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Bukkake milf amateur in spex facialized
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Deep and lovely dark - Chapter 6 Rachel watched in horror as she saw something unbelievable. Vlad was scared. His face was straight and stern, but she could see it. His eyes betrayed his true feelings. Vlad turned and marched towards Rachel. He pushed her towards the car.

They climbed inside and drove away. "Vlad what's going on?" She asked. "Eckhart!" He said sharply. "300 hundred years ago when i gained my power, I used it to conquer my enemies.

Eckhart's family. A family of thieves, murderers and rapists. The worst of the worst". Rachel watched as Vlad's fear turned into anger. "They soon became a family of vampire hunters.

Generation after generation were raised to be soulless, ruthless killers. I tried to go straight. Leave the evil behind and forget everything that happened. 5 years ago Eckhart approached me and tried to kill me, so I went into hiding".

Rachel couldn't believe it. Vlad was fighting a war with a family of murderers and she'd unknowingly walked right into it. "why didn't you tell me any of this!?" She said angrily. "I thought I could ensure your safety.

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I thought all of this was behind me. Now I realise you can't outrun the past". Rachel hated Vlad right now for bringing her into this. She wanted to leave now. But she couldn't deny she was safer with Vlad. "so where are we going?." She asked. "I have a safe house outside the city. We'll go there until I can figure out a way out of this. We'll be safe,I promise". Rachel was more terrified than ever. She liked having a safe place to go though and as long as she had Vlad she'd be safe.

One week later. Rachel was walking around town buying supplies. This last week had been quiet. No sign of any danger. Vlad had retreated to his basement practising his magic. Both trying to find a blood substitute and arm himself for fight they both knew was coming but hadn't talked about. Rachel's trail of thought was broken by a women tapping Rachel on the shoulder. She was about Rachel's age red haired with large breasts and long legs. She was dressed as a waitress.

There was a company brand on her shirt. Rachel recognized the brand as the restaurant her and Vlad had gone to last week. "Excuse me my name is Lisa" she said. "umm. Yes? " Rachel said looking confused. "I was working in the restaurant last week when you and your boyfriend made your umm special visit" she smirked. Rachel immediately felt embarrassment wash over her. Her face turned red and she looked down.

"I was wondering if I could buy you a coffee?" Said Lisa. "umm yeah, sure." Said Rachel. The two sat inside a nearby cafe where Lisa did most of the talking about herself her and her upbringing. "Why don't we cut the shit and you tell me what you really want" Rachel said fiercely. Lisa looked down and back up taking a deep breath.

"That night at the restaurant was unlike anything I've ever seen. What you two have is not a normal relationship.

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Whatever it is, I want in." Rachel looked surprised. She wasn't expecting that. "Your asking me if you can fuck my master?" She asked sarcastically. "I know it sounds crazy but I'm a sub. I need a master who can show know mercy, fuck me raw." Rachel's first thought was to slap this stupid bitch for making such a dumb suggestion but then she had an idea.

If she wants it rough Vlad will fuck her so hard she'll never walk again. Her face curled into a smile. "Let me talk to Vlad and I'll get back to you". When Rachel told Vlad about Lisa he seemed intrigued by the idea. After talking about it for over an hour, Vlad agreed and knew what he was going to do. Lisa was walking home after a long shift at work. Late at night the streets were empty. She had her headphones in her ears. She walked up to her apartment and opened the door.

Suddenly somebody pushed her inside, the door slammed shut and Lisa was up against the wall. She felt a pair of cold hands violently force up her skirt and pull her panties down to her knees.

She couldn't see his face because her head was bring pushed against the wall. She felt the hand roughly squeezing and spanking her ass cheeks.

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Then a finger was forced into her pussy. Lisa was scared but felt herself getting wet. Her pussy juices coated the fingers probing her pussy. The mysterious man pulled his finger out before ramming them back in. Lisa began to moan as her attacker began to finger fuck her now soaking pussy. She tried to hide the pleasure she was getting but it was too much. "hhmmmm. Hhhmmm oh fuck!". She heard her attacker laughing as her legs started shaking. The fingers kept working in and out furiously.

