Petite Alaina tries bigger cock for size making her moan loud as hell

Petite Alaina tries bigger cock for size making her moan loud as hell
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Because his parents were religious, believing that God made him that way, and wanted him to be that way, Matt Davis had two penises from birth, and did not have one removed. One was found at a spot about a half-inch lower than the placement of the average penis, and one was about a half-inch higher. Both could get erections, and both could have the feeling of an orgasm, but only the lower penis could cum. It had both its balls below it.

The upper penis had no balls, but was instead used to piss with. His bladder only went to the upper penis, much like his testes only went to the lower. Matt was considered a medical wonder when he was born, with both dicks operating with one function each. He never got infections, and when he became sexually mature, his sperm was discovered to be perfectly healthy and normal. Matt grew up a funny life. While in elementary school he was laughed at and jeered when his two penises were discovered; in middle school, the topic seemed to make girls blush; and in high school he became extremely popular.

Many girls had seen Matt's two dicks by this time, and most loved them. They weren't bad at an average seven inches each, either.

* * * Our story begins on one such high school night, in which Matt was at a school dance. He came alone, as usual, and usually ended up dancing with most of the girls. And most of the girls would ask him if the rumors were true, and Matt would nod and grin. The girls would then take a glance at his private direction, and give a grin as well. And when most girls would ask to see them, he would show them. Not on the dance floor, of course, but they would leave the dance, head to the parking lot, or behind the building, and he would show them.

Most would be impressed. Very few, though some, asked to touch them. They would usually end up on their knees, tasting them. None of the girls he talked to were sluts, either. Matt would make certain of that. And, as our story opens, Matt had just taken a beautiful girl out of the dance and behind said building. She had a sky blue formfitting dress on, matching her eyes. Her dark brown hair was kept back by a curly ponytail, that was currently being squashed against the brick wall of the building.

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Matt was leaning a hand against the wall, with a smooth look on his face. The girl had a look of combined excitement, giddiness, and carnal arousal. "Would you like to do the honors?" Matt asked in his sly voice. "Definitely," the girl said with a smile, and moved her hand from his chest down. Her hand landed on the button of his pants, and unfastened it. Her hand unzipped the zipper, slowly, suspensefully, erotically. Using both hands, she pulled his pants to his ankles, with his boxers tagging along.

Both penises swung up in their escape from the constraints of the boxers to full attention and salute. The girl looked down, and a look of immense delight came across her face. "Can I touch them?" she asked, knowing the answer. "If you wish," Matt said in his most suave tone. The girl's left hand stroked the top, and the other stroked the bottom.

Matt kissed the girl for a full half-minute, working his tongue down to her throat. When he stopped for a moment, she asked a second question, to which she also already knew the answer. "Can I lick them?" "If you wish." The girl slowly lowered her knees to the grass, stopping the stroking.

She looked at the topmost dick, and keeping her smile constantly on her face, stuck out her tongue a little, slowly and sensually. The tip of her tongue rotated around his foreskin, and then tasted her way into his dick, pressing against the purple head, getting it wet. The tongue rotated more, licking the inside of his foreskin. Matt could tell that this would be some of the most intense, amazing head he'd ever gotten, or ever would get.

The girl opened her mouth wide, dropping her tongue out, and licked the side of his top dick. She breathed heavy, hot breath upon it, and she never lost the smile at the corners of her mouth and in her cheeks. She stroked the side of his dick with her tongue, and when she got back to the tip, she submerged the head of his dick in her mouth.

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Deep inside her mouth, she thoroughly washed Matt's dick tip, reaching and soaking every bit with hot saliva. She edged in more, until his dick tip was barely touching the back of her throat, and continued to bathe his dick. She let it slide back out, and slide back in, growing slippery.

She closed her lips around his dick, losing her smile just to please him more. And now, she wanted to test the taste of his lower dick.

