Videos naked gay college men I said okay and the Doc desired to

Videos naked gay college men I said okay and the Doc desired to
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3 I did feel a little guilty as I sat up my laptop, connecting it to our two monitors in our den. We kept two monitors because it came in handy, allowing us to have multiple screens for some of the work we each do.

I knew that most of the time, David and Emily were going to be watching their movie, so I figured I would at least try to get some of my prepping and yearly planning done, reserving the other monitor for keeping an eye on my two new lovebirds.

Emily didn't come out right away, but I soon found out why. I think she had two reasons. One to make sure I was settled in, but the second reason was obvious as she walked into the living room.

She still had her grey cotton shorts on and they still fit her rump just as snugly, but she had taken my advice to a very sexy extreme. Nearly half of her ass was hanging out. I stared at the monitor in disbelief as she walked in.

David was already in his chair, the movie queued to the starting credits and Emily made it a point to stand in front of him, staring at the screen for a full minute, letting him gaze upon her butt without saying a word. And he did stare. His jaw was a little slack as he soaked her in and right away, I could see the bulge in his pants lengthening and thickening.

My husband has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to size, a lesson a part of me hoped Emily would someday become familiar. Yes, I wanted my husband to go that far. I wanted to watch him sliding his gorgeous cock into her. I wanted to see it. Possibly participate. My husband asked me for a threesome once, and I turned him down flat, because of who the threesome was with.

My sister. But my daughter? Now, that was a different story. I had no history of competing with my daughter. "You going to start the movie, or what?" Emily teased him, placing her hands on her hips and turning at the waist, catching a quick glimpse of her father staring at her behind. She smiled at him, feet shoulder width apart as she teased him a little more, flexing her butt cheeks, drawing his attention briefly back to the fleshy mounds of her ass.

"You naughty girl, Emily," I mumbled. And she was being a little naughty for him. She went to the couch as he pushed play and grabbed a throw pillow. She brought it over to the floor, tossing it down.

She bent slowly at the hips, lowering her upper body down, keeping her feet apart, pushing her rump out toward him, before lowering her lower half. She got onto her knees and pretended to fluff her pillow, keeping her butt in the air, still, her legs parted, offering him a view he wouldn't soon forget.

I couldn't quite see the details from where I was sitting, but I could tell she wasn't wearing panties and I could only imagine the camel toe that girl was offering to her father. Finally, she laid on her stomach, maintaining the distance between her feet, and oh, boy, did David stare. He couldn't pull his eyes from her. Not for a moment. Not even when she peered over her shoulder at him. I could see the smile grow on her face and she looked forward again, keeping her grin.

She waggled her feet as she let him keep viewing her, causing the muscles in her thighs to quiver and shake. David was getting a little antsier. He still had on his sweat pants and he reached down, squeezing his hard on, his face filled with lust.


I watched them for a while, my hand finding a mind of its own, slipping beneath my robe. I parted my legs, bringing my hand back up to lick my fingertips, going back again. I brought a finger to my slit as I watched David's eyes licking our daughter's behind mentally. "You dirty devil, you," I said in a low tone as his hand went back to his crotch, giving himself a little squeeze.

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His eyes looked at her so hungrily, like the eyes of a lion stalking its prey. He licked his bottom lip, squeezing himself again, this time harder. He wanted to fuck her. In a way, I could hardly believe it, going from zero to wanting to split her firm tail in only a few days, making me wonder if I knew the whole truth about him and the way he looked at her.

Had it been going on for longer, his desire for her fermenting longer than I realized? Only cultivating to hot greed now because I had suddenly tipped the scale in his favor, planting the seeds in Emily's mind to encourage him more?

I wasn't sure. All I knew positively was that he was ready. That much I could see plainly. "I'm definitely going to let you fuck her, David," I said as I slid a finger into my hungry cunt, sending an intense pulsation of pleasure through my loins, I gripped my fingers with my pussy, imagining that it was her pussy and that my fingers were his cock as his greedy eyes stared down into her vulnerable ones, her looks of adoration given to him as her Daddy slid his rigid cock into her waiting, virgin pussy.

"Oh, fuck, this is hot," I groaned, trying to maintain enough cool so that I didn't alert them to what I was doing. "Yes, David, you can fuck your precious little girl, baby. Mamma wants you to have her." I jammed my two fingers in deeper, my toes curling, eyes quivering as my first orgasm feasted upon me, biting into me starting at my spine. My stomach muscles flexed as I came while thinking of David, defiling her, making her a woman as she thought of her daddy more like a husband.

