. You can't. You can't.' Me: 'Think what you want. Anyway, I feel like a fuck. I feel like fucking you in the ass. You wanna get butt fucked? Buggered?' I approach Kitty and she fights and flails like a banshee. The video doesn't lie. So I kicks her. The video doesn't lie. I kicks her in the nipples.

A boot for each one. 'Oh fuck. Fuck Nora, would you look at that. Fucking look at that. Fuck I buried my foot right into her nipple.

You can almost hear the ribs crack. Can't you?' 'You cowardly bastard. How could you? You miserable, cowardly bastard.' 'Yeah, I guess. Oh fuck look at that. Fuck another boot to the other nipple. Look how her fucking skeleton, her fucking whole body, shudders. Lucky she didn't have a heart attack. Right?' 'I will kill you. I will murder you. I will kick you to death.' 'Revenge huh?

Yeah, sweet revenge. So here it comes, Nora. Here comes the one that really matters. Fuck. Fuck, look how she's twisted around. God dammed stupid bitch can't she see she shouldn't expose her crotch that way. Oh fuck. Ooops, to late. Awh fuck, look how my fist connects with her labia. Look how her hips convulse.' 'Kitty. Kitty. Kitty.' Nora cried out. 'Ooops to late. There she goes.

There she goes. Look at her. Watch. There she goes, passing out. Yup. There she is unconscious.' I put the video on frozen frame. 'So Kitty. You watching this too?

Huh? Here's where it really gets good.' 'Mom. God, Mom. I can't. I can't watch myself like that. That's me. God, that's me.' I marched over to Kitty.

I gripped her face by squeezing her cheeks. I kissed her mouth very meanly. I assaulted her eyes with my glare. Page 42. 'You bitch. You cunt. You watch. You fucking watch or I'll burn your eyes out. Huh? You want that? You wanna be blind?' 'Stop it. Stop hurting her. Stop threatening her.' Nora whined. I pressed my hand to her nipple-less tit and ground it around. 'You want more of this?' Kitty cried but Nora screamed out, 'Stop it.

Leave her alone. Stop it.' 'So you'll watch then? Right?' 'I'll watch. I'll watch. I'll watch. OK. Yes.' Nora complied. 'Good, so lets get her rollin' again.' I took the video of freeze frame. Me: 'Fuck bitch. I guess that hurt. Fucking right that hurt you good. Fuck it even hurt my fist.' I rolled the unconscious Kitty slowly onto her back. I straightened her head so it wasn't at such a cock-eyed angle and knelt over her to kiss her mouth.

Me: 'Fuck that tastes good. Fuck do you ever smell good. Fucking good enough to eat. Maybe I should eat your cunt out.' I straightened her arms out so that they were pulled up above her head.

I kissed each of her tits lightly. I gripped her rib cage. She hadn't known for sure but I punched her hard in the flatness of her tit again. 'Oh. Oh, God. No. How can you hit her while she's unconscious? How could you?' Nora screamed out at me. 'Watch. Just watch and you'll see.' Me: 'Shit does that ever feel good. Fucking bitch you've really got it coming.' I moved my hands down to her hips and pressed on her pelvis.

Me: 'Sweet. Fucking, fucking, huh, fucking sweet.' I panted as I got to molesting her crotch. Me: 'What you got in here? Sweet baby. What you got waiting for daddy?' 'Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. No you didn't. No God, you didn't sexually assault me while I was unconscious. No. How could you?' 'You got that wrong.

How the fuck couldn't I. A sweet fucking piece of cunt meat like you. Just laying there unconscious just waiting and asking for it.' Page 43. 'No. No. I didn't. I didn't. I did nothing to ask for it. You're sick. You're a pervert and a demented maniac, a sexual lunatic. No, it's not my fault. None of it's my fault.' 'You're right sweetheart. Kitty honey, you're absolutely right.' Nora supported her beliefs.

'Who fucking cares. Look what happens next.' Slowly I pulled the hem of her dress up. I left it bunched up just below her crotch line. Me: 'Fuck. Fuck I love your legs. Fuck look how long they are. Fuck I bet they'll break nice.' 'No.You can't.

You can't even think of hurting my baby's lovely legs.' Nora was close to losing it. Me: 'OK. OK. Bitch. Bitch. Let's see what you feel like inside. Better still lets see what you look like.' Kitty starts to stir. Me: 'What the? What the fuck? You coming too already? Fuck, I thought I'd have to use the smelling salts.

OK. So what the? OK. I'll get to your cunt later. Right now I've got a nipple to cut off.' Kitty slowly regained her awareness. Me: 'Hey. Hey. You back in the land of the living?' Kitty: 'What?

What? What are you doing? What have you been doing to me?' Me: 'No more shitting. Your nipple's coming off now. Right now or I go back and I kill her. I make you watch while I kill her. Your mother's fucking dead.' Kitty: 'No. No. God, no. You can't. Please don't kill her.

Please don't.' Me: 'OK, maybe I won't but I am going to hurt her. I'm fucking gonna hurt her like I told you but if you want her to stay alive, you fucking hold still. You hold still while I slice it off. That's the only deal you've got goin' now.' Kitty: 'Please, I don't want you to. I want you to have mercy. But I don't want you to kill my mother either. So if that's what you have to do, what you must do, then get it over with.' Nora cried out, 'Baby.

Baby. Oh my precious baby. God, no. No. God, God, God, no.' 'Mom. It's OK. It's OK, Mom. I agreed to do what I had to do so he wouldn't kill you. I had to do it. You're my mother. I had to do it. I had to let him.' Page 44. 'I can't. God, I can't watch. God, I don't want to see. Oh God help me. I can't look and see.' I re-froze the video. I marched over to Nora. I pinched her cheeks the same as I'd done to Kitty and kissed Nora even meaner.

I pressed my hand to her more ample chest. 'Your nipples are gone. They're fucking mine. You wanna be blind? You wanna be blind?' 'Stop. Stop it. Stop hurting me. Stop terrorizing me. Terrorizing us.' I drove the palm of my hand against her nipple. And pushed up against her fullness. 'Fucking cunt, I oughta cut your whole tit off. Not just your nipples, your fucking whole tits. Huh? A double mastectomy. That sound good to you?' 'Stop. Stop.

Stop hurting my breasts. Stop.' 'Stop. God, stop it. Stop hurting my mother.' I ground my hips to hers. 'I'll be getting to this. I'll be getting to this soon enough but for now you fucking watch your daughter's nipple being cut off. You fucking watch or else.' I started the show again. Kitty: 'Oh God, my God, if you're going to let this happen, really happen to me, God give me strength.

Help me through to survive it. Please, God, make me strong.' Me: 'OK, enough. It's time. Stand up.' Kitty: 'I'm scared. I'm weak. I might fall down, I'm so afraid.' Me: 'You do and I'll kick you silly. Stand the fuck up and come over here.' Kitty struggled unsteadily to her feet and shuffled over to me with tears streaming down her cheeks. She wanted to keep her nipple.

How could she keep her nipple? Kitty: 'I'll let you. I'll let you fuck me, rape me if you want to. I don't want you to disfigure my breast, my femininity. Please let me, -- you can rape me.' Page 45. Me: 'I'll be doing that anyway, so get the fuck over here. No more shit.' Kitty: 'You're gonna rape me anyway? Anyways? God, no please.' Me: 'You bet, now last fucking chance for your mom.' Kitty: 'OK. OK. OK, where do you want me?' Me: 'I'm gonna sit on the floor against the wall with my legs spread and I want you to sit in front of me the same way.

Like with your back to my chest.' Kitty looks at me confused but slowly complies. I get her hugged to me and pull her head back so I can twist her face around to kiss her mouth. Me: 'It's OK. It'll be OK, baby. You'll see. It won't hurt like you think.' Kitty: 'Please. Please. Don't.' Me: (Whispering softly in her ear.) 'It'll hurt more than you ever can imagine. Goody for me. So lets get to it. Here it is. Here's the knife.' I held the scalpel in front of her contorted, tear flooded face.