Lisa thought she felt two fingers fucking her horny pussy. She was loving this. The way this man took control of her, used her, made her his slut.

This was everything she ever wanted. As the fingers kept fucking her the attacker wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her back choking her. Lisa could barely breathe but she'd never been more aroused in her life.

Suddenly the two fingers left her pussy and the choking arm loosened. Lisa tried to look round but was stopped a blindfold being forced over her eyes. She couldn't see anything but pitch black. Without warning the attacker scooped Lisa up in his arms and carried her away. Lisa herd the familiar creak of her bedroom door opening. Trying to figure out what the attacker was doing Lisa was dropped on the bed and felt herself being restrained by ropes.

Both her ams and legs were tied to the bed and she was blindfolded. Lisa felt the same cold hands stroking the side of her face down to her neck where they suddenly grabbed hold with a vice like grip.

The intruder forced a kiss from Lisa which she didn't resist. She opened her mouth willingly allowing an alien tounge to invade her mouth. This combined with the extreme pressure around her throat sent lisa into a frenzy. The kiss was long and satisfying. Lisa felt a need to touch her attacker. If she could just get loose and hold him tightly. The tounge left her mouth and the choking hand loosened its grip. Both hands started roaming around Lisa's sensitive body. The intruder took hold of Lisa's shirt and angrily ripped it open making Lisa gasp, revealing too perfect tits.

The intruder couldn't resist.


He grabbed them, squeezed them, played with the growing nipples. Lisa's breathes became deep and slow as he massaged her tits. Lisa had seen many men in the restaurant staring at her tits. Sometimes it was creepy, sometimes it was annoying. But sometimes she would undo the top 3 buttons when serving customers to get more tips.

The intruder wrapped his lips around the two largest tits he'd ever seen and began to suck. As he sucked each breast he squeezed and slapped the other. Lisa's breathes became short and rapid. She always wanted a dominant alpha male. This was obviously rape but Lisa wasn't sure she wanted to press charges. He was sooooo good at sucking on her breasts who knows what else he's good at. She felt his tounge flicking her nipples before gently nibbling on them.

Lisa was loving this. "Oooh yeah, Oooooh Fuck! Hmmmm." Lisa thought that he stopped too soon but was excited for whatever was next. She felt the intruders cold fingers hook her skirt and furiously rip it off. She was now lying naked, tied to the bed with her panties still around her knees.

The intruder ripped the panties from around her legs and forced them in her mouth. Lisa thought that was disgusting but it made her so wet her pussy was almost throbbing. The intruder crawled between her legs and began licking her pussy; taking in the juices that had been dripping for nearly half an hour. Lisa was in ecstasy.

His tounge ran up and down her slit and flicked her clit. "OOOOOH GOD LICK ME! LICK MY PUSSY IM SO WET LICK IT!" Every couple of minutes the intruder would stop to look up and call her a slut, a whore who's only purpose was to be fucked by him.

He fingered her while he spoke and slapped her pussy when he called her a name, prompting a squeal from Lisa. The intruder began to finger fuck Lisa to the point of orgasm inserting his fingers as far as they'd go. "What are you Lisa? You're a slut aren't you and want me to make you cum! Say it!". Lisa was breathing rapidly as she felt her orgasm building.


"YES I'M A DIRTY SLUT I'M YOUR DIRTY SLUT.PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!!!!" "Tell me again, what are you?" "I'M A WHORE, I'M YOUR WHORE. MY ONLY PURPOSE IS TO BE YOUR FUCK TOY, OOOOOHHHH SHHHIIIITTTT!". All this dirty talk sent Lisa over the edge as she came hard all over the intruders fingers.

Lisa was shaking, trying to recover from the mind blowing orgasm she'd just had. The intruder went to her side and gripped her throat again and forced another kiss. "please" she said. "I want your dick in my mouth.


I really wanna suck that big hard cock". Lisa heard the intruder undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. She heard the pants hit the floor and opened her mouth. Lisa expected a baby dick that couldn't get hard but was surprised when a long thick dick was pushed into her mouth.

Lisa wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck. The intruder began to rock his hips and fuck her mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her he's into his crotch.

