Teen fucked in a park

Teen fucked in a park
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I stare at my wife's ass as she bends over in front of me. She's teasing me and she loves it. Slowly she slips her panties off each foot. Each move is deliberate and calculated. Each twist and turn exposes a different part of her rear end.

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I can see her tight little ass hole teasing me. God what I would do to fuck that hole. But it's a tease, it stays tight for a reason. The real treasure is what is barely exposed underneath it. A little bit of pink is exposed here and there and I can see parts of her beautiful lips hanging down. That's my pussy and I'm going to destroy it. As she starts to stand she gives her ass a little shake and starts to walk towards the bathroom.

When she gets to the door way she turns and gives me a teasing smile before asking, "Care to join me in the shower"? She doesn't wait for a response before turning back around and strolling to the shower.

She swears that she doesn't shake her ass on purpose but at times like this it's hard to tell. It's huge and sexy. It begs to be slapped and fondled. Hell it begs to be fucked too but I don't really get that chance. One day though. Until then I'll settle for savoring its sweet taste when she gives me the chance to lick it. She seems to like it a little when I do that, but I know that I like doing it even more. The same reasons she can't stand it is why I love it.

It's dirty and nasty. I like dirty and nasty. The taboo behind it and the sweet aroma that it gives off mixed with the juices from her pussy is intoxicating. Of course I stand immediately and follow her into the bathroom. While I'm still fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, I open the curtain and join her. My wife looks a little surprised when she sees me fully dressed still but I don't give her a second to say anything before I start to make out with her.

I go fast and furious, passion driving my moves. I start by shoving my tongue into her throat. I reach around and grab her sweet ass and start to squeeze and fondle it. Next I start to nibble on her lips. I bite softly and pull, churning the desires in her heart. She moans every time I pull on her lips. She likes it rough and I like that she likes it that way. I move my lips to her neck and start to bite and suck.

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I reach my other hand around and grab her other cheek. I squeeze and fondle this one as well. I pull her pelvis into me while I push her neck and body into the wall behind her. The water is coursing down our bodies and my clothes are sticking to me. After leaving several hickies on her neck I move down to my wife's chest and start to lick her nipples. I lick around the areola some, moving from breast to breast, teasing, the calm before the storm.

I move one hand from her ass and start to play with her clit. She puts her hands on the back of my head and I know that she is ready now. I shove her nipple into my mouth and start to suck, bite and pull. She starts to scream in pleasure and I love it.

I slide my finger into the pussy and start to wiggle it. As good as this feels my attention is at her breasts. I'm shoving as much of her massive chest into my throat as I can muster. When her nipple hits the back of my throat I bite down gently. I give it a little tug and she lets out gasp. Finally I slowly let her breast fall out of my mouth.

I'm ready but as I stand she pushes me to the other side of the shower and shoves me against the wall. She starts to make out with me at first. Her tongue is way down my throat and I revel in the feeling of it.

She reaches down and starts to pull my shirt off my body. Once it's over my head she doesn't go back to my lips but instead down to my chest. She goes straight to my nipples and starts to lick one while playing with the other. She gives the one a little bite and a tug and I gasp in pain. Yes it hurt, but I liked the hurt.

She ran her tongue down towards my pants and started to unbutton them. She pulled them down towards my ankles and got on her knees. She slowly pulled my boxers off my hips unleashing the throbbing cock underneath. It sprung free and bounced a little when the boxers cleared it. Instead of going to suck it though, she went straight to my side and started sucking there. That spot on my body is magical. It feels so good that it hurts.

So good that I can't take it. I start to scream in half pleasure/half pain. She keeps going at it switching from side to side teasing my cock for about five minutes.

Finally I can't take it anymore. I grab a hold of her head with both hands and force it over my cock. She opens her mouth for me and I slam my cock down her throat and release her head.

She starts to suck it like a professional. Hell she didn't even gag when I slammed it into her throat to start out! She grabs a hold of my hands and places them back on the side of her head.

I know that she wants me to guide her motions and I do. Slowly forcing her up and down on my cock. She starts to suck it faster than my hands are guiding her and I pick up the pace. I pick it up to a steady pace, not to fast but not super slow either.

I start to moan as her mouth works its magic over my dick. It's so smooth and wet, her tongue sliding all over my cock. Man has she improved at this since we first met, and she wasn't bad to start with. It makes me wish that she still had her tongue pierced, she would know how to use it now.