Her legs kick slightly and jerked. I brought my hand around up under her arm to cross over her chest to grip a tit, or at least what she had for a tit. I pinched her out at the areola. Me: 'Feels good. You may not have much but what you do have feels fucking good. Feels like I could crush it. Maybe the other one. Huh?' Kitty: 'Please. Please. Please, don't please.' Me: 'Now I wanna tell you something about nipples. Something you may not know or may not have thought about.

OK?' Kitty: 'What? No. How? What? What is it?' Me: 'Nipples are so fucking full of nerve endings and little erection muscles. I mean, how do you think yours get hard when you have erections if is wasn't for all the little muscles inside of them? Right? Huh? And the fucking nerve endings, like there's thousands of then all leading to the tip which is what gives you the nipple orgasms when you handle yourself while masturbating. Right? You play with your buds when you jerk off?

I know you'd do that.' Page 46. Kitty: 'Go to Hell. Just get it over with and go to Hell.' Me: 'Yeah, so yeah, there's even the ducts like the little tubes that lead from the milk sacs, the lobules, in your tit that get the fluid out. Let me show you. I'll bet I can express a squirt of fluid out of you even though you're not pregnant. You're not pregnant are you? I'd love to bust you preggars.' Kitty: 'I'm not pregnant.' Me: 'Too bad. It might, could have, kept you alive longer.' I reached two hands to her breast and worked the flesh from the chest wall forward until it all bunched up at her areola.

I gave her a last, hard sliding pinch and a squirt of milky white fluid shot out of her ducts. It squirted onto her knee. Me: 'See. See. Just as I said. See. There's always fluid in a woman's tits' ducts and capillary tubes. Fucking great.' Kitty: 'You miserable degenerate bastard. Just get it over with.' Me: 'So what I was telling you, the point.

The secret you see it not to cut the whole nipple off. Just like three quarters of it that way to like leave a stub with a lot of the nerve ending and muscles still attached to you.

That way the pain is fucking unbelievable, it's inescapable. I can tell you that. I've done this before.' Nora cried out, 'My God. My God. What kind of monster are you? How many other women have you done this to? How many others? Tell me. God dammed it, tell me.' 'Mustn't swear.

A few mother. Even more than a few.' Kitty: 'Oh, please. God no please. Don't make it worse than it has to be.' Me: 'Don't you see? That's just the point, my point. I wanna make it as bad as it can possibly be. You'll never forget it, I can tell you that. Every time you put your stupid little training bra on, you'll fucking remember.' Kitty: (Starts to pray.) 'Our Father, who art in Heaven.' I pulled her nipple out far and picked my spot a third of the way out from her areola.

Page 47. Kitty: 'Oh God. Oh God, Our Father who art in Heaven.' I applied the back edge of the blade to her stretched skin. It wasn't for cutting but for practice. Kitty: 'God. God, who art in Heaven, with me in the valley of the shadow of, of, God in the valley of.

Don't let me be hurt like this. Please God, save me. Save me.' Me: 'Here we go. Here she goes.' I cut. Kitty. Screams Me. I cut lightly. The blood flows freely. Kitty's feet jerk and her ass bumps the floor. Me: 'Hold fucking still or I'll use it on your cunt next.' Kitty does her best to moderate her spasms. 'Oh God. Oh God, Mom, look what he's doing to me. Look what he did to me. Oh my God, he's sawing through my nipple.

I. How did I survive it? I. I don't, I don't want to remember it. God Mom, please make him stop. I don't want to see it. To relive it.' 'You stinking son of a bitch. Turn it off. Stop it. Don't make us watch any more. No more of this.

Turn it off.' 'What and miss the detachment? Not fucking likely. It's the best part, the sweet part of parting as they say.' Me: 'Hold still bitch, I'm almost half way through.' Kitty: 'Stop it. It hurts too much. It hurts so much. How can you hurt me so much? Why do you want to?' Me: 'Believe me Kitty dearest, this is nothin'. Believe me. Wait until I get into your cunt. Then you'll really know pain. Now here it goes, I'm almost through.' I sawed firmly away. I kissed her cheek and made the final slice.

Me: (Proudly) 'There. There. She's done. Take a look. What the?' Kitty had passed out in mid shriek. Page 48. I flipped her off to the side and climbed to my feet, carefully saving the just acquired piece of her nipple. She lay slumped over on her side, blood trickling out of her nipple stub.

I was thinking to rape her but I needed to check to be sure all was secure with Nora, so enough was enough. I had my first trophy and Kitty would be beside herself when she came to. I shut the video camera recorder off. I hoisted her upright and dragged her, half carried her, to the bathroom so I could clean her up and freshen myself up too. Besides I needed a piss and so did she. When she came to she could not believe the new appearance of her breast.

We bathed it off together and eventually it stopped bleeding. I told her I'd leave her there for as long as she needed and her mom could call her to come out when she was ready, and thus was how this story started.

There was stone silence as I watched the women slowly adjusting to the recording being over. The sights and sounds they had taken in and how were they going to deal with the depth of the depravity I had exhibited. I was giddy and pumped inside from the display of power I'd shown them and couldn't wait for their reactions. But wait I had to, for a whole five minutes. Y'know what they say in a mental stand off, he (or she) who speaks first loses and I was not about to become a loser then.

Never in my life. Not any time soon. Nora did the honors. 'I suppose you're taking videos of this right now. What you're doing to us now, I suppose you're recording that too.' She paused to stare me down. 'Are you?' 'Well no. Not actually. I mean I will do some more but that with Kitty that was a special occasion, like really quite spectacular. What we're doing now is ordinary. There's nothing to record that matters but when there's going to be, sure you can bet I'll record it again.' 'I don't believe you.

Why should I believe you? You're a criminal of the worst magnitude. Why should what you say mean anything?' 'Awh gee, such disrespect.' Page 49. 'What's to respect? How you hurt Kitty, what you did to my daughter, what in God's name makes you think you deserve respect? You only deserve wrath and hatred and you said you were going to let us fight you. Why don't you let us fight you? Scared?' 'Yeah, I did mention that. Didn't I? Scared of you?

Are you fucking nuts? Why the Hell should I be scared of you?' 'You know why. You know exactly why. You've injured my daughter horribly so you know I want revenge. You know I'd be truly motivated to gain revenge.' 'Fuck, you're smart. What, you take psychology or something in school?

What a neat form of reverse, y'know reverse psychology. Fuck. Try to spark my anger so I'll make a mistake. Get me on the defensive but not realizing that I am. Fuck, you're no slouch at the games department either. Are you?' 'It's not a game. At least not for us.' Kitty chimed in her half cent's worth.' 'Yeah, but you do want to trick me. I know that much. You want to create at least a chance that you might over-power me when right now there is no such chance of that at all.

Right? Right? That's what you want. A fighting chance?' 'You're not a man but I, I, we, I want to see if you can at least try to act like one. See if you have a spine. I know you're a coward. You only hurt women because you have control over them, so why not see how motivated you are to maintain that control. See how far your power extends beyond the end of your penis.' 'Beyond the end of this?' I flipped my pecker out of my briefs and strode over to Nora.

'You like this? You respect this? Huh?' 'Go to Hell. You're pathetic and it's pathetic too.' 'How about I shove my pathetic up your ass?' I held my rising boner out straight and jabbed it into Nora's crotch. 'Huh, bitch. You want it in the front or up the back?' Kitty whined out. 'No. No, leave her alone. No.' Page 50. I turned to accost her. 'Oh, you'd rather it instead?' I moved towards Kitty.

