Amo estar dentro de ti

Amo estar dentro de ti
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Out of my element I look out the window and shake my head. Once again the residents of Massena are waging war with Mother Nature, and as always she's kicking our collective asses. The Village and Town Highway Departments are trying their best to keep the roads clean and salted, but the snow and rain is just too much. I walk over to the counter and grab my list. Being born and raised in the North Country I know what to expect this winter. They are predicting that this Ice Storm is going to be worse than that of the 1998 Ice Storm and give the fact that a lot of people were 2 weeks without power this is going to be hell.

I walk slowly out to my Jeep Wrangler silently thanking the wonderful people we invented 4-wheeled drive. Not that it's going to do much good on ice. Once inside and the engine going I turn on the radio to hear the weather report and head to the nearest store to buy supplies. "And now our local weather report. Once again we can expect more rain straight through into next week, with temperatures hovering just below freezing during the day. At night however the temperature may drop well below zero.

It looks like we are in for a bad Ice Storm Ladies and Gentleman" The weatherman said. "Great" I say to myself as continue listening to the radio an emergency broadcast comes on. "Residents of the follow Towns are advised that the roads are now being closed. Brashier Falls, Canton, Depry, Ellis, Hogansburg, Louisville, Massena, Norwood, Potsdam, Raymondville, Sandfordville, Westville, and Union City.

There is to be no unnecessary travel. People on the roads now should return home as soon as possible. If you need to go somewhere please contact your local Police Department and explain why you need to leave. Only emergency and road crews are allowed on the roads at this time. Once again…" I turn the radio off. Just great, well I'm out and I need these supplies. I pull into the store and quickly got what I needed. Lucky me I got everything on my list just not as much as I wanted.

Everyone had the same idea I had. I got back in the Jeep and started to head home. I live about 5 miles outside of the village. I drive to the turn off I need to take to get back home when I look down and see a tree laying in the middle of the road. The sheer weight of the ice had brought it down taking a few power lines with it.

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I laugh to myself thinking Mother Nature 2, Massena 0. A normal 10 minute trip is going to take 3 times as long with this weather assuming I could take the main road.

Taking the back roads is going to be longer and possibly more dangerous. As I enter the countryside I notice a car in the ditch and its owner standing on the side of the road. "Oh this is not good" I pull over to offer the person some help. This isn't going to be a good time to be stranded, especially out here. "Do you need some help?" I ask to anyone.


"Oh yes please" a female voice answers back. I see the woman walking towards my jeep. I really couldn't make her out. Her face covered up from the cold. She was clearly shaking from the cold. Who knows how long she has been out here. "What happened to your vehicle?" I ask. "I don't know. This is the first time I have tried to drive up here. I must have hit a patch of ice and lost control." She says.

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"More than likely, how long have you been out here?" "3 hours I think. I've tried to call someone but my cell phone isn't working." "It isn't going to work in this mess. The ice may have knocked some of them down, and the others may have lost power. Listen your shivering, why don't you warm yourself up in my jeep while I take a look at your car. If I can pull you out I will, but I wouldn't count on it. It might be too deep and slippery to try." "Thank you but I'm fine" "Ok, but if you get cold please go sit inside" I start walking down towards her car when I hear one of my doors open and shut.

I look back and see the mystery woman in my jeep. I figure she would warm herself up. It's wouldn't be so cold if it wasn't for the damn rain. I take a quick look, and shake my head. She hit a patch of ice alright and went into the ditch deep. The white paint job of what appears to be a BMW clashed with the snow just right. Her entire front in is buried and the path her car took into the dig is ice over. Nothing sort of a high powered wench is getting her out right now.

I head back to the truck, open the drive side door and stood there to talk to her. "I'm sorry miss; I'm not going to be able to get you out. You're going to have to have something high powered to get out of there." I tell her "Is there someone I can call?" she asks "Sure, problem is Mother Nature is kicking our butts.

All roads have been closed. The only ones I can call right now are the police and have them take you to an emergency shelter." "I see. Well thank you but no thanks I'll just wait it out then." She says as she gets out of my jeep. I couldn't believe this woman. She is definitely not from around here. I quickly rush over to her and place my hand on her shoulder to stop her.

When I did I realize just how cold she must be. Her coat was soaked, definitely not good. "Hey wait a second here. I'm not sure you realize what a mess you're in. This storm is going to last at least a week, maybe two. You will freeze to death before you die of starvation." "I don't want the police involved. At least not yet, please you have to understand. If you call the police and they put me in a shelter it will be so embarrassing.

My life would be ruined" as she pleaded with me. I could almost hear her cry. She might actually been crying.