She stands up and turns around. The water is streaming down her back and she slowly bends over in front of me. It doesn't take me long to get where she is going with this. I line my cock up with her pussy and start to fuck her hard. I don't slow down for a second, I fuck her hard and fast. When I feel my orgasm coming after about five minutes I don't slow down.

Not this time, I'm in pure fuck mode. Luckily for me her screams are already echoing off the bathroom walls. "Fuck me," my wife screams as she is closing in on her orgasm.

Right about then I unloaded my cum inside her. I don't stop fucking as hard as can though. I know I don't have long until my cock gets too soft to fuck her and finally she starts to cum. I give her ass a slap and she slides my cock out of her pussy while she slowly stands up. I love the feeling of my cock slipping out of her well fucked pussy. She turns around and gives me a kiss before leaving the shower without saying a word. I quickly finish cleaning my cum off my dick and turn off the water on my way out.

She's getting ready by the sink and she turns and gives me a little smile. Before I can say anything she starts to talk "go get dressed and wait for me in the living room". I agree but can't help but wonder what she has in mind. I quickly get dressed and go to wait in the living room like she instructed. I wait for about 30 minutes and I can hear her getting ready.


Finally she comes out and takes my breath away. My wife is wearing a low cut dress that exposes as much as it covers. It's an all-black dress and it has her midriff exposed. Its low cut showing us as much cleavage as possible and starting right above her perky nipples. It's short as all hell with ending just after her hips.

If she bent over I could see everything. It doesn't have a back and it looks hot as hell on her sexy frame. I can feel my boner already starting to rise but I know that we are about to go out. She struts over to me and leans in to give me a kiss. As our lips meet my wife's hand reaches down and rubs against me now hardening cock. "I'm glad you like the dress," she whispers to me before giving me another kiss and standing.

I stand up and follow her towards the door. When she arrives to the door I reach my arms around her and pull her into me and rub my now stiff penis up against her body. "You better control yourself mister, we still have a while to we'll be playing again," she says teasingly. She gives her beautiful ass a shake and it rubs against my cock as the opens the door into the hallway. She walks out and I follow after her eagerly. I feel like a boy in a candy shop that's been told he can't have anything.

It doesn't matter that I just had a piece of candy before I walked into the store, I want more candy now. I follow after her rubbing my hands along her arms, stomach, back and shoulders. I can't get enough of her soft skin against mine. We walk through the lobby of the hotel and out the door into the streets of New York. It's amazing how easy it is to hail a cab when you have a beautiful women who is wearing skimpy clothes with you. It didn't take long at all and the two of us climbed into the back of a cab and my wife listed off an address to the driver.

God I couldn't help but continue to stare at her beautiful body. Her dress pushed up her giants breasts and her cleavage seemed to go on for miles. I wanted to play with them so bad, I could just see my face smothered in them, my mouth sucking on her nipples and my penis fucking her boobs.


But I restrained myself and worked my vision farther down her body. I was marveling at her gorgeous stomach when I felt her hand slide over to my pants. I glanced up to her face and leaned in for a kiss. As our lips touched her hand undid the button on my pants and slid underneath them. Her fingers wrapped themselves around my warm cock and she started to rub it and massage it gently.

It felt amazing and I continued to make out with her as my passion swelled to unimaginable heights. It felt like this lasted for a minute but in hindsight it probably was closer to 20 when the driver pulled off at our destination.


My wife slid her hands out of my pants paid the driver and stepped out of the cab. I instantly followed her almost forgetting to button my pants back up. She led the way to a medium sized bar, although it was probably small by New York standards, and found a seat at the bar itself.

I sat next to her and leaned over to whisper into her ear "I love you girl". She smiled and responded with an "I love you too" and ordered some drinks for the both of us. We sat there and drank and talked for about an hour. Our conversation was filled with sexual innuendos and all out dirty talk.

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After the hour we had drank about seven or eight drinks worth of liquor and my wife was decidedly drunk. I told my wife how bad I wanted to fuck her and how we had to get going now because I wanted my cock in her pussy that bad. She smiled and told me that she had a better idea. She ordered four more drinks for the two of us and turned herself towards the room in her barstool.

I turned around with her my heart already racing at the mere thought of what I thought she was about to do. Slowly she uncrossed her legs, with the length of her dress this gave a perfect view of her immaculate pussy to anyone who happened to look our way.

She reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her crotch as she slowly spread her legs a little. I could tell that she was nervous despite the alcohol but excited at the same time. I think she just wanted to see what kind of reaction that she would get before she just dived right in. Her legs were only a little spread but it was enough to give me access to her pussy. I reached towards the top and started to gently massage her clit. She let in a little gasp of air and smiled at me as I continued to rub her clit.