Nora whined out. 'Stop. Stop. Leave her alone. Stop.' 'So what the fuck? Which one'll it be first. Who gets my boner first?' They both went silent. Out of the blue, all of a sudden, it was 'fuck time' and neither vagina wanted to participate.

'Yeah, OK, we'll fight but before we do, I'm gonna fuck one of you. So which one'll it be?' Kitty looked really scared. Nora looked defiant. I just knew by her face Nora was going to volunteer.

But I kept walking over to Kitty. 'I was ready to fuck you in the bathroom, so why don't I get it started now? You good with that?' 'I don't, I don't want you to. Please, no.' I waved my wand at her and peeled back the foreskin.

I was one of the minority who was never circumcised. Nora stepped up to the fuck plate. 'Stop. Stop it. OK. OK, me. If it's going to be anybody it's going to be me. Leave her alone. You've already hurt her enough. Leave her be.' Standing close in front of Kitty I swiveled my head to heed Nora.

'Well mom, so mom, true to being a mother right to the end. Huh? You wanna be the hero?' 'I'm not a hero. But you're right, I am a mother and mine is to care for my children in all circumstances. I will not allow you to hurt her anymore, not if there is any choice, so me. It's me who you're going to rape.' I looked back to Kitty. 'You think that would be a good idea? You want me to rape your mom rather than you?' (I wanted to add - first- but didn't.) 'Please. Please, oh please. I don't want you to rape her but I don't want you to rape me either.' Page 51.

'Well I can tell you my cock's goin' into a cunt and real soon so let's get her done. Who's it actually going to be?' 'I told you. I told you. I demand that you listen. I told you. It's me. You will not rape my daughter. It has to be me.' I moved to stand midway between the two of them. They were fifteen feet apart. I appeared to be pensive, feigning deep thought. 'Hhmmm. OK. Hhmmm. Nora, I believe I can grant that? Sure. Sure, why not. I believe you're serious.

I believe you're sincere but maybe, just maybe, you should prove it. Just prove it.' 'Huh? What? What? Huh? What are you talking about?' Kitty wailed. 'What are you up to? What's wrong with you? What do you want now?' 'I'll tell you. I'll tell you a good idea I have.' I had undivided attention even though there were two of them.

I fully intended to drag it out. 'So Nora, what did you think when you saw, y'know like in the video, when I punched Kitty in the cunt? What did you think of that?' 'You know what I thought.

I know you're despicable. You're less than human, sub-human, to do such a horrible thing to my innocent daughter. For God's sake what would you expect me to think?' 'It did piss you off. Didn't it? Didn't like it at all. I know Kitty didn't. She couldn't fucking believe it. Right Kitty?' 'You monster. You insane unspeakable monster.

What's wrong with you? Have you no conscience?' 'Ahh, you're a conscientious objector, are you?' 'Go to Hell. Stop mocking me. Stop making light of all this.

It's serious and you know it.' 'That it is, I suppose, so here's my idea. Nora, Nora honey, before I agree to rape you, I want you to take a punch to the vagina.' 'What? What?

What? Oh no. What?' Nora was in disbelief. 'What? What? What? Oh no. What?' Kitty was incensed. The women stared at each other and then at me. Page 52. Kitty spat it out first. 'You're insane. You're completely insane. You're demented. You cannot be serious. You cannot expect my mother to do that. To stand for that. You can't.' 'Well actually you got that right. Yes, she'll have to be standing with her legs apart. I need a good clean shot.

I really wanna connect.' Nora began to tremble. She sensed there might be no way out. 'Please. Please listen to me. Just rape me. Just rape me. Please, just rape me.' 'Bet you never thought you'd be saying that.

Right? Huh?' I trotted the seven feet to her and held my hand up tenderly to her tear stained and twisted face. 'Scared. Aren't you?' She nodded her head gently and gave me the biggest, saddest eyes. I slid my hand around to hold onto her ear and brushed my lips to her other ear. I kissed her lobe and nibbled at it. She trembled and pulled. 'You can do it. I know you're strong enough to do it.' I whispered in her ear.

'But please, oh but please, I don't want to. I don't want you to.' 'Then Kitty's it. She's gonna be the one then.' 'No. No. No. You can't. OK, do whatever you have to do. OK.' 'Mom. Mom. God, Mom, no. No, you can't. You can't agree to such a thing. God, Mom you can't. You have no idea how much it hurt. How much it hurt me. I could barely absorb it. I went into convulsions and when he punched me, I passed out.

You saw it, you saw me pass out and then what he did to me. No. No, Mom, you can't agree.' 'I have to sweetheart. I must. Pray for me. Please pray for me.' 'Good. Fucking great. Well that's settled then.

So let's get'er all set up.' Page 53. 'What?' Nora quizzed. 'I sure as fuck wanna record it. I gotta get the camera set up and you all set up too. You might as well get your panties off. That's the first thing for you to do.' 'Please. Please couldn't I just leave my pink panties on. Please couldn't you let me?' 'What difference?

Huh? You think somehow they're gonna protect you. Like soften the blow? Huh?' 'No. I know they won't. But I need strength. A source of strength and privacy and I think they might help.' 'Y'know what I think might help more? I'll tell you. I think it'd be great if I was wearing them when I slug you. That's what I think, so get them off to give to me while I set up the video camera.

It'd HD, y'know, so it'll show every little detail in high def. Fuck is this ever gonna be great. - I'm gonna busta cunt. I love busting cunts.' I skipped away singing to myself to get a tripod and the vid cam and returned all pumped up expecting to be putting Nora's undies on.

They weren't fucking off her. I pretended not to notice and set up the recording stuff. It was actually better. That way I'd get to see her cunt come clean for the first time. 'OK. Fine. So I'm all set. What's keeping you? What's holding you up?' 'I'm afraid.

I'm afraid I'm going to pass out. Please understand how scared I am.' 'Oh yeah, yeah I almost forgot to mention, that's the other thing, the other part.' 'What? No. What's this about? What now?' 'You need to understand, just so you know exactly what you're getting into.

What you're agreeing to.' She raised her head with pride and courage even a hint of stubbornness. 'I know. I know why? I accept my responsibility as a mother. I know.' 'I'm not sure you do. You see when I hit you I'm really gonna line drive you. I'm gonna plant my fist so hard and so fast into your vagina you're gonna be ruptured. You understand? I'm gonna rupture your womanhood.' Page 54.

Kitty pleaded out. 'No. No. For God's sake no. You can't hurt her like that. You can't. She's my mother. She's better and deserves better than that. For God's sake, for the love of God, you can't.' 'Shut the fuck up, Kitty, or I'll come over there and do it to you.' Kitty stammered, ' I.

I. Oh, please. I.' Nora ordered her. 'Kitty. Honey. It'll be alright. Please just be quiet sweetheart and pray for me. Say your prayers to God.' 'Yeah, Kitty pray your fucking heart out.' Nora was almost fainting and grew steadily more unsteady. 'So you got my drift.

I'm not playing pansy with you. When I say I'm gonna rupture you I mean I'm gonna do my best to drive your cervix into your uterus. I wouldn't mind if I broke your pubic bone.

Smashed the fucker.' 'Oh my God. Oh, oh, oh my God. God, why me? God, please spare me some mercy. An ounce of forgiveness.' 'Yeah, at least I can see you understand. So here's the caveat.' 'What? Caveat? No. What caveat?' 'When I hit you, when I punch you, you gotta stay standing and you gotta stay conscious.' 'I.

I. How can I know? What if I don't.' How can I know if I can? If I'm able. For God's sake, what are you saying?' 'I'm telling you, you can scream and writhe and dance around all you want but you got to stay standing and you don't pass out.' 'I know.

