Doppelte Freuden für niedliches gesetzliches Alter Teenager

Doppelte Freuden für niedliches gesetzliches Alter Teenager
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THIS IS MY 1ST STORY SO CAN U BE NICE. "Hello, D u home" my brother Darion called out as he came to babysit me when he came home from work "Yea I'm taking a shower" I yelled out to him from the bathroom.

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I came downstairs and gave my brother a kiss on the cheek and I saw his friend Anthony a.k.a Ant when I saw him he was looking at as always but I mean what boy wouldn't I'm 5'2, sexy Carmel color, round eyes that fit my round face, nice round bouncy D cup boobs, big juicy booty, nice long golden legs, but I'm 15 so my big bro is 21 and so is his friend.

When Darion saw him looking at me he shoot him a nasty look I smiled and said "be nice he's only admiring my perfect body" Darion chuckled and said "your only 15 he shouldn't be having those certain thoughts" I laughed "so Ant what u been up to" he looked down trying hard not to stare but I was making it hard I was wearing a bikini top with a very mini skirt with my bikini bottoms on under neath "o nothing much" he said as he looked up to meet my gaze " about u " he said nervously then blushed "nothing much just bout to go and bask in the sun wanna join" I had said in an eager voice Darion looked at him then Ant said "if Darion joins" Darion looked and said "ok fine let me go change c'mon on we have to find swimming trunks" Ant was the first on down and I was outside in the back he came out and sat beside me and I looked at him and asked "can u lotion my back" he looked up so fast almost got whiplash and said "sh.Sh.Sure" I turned over and he squirted lotion on my back then he undid my straps so my tits were free to pop out.

I turned and looked at him and he looked at then he leaned in and we started kissing and his hands were free to explore but as soon as he touched my nipple Darion came down whistling so he tied me up and sat there.

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A few minelayer "RING BUZZZZZZ RING BUZZZ" it was Darions cell he answered it and a few seconds later he got off then said "Fuk I got to go back to work" in a mad voice then I asked "if u leave can Ant stay here" "Y"? Because I'll be here alone again and I hate being alone" he looked mad the said "I'll be back in 3 hours so stay out of trouble" I smiled with joy. In 10 min he was changed and gone.

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As soon as he was gone Ant got on top of then he untied my top and threw it off and we started making out he picked me up then took me to the kitchen sat me down on the counter. His lips wondered my whole body 1st my neck then my chest and started sucking my nipples and his left hand went into my bottoms then he found my slit and started messing with it "o shit fuk im gonna cum ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" then he looked surprised when I came and said " damn shorty I didn't know you came that much" then he pulled out his hand started liking his fingers.

I almost passed out after my orgy but then I saw his pants and got off the counter and pulled his pants down and was shocked by how big his cock was then I put his cock in my mouth then I saw his expressions and knoew I was doing it right then he started moaning "o shit ahhhh shit that feels so good are you sure you never gave a bj" I looked and said "I am know" then he started climaxing "ahhhhhhh shit shit fu k fuk fuk im bout too cum" all of a sudden he shot 4 giant loads of cum in my mouth then I swallowed and I got up and we started making out.

7 min later he picked me up an put me on the counter and he said "u want me to fuk ur wet pussy" i said "yes yes fuk my wet pussy" he lubricated his dick in my cum and he stuck it in then he felt my hymen and said "this is gonna hurt" so i braced my self then he broke i yelled in pain and stayed that for a few moments then he kissed my tears away and hw went slow so i could get use to it.

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he started going fast then fasterand we started moaning in unison we both moaned "ooooooooo yes ahhhh yes o yes" i started whimpering and he was groaning then with out warning he stiffend and i stiffend and at the same time we both came then i sat and he stood there out of breathe and we started making out then my brother came in "what teh hell are you doing" he yelled i looked back me and ant both were trying to explain but he wasnt havin that he went after and and i was yelling then there was blood and ant was on the ground with a broken nose Darion was so pissed he had left so i took care of his broken nose.

"im so sorry about that" i said through my tears then he looked me and he just held me by this time we were both dressed i had on his shirt and had his boxers and pants on and got out the bathroom Darion was there in his room Ant kissed me on the for head and took his shirt shoes and socks and left for the bus to go home.

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"Darion" i said scared of wat he was going to do "D how could u. ur only 15" "yea so" "so wat if mom came home and saw that hed be in jail right now" we just looked at each other then we start to lean in and kiss TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!

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