The girl let the top dick slide out of her mouth, but held the tip in for a few more seconds, to suck it like a lollypop. Finally, she let it leave her mouth, and she moved her body down to more easily reach the second dick. She began by kissing this penis, much dryer than the first. She worked her way to the side again, but this time opened her mouth, and suckled the dick like she was playing a harmonica and sucking a pacifier.


She let her lips loose, and licked the underside of his dick, making her way down the shaft, heading towards the balls. When she got to the balls, she kissed them first, and then suckled them like a baby on a tit, but with her tongue always caressing. She traded from the left nut to the right, but finally allowed both into her mouth. She breathed deep and humid, rolling the balls along her tongue. The balls were full, and the sac was tight with the weight and the ever-so-slight pulling by the girl's sucking.

The girl opened wide, letting the balls fall out of her mouth, smiling again, and panting on them, looking up to see Matt watching her with a face of pure relaxation and ecstasy. The girl licked the bottom of the bottom dick from balls to tip, and, less gracefully, threw her mouth around his dick.

She bobbed back and forth twice, allowing his dick to slide in and out of her mouth. She rotated her tongue once more around the tip, mouth opened wide, and straightened to work back on the upper cock.

Still stiff, still soaking, the girl let the upper dick slip into her mouth again, caressing it with her tongue to keep it moist. Matt put a hand on her head, and gave an ever so slight push, a gesture to indicate to move back down. The girl obeyed, and let this dick leave her mouth again, to give more attention to the lower.

Matt stroked his upper dick slowly in replacement. The girl licked the underside of the bottom dick, and moved to lick the underside of his sack, paying careful attention to every single spot. The girl worked her tongue back up to the right side of his dick, and licked it as though she were rolling a blunt.

After several passes, she came upon his tip again, and took her mouth back for only a second, long enough to let her spit drip onto his tip and foreskin. She submerged the tip again into her mouth, licking around and around as she buried his dick deeper inside of her.

The girl, as though she could stand it no longer, violently ripped her dress over her shoulders and tossed it dirtily upon the ground. She kicked her shoes off behind her, and now she was on her knees, completely naked. Quickly, rapidly, she rubbed her clit. "Oh, please," she begged, getting to her feet, "I want to feel both of your dicks inside me.

Put them inside me," she whined. In an instant, Matt had her hoisted in the air, squatting on nothing, being held by Matt only and the brick wall against her back. He pushed her legs into the air, and cleanly shoved both cocks into her wet, dripping pussy. "Oh, yes!" she cried during the initial penetration. Matt pushed the girl against the wall with his dicks, and buried them deep inside her luscious cunt, until his balls tapped her asshole.

"God, mmm…" she whined. Matt slid his dicks away slowly, and slowly back in, keeping a good pace, allowing her to jostle slightly with each push.

Matt had both hands against the wall, keeping the girl balanced with her legs against his shoulders. The girl hand one hand wrapped around Matt's neck, the other spreading her pussy for him to pummel. As the girl exhaled, Matt sucked the air out of her mouth, playing tongue tag with her. The girl forced her mouth away for air, and Matt licked her cheek, down to her neck, and locked lips with it, sucking it like a vacuum, making a large red mark.

The girl wrapped both hands around his body, and moaned, "oh…fuck me harder…" He slammed her ever so much harder against the wall, pulsating from rolling waves into quick, slamming bursts. "God damn…God damn…" the girl cried, "Oh, God damn…oh…" And suddenly, her twat got tense.

She inhaled sharply. Matt could feel what was happening. She was cumming. Her twat walls pulsated around Matt's dicks for fifteen full seconds before slowing and stopping. Matt did not stop the onslaught. He continued to pound away during and after her orgasm.

Matt slowed, however, feeling that he might cum in a moment, too. He slipped both dicks out of her hot, slippery cunt, and let her feet touch the ground.

He didn't want to cum yet.

He wanted to hold it as long as possible. This girl was fucking beautiful, and he wanted to fuck her all night. Matt kissed her again, this time with no tongue, but simply a sensual, loving kiss.