I know, but I don't know. Or what?' 'Yeah, that's the best part. I'll take a hammer to Kitty's cunt.' Working one against the other was so incredibly delicious, and effective. The height of power filled control. 'I'm. I'm. I think I'm going to pass out already. I can't absorb this. My mind can't take it in.' Nora was more wobbly than ever. Kitty wailed her frustration at me. 'This is not possible.You are not possible. For the love of God, this is not happening.

It cannot be happening. Come to your senses. Come to your senses please and relent. Change. Stop. For God's sake become a human being for a moment.' Page 55. 'And what then?' I chirped back at her. 'Then. Then. Then? Then you see how wrong all this is. How wrong-headed and wrong-hearted it is.' 'I never heard of that before. Wrong-hearted. You just make that up?' 'Yes. I suppose. Maybe, but you know what I mean.' 'You sound a bit discombobulated to me?' 'What? What kind of a stupid word it that?

Is it even a real word?' 'Sure. Sure it is. Like all confused, like all mixed up. You sound disjointed and confused to me.' 'No.

No, I'm not. I'm not. discom, discombub.'I'm not.' 'Bob, not bub. It's discombobulated and I'll tell you another one even more rare, how's about I combobulate you? How's that sound?' 'You're making it up.

You're trying to show that you're knowledgeable and smart when you're not.' 'Think what you want, but I'll combobulate you. I'll do that now. I'll take you from a confused state to a coherent and cognizant one, once and for all. If your Mom fails, I'll shatter your pubic bone with a hammer. I'll splinter it into shards. And then cut the pieces out of you. And then, and then I'll fuck you. That cognizant enough for you? Clarity the order of the day?' Kitty's face went ashen.

She went woozy wobbly and slumped to the floor. She'd passed out just from the words. Shows, as they say, the power of the spoken word. Nora shrieked out. 'For God's sake, what have you done to my daughter. Leave her alone. OK. Hit me. Rupture me if you have to but leave my Kitty alone.' It seemed ironic to me that I was going to pound her pussy and she wanted me to leave her kitty alone.

'Give me your panties then.' She gave the best imitation of a look of strength she could, resolute, and slipped her undies off. 'Hand them to me.' She raised her head and chin and set her mouth to bitter as she offered my prize to me.

Page 56. 'Thank you. So let's see how they fit. How I look in them.' I wiped the crotch area across my nose. 'Fuck smells good. Like, smells like the scent of a whole woman, but a scared woman. Fuck I love that smell.' I put them in my mouth, at least the crotch part of them. 'Tastes like a woman too.' I made a production of climbing into her panties and smoothed them across my ass but my boner jutted well out in the front.

I squeezed and massaged my member. 'Wha'd'ya think? I look good in them?' 'You're a disgusting, juvenile monster.' 'Whatever. Let's see what Kitty thinks of me in them.' 'Stay away from her. Stay away from her while she's unconscious.' 'What are you afraid off? Huh? Think I might mess with her again? Like while she's passed out?' 'Stay away. Just stay away.' 'Fuck you. Let's see what she thinks.' I moved directly to Kitty and straightened her out on the floor so she was facing flat up.

I placed her ankles close together, touching, and her arms straight up above her head. She was long and slender and oh so vulnerable. I stood over her with her mother's panties hovering above her hips. I knelt down and sat on her legs just above the knees. She didn't stir. I leaned forward, my extended cock lightly brushing her pubic bush through her dress and took hold of her head at the side.

I smacked her pouty mouth. She didn't stir. 'Come on. Come on bitch. You gotta see.' I pulled her ear and then her nose. That made her look silly. She didn't stir. Page 57.

I sat up and peeled her dress top down (She'd covered herself up.) and looked at her nipple stub. I traced my index finger around its areola.

'Come on bitch. Come on. You gotta see.' I'd make her stir. I dug my thumb nail into her wound. In a few seconds she came to screaming. She slapped her ass to the floor trying to buck me off. I ground my nail into her so hard she started to bleed again, all the while Nora shrieking at me to stop.

They screamed like a duet. It was a harmony born in rapist's heaven and it was almost impossible to separate who was screaming what. Here goes a try. Even though it was Kitty being hurt, Nora screamed the loudest. Her outrage became the most concentrated.

'Get away from her. Get off her. You insatiable bastard. Leave her alone.


Leave my daughter alone.' Kitty echoed that. 'Leave me alone. Get off me. You're hurting me. Stop. Stop it. Leave me alone.' 'You're a monster.' That was from Nora. 'You're monstrous.' Was from Kitty at the same time.

Indian couple cought in rain

It was like they were joined at the minds, y'know like how some married couples become when they've been together for what seemed like forever. Of course, then technically speaking, the two women had been completely together with Kitty dumping out of Nora's cunt.

Nora's blood was in Kitty's veins and Kitty's nipple blood was on my thumb. I licked it off. They screamed back and forth and in unison for me to stop but the smell of Kitty's fear was too great a stimulant. For the first time, the very first time I pressed my palm to her crotch. I didn't hit her. I was feeling her down. I hiked her dress above her hips and began massaging and digging at her labia. Page 58.

I needed to act surprised. 'What the? What the fuck is this? What the?' Through her panties, I was pinching at the hangy-out, spongy part of her minora. It felt like a worm and I rolled it between my thumb and fingers like bait. 'What the? Don't tell me. Don't fucking tell me.' Kitty thrust up and then banged her ass to the floor and twisted her pelvis side to side trying to dislodge my fingers.

I intensified my vice grip. 'You fucking cunt. Your fucking cunt. I don't believe it.' 'Stop it. Stop it. Stop hurting me. You're hurting me. God. Stop it. You're hurting my vagina.' 'Fuck. Fuck, shit and piss.' Nora virtually shrieked herself near out of her skin and into hysterics. She did not want me messing with what hung out of her daughter's vagina. Not when it was she who had discouraged her from having it tidied up.

Not when it would become her who would be responsible for it being tortured because of her motherly reticence. She'd meant to protect her daughter so look how that was turning out. All and completely wrong. That was the only how.

She wanted my hand out of Kitty's cunt. 'Stop it. Stop it. Hurt me. Hurt me instead. Hit me in the vagina. Punch me in the vagina but leave Kitty alone. For God's sake stop hurting her.' I turned to look at Nora.

Fuck, did she look appealing with her tits bouncing and her hips twisting. I almost wanted to take her up on her offer right then but more I wanted to inspect just how much of Kitty was protruding and of course get my mouth and teeth onto it. I pressed my thumbs to Kitty's groin and hooked them into the top of her panties.

She knew they were coming down in a slide but first I lowered my face to kiss her crinkle through the silk fabric, like one last moment she would remain covered. Her secret would next be out and displayed. Page 59. 'Shit, does that feel nice.

Aah fuck, is this ever gonna be sweet. You ready?' 'You're not going to stop. Are you? I know you're not, so promise me you won't hurt me. Promise me you won't make fun of me.' 'We'll see. We'll see. So let's see.' I gently eased her panties down to just above the top of her pubic triangle. I let them rest there. I wanted to watch her crotch tremble and she didn't disappoint me. She was (about to be) so embarrassed and self-conscious about her protruding minora lips.

She'd had that nervousness several times when she first got naked with a new boyfriend. And they had split pretty well down the middle, pardon the pithy pun, like half loved it and half found it repulsive and revolting, like even dirty and unfeminine. She had no idea how I would view her. She was indeed seconds from finding out.

She remembered for a moment that flashed through her mind, Jake, her first time high school fuck and how horribly wrong it had all gone. True, Jake was a hound, like almost the star quarter-back and he had her in that position, flat on her back, and wasn't much impressed with her tiny titty tits.

He didn't seem to mind her nipples though, but he was rougher than she would have liked or maybe it was just his big football hands that weren't very finessed. Regardless, he'd gotten enough drink into her that for the very first time her panties were being ducked down. When he saw her vagina, when he saw her anomaly, he was the biggest jerk in the teenaged jock, jerk-off world of the time.

