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Models hairy gay ass sex and boy bondage porn movietures He grabs the
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So yeah, thanks for all of the kudos on Flasher Girl. I posted it here & another site & liked comments & messages & such. I dont wana get stuck in flash mode & just talk about that but this one guy asked me something that got a memory going of a actual flash and that expanded into a fantasy that I still get hot to even today.

Hope you like it. Remember, I'm not a for real writer so I don't plan on acing the grammar bit. ____________________________________________________________________________ I'm almost 5'4, black hair, brown eyes, pert A-almost-B cups, slender, nice butt, sassy, silent rebel type.

In Flasher Girl I told about middle school so what I'm going to tell about now didn't fit because this one happened when I was in high school. But mmmmmm it's a hot-hot one, I gotta say.

I was asked by one of the readers who messaged me if I ever flashed a friends daddy. Hm. I'm sure as much as I've spread my legs, some of my friends daddies have been around. But, I never did a serious flash if I knew some guy was a friends daddy. Buuuut, that's not to say I didnt do quick peak stuff like crossing my legs & wanting him to check me out. Some did & some didnt.

Oh well. I still liked doing it. And that brings me to this bitchy-chick Cameron. She was blond & had this Nordic like super-face with blue eyes. Yeah, the kind of girl we all other girls love to hate, ha. Well, not actually. I'm not a hater and if a girl is nice, I dont care what she looks like.

But Cameron was all full of herself & she was just awful. If you would of known her, you would of felt the same. She laughed at poor girls and teased shy girls. She was in cheer so we all knew she was athletic as hell. She pushed me in the hallway a few times and laughed and of course her parasitic friends laughed. But what could I do? She was like 5ft8 and I'm not even 5ft4 and she was like 15 pounds heavier.

She never talked to me or ever knew who I was because she was two grades higher. She just liked showing she ruled. I really wanted someone to take her down right out in front of everyone so I could sit on her face and give her some good ol' stinkface.

I never thought it would happen and it never did but I stumbled into a whole new different thing. We had a parent/teacher meeting this one night at our high school. They started with a general meeting in different rooms and we were all in rooms according to the initials of our last names.

So----wah-LAH---guess what?

I was in the same room as Cameron and her dad. The room was packed and Cameron & her friends was all sitting in chairs facing the front but I got there a wee bit late and sat way at the back against a side wall facing the other side wall.

- - - - - - FACING Mr. Cameron (the only name I had for him at that time). Facing her daddy. Me in a skirt. Prickles of revenge feeling like a soft paint brush on the back of my neck.

I had spread my legs enough times to know I had power there so it was going to be revenge baby! Revenge! How would me spreading my legs be revenge? I know. That's what I had to figure out. I felt it but I didn't know why. If I never figured it out, I wouldn't of cared.


I still would have done it. But it was even better bcuz I did figure it out. Revenge because I could make hot-bitch Cameron's daddy hot for me. Maybe she was the most exotic girl in school, but I bet … I BET!!!!!!!! I could get her daddy hard just by spreading my legs.

He would be hot for me and that's all I needed to get even. She would be so narly mad if she knew! I would be all happy even if she never knew. Just me knowing her daddy was hot for me was enough. Actually I didnt want her to know b/c I didnt need her coming after me. So my plan was just to get him to look up between my legs and get a big hard on and think about me all night.

Mmmmm I love the thought of that. So, she was all-everything and in her eyes I was all-nothing. I was the small girl she could knock into in the hallway.

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If I could get her daddy to get hard-hard-hard by looking up my skirt, I would totally rule her! She might never know, but I always would. I was wearing a mid-thigh sort of peasant skirt that was dark marroon. I was glad I didnt wear jeans like I had sort of planned when I got dressed in the morning.

I was sitting right across from him and he was looking to his left where one of the school admins was talking. A couple of my friends were closer up front but I liked that because not may of my friends knew about my flash addiction. I knew the meeting would go for 45 minutes so Cameron's daddy was trapped ha.

First thing was I tested the waters although I waited like five minutes before I did it. Then, I slowly brought my left foot up and tucked it under my right thigh & I brushed my skirt just to make it all seem proper.

Yup. Soon as I did it, his head turned just a wee bit. My head was down like --- No, I got nothing in mind here. But he def was distracted. I felt myself flutter because that meant that if I showed, he would look. I was on the down-low and, ummmm, well so were some tingles. I tugged on my skirt a little and then a little more. Then I slow-moved my left leg back so both of my feet were on the floor. I was looking at my cell phone on my desk but really I was checking out Mr.

C. or whateverthefuck his name was.

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Mmmmmm. Yes Mr. C. Glance baby. There's more coming your way and I hope you like it. So I tugged just a bit on the front of my skirt. Just wanted to get like an inch higher. Then I let my left knee move out just a little.