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The girl was amazed. No other guy had ever made her cum. And she wanted to cum again. Her back, however, was telling her a different story. "Can we go somewhere more comfortable?" she asked. "I was about to suggest that," Matt lied in reply. Though, a short walk would be good, to give Matt a chance to recover. This girl needed all that Matt could give her, for as long as possible.

"We can go to my car. It has big, comfortable seats," Matt recommended, picking up her tossed dress. "Okay," the girl replied, still slightly out of breath, picking up her shoes. They walked to his car in the parking lot. During the entire walk, Matt's arm hugged her waist, her pure, naked flesh. How many guys could say they'd walked outside with a naked girl?

Matt opened the left back door to his 2005 Chevy Equinox, and let her climb into the back seat. The girl dropped her shoes in the front passenger seat, and let herself collect against the cold window opposite the door she climbed in. Matt draped the gown over the same front seat, and got in, sitting beside the girl.

He let her absorb the comfort of the seats and the cold of the window for awhile, as he removed his own clothes. No doubt she was slightly exhausted and hurting from the brick wall, and Matt was most willing to allow them both to recuperate. When the last of his clothes were finally off, Matt sat back for a little while, staring at the ceiling and breathing heavy. Out of the corner of his eye, Matt caught the girl begin to bend down to suck his upper dick again, but he put his hands in the way.

"You don't need to do that. You've done more than enough," he said, allowing her head back up. The girl was a little confused, but sat up, and allowed him to kiss her again. "You deserve fair treatment," he said, and finagled himself to the floor of the car. Her twat was trying to recuperate, slowly shrinking to a smaller size, one less accommodating of two penises. More accommodating, it seemed, of a tongue. And that was what Matt aimed to use.

Matt stroked her thighs with his hands, letting her open her legs at her own pace. As she did, Matt caressed her waist with his tongue, sliding a frolicking around to her inner thighs. He teased her clit, stabbing it quickly a few times. Finally, the girl inhaled in pure pleasure as he buried himself in her hairless, perfect looking cunt. Barely any protrusion of pussy lips, Matt compensated with his own. His tongue reached deep into her vagina, catching every corner of her insides as his lips sucked the outsides.

The girl started rubbing his back, squealing small "oohs" and inhaling when he hit a beautiful note in her body. Being unable to breathe, Matt pulled his head up, letting his tongue drag behind soaking the clit, and departing from her body. He gave another long lick, and caught his breath. The girl found this an opportune time to slouch and move her legs over his shoulders. When she was comfortable, Matt blew a stream of cool air on her clitoris, and moved closer to lap at it like a dog.

He sucked it, pulling his mouth away, letting it follow and fall. Matt let his tongue trace her inner thighs again, and sailed to her asshole, perfectly pink and tiny.

He knew by the look of it that she'd never before experienced anal sex. Matt's tongue poked her asshole, dabbing it with spit. Next, he licked around it and on it, letting it dampen.

Another soft "ooh" let him know that she wanted him to continue with it. He licked her asshole more, trying to slip his tongue in, letting his nose enter her pussy. As he attempted, she moaned a demand: "please, fuck me again…oh, fuck my ass…" Matt got up, licked his fingers, and rubbed her asshole. "Are you sure?" he asked sincerely. He didn't want to cause her pain, and he knew the only lube he could find was his own saliva. "No…I'm not sure…" she whined, confessing, "I've never done it before…but please…I want you to do it…" She gave him a lot of trust, and he wasn't about to betray that trust.

He had to warn her. "Look, most girls find it to hurt, especially with no lube." "Do it anyway…please?" she had the tone of a girl begging for her life. "Alright, but I'll go slow." And he did. Matt licked his hand again, and moistened her asshole. This would be rough, but he wanted to make it pleasant. He moistened his lower dick, as well. He pushed his lower dick lightly into her asshole, but it did not break easily. He forced it slightly harder, slightly harder, but he only pushed her asshole back, causing the look on her face to grow red with a slight pain.

Finally, the penis pierced, and he slowly pushed it in, as his upper penis automatically began to refill her vagina. It was still painful for her, but she knew she wanted it, so Matt did not stop.