She heard his words again ever so clearly in her head. 'You. You fucking cunt. What's this shit hanging out of your cunt. You dirty little slut, if you think I'm fucking you with this between your legs, your nuts.' Then he did what she could never forgive him for. He pinched it, pulled it out way too far and let it snap back, got off her and left her laying there humiliated and crying.

It was four years before she ever got naked with a male again. She even considered being a lesbian but it was never who she was at heart. Page 60. And so I was hovering over her about to discover her hidden, not so secret secret any longer, in the blink of her eye. I moved her panties further down to the very last of keeping her extra thing a secret. 'So. So Kitty this is it.

How bad do you think I bruised you?' She was so focused, so mortified she'd forgotten I'd punched and kicked her there. Of course she had to be bruised. It was a miracle she wasn't ruptured bloody. 'Please. Please, just get it over with and don't hurt me anymore.' 'I guess I can settle for that.' And with that I took her panties to her knees. Her ankles were still pushed together so what was there was hidden. I ran my hands down her legs to her feet and carefully began to spread them.

Gradually it all came into view. It indeed was exactly like a twisted worm, or more accurately, two of them side by side. All ribbed and crinkly. 'Awh fuck. Fuck Kitty. Fuck. You poor bitch.' Nora calld out.

'Be strong. Be brave sweetheart.' 'Awh shit, you poor fucking cunt.' I went on. 'What? What's wrong? What are you going on about?' Kitty was justifiably concerned by my reaction. 'You're done for. It's fucking done for. Do you really believe when I've already taken your nipple that I'm gonna let you keep that. That fucking shit hanging out of your cunt?

Huh?' 'No. No, what are you talking about, letting me keep it?' 'You know exactly what I'm getting at. Off, fucking off. It's all coming off at some point. But right now, I wanna taste it. I wanna have a taste of it.' All Nora could do was keep telling me to leave her alone plus yelling at God with diminishing faith and increasing frustration.

All I could do was salivate at the feel of her sushi in my mouth. Her hips froze in terror as she felt my teeth slide along her elastic bits. When I'd close my teeth to close, she froze even stiffer and begged with the upmost sincerity. Page 61. 'Please.' She whispered. 'Please don't be mean. You don't have to be mean.

Please don't bite me.' I near spunked the floor between her legs when she said that. I dragged my face away to inspect her from a distance. Pinching my fingers to the very end of one outie minora lip, I stretched it up to the middle of her pubic hair.

I pulled it hard and pinned it to her. I let it snap back. She was humiliated and disgusted at my foreplay. For her it brought back such vivid memories of Jake. Next I pulled it down inside along her slit to almost reach half way to her anus. I let it snap back. I drove my thumb hard into her canal to bump her cervix.

Nora saw she was being finger, or more accurately thumb, fucked. She wasn't up for her daughter being raped in front of her. 'You horrible, horrible disgusting bastard. What's the matter with you? Why won't you hit my vagina like you said you were going to? What's the matter with you. You don't even have the integrity to do that?' It seemed a strange choice of a word related to how I was assaulting her precious Kitty. Integrity. Like what the fuck did honor-of-purpose have to do with any of it?

Of course, for Nora, that was the crux, that her only purpose was to save her baby and that she didn't care how she twisted reason to get me to stop digging at her kid's vagina. For some reason that one word caught at my attention.

Caught into my progress. 'Look. Look. See.' Nora cried out. I turned my head to see how she looked. Of all things, she was hitting her own pussy. Punching her fists at it. And not lightly either. She caused her own ass to jerk back with each hit. My eyes bulged out in disbelief. Of all the victims I'd overwhelmed, none had ever done that before.

Page 62. 'Shit lady. What the fuck do you think you're doing?' 'Leave her alone. Just leave her alone.' 'Or you'll beat your vagina up?

Is that what you're saying?' 'Leave her alone and I'll stop.' 'Fuck, don't stop on my account. Go to it. You go to it girl. Hammer the shit out of it.' She abruptly stopped. It registered how over the edge I had sent her.

She burst into motherly tears. She'd been driven to extreme desperation and I couldn't have loved her more for her efforts and reactions. I got up off Kitty, so it must have worked. But not entirely. I reached down and pulled Kitty upright by her hair. She struggled and twisted and tried to pry my hand away. 'Knock it off and stand still.' I admonished her as she became fully erect, which by the way, my pecker was too. She stood hunched over to the front but she was the sweetest sight of vulnerability and frailty.

I mean she was a thin woman to begin with and her long legs trembling like she was, geeze, did it ever make her adorable and such a fuck feast to be. There was a moment approaching extraordinary pathos unfolding. She stood stoop shouldered all huddled into her invaded and damaged sexuality and Nora was still trembling and reeling from beating her own sexuality.

I took Kitty by the fleshy part of her upper arm and walked her over to her mom. She was desperate to join her so didn't resist. While only a few original words were said, it was still an emotion filled and heart-felt exchange, like only a mother and daughter could share who deeply loved one another.

'Kitty. Kitty, darling, I know how you fear what he was doing to you. I had to help. I had to intercede and do something. Anything. I had to protect what I failed to protect of you before.' Normally I wouldn't have permitted them to, but it would have been beyond my inhuman-ness not to have allowed them to embrace.

Their sexuality, their combined womanhoods were about to be tortured out of them so what beast beyond the Devil's realm would not have permitted them to do so. Certainly not I. For certain not me. Page 63. Besides it gave me such a sense of supreme power to watch, to behold with reverence, the depths of their affection and despair. It was a real boner pumper too. 'May we? May I please? I need to hug, to comfort my daughter.

I need to hold and embrace her.' I pretended to deliberate while her eyes and body language pleaded. 'Sure, why not? Why so? What can it hurt?' 'Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, at least for this bit of human kindness. Thank you please.' I must say, it did pull at my heart strings just a twitch and made me experience a half pinch of guilt. I mean, consider who they were. Considering who they were, I probably should have felt it sooner but what the shit, so what?

Yeah, I mean they were like real quality women, women of character and substance, integrity and well-being and I had reduced them to vaginal entities with some tits and nipples thrown in for good measure. And what would their characters be with their labia lips removed? And what had Kitty's become already with her nipple end gone, gone, gone?' The women hugged firmly and their tears flowed freely onto each other's shoulders. Nora held Kitty's numb head and gripped her fine, long blond hair.

She kissed her cheek and touched her dripping mouth tenderly. I had to jockey around to the side to see their tits mashing together. A fierce shot of hatred, perhaps tinged with jealousy, shot through my crotch watching how much they adored each other and how Kitty's injured nipple left a blood smear across Nora's squished breast.

I never knew anything with more certainty then that they were going to die the most horrible, prolonged sexual deaths that was inhumanly possible. I approached the two of them and got up real close. I really crowded their spaces.

'You got room for me? Room for me to hug you too? Mind if I join in?' Both their heads swiveled to me and four eyes begged me not to. Page 64. I encircled my arms around each of their shoulders and hugged them closer to each other and pulled them close to me. My erect penis was stuck between their hips. I jerked it back and forth and they jerked their asses away.

'Come on ladies, get in the mood. Come on. I want my cock in a cunt.' 'No. No, please, let us have a moment.' Nora pleaded. 'You've had a moment. Now it's my turn.' I got aggressive and shot a hand onto one of each of their tits. I gripped them like handles and pulled them away to the side. Both women danced and dodged trying to get themselves unhanded.

I let go of Kitty and double handed Nora's tit. I pulled her along by it and she ducked over almost losing her balance. Kitty came after me and I, we, were close to getting into a fight. The chance they thought they wanted. To ignite the situation, no words changed mouths. Without expressed warning Kitty threw herself onto my back and locked her arm at the elbow around my throat. She squeezed harder than she ever thought possible and immediately began to scream while she tried to bite the top of my ear off.

