Tattooed skater assfucked while jerking

Tattooed skater assfucked while jerking
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Chapter Two - Capturing The Victims Once we arrived at the house, I pulled her out and onto the hot pavement. I dragged her body up the stairs, into the house and into the basement. Once there, I threw her in a jail cell and walked into the main room. "Sorry about that Greg. She's my step-sister. Her clit was wet as hell when I confronted her so I brought her here"I explained"We're not related and plus she's a prostitute." "Brand her and hook her up to some chains.

We need our rest before tomorrow"Greg said, climbing up into the house. Nodding, I rolled a big pot of fire into her jail cell. Dana was curled in the corner. With one arm, I pulled her up and threw her against the concrete wall.

I stripped her body clean and rolled the pot closer to her. "Now, this is going to hurt a little but its only gonna happen once"I said." I pulled the brand out of the pot and pushed it against her skin for five seconds.

She screamed bloody murder but when I removed the metal, #416 was branded on her shoulder. "W-w-w-hy am I #416 and not #1?"she asked." "Your the 416th girl to come through this business"I said, chaining her to the wall"Now, in the morning we have to leave to go get you some best friends." The skin around the brand was a bright red.

You could tell Dana was in agony. But I could care less. It was so much fun for me and Greg.

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Plus all the customers would have so much fun watching Dana struggle. When the morning came, We hand-feed Dana some eggs and made he suck water from a bottle. It was enough to hold her over until we got the other girls. Our first stop was of course, the sex shop.

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My favorite place of all time and the perfect place to capture some victims. I stayed in my creepy corner, looking at Sex Movies, waiting until the right time. There was only one guy in there but he obviously wasn't strong enough to subdue me.

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Since the only security camera was right above me in my "Creepy corner", I sprayed a black paste over it so no one would be able to see the kidnapping. I closed all the curtains on all the windows and door. I locked the door and turned over the "Open" sign to "Closed". I went to the back and grabbed my handgun. "Against the wall before I shoot you all!" The guy grabbed his girlfriend and hugged her close.

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"That handgun clearly doesn't have enough bullets to kill us all." "Would you prefer for me to go get my AK-47 then?"I questioned, smirking." I stared at Bethany as she reached down to grab something. "Put the cellphone down." The cellphone dropped to the floor and broke. The police didn't know squat.

I grabbed some rope from the other side of the store. I tied the girlfriend to the counter, her ass clearly in the air. "Now, if you want to survive,"I told the boyfriend"Stick your cock all the way down in her ass and cum inside of her." "Andrew! You promised until we got married!"she yelled." I slapped the girl across the face.

"If you don't do this, I will shoot you and your girlfriend." The guy, Andrew, pulled down his pants and climbed on the counter. He whispered something to his girlfriend before sticking his cock in her ass.

But he wasn't going deep enough. I pulled out my gun and pulled him away from his girlfriend. I shot him clear in the throat, killing him instantly.

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"So sad, now isn't it?"I said." I grabbed the girlfriend off the counter. "Line up against the wall! Now!" All the girls lined up against the wall and one seemed more than eager to get picked first.

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"Are you going to fuck us?"she asked." "Not at this present moment, no"I said." She frowned as I pulled her out of the group. "Go strip in the corner and head out the back.

Actually, all of you get in the corner and strip. Quickly!" The girls hurriedly walked into the corner and stripped themselves naked. Greg walked in and together we pulled all five girls out and into the van. We heard police sirens up on the highway so we hurriedly climbed into the van and drove up the road.

Since we were on the main road by the time the police arrived and we had "Greg's Delivery" written on the side, the police thought nothing of us. Our next stop was a small grocery store. Greg came out with 4 girls, making the total of victims up to "9".


We decided that was enough, considering if we added Dana, we had 10 girls. We had to drive the van into the garage and shut the garage door before pulling all the girls into the house. They were each thrown into their own jail cell, two in each. "Now this wouldn't be any fun if we just let you rest, now would it?"I said over the intercom"Now for those in Jail Cell #1. Dana, you will be unchained. Bethany, you will be chained. Dana, you will be given a strap-on.


I want you to fuck Bethany's pussy. If you don't, Lisa will lose her virginity. By a man with a cock so huge, we could kill her. So I would suggest you do so." Greg stripped himself clean and walked into the first Jail Cell.

He unchained Dana but grabbed Bethany. He pushed her down on all floors and chained her down like that. He put a strap-on on Dana but then he went into the next jail cell and grabbed Lisa. Her quivering body was barely able to stand up. "Come on Dana, get to work!"I yelled." Lisa was slowly being dragged into the main room. Dana spit on Bethany's pussy and slowly pushed the dildo into her. Then she began to rapidly fuck Bethany. After about five minutes, I gave Greg the OK to put Lisa back into the jail cell.

I told Dana she could stop fucking Bethany. But instead of releasing Bethany, Greg walked into the jail cell and taped a vibrator to Bethany's clit.

He then grabbed Dana and dragged her into the main room, shutting the jail door behind him.