He edged his bottom cock further into her bottom orifice, but wanted her to forget the pain, and experience only the pleasure.

He squeezed her round, B cup tits, and the features on her face slowly grew happier. When his lower dick was as far in as her ass would allow, he let it sit for awhile, trying to get her used to the feeling.

He continued to fondle her breasts, kissing her cheek and mouth. "Thank you," the girl whispered in his ear. Matt knew why. Matt kissed her longer, but started to slide his dicks in and out of the holes. Her ass was so tight, suctioning his dick to her insides. Matt was more careful and slower than ever as he let his dick slide around inside her split posterior. The girl began to enjoy it, with her quiet "oohs" forming at the intervals of the pumps. Her ass slowly became looser, and Matt could slightly speed up his pumping.

He still fondled her tits, and had moved his mouth into the picture. He licked her nipples and all the skin of her breasts, digging his face between them. When her hands were not grabbing the skin of his back or rustling his hair, she too rubbed her breasts. Matt pumped harder now, and the girl was starting to get louder. She was no longer in pain, loving every sensation of her ass, clit, and tits. Her "oohs" became "aahs." Matt moved his head back to hers, and they kissed more.

Still harder Matt pumped, until it was almost as fast as he had before, at the wall. Her ass was splitting, becoming looser. Matt's dick could slide easily in and out now, and if he took it out, a hole would be there where a pink starburst used to be. The girl was nearly screaming now, forgetting to kiss Matt, almost shouting one continuous "aah." She was about to cum again.

So was Matt. He couldn't help it this time. He had to cum deep into her ass, her slightly round, squeezable butt, now no longer an innocent orifice. And he let it. He stopped pushing, and as her pussy pulsated around his upper cock, Matt could do nothing but allow himself to spew a white, hot, sack full of cum into her newly pierced arse.

She hugged him as she came, and as they began at the same moment, they ended identically. It was an amazing experience. When Matt's balls were fully drained, both sat in exhaustion. Matt allowed both of his dicks to become flaccid inside her. "Did you cum?" she asked, after a minute. "When you did," Matt replied. "In my ass?" "Yes." "Thank you." Matt slid his dicks out, and sat next to her, drained of precious life, having given her that gift.

The girl was tired, and was breathing softly. Matt had an identical feeling in him. She was ready to sleep, but Matt, oddly enough, was not.

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After the break, Matt was awake as ever. Matt leaned over her, and kissed her on the cheek, but the girl did not respond. "Are you alright?" Matt asked, genuinely concerned. "I feel great," she whispered, ready to fall asleep in his car. "You are a wonderful person. No one has ever given me anal before." "I know." "I loved it. I wanted it. No guy ever wanted to.

I think I love you." "I think I love you, too. To be honest, I've never really had sex. Girls have sucked me off, but when I suggest pussy, they are intimidated by two dicks." Matt was not lying. "I love your dicks." "Should I drive you home?" "Yeah…I need some sleep." "Okay." Matt helped her into the front passenger seat, where she continued to sit, drained of energy.

He rolled down the window for her, and let her get cold wind against her face during the ride. She gave him directions in short bursts, when he needed to take a turn or stop. When they arrived at her house, he parked in the street, and looked over at her. She was still breathing shallow, dazing in and out. Matt leaned over and kissed her. "You should put your dress back on," Matt said. The girl let him slide it over her body, and she was struck with the first realization that she was home.

"I had a great time," she said, and kissed him back. "So did I. Maybe we can hang out sometime." "Yeah, maybe," she said, and opened the car door. She stepped out, and grabbed her shoes. "Hey, what's your name?" Matt asked. "Ann," the girl replied, and lightly shut the door. "Goodnight," Matt said through the window, and watched her walk barefoot to her door, and walk in.

Her figure was beautiful, with clothes or without.

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"Ann," he said to himself, and drove off. He would see her again. And he would no longer go stag to dances.

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And he would fall in love with her.