Pleasing torment for lusty sweetheart

Pleasing torment for lusty sweetheart
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After Wendy ran to her room i quickly followed, her door slammed in my face and locked. I was not sure what to do, she just watched me have sex with her mother.


I sat down outside her door leaning against the door way just hoping she would talk to me. I started to doze off when i saw the door open and her legs infront of me. I looked up to see tears still running down her cheek, she slowly got down on her knees becoming eye level with me.

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"Why?" was all she said, searching my mind and waiting for more from her i paused a few seconds then opened my mouth to nothing coming out. "Why?" she repeated as i just sat there trying to find a reason other than making her mother stop shoving her ass into my face. Still nothing though so i blurted out the events that lead up to her mother's ass around my penis.

"Did you do it to satisfy her or your self?" Wendy asked, for a second i was shocked she asked it but i quickly found myself saying "To satisfy her." Wendy slide down off her knees and sat next to me, grabbing my hand and putting it to her chest. I could feel her heart beating.


"I love you Stan and the only reason this is beating is for you." Wendy told me, I pulled my hand away from her chest and pulled her hand to my chest, knowing my was racing. She smiled and knew why it was racing and beating. She stood up and with out a word pulled me into her room, closing the door behind us. She quickly laid down on her back looking up at me. "Express your love." was all she said.

I slowly leaned over her, kissing softly up her plump stomach, making sure to over lap each soft kiss. her arms wrapped loosely around my head, holding my hair out of my way as i go to her amazing breast. My lips kissed up the left breast first, gently sucking her erect nipple tell she let out a soft moan then repeated the soft overlapping kissing up her right breast and sucked that nipple tell she let out her second moan.

My lips then slowly traveled to the center of her chest and then neck. She has bent her head back and away, exposing more of her neck for me to kiss.


I got to her lips and kissed them extra soft then again passionately then a third time from my heart. She tightened her arms around my neck and kissed me back just right. I pulled away and looked into her eyes as she smiled. She had reached down amd wrapped her hand around my hardening cock, slowly rubbing it to life as we shared kisses over and over again tell i was hard enough to penetrate her small body.

she carefully guided me inside her, feeling her tight pussy lips resist my cock every bit of the way. I got most of my cock inside as she jumped alittle and i stopped. "Are you ok my love?" i asked she just nodded and moaned "dont stop" I tried to push deeper but felt the head of my cock hit something, from sex-ed i know the was her cervix, I flexed my cock causing the head of my cock to rub against it slightly.

The second i did Wendy yelled my name in pain and pleasure and tightened her arms even more around my neck. I started to pull out slowly then pumped back in slowly, making love to Wendy, her pussy felt so warm around my cock i didnt pull out very far but i made sure i did touched her cervix again i pumped back inside her.

After several minutes Wendy started to move with me. We were now making love with each other and it was perfect. My cock filled her tiny pussy and she seemed to love everything.

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We both kept the slow pace as my hands started to softly caress her body, First her sides and hips then her breast, I finally found myself massaging her right breast as i had our eyes locked. Wendy often closed her eyes and moaned my name and how she loved me but when ever she opened them she found mine and smiled this sweet way that melts my heart, i still to this day love to see it on her lips. My hand massaged her amazing breast as my palm rubbed over her nipple.

my lips finally started to meet hers with repeating passionate and loving kisses. We kept up the love making for what felt like endless hours of heaven, My hands taking turns caressing and massaging her body parts, our lips kissing each others, and our bodies in perfect sync with the other. I felt my self build up my final cum load, To my surprise it was a massive one that shot inside of my lovers small tight pussy as we kept making love.

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My cock almost when soft but we kept our rhythm. Her pussy was loose and my cock finally went soft about a minute later. I slowly and carefully rolled off her and laid on my back, She slide ontop of me quickly cuddling up to my front and resting her head on my chest.

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It was perfect. We both quickly passed out with My arms wrapped around her. Before i fell asleep i covered us with a blanket and saw her mother in her doorway watching us. I looked up at her as she walked over to me. She kissed me on the lips and ran her hand down my cheek. "Wendy is all yours." is all she said as she walked out of the room and shut the door. That is all for this story, Sorry if it was short but it is the last chapter in this tale.

Once again as always sorry if there is bad spelling or grammar, i try my best.