"Will you cum inside your baby girl?" I asked myself aloud, sending another rippling orgasm through me.

I gasped, biting back a squeal, my hips lurching forward. "Fuck her with your mind for now, David, imagine her tight little cunt wrapped around her daddy's big cock, ooh, shit!" I growled through gritted teeth as I bucked in our office chair, damn near every muscle in my body spasming as my third orgasm ripped through me, making me bite down on my cheeks in order to sober me enough to keep me from screaming out.

"You want something to drink, Daddy?" she asked him sweetly as I panted a quick recovery. Emily hopped back up and turned to face him. "Sure, sweetie, whatever you're having," he said and I couldn't help but notice that David forgot to stop squeezing his cock. Emily was staring at him, her eyes showing surprise. Seeing her looking there, awoke him to what he was still doing and he quickly let it go, his nervous smile showing his guilt.

"Okay," she said meekly. She trotted off and I wished I had another cam set up in the kitchen so I could watch her candid reaction. But his, I could see. "Shit," I heard him whisper. He shook his fist and chastised himself, knowing that he screwed up by letting her see him squeezing himself like that.

Or did he? I wasn't so sure. She was clearly feeding into this—going along with it. Instigating her father to have even dirtier thoughts about her than he did before. I seriously doubted that seeing him pleasing himself that way would do anything but encourage her more. What would her next move be? What about his? I couldn't wait to find out. Emily came back into the room a few minutes later, carrying two icy glasses of soda.

She walked around to the far side of his chair and I was thankful for that, because I had a better view of her front side from there.

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She was still interested. That much was obvious, because once she sat his drink on his table next to him, she remained by his side, staring down at his crotch. "Thank you, sweetie," he said to her, looking up at her as she stayed where she was. She had her hands folded in front of herself and I knew things were about to get more intense because her fingers were digging into her crotch.

She was trying not to make that obvious, but I could still see her doing it. So could he. His eyes watched her fingers instead of looking at her face. "Is there something else, honey?" She nodded, but didn't speak.

"What, baby? Are you okay?" She shrugged and I could almost see her heart beating in her chest—could almost feel it because I think mine was matching hers. "Do you, um … want me to sit in your lap?" David's eyes peeled from her for a moment. He looked toward the hallway as he deliberated his reply.

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He looked back at her, his hand drifting from the arm of his chair. He watched his fingers as he brought them closer to her, sticking out his index and middle finger. He caressed her outer thigh. "I don't know if that's a good idea, sweetie. I mean, yes, I do, but…" he looked again, as if trying to gaze through the walls to where he knew I was. "I'll jump back off if we hear her coming," she said. "And I promise, I won't complain when you're done with me." "Complain?" he asked her.

"Never mind," she said. "Do you want me to, or not?" "I think it would be a good idea if your mom didn't see you sitting on top of me, so, yeah, I kind of do want you to hop off if she comes out." He slid his hand higher on her thigh as he spoke, letting his fingertips caress her lightly.

He moved his hand back, letting his palm connect with her skin as he gently cupped her buttocks, as if letting her know for sure that if she did sit on his lap, things were going to happen. "Okay," she said, turning toward him.


She sat her drink down next to his and she planted her butt on the arm of his chair and began to slide onto him. She kept her body sideways, lying her head onto his chest. She kept her gaze locked onto his crotch, as if she needed to keep an eye on his bulge for fear that it would jump out of his pants at her. David's hand went straight to her buttocks, reminding me of her words, I won't complain after you're done with me.

Her words filled me with need again. Already, my loins were beginning to ache as I watched David's hand fondling her buttocks, caressing it, dragging her shorts higher so he could feel more of her bare skin. The way she was positioned, her butt was lying on the arm of his chair. She wasn't sure what to do with her right hand, at first keeping it up near her face on his chest, but sliding it further down, inching it closer to his crotch, as if she were thinking about touching him, but afraid to go for it.

Curiosity dominated her expression as she debated on what to do. I slid my hand back down between my legs, letting my fingers slide into my slit again as I watched him molesting her—caressing and fondling her firm ass. Kneading her fleshy rump with a firm grip. He slid his hand up and slid it into her shorts, cupping her butt more effectively. She slid her head up, arching her neck to look at his face and automatically, he closed the distance, his lips beginning to part before their faces came together.