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The rain and the scarf are making it hard to tell. "Alright, but I can't leave you out here. My house is just a little ways down the road. Why don't I take you there, you will at least have a warm shelter, and some hot food. I promise I'm not going to hurt you." "Ok. Can I bring my bags with my clothes?" "My dear unless you plan on wearing my clothes I think you should. Last Ice Storm we had, the roads were closed for about 3 weeks.

"Thank you; you are a life saver in many ways ummmm?" "Kyle. Kyle Cook." I tell her offering her my hand. "I'm Amy" she says as she takes my hand. I tell Amy to get into the jeep and warm up. She hands me her keys and says her bags are in the back. I watch as she gets back into the jeep. Something about this woman doesn't fit, I think someone has done this girl harm and doesn't want to be found. I grab her bags, load them into the jeep and I take us home.

Once home I help her with her bags and instruct her to change out of her wet clothes into some dry ones, while I bring in my stuff.

I finish bring in my stuff and I see Amy still dressed the way she was when I picked her up. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Oh Kyle, You have been so kind to me, I'm just scared of what you will think when you see me." "It's ok Amy. What is important is getting you into some dry clothes before you catch pneumonia." "Ok please don't freak out" I watch as she turns around.

She removes her scarf, followed by her hat. Her coat she slowly unzips and takes off. Keeping her face away from me, she tries to hand me her stuff and I grab them from her. She lowers her head and turns around. Slowly she looks up at me. "My full name is Amy…" "Koyuki, star of many blockbuster films" I finish for her. That explains something right there. The tabloids would have a field day if they learned of what happened. Don't worry your secret is safe with me. "You're not upset?

Or are you going to be like those guys I see all the time that hound me when I go to the store wanting this and that?" "Nope, that's night me. I'm not upset and I am not one of those guys. Most I would do if I say you one the street is probably say hi and tell you if I liked your new movie. I believe there is a time and place for that kind of stuff. Red carpet type events that's the time and place, you being or at least trying to be a normal human being is not." Amy smiles and laughs, "I must have good karma to it lead me to the one man who's different in a good sort of way." "You sure about that because I was going to ask you to make yourself at home and if you feel like helping out, go right ahead" I say with a light laugh.

"Of course I will help out, now you said something about dry clothes?" "Yep, follow me and I'll show you to your room." I walk upstairs and show Amy the guest bedroom is. "The bathroom is the first door on the left. Sorry about your room being next to the stairs and that we have to share a bathroom." "It's fine. I really can't complain. It's probably better than the shelter or my car." She says with a smile.

I leave her to change while I head downstairs to put things way. Amy comes down about 5 minutes later. Standing at 5 foot 3, with shoulder length jet black hair, this Japanese beauty had on a pair of grey sweat pants and matching sweat shirt. I figure her for a 32C. I have seen many of her movies. I especially love her movie Escape to Nowhere, since she was remarkably hot in that bikini showing off her tight ass and slim body.

I however am 6 foot with an average build, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I have been told in the past that I am not much to look at by the single ladies, yet the ones who are taken say I'm handsome.

"I hope you like chicken parmesan. I had thawed the chicken out this morning." "I honestly never had it, what is it?" "Well its breaded chicken cooked in tomato sauce with melted mozzarella cheese over it." "Mmm sounds good, can I help?" "Sure, see if we have some pasta in the pantry; if so bring me a box" Amy goes and comes back with a box of ziti.

Good choice since I never use all of the sauce. Most of the prep work is easy. I have Amy sit down as I tell her how to make it. As I cover the pan and place it in the oven, I let her know we have to cook the chicken for 45 minutes then place the cheese on it and cook it for another 15 minutes without the cover on. We walk to the living room and we talk. Even after dinner was finished and sat to eat we talk.

In that hour we learned a lot about each other. I learned that she was 24 and had been acting and modeling all her life, loves to garden and is a fourth generation Japanese American. "You got me beat. I am a second generation Italian American. My grandfather came over from Italy when he was a baby." "So your 26 live alone and help strange women on the side of the road. What do you do for work?" "Promise not to laugh?" "I promise" "I am a video game tester for Game Informer Magazine.

I get paid to play video games and tell them what I think about them. I also test games for game designers looking for feedback." "So you're a video game nerd, can cook, and yet kind, sweet, and good looking a weird but good combo" I laugh "Not many tell me I'm good looking, ugly and Ok, but not good looking." "Awe but they saw beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I happen to think you're very cute" "That's sweet.

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I know your hear this a lot but I think you're sexy not just in looks but I love your personality." "Yeah well not everyone likes my personality, just my looks, but thank you. That means a lot to me." "You're welcome. I'm sure your life is chaotic, auditioning for parts, learning your lines, and so on." I knew I said something wrong because I could see tears in her eyes.