He laughed when she gagged. She felt like his entire dick was being pushed down her throat. She never deep throated before but was glad her first time was with such a beautifully big cock. The intruder was pulling her head back and forth fucking this sluts mouth for all it was worth.

He began to moan and lose himself in the build to his eruption. "Oh fuck yeah, suck that dick slut. Dirty whore fucking suck it!". Feeling himself cumming he forced his dick into Lisa's mouth as far as it would go and erupted his cum down her throat. Lisa began to squeal and pull back but her attacker held her their. He let loose load after load of cum into Lisa's mouth. Lisa hated people cumming in her mouth.she hated the taste and it was degrading.

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The attacker pulled out and untied her legs. Lisa suddenly felt herself being turned onto her belly and her legs were tied again. Her ass was amazing the intruder couldn't look away. He felt a need to physically love it. Lisa felt the attacker caressing her ass the a sudden jolt of pain as he spanked it.

Lisa jumped as she heard another cracking smack on her ass cheeks. Then she felt his tounge run its way up her slit again only this time it stopped at her asshole. She felt it probing her shit tunnel as if trying to get in. Lisa was breathing slow now as her eyebrows raised and her jaw fell open.

The intruder grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed as he tounged her asshole. Lisa was in a sea of different emotions. She had the intense pleasure of her ass being licked and the discomfort of her large tits being squashed beneath her.

Lisa rested her head down on the bed and enjoyed the intense pleasure she getting. This continued for a few minutes before she threw her head up and screamed as she felt his hard cock being thrust into her pussy without mercy.

The intruder grabbed her hips and began to hammer his cock into her love tunnel. Lisa couldn't take it, this was the biggest cock to ever fuck her tight pussy. "Oooh ohhh ooooh, slow down it's too big please!". The intruder didn't listen he held her hips tightly and fucked her as fast as he could.

Lisa screamed louder but the pain was so exquisite. Soon pain turned to pleasure and she didn't want it to stop. "Please don't stop keep fucking me, its so big, ooooooooh!". the intruder took hold of her red hair and pulled her head up as he pounded her pussy like a jack hammer. "That's it slut take it, you like this don't you?" "Yes i love it, I love your big cock fucking my pussy. I love you raping me, Oooh come on fuck the shit outta me!". He fucked her without remource.

He raised his hand and smacked it down onto her perfect ass. "OOoooh yes spank me, spank me, spank my ass I love it, It turns me on!" "Beg me slut, beg me to spank you!" "Pleeeasse, pleeasse spank me I beg you spank my ass Oooh Oooh fuck". The intruder smacked her ass again and again. SMACK! "OOOOH" SMACK" OOOH" SMACK "OOOH".

Her ass turned red as he continued to fuck her from behind. "You know your my slut now right?" Lisa didn't think too much about what he said she was too busy enjoying herself. "OOooh yes im yours I want you to fuck me like this everyday oooooooh god". "tell me your mine whore!" "ooooooh im yours I belong to you oooooh im yours to fuck anytime you want oooooh oooooh shit".

The two bathed in sweat were having the best sex of their lives. The stranger eventually pulled out and spanked her ass again. He moved close to her ear and whispered: "I'm gonna fuck your ass now!". Lisa panicked. "WHAT!?!? NO!!! PLEASE. No ones ever fucked my ass it'll hurt!". "im counting on it".


The stranger lined up his cock with her ass and began to slowly penetrate. "Aahhh nonono not in my ass please". Then in one final push, the stranger's entire length wash pressed into her ass and he began to rock back and forth. Lisa gripped the bed sheets tightly and buried her face into the bed screaming into the mattress. As her asshole loosened the stranger began to fuck harder and faster and soon the pain turned into pleasure. "OOOoooooh fuck, I love the way you take advantage of me!

Ooooh shit come on fuck me harder". Soon the stranger was pounding her ass as hard as he had her pussy. "Your a dirty slut you love me fucking your ass don't you? Hmmm. Come on say it!".

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"Ooooh I love you fucking my ass. I'm your dirty slut I worship your big cock oooooh". The stranger pulled out and rolled her onto her back.