Slowly I worked my fingers down to the hole and rubbed around it gently. Her pussy was already wet and after teasing her for a little bit slid a finger inside her slowly. It was at this point that someone in the bar finally noticed what was going on. It was a young man in his mid-twenties who was there with some friends. He nudged some of his buddies and they all started to look over coyly.

None of them all out stared, it was obvious that they didn't want us to think that they were looking. I reached over with my other hand to spread her legs a little farther apart but to my surprise my wife was already spreading them. I slid a second finger inside her pussy and started to wiggle them.

As the second finger entered she let out another little gasp and I heard her start to moan a little under her breath. She leaned her head back a little and she took another shot as I fucked her pussy with my fingers.

Word was getting around the bar about what was happening and more and more people started to look over and watch. I saw a couple of men with hands down their own pants quite obviously enjoying the free show.

My wife reached into her purse and pulled out a little vibrator that I didn't even know that she had brought. It was about three inches long and slim. She handed it to me and spread her legs as far as her dress would let her. Clearly the sight of her body turning on other men had emboldened her.

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I turned the vibrator on and slid my fingers out of her now dripping pussy. I took the vibrator and started to rub her clit with it to my wife's delight. She started to moan a little louder and by this point almost every eye in the bar was focused on her pussy. Several men had there cocks out of their pants now and were rubbing away underneath their tables.

I took the vibrator and started to slowly slide it into her pussy. Once it was all the way inside her I pushed it a little farther and pulled my finger out leaving the vibrator inside her.

I went back to rubbing her clit and her moans got a little louder still. They weren't loud yet, just audible over the music but loud enough that someone could hear her from a table over. Her moans are hot as hell and when they turn into all out screams you can't help but want to fuck her. I rubbed her clit a little more and her moans started to gradually get louder and louder.

I leaned over and whispered into her ear, "you wanna do a body shot on the bar"?

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She smiled and readily agreed, she slowly pushed the vibrator out of her vagina with nothing but the mussels in her pussy. She turned around and the bartender must have heard us since he had already cleared out a spot on the bar for us. She stumbled up onto it and laid down on her back as the bartender set everything up.

I leaned down and took the shot and finished everything off with a nice long lick. I loved every second of it and didn't want to stop licking her when it was all gone. The next thing I knew a line had formed to take shots off my wife's beautiful stomach. I didn't mind one bit and started to make out with her as people took shots off of her stomach.

After shoving my tongue down her throat one more time I worked my way towards the bottom half of her body. I climbed up onto the bar and squeezed myself in-between her legs. I hiked her dress up above her ass and spread her legs in each direction.

I leaned down and gave her soaking wet pussy a quick kiss before going to town. My wife's pussy is stunning.

It's a nice long slit that leaves plenty of room to be played with. It starts at the top of her legs and runs damn near to her ass hole. On a shorter girl this might not be too large, but my wife is damn near 5'10" and has the hips to match her long frame. The result is a perfect looking slit that could be played with all day.

The lips of her pussy hang out a little but they aren't too large to distract from its natural beauty. There just big enough to suck on and play with but not too large to get in the way of the important parts that are underneath. They act as the perfect complement to an already perfect slit. The aroma that it gives off is amazing.

It smells so sweet and inviting, you can't help but want to eat her out after getting even the briefest whiff. I didn't tease her at all I was too horny for that. I shoved my tongue right into her pussy and started to lick away, savoring the taste of her juices in my mouth.

The taste of her juices is sweeter than you can imagine. It is everything that the smell of her pussy promises that it will be, delicious and intoxicating. And while her juices don't always flow that freely, when they do it's like a waterfall. Tonight is one of the waterfall nights. I worked my way up to her clit and started to suck on that and pull a little.

Now she was all out screaming in pleasure as I ate out her beautiful pussy. All the while stranger after stranger took shots off of her stomach and plenty were staying around for longer licking sessions then necessary. I started to go all out on her pussy.

Rubbing my face in it and licking away while paying special attention to her all so sensitive clit. Before I knew it she was cumming in my face.

"God yes!" she screamed at me. Her hips were thrust up shoving my face farther inside. I couldn't breathe but I didn't care. My face being shoved into her pussy while she came made it all worthwhile. I keep eating her out for several minutes after her orgasm before climbing off the bar. Please rate and comment! A few comments on what you would do to my wife would be much appreciated ;)