I placed a hand on her forearm and apologies to her. "It's ok Kyle. It's just that everyone is thinking I am some sort of sex pot. I was offered a lead role in 2 movies for 6 million dollars each but I turned them down." "How come, if you don't mind me asking that is?" "One movie required me to have multiple nude scenes, one of them being a major sex seen.

I didn't feel comfortable doing those and told them that. The other, the director wanted me to sleep with him. I told him no way. He then told me to have sex with him or no part. I walked out and so no thank you. I talked to my so called manager and she told me I should have done it. After all everyone does it. " "That's horrible" I tell her. "I know that's why I left and drove all the way over here.

I figured I needed some time to myself and that's one of the reasons why I didn't want the police involved yet. I knew my manager would track me down and just hound me" After hearing this I feel bad for Amy. Yes she's smoking hot, but nobody should get parts based on their bodies or have to sleep with a director. It was getting late and the kitchen was cleaned up.

I was about to put a movie on when the power went out. I grab my flashlights, handed one to Amy and I quickly check the breakers knowing that it was the storm that took out the power and I was right. Amy decided to head to bed since she's had a long day. I gave Amy an extra blanket to cover up with incase she got cold.

Lucky for us my place has a fireplace to keep the house warm. I light it up and get it nice going before I turn in. As I walk up the stairs past Amy's room I hear a soft sigh. I didn't think anything of it until I walk past her room and I hear her moan softly.

Well if she wants to rub one off who am I to complain, granted I think it's sexy. I walk into the bathroom and pee before walking to my room. As I enter my room I get on my bed and cover up. I listen to the freezing rain pound on the windows. This is going to be a long storm.

I awoke in the middle of the night because I was cold. I went down to the fire place and put another log on it. On my way back upstairs Amy walked out of her room. She was dress wearing an almost see through nighty. Her nipples clearly hard enough to cut a diamond, I quickly am the flashlight downward. "I'm sorry Amy I didn't mean to wake you or shin the light in your face" Amy stood there in silence, a small smile forms across her lips and her eyes were staring down at the light.

I looked down and realize why she's so quiet. All I had on was a pair of old pajama pants and my 6 inch cock sticking straight up. I quickly turn around and apologies. "It's ok Kyle You have nothing to be embarrassed about we are two adults. Besides I said you have seen my movies so I know you have seen me in less than this without seeing me naked." As she smiles and takes one more look at my hard member before she starts heading to the bathroom. I quickly rush into my room and back into bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I got up early and went downstairs to check the fire. It was down again so I placed another log on the fire to warm the house back up. An hour later Amy came down, I can feel my face turn red. She had on another jogging outfit. "Once again Amy I am sorry about last night" I tell her "It's ok Kyle no harm no foul, besides you have nothing to be embarrassed about, from what I saw any girl would be lucky to have that." I could feel my face getting redder with embarrassment.

I have to look away. I am not a virgin by any means, but this was the nicest thing any girl has said to me. We went about the day as normal. No power yet, but both Amy and I were able to find things to do.

Hours turned into days and before we know it a week had gone by and we finally got power back. Amy and I were having a good time. We never got tired of each other's company. As I was cooking dinner I sent Amy up to take her first hot shower in a week.

I walk upstairs to let her know dinner was done. Her door was open and the shower was off. I figure she just got out of the shower. As I walk past her room I see movement inside. I look in and there was Amy in her room naked. She looked even more beautiful. Her dark color nipples still dripping water as she dries off her legs. Her wonderful Japanese pussy is almost bare. She left a nice small landing strip. I couldn't help but wanting to be a pilot landing his cock on that strip. I turn away and cleared my throat.

"Sorry Amy I didn't realize you were in here, I just came to tell you dinner's ready Amy" I tell her.

"Ok Kyle I'll be down in a second" she said as she closed her door." Amy comes down and we have a peaceful dinner full of laughs and stories. As I got up to clear the table, Amy hops up and helps me.

She puts her dishes in the sink and quickly turns to me as I place mine in the sink. I look at her and she grabs my head and pulls me down and quickly kisses my lips. Her lips were soft and sweet. I couldn't help but open my mouth and slide my tongue into her mouth. She moans in my mouth softly. Our kiss broke and we look into each other's eyes. "Kyle I have wanted to do that for days now. You are the most caring and sweetest guy I have met.

I have grown so close to you this past week. You have become my best friend, you treat me like a normal person, and more importantly you have opened my heart and crawled inside it.

What I'm trying to say is that I've fallen in love with you" Amy says as tears come to her eyes. "Shhh Amy there is no need for tears" I say as I hold her close. "I'm just hope you feel the same way.

I'm so scared I'm going to get hurt" I tilt her head up and kiss her again deeply and passionately as I can. "What does that tell you?" "That you love to kiss me." She says with a hint of a smile.

"That and I feel the same way about you" as I slowly move in for another kiss. My hands start to explore her body.