He grabbed her throat and thrust his cock back into her pussy. Her pussy was bright red and her hips had red hand marks all over them. He fucked her raw and pinched one of her nipples, pulling, twisting making Lisa scream at the top of her lungs. "oooooh yes grab my tits their yours fuuuck yes". Lisa's orgasm was coming fast. "Ooooh im gonna cum!" SMACK!! Lisa screamed as the strangers hand flew across her face.

"YOU DON'T CUM UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN!". Lisa tried holding back with everything she could. "Ooooooooh sir please can I cum, please let me cum yes yes!". He knew he would let her cum eventually but for now he enjoyed her begging. "FUCK SIR!

GOTTA CUM PLEASE CAAAANNN I CUUUMMM". "Ok slut you can cum!". With those words Lisa exploded. She screamed into the night as wave after wave of intense pleasure erupted all over the stranger's cock. The stranger continued to fuck her throbbing pussy until he felt himself getting ready to cum. "Hmmmm, hmmm, hmmm, oh shit your so tight, im gonna cum". Lisa was at the peak of ecstasy. No one had ever brought her such rapture, such release. "please cum on my face, I want your warm cum all over my face.

No ones ever done that". The stranger pulled out and straddled Lisa as his cum shot from his cock and covered Lisa's face. After he'd emptied his load on her the stranger fell beside Lisa and tried to catch his breath. He released one of her hands and told her to lick his cum of her face. She wiped her face with her hand licked it off.

When she tried to remove the blindfold the stranger stopped her and ordered her to leave it on so she did. The stranger got up and began kissing Lisa's neck which she embraced. Lisa still couldn't see anything but pitch black. She heard the noise of him kissing her neck. She then got confused as the sound of kissing turned to growling. Suddenly a huge jolt of pain shot through her as she felt the stranger bit her neck.

He sunk too large fangs into her and bit hard.

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Blood started running down her neck as he grabbed her hair and pulled tightly into him. The growling continued and Lisa screamed in pain. The stranger held her tightly and continued feeding. A pool of blood formed on the bed as the stranger raised his head and roared into the night. Blood covered around his mouth. Lisa felt death circling her as she felt faint. Suddenly the door was kicked down as Vlad ran in.

His demon face looked angry as he looked at Lisa and then into the eyes of his enemy.

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"Eckhart!" He growled. "Dracula!" The stranger replied. "That is no longer my name, im not a monster anymore I help people" said Vlad. "How noble, do those people no how many innocents you murdered" said Eckhart with a smile on his face.

"When did you become a vampire?" Said Vlad. "it is said that you should no your enemy. My weakness is your weakness". Eckhart pulled out a silver stake and held it up to vlad. Vlad felt all his strength disappear he fell to his knees.

His breathes became rapid. He turned pale. Vlad looked up at Eckhart and noticed that the silver had no effect on him. "I must say magic does have its uses. Like protection against my weakness". Eckhart laughed as Vlad fell on his back. Vlad felt a stabbing pain as Eckhart plunged the silver stake into Vlad's shoulder. "I could finish you now if I plunge this thing through your heart. But I like seeing you suffer. I give it 10 minutes until you die.

And then this war will end". Eckhart smiled at Vlad the walked out the door and left the house. Vlad's life was deteriorating by the second. His vision began to blur. His mind began to wander. Going through memories of his family, his kingdom and then Rachel.

If Vlad dies Rachel will be in danger. With that thought Vlad suddenly felt a surge of strength return to him. He looked down at the stake in his shoulder and desperately tried to raise his hands. His hand crawled across his chest like a spider. It reached the stake and began to pull. Harder, harder, almost there the stake came out inch by inch. A wave of relief hit Vlad as he pulled out the stake and held it in the air. In one quick move Vlad launched it out of the window.

His strength and power quickly returned as he picked himself up and ran over to Lisa. She was still alive but only just. She'd lost all of blood. Vlad wasn't going to let his war take another innocent life. He wrapped her up in the bed covers and picked her up. A couple outside were walking hand in hand down the road. Suddenly they were scared to death as a flock of bats smashed out of Lisa's room and disappeared into the night.

Chapter 7 coming soon.