Not enough to really show anything but enough to see if his head moved at all. My periferal (periphral?) vision was just right that I saw him move again. Perrrrrrfect. A lil more spread this time with my right knee & I knew he could get a good look even if maybe not all the way up. But hey. First things first. Look at me dammmmmit! Lol. Honestly I was hot. Not just tingles. I was hot. And there were reasons why.

He was a good looking dude.


Sort of like elegant like. Shorter brown hair with streaks of gray. He was probably mid-40s or maybe a little later. Hell his shoes probably cost more than my sisters car. Another reason was of course because he was Cameron's father and I totally wanted to seduce the fuck out of him. She maybe was a hot bitch-chick but I bet her daddy would fuck me if he got the chance---or the nerve.

But right then, I just wanted to get his eyes up between my legs. Its like sex in a way. If a man's eyes are looking up my skirt, then its almost like his face is or maybe his cock.

I dont know if that makes much sense but its how it feels. Another reason it was hot was because it was in a room full of people and even school admins.

I did just a lil more spread and he def glanced and when I kept my eyes down, he did it again. mmmm yes. Look baby. I spread a lil bit more and mmmmm------Cameron's daddy was staring right up between my legs!

Talk about getting hot. Well I mean I was pretty hormonal at that age anyway but dammmm I was almost having to fan myself. Cameron's father was looking right up between my legs.

I kept my eyes on my cell phone but dammmm I was feeling heat. I had this realllllly strong desire to somehow reach across the room and drag his head over and stuff his face up my skirt and clamp my legs face and hold him there just a few inches from my really pretty robins-egg blue panties.

I would have beeeeeen almost orgasmic just from holding him there. If I could of done that, I would have. It would have been so cool if I could have been really obvious. I wanted to catch him looking & then look right at him and smile and then just spread into a full-on beaver shot.

Omg I wanted to do that sooooo bad. But I didnt because I was afraid of the admins and also Cameron if she found out that I spread my legs for her daddy on purpose. Truthfully what I wanted most right then was to get her daddy's face up between my legs and trapped there and then have Cameron come by and see her daddy drooling and trying to get up farther. I KNOW I would have climaxed. That would have been sooooo hot.

Orgasm right in her father's face while she was watching! mmmmm I practically went into the O thing just thinking about it. But it was hot enough I guess, just the way it was because I stayed there for the next 20 minutes and I kept my eyes down on my cell and that man just kept looking.

I could pracdtically feel his eyes up between my thighs and talk about tingling to the max. It was so hot.

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And it was Cameron's dad. The stuck up rich bitch thought she was all over on me but I had her daddy looking right up my skirt and I was turning her daddy on big time and I knew it. When the meeting was about five minutes from bieng over I closed up my legs and put away my cell phone and looked around like nothing happened. The best-best part was still to come.

When Mr. C. got up, he def had a hard-on! He tried to hide it and actually did once he stood up but before he was all the way standing, I saw it. Mmmmmmm. I gave Cameron's daddy an erection! Yayyyyy! He was very hard and I hope and hope and REALLY hope that he thought about me next time he got off. Imagine, Cameron's daddy having a orgasm because of me and wanting to fuck me.

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He waited in the hallway for his daughter and just before she got to the doorway, I walked out and my friends joined me and I told them I didn't want to leave jiust yet. Mr. C gave me a puppy-dog look as he walked away with Cameron and I knew I had gotten to him. I went with my friends b/c one of their boyfriends had weed and I totally smoked it up.

I LOVED weed soooo much. It made me feel free & it loosened me up. I did a lot of bjs to get baggies. It was like bjs for baggies or blow4blow. I didn't tell any of them what I did b/c I was afraid of Cameron but I felt like I would explode because it made me hot. Cameron's dad!

He looked right up my skirt! And he was a hottie for a man his age. He was totally fuckable or at least blowable if I wouldn't of been afraid of Cameron. And thats where this whole thing took off into fantasy and I still have this fantasy & my clitty meows on many nights when I play this thing out. What I wanted to happen. . Just as I'm about to go off with my friends, I get a tap on my shoulder & Mr.

C asks if he can talk with me. I tell my friends I'll catch up w/them later. He draws me back toward the quad which is darker than most parts of our high school but before we get there and now that he's standing, I notice how expensive his clothes are (they were). "I. I'm not going to hurt you," he says, "but I have to know who you are. What's your name? You are the sex. most beautiful girl at school." Bingo! That puts his own daughter behind me which bye-the-way, is where she belongs.

"I'm Pepper," I smile but inside, I'm laughing and hoping he says his name is Woody. Instead he says its Trey although I never knew what it was for real. What I did know for real was his eyes were full of lust. Like overflowing. Like he would be drooling with his tongue hanging out if he wasnt all cultured. So we are in the shadows and he tells me he isn't a rapist & he doesnt go out cheating on his wife but he saw me in that classroom and he cant think straight which is totally the opposite of the hardon I see in his pants.