Emily closed her eyes, and waited for his lips to meet hers and when they kissed, their lips did not remain closed. My eyes fluttered closed as I wished I could be in her shoes, imagining what it would have been like if my father were this comfortable with me, wishing he would have touched me that way—kissed me that way.

And her hand did move. She slid it down as they made out; tentatively, but with purpose, her fingers inching their way closer, until finally reaching his bulge. I stared at my monitor, anticipating the moment her fingers would make contact, loving how horny watching my husband with my daughter was making me.

Finally her fingers reached their intended destination, the tips of her fingers first brushing against where the helmet of his cock was, caressing it at the very tip, and then sliding down a little further, finding his shaft. She gripped it lightly, wrapping her fingers around it, moaning into David's mouth as she began to explore its length.

She gave it a little squeeze, making David tense and he moaned back at her, his hand squeezing her rump more firmly. "Ugh, fuck, David," I moaned softly. "You are such a good daddy to her.

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So, good," I added, sliding my fingers into myself again as I watched their jaw muscles flex as they made out with each other. I came again, the moment I saw David's other hand reaching over, knowing what he wanted to do with it. He slid it down her stomach, working his fingers underneath her soft shorts. She parted her legs for him, lifting a knee to give him more room as his fingers slid further down. I heard her moan softly into his mouth, making me so glad my web cam was equipped with a decent microphone.

Emily rolled a little, making it harder for them to continue kissing, but she was panting now as his fingers skillfully toyed with her. She switched hands, grabbing his cock with her left hand as she rolled onto her back, splaying her legs open for him. I could see the shape of David's hand under her shorts as Emily's hips thrusted forward, her legs parted wide for him now.

"Is she not a virgin?" I muttered, wondering how David's fingers could be so far into her already. From what I could tell, he had two all the way into her.

Her hips were gyrating. They were no longer kissing. Her mouth was open, forming an 'O', her eyes closed. Emily's arms went limp, her fingers letting go of her Daddy's cock as her first orgasm ripped through her, brought about by her Daddy's naughty fingers.

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With his free hand, David reached up, sliding her tank top over her breasts, bringing them into the open, so he could grope and play with them. He cupped one, his fingers sliding up and he tweaked her nipple firmly.

She clamped her lips shut, sucking in a deep breath through her nose as her body stiffened. "Oh, God, Daddy!" she yelped. "I'm gonna cum again." She said it so loudly, that David's hands froze.

He shot a glace my way, pausing to see if he could hear me leaving the office. "Shh," he whispered. "We don't want your mother to hear." "Sorry," she whispered back. "I forgot." "It's okay, baby. Just try to be quiet." David pulled his hand from within his shorts and recovered her chest. "Okay," she whispered again. "Maybe we should take a break for a while," he said in a low tone. "In case she heard you." "No, please, Daddy.

I promise. I'll be quiet." "Yeah, Daddy, please. She'll be quiet," I teased. But his mind was made up. He told her to get off his lap for a while, just to be safe. Disappointed, she complied, sliding off of him and going back to the floor. I waited for a while, hoping they'd decide the coast was clear, but all they did was go back to watching the movie. After about twenty minutes, Emily remembered her drink, got up, retrieved it, giving her dad a questioning look, but he shook his head no.

She took her drink, pouting a little and then went back to the floor. She laid there, her drink in front of her, sipping from it, occasionally looking back over her shoulder at him. David had sobered. He was no longer staring at her butt and he'd gone completely soft.

"Crap," I mumbled. I guess I had more work to do. After seeing what I saw, I wanted more. So did she and I was sure that he did too, but hearing her cry out like that made him realize what the risks were.

I decided to go out there. I wasn't sure what to say or do, but somehow, I needed to find a way to get them back on track again, but I was soon going to find out that things weren't going to be so easy. I got up from my chair, went to the door and opened it. By the time I got into the living room, Emily was no longer on the floor. She must have heard me coming. She was lying on the couch, the comforter no longer draped over the back.

She had it over the top of her and her drink was even on the end table next to her. "You two enjoying your movie," I asked nobody in particular. "Uh, huh," she said. "Sure," he chimed in. "You don't sound convinced," I said. "Not what we hoped it would be, huh, munchkin," David said.

"We've seen it so many times. I don't think either one of us is even paying attention to it." "I'll bet," I thought to myself. "Why don't you shit can your fall prep for the day," David suggested and my heart sank. He was clearly having second thoughts. Now, she was all in, but he wasn't. I had a lot more work to do. "We can go out.

