Bubble ass in leather skirt

Bubble ass in leather skirt
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waited for my husband to come home from work with intense anticipation. We had only been married for a few months but already it was like heaven. I worked the night shift while he worked the day shift. So from about 2-7 everyday we had time together during that first year.


It was great! He had never let me suck his cock, which I didn't understand. I had been sucking dick since I was 17 and enjoyed it immensely, sometimes coming to orgasm while housing a man's penis in my mouth.

I think he thought of it as degrading or immoral. After all, we were church-going people. But what he didn't realize is that I had an oral sex and cum fetish. Without being able to suck his cock I didn't feel fulfilled.

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Everytime we would make love I would get off by imagining his pulsating member inside my mouth. I felt cheated, almost. But I remember the day that I changed how he felt.

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Usually when he came home we would make love, then lie in bed for a little while, then get up and do other couple things. Then at 6:30 I would drive to work and work my 12 hour shift as a night time ER nurse. I remember he would send me erotic text messages letting me know how he was feeling. So, back to that day. I put on my sexy red lengerie with the open crotch and the arm restraints and then put on my conventional clothes over that. He came home and gave me a long kiss. While we were in each other's arms I could feel the sexual tension building between us and the bulge growing in his pants.

I could feel myself becoming aroused as well. We walked up the stairs with his arm around me and my hand on his crotch massaging his penis.

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We got up to our room and began undressing and kissing. He began reaching under my shirt and fondling my tits, then taking them out of the bra and sucking on them, savoring the flavor of the non-toxic strawberry lotion that I put on my body. He totally worshipped my tits. I began moaning and felt like I wanted to hump him instantly. So, he moved down my body, removing my clothes down to the lengerie.

He looked at my revealed crotch and smiled. "Do you want clothes on or off?" "Clothes On", I expressed. It would be more like a rape scene.

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Now, I am not a fan of rape at all, don't think that. I have never been raped. But, I like pretending that I'm being raped, which is why I wanted the revealed crotch with the arm restraints. He tied me up and spread my legs to accomidate him.

Then he opened his dress pants and boxers to reveal his beautiful, throbbing, 8 inch member. My favorite thing about it was (and still is) how veiny the shaft was and how large the head was in proportion to the rest of the penis.

The head had a perfect mushroom shape and turned purple from the rush of blood. I fought against the restraints and arched my back.


I waited to feel him deep within my pussy. He didn't disapoint me. With his pants pulled down and his suit and coat top still on he came to me and pressed his cock at the entrance to my pussy. Then, with one quick motion he pushed all the way inside of me. I had been a virgin on our wedding night and remembered how painful our first intercourse was.

But, he was gentle yet presistant and within a short time our sex began to feel divine. Today was no exception. It felt like a warm rod was dividing my recesses and pressing into me, yet he pressed just right against my g-spot and clitoris to start my orgasm.

I felt my vagina quiver with excitement and pretty soon I began to flood my juices all over his pubes and balls. He continued to thrust and groan for a few minutes and then he stopped. I was disapointed not to feel his warm cum filling my love hole. He stopped thrusting and said "I need something else, I can't climax". "What would you like?, " I asked. "I'm not sure". "I want to dominate you, but not humiliate you. I want to try something new", he said.

I thought about this and realized it would be the perfect time to introduce him to my favorite sex act, the blow job. "Well", I said, "how about a blow job? It would feel divine, you could dominate me, make me take as much in as you like, and I would enjoy it too." "I don't know", he said. "During the porn movies blow jobs just look so discusting and wrong. I always swore that I would never put a woman through that". "Honey, I've told you before, I love blow jobs. I love a man's penis in my mouth, and I love cum.

I want to do this. I've wanted to do this. Please let me give you pleasure. I promise you won't regret it.", I said. "Okay," he agreed. "I'll let you suck me". I decided to sit on the edge of the bed and have him come up to me and penetrate my mouth. He came up to me and stopped for a second. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes, honey. Put it in! Let me suck and lick you!" So he stopped for a second, I opened my mouth, and he entered my waiting mouth.

Oh my gosh!

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I almost came right there on the spot. It had been a couple of years since I had felt and tasted a penis in my mouth.

He gave me a look of surprise, like he didn't know what to do. I took him out of my mouth for a second, and asked him to just thrust as hard as he wanted to, and use one hand to hold my head still.

That's my favorite kind of blow job anyway, the kind that lets the guy take control. He looked at me with uncertainty and then did what I said. Ah, glorious thrusting.

His expression changed from dumbfounded, to confusion, to pleasure, then utter delight! Pretty soon I could feel him filling my mouth, and then hitting the back of my throat.

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But then there were still four inches left. So, I arched my neck and inhaled, and he was in my throat. I gagged a little bit since it had been so long.

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But my pussy continued to flood and his cock slid down my throat just fine. It was like his cock belonged there He continued to thrust with almost an ecletic expression. He were enjoying it. I was really enjoying it. And then he pulled out! what!? "What about my cum" he asked. "What about it"?

"Well, do I come in your mouth, or somewhere else?". "In my mouth silly!, and keep holding my head down. Act like you are forcing it in". So after a couple of minutes I could feel him twitching, and then my mouth was filled with a glorious, salty, slightly bitter, sticky, warm goo.

Ah, yummy! How I love cum! I kept it in my mouth for a second to savor the salty flavor, and then I swallowed it. It took a few swallows because he came a lot. After he was done I held him in my mouth for a few seconds, then I gently removed him.

"you like"?, I asked. "Oh yeah honey.

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It was wonderful. Amazing. Thank you for doing that to me. I think I like blow jobs after all!". "Well, thank you for letting me suck you, finally!" Lets just say that wasn't the last time he got a blow job. :) After that he started wanting a blow job everyday which suits me just fine.

Thank God I don't have a gag reflex!!