She hollered with all her volume into it too. Nora exploded into revenge on cue. She pulled her lady-like fist back and socked me as hard as she could in the gut.

She wanted to nail my balls but with Kitty on my back and me bent over, she couldn't make a clear shot. I reeled to the side to avoid her next blow and you wanna talk about two unlucky women. She missed me but punched her Kitty hard in the side of the head. She nailed her temple and Kitty was semi-stunned and had to release her bear-hug around my throat and chest. I gave a wrenching twist and shook her off to crash to the floor.

I had not a moment to spare for Nora was winding up for a better hit even as she cried out, 'Kitty. Kitty I'm sorry. Kitty get up and help me beat him. Help me beat the bastard. I can't do it alone.' I caught Nora's wrist in mid swing and deftly twisted her arm behind her back.

I gripped her shoulder from behind and forced her hard far enough up to touch the back of her head. She wailed out, 'Stop it. Stop it. You're breaking my arm. Stop it. You're dislocating my shoulder.' Page 65. Kitty was scrambling to her feet as best a semi-stunned broad could and she wobbled towards me. I spun Nora around and propelled her directly into the advancing Kitty.

They interlocked and got all tangled up and crumpled to the floor. I was standing and they were not so the advantage had quickly shifted to me. I decided to punish Kitty the most since she had started the resistance. She was mostly on top of her mom and her back was to the ceiling.

I took a running start of five steps and leaped into the air to crash down with my knees into the small of Kitty's exposed back. We almost hard her spine crack and she squealed out as her disc got ruptured. Anyone who has experienced lower-back injury and pain knows how instantly debilitating that can be.

Kitty went into convulsions as her nerves spasmed and she felt about to lose consciousness from the searing injury. She twisted around to look up at me just in time to see me lining my foot up to kick at her tit.

My toes glanced off her chest and smacked her under the chin. She was damned lucky she didn't bite her tongue off but her jaw crashing into her skull knocked her out cold. Nora was beside herself as she saw her Kitty being beaten upon. She kicked her feet up at me from her prone position on the floor and aimed entirely for my crotch. She caught my inner leg but not my sacks but did manage to send me off balance.

That was her incentive to give it all that she had as a mother to protect her unconscious daughter. She would give it the greatest effort she was humanly capable of. Her adrenalin shot into her veins and the hatred spilled out of her pours and fists and she became a pretty lethal fighting machine. Not the least bit reserved nor lady like at all. She screamed to intimidate me, like the martial arts participants do when engaging a worthy opponent. 'I'm gonna kill you.

You horrible bastard, I'm gonna kill you. You hurt my daughter. You keep on hurting her, now it's your turn to be hurt.' The cunt got lucky. She batted my balls.

She winged my goolies and as I oooofed to the floor she kicked me in the head. Golly was she a goolie terror. Page 66. I wasn't completely scared but I wasn't fully in command either so I decided to play the wuss. 'No. No, stop it. OK, you win. OK. I'll let you go. Just stop it.' She hesitated for a quarter second before she pounced on me like a cat on a bug and tried to hammer me into unconsciousness by sitting on my side and pounding at my head.

She gripped my hair and was all set to take a bite out of my ear. The women were not fighters. They never had been. Kitty had come to and instead of helping her mother, she aborted her efforts to maim me, of course, all so accidental and inadvertently. Kitty came to Nora's aid but with too much velocity and crashed into her knocking her off my side. She over-shot the runway, so to say, and ended up rolled onto the floor with her ass to the ceiling. I scurried around like a chipmunk avoiding an advancing car and got myself righted again.

Nora wiggled around trying to figure out where I was. Where had I run off to? While I enjoyed the fight in them I wasn't partial to them actually overpowering me. I had little doubt my testicles would become collateral damage before they killed me. I wasn't up for being de-balled and dying so soon in my relatively young career.

I had several weapons stashed around the room from which to chose and I went for the nylon fishing rod I'd fashioned into a whip. It gave me six feet of distance between being able to injure them and actually touching them. It didn't look the most intimidating but God could it ever sting when properly connected to bare female flesh. Nora saw where I had headed and charged like a female bull, (huh?) a heifer, no, cow, cow, (She'd had a kid.) like an angry cow, after me.

I side-stepped her rant and whipped her across the side. Her eyes exploded wide open and she gripped the new welt to her rib cage and staggered her advancing steps. I whipped her again across the shoulder. It stunned her but didn't stop her as Kitty came charging at me from off to the side. I whirled around and got better lucky with her. The tip of the whip bit into the underside of her injured tit about an inch lower than her areola.

Still it stung the wound into renewed fire and she faltered immediately. Page 67. It gave me a precious moment to whip at Nora again. I caught her across the bridge of her nose and she reacted as any beautiful woman would to her face being injured.

She covered her eyes and cowered away from my hand. I rushed on her in a charge and used my hands placed to her shoulders to shove her backwards down onto the floor. As she twisted she tumbled over a small side table and crashed it to the floor too. I picked it up and hurtled it down on top of her. It bounced of her writhing body and of all things, tripped Kitty as she charged at me from the side.

She fell right beside her mom so I had two of them side by side to whip at once. I must say I went into a frenzy. There would be no other way to describe it. I laid over twenty lashes on their naked, squirming bodies and when I ran out of energy, like my arm got tired, I put the boots to them.

And I stomped on them too. They soon realized they were losing the battle and probably the war. The one that really did it for Kitty was when I drove my heel down into Nora's cunt. I pulverized the side of one of her labia lips. Nora, for the very first time, went unconscious and Kitty was beside herself with daughterly grief.

'Oh God, Mom, oh God. Mom. Mom. - You bastard. Look what you did to my Mom.' 'Fucking right. Fucking cunt and I'll do it again.' I got my foot set.

'No. No you won't. She's unconscious. She's really hurt. She can't defend herself. No you won't.' 'So just stop me. Just stop me then. Try.' I drew my foot back. I'd moved to within a clear shot at her pussy again. 'She can't defend herself you monster. She can't. Kick me instead.' I gave her a glorious, delighted look. 'No shit. No shit?

You want me to do that to you? Really?' 'No. No of course I don't, but my mother, my precious and dear mother who never hurt anyone, she can't help herself. She's in no position to defend herself so I have to do it for her and if that's the only way, then, yes, go ahead and do it.' Page 68. They always talk about a mother's unconditional love for her children. It isn't mentioned so much about a daughter's similar commitment to her mother and her well-being. Kitty was a princess and a saint but I was a cunt buster so none of it mattered as far as they were concerned.

'OK. Fine. Fine. Fucking fine. You know what it's like already. Lie flat on your back on the floor and spread your legs. I'm gonna get a pillow to put under your ass.' 'No. No. No, you're not.' She looked shocked that I'd want to elevate her pubic bone to kick it.

Then again I don't know actually where she thought I was gonna boot her when she volunteered but it did become evident it wasn't into her own pussy. She balked like a determined mule. 'Oh, no. No. No. Please, please. No, please, you can't. Not there. God not there again. Anywhere else but there. Please.' I studied her. I really wanted to fuck with her courage and faith, not that I would ever have done it, kicked her in the face, but she had no way of knowing it but I told her like I would.

'OK. Fine, OK. But I'm gonna kick your teeth in then.' She looked surprisingly shocked. I might have mentioned before, and if not I'm doing so now, beautiful women do not want their faces messed up. Call it vanity or pride and arrogance but they all identify with their beauty as who they are and oft times feel it makes them superior or at least gives them an edge. I mean look how full Hollywood and the modelling scene are of extra good looking women with killer bodies. Yes indeed.