To the park or something." "I, uh, sure," I said. "I'll get dressed and put up my work for now." "Me too then," he said. With my shoulders slumped, I walked away. I could have resisted, but I know David. His mind was made up. He'd let himself get carried away—lost himself to his urges for a while, but caught himself and now that he had reversed course, he'd maintain it.

Shit. I put everything away in the office and got dressed. David was in our room doing the same when I got there, so I decided to try to feel him out a little. "Emily show you her new shorts?" I asked. "New shorts?" he said, maintaining a casual tone. I chuckled. "Yeah, our little girl is growing up.

When I went into her room earlier, she was wearing this super sexy pair of shorts, trimmed so much that part of her butt was showing." "No, I, uh … I haven't seen them." "Oh?" I said, wishing he'd at least admit to seeing her in them.

"I'll have to ask her to model them off for you. They look sexy on her." "I'd prefer you didn't, Kinsey. I'm her father." He said it sternly. "Don't do that, David," I said. "Do what?" "You are her dad, yes. And part of your job is to help her be confident with men." "Wait," he said. He finished putting on his pants and sat on the edge of the bed facing me as I slid my sundress over me. "What are you suggesting here?" "That, this morning, when Emily let you see her in her panties, that you did the right thing by enjoying the way she looked." "I did no such thing," he said, denying it completely.

"David, it's okay. A girl her age needs to know she's desirable. Sexy even. The way you looked at her this morning did that for her." "And how would you know that?" he asked.

"Because, after that happened this morning, she trimmed those shorts. She liked letting you look at her and she liked that you enjoyed looking at her. You did the right thing, David." "Then, why do I feel guilty about it," he said. "A father isn't supposed to see his daughter that way. It's wrong." "It would only be wrong if she didn't want you to look and you did anyway." I walked over to him cupped the side of his face and kissed him. "It wouldn't even be wrong if you did more than look.

Not if she wanted you too." "I could never do that," he lied. "Yes, you could, David. I did hear her today, all right. I have a pretty good idea of went on." He blinked and his eyes went wide. He was speechless. "It's all right, David. Trust me. You didn't ruin her, okay. You did the right thing. She needs to feel wanted in that way.

Be a good daddy for her. Make her feel sexy and desirable. Wanted. Needed. Make her feel like the beautiful young woman she is." He sighed and his shoulders slumped.

He shook his head and stared down at his hands for what seemed like an eternity. "I can't," he said. "David, it's…" "You don't understand, Kinsey. You're right. I was looking at her, okay. I admit it. I even lusted after her. But…" "But what?" I said. He sucked in a deep breath and drilled his eyes into me, gathering his courage. "My thoughts about her were not fatherly in any way, Kinsey.

Not fatherly at all. I can't let myself go where I wanted to go. This has to stop. Stop now." "I think you're over reacting, David. I heard her, remember? If you want to have sex with her, I think you should," I said, laying the cards on the table. "What if I wanted something a little kinkier than that," he asked me, his look a little hopeful. "Like?" "It's summer and I'm bored. You're bored. She's bored." "Go on?" I said, sounding interested. "Wouldn't you like to have a little toy to play with?" His eyebrows were raised.

"If you want the truth, that's what I've been seeing when I look at her. A toy. A plaything. Something I could do whatever I wanted with, because deep down, I know she'd let me." "What would you want to do?" I asked him. "Whatever I felt like doing. That's kind of the point." "Make her our little teacher's pet?" I asked.

Referring to our daughter that way made me start to tingle again. "You are a dirty old man, mister." "Will you help me?" I sat on my bed and thought about it, trying to put myself in Emily's shoes, going back in my mind to when I was her age. What I would have done if my father had those same intentions. A toy. Would I have been willing to go that far?

It depended, I guess, on what that meant, but yes. So long as what he meant wasn't dark or ugly, I think I would have. I imagined myself being asked by my father to simply be available to him whenever he wanted. Of letting him use my orifices for his own pleasure.

Yes, to that too. A kinky part of my mind pictured myself waiting for him. There was no mother in our picture back then. I saw myself on my knees in front of our front door, naked, my mouth open as he walked through it and him, simply taking himself out and pleasing himself with my mouth. Or waiting in front of the door bent over, letting him stick it in me as if I were nothing more than a blow up Kinsey. I saw myself letting him tie me up, leaving me on his bed and coming in occasionally to get some release.

Being his fuck meat. I would have done that for him, I think. Sure. Even back then, some of my thoughts were a little kinky. "Yes," I said. "I will help you."