Im instantly tingling.majorly.

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He's hot. He's Cameron's dad. He's rich and good looking and he is like almost completely weak because he is hot for me. He eventually gets over not being able to talk exactly right--- like he's nervous or whatever and he finally says he wants me and would I and he just had to get with me even if just one time. Hes this composed business kind of guy & yet he cant even hardly talk straight and Im all turned on knowing its because he's hot for me.

I keep my cool and dont let him know one way or the other if I will go off with him and he gets more pleading & thats when it hits me.

The biggest idea of all time! So I press him for how much he wants me and he cant tell me enough how hard he is for me and how he wants to put his face up there and he would practially pay me if he could lick me and even more to fuck me or just do my mouth. Hes over the top wanting it so then I spring my big idea.

"Okay then, I'll do it. You can put your face between my legs (omg I love that!) but only on three conditions." He HAS to know right now what those four conditions. "One--after you lick me, I suck on your cock long as I want and how I want. Two--you fuck me--all the way! You cum inside of me (honsetly I was on b/c from the time I was 12). Three--you make your daughter watch!" He's shocked but when I remind him of the bitch he knows she is & such and I pull my skirt up to show my pretty panties, he's all down for it.

"But.what's the fourth thing?" he asks and I tell him he has to agree to it even if he don't know what it is and he has such a puppy-dog helpless face that he agrees. So we set it up for the next night or the one after and we get his stupid bitch-ass daughter to some kind of room like maybe a motel or hotel & he gets her all tied up to a chair and ball-gagged.

She fights it like a lemming on the beach but settles down------that is----- until she sees me walk in the door! She HATES it!

How did I get anything to do with her daddy? She is sooo fucking irate her eyes are like fire. Her daddy tells her to watch or she he will cut off all of her money and privileges and hes fucking sick of her controlling everything and her fucked up attitude. I sit in a chair opposite her and I spread my legs a little. Her eyes become like stoney anger. Her daddy sits on the floor next to my right knee and she doesnt seem to know what's up exactly. I look right at her and then to her daddy and then I spread a lil more and then I just touch the back of his head and he moves his face forward and turns it to face up my legs and I pull my skirt up and spread and then I spread full-on wide into a total beaver & just look at Cameron with this expression of total victory because her daddy is my puppet.

I just hold my legs wide apart and show her my girlness and then I tap her daddy's head and he slowly moves up between my legs and I smile at Cameron and keep looking at her. I close my thighs on the sides of his face and keep him close enough to smell pussy but not close enough to touch.

I know he will go fucking crazy and he does. He pleads with me and every word makes my conquest of Cameron more complete. She totallllly hates me now! But, I have her daddy's face between my legs and my pussy is going to own him like she never could. Omg makes me horny. By this time I my fantasies at night, I sometimes have cum. Then, I let my thighs relax and I look right at Cameron and I tap her daddy's head and he moves forward & he gets all up into licking my panties.

Mmmmm. I do love to be licked. After awhile I push him back, stand up, pull my panties off, sit back down, and he licks me to heaven or someplace in the same galaxy. And she has to watch! I own her daddy which means I'm better than even she is. No way she can match what I'm doing. And then, I have him sit right next to her and I get down and I slow-suck on her daddy's erection.

I take at least an hour to lick it and kiss it RIGHT in front of her! Then, I suck it and I do know how to suck and I deepthroat him and then she has to watch while he stands up & deepfucks my mouth and throat & she is like a foot away watching her father cum in another girl's throat.

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And when he's done, I smile at her like the cat just caught the mouse. But, it's not over. No fucking way! I get on all fours facing her and he gets behind me and we both look right at her while her daddy puts his rock hard (again) dick into me and he gets even with her brattiness by fucking a high school girl right in front of her and I get even because her I have her father spellbound with lust and it gets totally to the top of the mountain when we both look at her the entire time her father is pumping his jizz into me.

And that fourth thing I never told him about before we started? He had to kiss my ass. Mmmmm talk about total victory! I make him kiss for like 10 minutes. And she had to watch---watch her daddy kissing my ass!

He's all cultured and rich and she's all bratty and snotty and I get even with them both when his face goes right up in that very special and nasty place and he kisses it!

When we all leave, she is filled with defeat where as I'm filled with victory because I'm filled with her father's sperm. And he's filled with elation because he got the high school piece of ass he wanted. I soooo wish it would have worked out that way.

If I could have made that happen I would of done it in a heartbeat! Anyway, not having it happen wasnt a total loss b/c after me and my friends smoked it up, I went home & got my clitty fingers to work and in my dark bedroom, I saw myself soaking my panties while holding Mr. C's head between my thighs, right in his face!