No for a fact, Kitty wanted to keep the look of those lips which only left her other ones to absorb the foot-blow. 'You'd kick me in the face? You. What? You'd actually do that to me? I thought you liked how I look. You said to me I'm beautiful.

How could you kick me in the face then?' 'Don't you see, it's really very simple. You chose which set of lips gets it.' I gave her a smug, smarmy look and added, 'It's all up to you.' 'Somewhere else. For God's sake. Somewhere else.' Page 69. 'Look, I'm gonna give you ten seconds, ten fucking seconds to decide or I'll boot Nora over there so hard in the twat I'll dislocate her cervix.

I'll drive it into her uterus. You want that?' 'Oh God. Oh God. No. No. No, you can't. No.' 'So decide then. Fucking decide, ten, nine, eight.' 'Oh Lord. Oh Lord help me. Oh Lord. God, oh my Lord God.

No.' 'Seven, seven, six, five.' 'For God's sake don't. Stop it. Please. For the love of God, stop it.' 'Four. Fucking four, three and a two.' 'OK. OK. No. OK. My vagina. My vagina.' 'What about it? Don't kick my vagina.' 'What?' I was taken off guard. 'No, please. I don't think I could stand it again.

My face. My face then. Do my face instead.' She blurted it all out through a host of tears. Had she called my bluff or was she sincere?

Was it a calculated gamble by a wiley fox? I knew one thing, I wasn't about to mess with her looks so where did that leave me? I took hold of her head and stared hard into her face. She seemed to tremble. I pushed her lips to her front perfect white teeth. I kissed her lightly and looked back at her to see reaction.

She'd never closed her eyes so there was no romance in it for her. 'Well, fuck, well.' I sort of stammered as if to procrastinate. 'What's the matter?' She challenged me pushing her chin up. 'Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. Everything's perfect instead. Everything's just, just fucking fine.' 'I don't believe you. I think you're, you're ly. I think you're not telling the truth.' I gave her a look like, - are you sure you wanna do this? 'Are you sure you want to pursue this?' 'Why not? I'm not the liar you are.' She'd checked herself and then she didn't.

Kitty's mouth had gotten her into troubles before and she sensed she had gone too far with me. Page 70. My eyes narrowed and my jaw and fist clenched. I sucked in a big breath of extra strength through my tight nostrils and let fly with a shattering punch. Her docked nipple tit was flat to begin with but I flattened it so hard to her skeleton a few milk lobules ruptured and two ribs cracked. It spit open the wound that was the end of her stub nipple and guts squished out of it too.

She reeled and gasped but somehow she wasn't defeated. 'That proves it. That proves it to me. That you were lying. That you're a pathetic liar. You can beat me all you want but I know your secret. What a scared little miscreant you are. That a woman will stand up to you and reveal who you are, I'm that woman.

I know where your skeletons lie. Lay. Lie.' I'd seen that reckless disregard for one's own safety and well-being or the consequences of their actions before in women I'd pushed over the edge of their stamina. Their ability or willingness to absorb pain. It was like, so I know you're going to kill me anyway so what should I care about what you care about? Of course the fallacy of all that, that line of defense and reasoning was the how and the length of the how they died.

There was always a price to pay for misplaced and foolish bravery and bravado. 'I thought you were smarter than that. Smarter than most of the others.' 'What? What others? What do you mean? Others? How many others?' 'Let's just say, more than a few and do you think you're the first cunt to throw caution to the wind and to be reckless and unthinking and not to seemingly care about the consequences of your actions?

Do you really believe that? That I'm that much of an amateur and not wholly effective at torturing and breaking beautiful women? Huh?' 'Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. No. No, No.' 'What now? What's. What the fuck's wrong with you now?' 'No. No, not me. Not what's wrong with me. You. Oh God, no you. You're a serial? God. One after the other. Numerous before? You're saying you're a serial rapist, torturer and murderer?' 'Fucking right on and damned proud of it and don't forget sexual.

Sexual. Sex, sex and sexual.' Page 71. 'Oh God. Oh God. Why me? Why us? Oh God, what have I done? What have you done to me, God? 'It would seem He's abandoned you. Huh? Doesn't give a fuck about you. Certainly doesn't give a fuck about this. What I do to it.' I shot her a light, teasing blow to her labia. Nothing mean, just a precursor.

'Go ahead, beat me. Beat me there. I don't care.' It was an even more definitive sign I had her near her incoherence point, a point approaching breaking where nothing mattered to her anymore. Of course, her mom would refocus her caring and concerns. 'Beat you cunt. You don't care if I beat your cunt. I'd say that's a sign. So why don't I drag your mom over here and beat the snot out of both of your cunts at once?' Kitty kicked her feet around as I lined up a harder punch.

I felt her pubic bone shudder as I drove it upwards and inwards towards her spine. Her legs began to thrash. I popped up and headed over for Nora. She remained fully out of it. I grabbed her ankle and dragged her on her backside to lay out flat alongside her girl.

Kitty was consumed with hugging herself in a fetal position to lessen the pain in her groin. I booted her bum and again. I loved how her skinny ass cheeks flubbered. 'Lay flat. Fucking lay flat or I swear I'll finish your mom off. I'll fucking kill her right now.' Kitty turned her face to engage her mother but Nora was still completely unawares.

Kitty forced herself to turn and hugged at her mom's seemingly lifeless body. She tugged at her side under her armpit making Nora's tits jerk and jiggle. What a fucking turn on for me watching her nipples bouncing around. 'Mom. Mom. Wake up. Mom.

Please wake up.' 'Stop being so stupid. You know she's not asleep. She's unconscious. Don't you know the difference?' 'Mom. Mom, please stop being unconscious.' Kitty shook her approaching violently. 'You. You, saucy bitch. Lay still right along side her. Stop wiggling. Stop moving and struggling. Pretend like you're unconscious just like her.' Page 72. 'Go to Hell. She's my mom. I need to help my mom.' 'And she'll be your dead mom, your fucking dead mom if you don't do what I say.' Kitty could sense something worse, much worser, was building in the air.

Something horrible and unspeakable but in spite of it, she did not want her mother to be killed. She was ever the dutiful daughter and my threat of murder registered with her conscience. Her bravery stepped up and she quietly complied and stretched out straight along side her kin. I had not seen a more invigorating, sensual sight for at least three months when I had done a mother and her two budding daughters. Kitty and Nora were in the grove, like on the final downward slide.

Kitty watched my every nuance and move with terrified, but hawk-like eyes. There was a menace about me. A new level of threat and she didn't know how to avert it.

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Of course, as was commonly the case, prayer became the default approach. 'God. God, please God. Make him stop.

Make him go away. Please God, just help us. Just help us please. Help me.' I'd moved off to the side and rummaged through a mechanic's tool chest drawer and came back with. Kitty's eyes widened, near popping out of their sockets. 'God. God, no why? Why? For the love of God, why do you have? No, why do you have them? God, why?' I stood powerful and armed towering over them. Each hand was occupied. 'Why? No. No, you can't. No.' 'Pick.' 'Oh no.

No.' 'Pick one. Pick one for her.' 'Oh no. No. God. God. God. Mom. Mommy. No. Mommy wake up. - What are you going to do?' 'What's it look like?' 'Oh no.

Oh no. Put the hammer down please. Put it down please.' Page 73. 'And what? Not these?' I made them snip, snip, snip like scissors. 'No. Please, please yes. Put the pliers down too. Please.' 'Now you listen and you listen good. I'm gonna use one of these on your mother's tits. You got it? So you chose.' 'Oh for God's sake no. No. How can you? How can I? What's wrong with you? Where is your humanity, your compassion? For the love of God, there has to be some human-ness in you - somewhere.