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She is so soft and warm against me. I break our kiss and I pull her into the living room, but she refused to go. She pulls me upstairs to my room. As I walk inside she turns and pulls off her shirt. Revealing her braless tits, "it was no accident you say me naked. I've wanted you since that night I saw your hard on in your pants. I've gotten off every night thinking about it." She says as she pulls her pants down. She isn't even wearing any underwear. I can feel my cock getting hard. I pull my shirt off and was about to pull my pants down when Amy dropped to her knees and pulls them down for me.

I step out of them as she grabs my cock and starts licking it. "Oh God its better looking than I imagine" she tells me. She slowly starts jerking my cock hard as she licks every inch of my rising cock. Her tongue feels so good. I watch as she likes my pre-cum that's oozing out of my tip. She looks up at me and smiles "You taste good too." She then opens her mouth and slides my cock into her tight mouth as she continues to jerk me off.

I moan softly because it feels so good. It's been awhile since I have had anything sexual related done to me, a side from my hand. I feel Amy starting to massage my balls with her free hand. Oh I can't take it anymore. "Amy I'm going to cum" I warn her and I am get the reward of her jerking me off faster. It's too much; my cock starts firing off my hot spunk. Three powerful blasts are shot into her mouth. She does the best she can to keep up but some cum dribbles out of her mouth.

I watch as she pulls my cock from her mouth and uses a finger to wipe up the cum on her chin before licking it off. She then gets on the bed and opens her legs up. "I hope you accept this wonderful gift Kyle. I wish I was a virgin so I could it to you, but I'm not.

I can only open my heart up to you because I love you and I feel it in my heart you love me too" I walk up to the bed and kneel down, placing my hands on her thighs. "Yes Amy I love you and I accept this gift. I hope you enjoy this" I then kiss her pussy. Her juices feel so good on my lips. I start licking her pussy. The aroma of her pussy's scent fills my nostrils. I slowly slide my tongue between its lips. "I love the taste of your pussy" I tell her as I go back and start tongue fucking this tight treasure box.

I tease her clit with right index finger while cupping her right breast with my left hand. "OH fuck yes lick me Kyle, my pussy's yours" I jam my tongue inside hard and then curl it up and down. Amy's hands grab my head as she grinds her pussy into my face. "Oh shit, fucking shit you're so good.

Fuck eat my pussy make me cum" I increase my pace and I can feel her pussy muscles tightening. Amy's back arches as what must be a powerful orgasm hits. "OH FUCK I'M CUMMING. SHIT OH SHIT" Amy moans as she coats my face in a fresh coat of pussy juices. I lick up all her juices as fast as I can. I feel her hands release their hold on my head. I slowly kiss my way up her body.

Each nipple gets a turn as I lick them, suck on them, and then kiss them. Making my way up to her lips I kiss her deeply as I feel my tip touch her wet pussy. Amy's hand touches my cock as she guides it into her pussy. I slowly push into her tight cunt. "God baby you're stretching my pussy good. Fuck my cunt, fuck it good. Make me your Japanese fucking whore" "Amy your pussy's so tight and feels so good wrapped around my hard cock.

I could fuck this every night." "You can baby. Fuck me hard.


This cock needs my cum on it and I want to milk your cock now" I slowly start pulling in and out of her pussy. As soon as I feel her pussy getting use to my cock I speed up. I place her legs up on my shoulders and pound her pussy as fast as I can. "Oh Amy I think your pussy's made for my cock" I can feel her muscles tighten around my cock squeezing it like python. I couldn't help moan. Amy moans something in Japanese.

Her legs fall onto the bed and I pull out and roll her over. I ram my cock back into her wet cunt and continue my cock assault on her pussy. With my hands on her hips I rock her cunt hard, like a medieval battering ram pounding on a castle's gate.

Amy reaches down and plays with her clit, and at times teasing my balls as they slap hard against her pussy. I can feel my balls getting ready to release their load.

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Amy screams as her orgasm hits, but I don't stop pound her pussy hard. "DON'T STOP, DON'T FUCKING STOP BABY FUCK MY PUSSY HARD OH SHIT I'M CUMMING" Her is so intense I can feel her juices trying to force their way out. "Amy I'm going to cum" I warn her. "Keep it in my, fill me full of your hot stuff.

I can feel it throbbing in me, that's right shoot your cum inside my tight Japanese cunt." Amy moans to me as I start to cum deep inside her pussy. We collapse on the bed our bodies covered in sweat. We cuddle up to each other and look into each other's eyes. "Kyle you are so wonderful. I'm so glad to have met you. I hope my life isn't too much for you because I want you in it.

I love you" she tells me "Amy I know with your life I will be out of my element, but in my eyes you are perfect in every way. I want this to work. I love you too.