Leave my mother alone. Don't hurt her. Leave her alone.' 'Would you rather I used them on you?' She went into that stunned, indecisive silence and cringed as she mewled. 'Oh no. No you can't. You can't play that game with me, with us again. You can't. It's not fair. It's not fair. It's so unfair.' 'Fuck fair. You chose for your mom or I start on you.' 'You know. You know I'll never sacrifice my mother to save myself. You know that, so do whatever you have to do to me then.' 'No problem.

Sure no problem. What, you want the pliers first?' 'What are you going to do with them? What are you going to do to me with them?' 'Hey look, I'll be fair.

I'll give you a choice.' 'What? How? What? What choice?' 'So you've still got a good nipple left. Right? Left, right. Left, right, ha ha.' 'No. No you wouldn't. No. Not after what you did to my other breast.

God, no you wouldn't.' 'Oh come on now, you don't think a woman's nipples and pliers aren't made for each other? Especially an erect nipple, a hard one? Huh? Seems like a perfect fit to me.' 'How did you ever become so horrid? How? You tell me. What did someone ever do to you? Your mother, what did she do?' 'She had me, that's what she did and aren't you grateful for that?

Or do you hate her? Is that it? You hate my mother.' 'I hate what she let you become. Why wouldn't I? What do you expect?' Page 74. 'I expect you to suck it up and let me wreck your other nipple.

That's what?' 'Wreck? You mean how? No, how?' 'What do you think pliers will do to a nipple, your nipple? What the fuck do you think?' 'I can't.

I don't. What? No. I can't think. I won't.' 'So let's find out then. Let's get at her and find out.' I moved close to her with the pliers firmly in my grip. I firmly gripped her tit and worked at hardening her nipple. She tried to keep it flaccid but I knew how to work the little muscles and force them to respond.

In a minute she was as hard as a grape and just as crushable. I applied the jaws of the pliers to her dilemma which she cried out. 'No. No. Don't know. You said I had a choice. There was a choice. For God's sake, what's the choice?' 'I thought you'd never ask.' 'Tell me. Stop.

Stop it, and tell me please.' How was it possible she never figured her clit? Like, how could she rule it out by not thinking about it? By omission, so to say? If she'd deduced it, she would have simply told me to start crushing her nipple. I wasn't in a hurry to let her know. Beyond fantastic I wanted to savor the ecstasy. It was the ultimate vaginal realization for a tortured woman to be. I stroked my hand up her breast and pinched lightly at her hardness.

I tugged it out with a twist. 'Fucking sweet. Fuck are you sweet.' 'If you think I'm so sweet, why would you want to hurt it, me?

Why would you want to destroy it? To destroy me? Why? What are you about?' 'Because. Because, I love how they pop.' 'What? You what? You bastard.' 'Yeah, ain't that something. I love how their guts spurt out.' Page 75. 'Oh no. Oh no. You're impossible. You're horrible. What is my other choice?' I gave her a blank look filled with control and power. I tried to make it emotionless but inside I was about to have a heart orgasm.

Time to roll out the bad news. 'Your legs.' 'What? What about them? What about my legs?' I narrowed my eyes and pursed my lips. My boner was pounding. 'Between them?' 'What?' She paused. Then recognition flashed behind her eyes. 'No. What? No. No, God no. You are completely insane. You are monstrously insane and mad. You're a mad monster, you impossible bastard. You think you're going to use the pliers there?' 'What better alternative?' 'You crazy creep.

Go to Hell, you degenerate.' 'So I take it, your cunt's out. You don't want me to crush your clit?' 'What? What? God what? You mean? What?' 'What? What'd you think?

Automatically I was gonna crush the shit hanging out of your twat? That what you thought?' Her mind was numbing at the grossness of the conversation and the images being conjured up. Her feminine sensibilities were being roasted and severely compromised. She was to the point she couldn't think straight any more. I suppose you might say she began to babble. 'Ehh. I won't. I can't.


Where am I? Oh, mom, mommy why won't you? Wake up. Nanny, no mommy, help. What? Help me. I. I. Where are we? The show. Why didn't you show for the show? Mom. No, call dad, call daddy. Tell dad what's happened. Make him, tell him, mom convince him you still, we still love him. Make. What? No. No.' And ever so softly she trailed off to a litany of 'No. No. No. No.' I slapped her face hard with the back of my hand.

I back-handed her tit. Her eyes popped open wider and refocused. Page 76. 'So we're decided then? Your nipple it is?' 'You've decided and I don't care what you say.' 'Oh yeah? Oh really? Then maybe you'll care about this.' I picked up the hammer and hefted it from hand to hand. Back and forth. Forth and back.

Several times. Her eyes were glued to every toss and she saw the exact moment of the change in my direction. I swooned over, placed one hand to Nora's helpless vagina to smooth it, and used my other hand to drive the hammer into her pubic bone.

Nora's hips exploded in a spray of shattered bone and guts and blood splattering and Kitty exploded in shrieks of disbelief at her failure to keep her mom safe and the heightened degree of my inhumanity. 'What did you do? Why? Oh why? What did you do to my mother?' 'It's gonna be a bitch when I fuck her, isn't it? Imagine when she comes to, how she's gonna shriek.' 'Oh God.

Oh God. God forgive me. Oh God.' I gripped Kitty by the hair.

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'Come on, lets have a closer look together.' She wrenched her head away. I still had the bloody, vagina gooped hammer in my hand. I raised it. She stopped pulling and let me force her face to her mom's twat. 'OK. That's better. Let's see what we have here.' I laid the hammer on her belly and applied my hands to Nora's crotch. Her labia seemed pretty much normal, at least the lower portions but her clit was obliterated against her bone structure. I pressed my fingers to the bone and it indeed was broken.

It seemed like there were at least three splinters. I poked my greedy fingers into her canal and one splinter had punctured the lining. I'd driven it down and through. It scratched my thumb as I shoved it in far enough to dig at her cervix. Nothing of her vix had been damaged.

Page 77. Kitty freaked at my invasion of her mom's injuries. 'I don't care what it takes. I don't care. I will kill you for what you've done to my mother. You deserve to die and I'll be the one to do it. God will help me. I know He will. You don't deserve to live.' 'Yeah. You think so, yeah. So let's see you try. Let's see Him try.' I picked the bloody hammer off Nora's smeared belly and aimed it at Kitty. She raised her arm as I raised mine.

Her tit was so in the open I had to boot it. She reeled back, twisting onto her side and I swiped up the pliers to go after her remaining good nipple. She was cowed into a ball but I managed to drag her tit to the side so I could get the pliers' jaws onto my target. She was already partly stunned and became fully so when I crushed her tender but sexual bud. It wasn't as hard as I would have liked so half her areola got flattened too.

I kept the pliers pinched hard on her and pulled away on her breast flesh. She was fighting meekly because of the shock to her system. She gave several arching bucks and turns and passed out like her mom. I had the two of them the same, unconscious. I was satisfied with my hammer and pliers work and got up for a look.

Gazing down on them, mainly Kitty, her stilled vagina was an invitation to fuck. I needed to dump a load of jizz since my balls hurt and once riding inside her, I left Kitty my juice in a dozen vicious thrusts. She'd know she'd been raped. That was for sure. Her pussy was bleeding a bit when I was done. So mom and daughter were a match, sexually broken and something was getting into my madness that made me think I'd had enough.

Ironically, that I'd had enough of them. I seldom killed victims so early in the progress of my tortures but I was becoming inclined to murder off at least one of them to let the other live on in the misery and agony of having seen the other one die.

Who would it be? Who didn't deserve to live and who had incited the right to die? As this story has gone on for quite some length, if so inclined, I'm going to leave it up to dedicated readers to make the decision. Should any such souls wish to respond with, first, their choice and, second, any manners in which to kill one, I give my solemn word I will complete a sequel to this tale that encompasses the events.

I leave it up to readers to post same on the feedback. Regards BofE ** These were the actual words spoken by the actresses on the TV episode, of course, with the word 'breast' added by me.