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Echte heiße Frau  real hidden cam  echten Orgasmus
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It was all about Cherry Summers, the cute little cheerleader who lived nextdoor. Her real name was Sherry but absolutley everyone called her Cherry becuase of her long and full red hair.

So you're probobly thinking what a 30 year old married black man would want with this girl? Although she was only sixteen she had a body way beyond her years.

She had gorgeous big brown eyes, nice perfect large titsa small waist with a nice round ass.

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She had long legs and the silkiest red hair anyone has ever seen. I loved my wife Tasha and she's beautiful inside and out.

But sometimes a man wants more, I knew my wifes fantasies like the back of my handi knew every sensitive spot and im just gettin tired of the same exact thing. I want to go back to the tight virgin pussy. havent had that in over fifteen years.

And the cute spunky outgoing little Cherry had it. On occasions her mother would trust me to watch her from my house when she would leave for hours on in, that was just my excuse to take little peeps in her window. I probobly seen her naked at least three times so far but the veiw wasnt too clear. She was always good, never caught her doing anything she wasnt supposed to be doing. Me Cherry and her mother had a pretty good and close relationship i knew alot about her.


I dont think a girl like her could actually "take it" I bet nothing has been up that cunt before. I always paid her for walking our two dogs and tomorrow she's coming over. "Good morning baby." My wife said to me while i was in the kitchen supposedly reading the paper when i was really watching Cherry throgh the window practace her cheerleading moves in her cute uniform.

"Goodmorning." i said distracted when she bent down and did the splits. "Baby i need that guestroom designed by next month can you possibly call Cherry or her mother, i know they have exquisite designing skills, just look in their house.

Dosnt she look just adorable " she said as she saw her outside when she looked out the window, i decided not to comment on that one. "Okayim leaving for work now, i'll call you when i get there, bye i love you!!" She rushed out the door before i can say "I love you" back.

About two hours later there was a light knocking on my door. I walked over to the door to answer it and saw the the redhead bombshell at my door with tight short pink shorts and a matching pink bikini top. My dick throbbed. The rivers of red hair were in two pigtailed french braids.

"Hi Mr. Cooper, are your dogs ready?" She asked in an enthusiastic innocent way. "Yeah they're around back." I let her come thru the house instead of having to travel all the way around it. She knew my house she's been in it so many times so she walked in front of me. The way her hips glided side to side and the way her young vanilla colored asscheeks popped out of those shorts drove me wild.

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It was obvious she wore no panties, She had to know what she was doing to me. Cherry was nothing but a tease. We finally made it to the back where she purposley bent down to greet and pet both my dogs.

Her ass was absolutley perfect, and the free peek aroused me. She quickly attached the leash to both of them, the two dogs eager to get out the backyard. "So how much do i owe you this week?" i said in shaky voice trying to forget about the beautiful ass i just seen.

"Sixty Mr. Cooper." "I reached down in my pocket and gave her the money.

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"Mr Cooper can i ask you a favor?" "Sure, what is it?" "Well its going to be a real hot day and i just wanted to know if me and a few friends could go swimming in your pool?" "Yeah, yeah go ahead. In fact i'll leave the gate unlocked." "Thank you so much, I thought we'd have to burn today." "But only because its supposed to be over 100 degrees today." She happily glided out the backyard with my two dogs. I looked at her sweet ass one more time before she left.

I went back into the house to lift some weights before the girls came. I knew if i wanted i could have her, I wasnt bad at all for a 30 year old man.

I still have a nice well toned chiseled body, I keep my head shaved and bald, only because my wife loves it so much, Dark brown skin and brown eyes. In fact when i was in high school all the girls loved me, some even faught for me. Diana--Cherrys mother--was going to be away tomorrow evening until tomorrow morning and asked me to keep an eye out for her daughter, little does she know i have plans for doing much more.

A couple hours later, when i just got out the shower. I decided just to wear a whitebeater and some baggy jeansafter i came out my room from dressing i heard a bunch of giggling girls, i knew it was Cherry and her friends.

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I walked out the backdoor and into the backyard to see six beautiful young girls playing around in my pool. Two were blondes, One was brunette, One was black, and another one was latina, and of course Cherry.

All of them were equally beautiful and sexy and absolutley all of them had large firm teen tits. Cherry cutley waved at me from in the pool as i stepped ouside. "Hi Mr. Cooper!" All the girls waved at me from in the pool, i simply smiled back.

"Hey, you ladies want some sodas and maybe a little music out here its a little too quiet." The girls all looked at eachother with exitement as if they struck gold. When they all agreed i went inside and got six cans of soda and brought it outside and placed it on the picnic table, the girls all got out the pool to sit at the table. I then went in to grab the large stereo hooked it to the radio and played music.

I then went back out to see if the sound wasnt too loud, when i was stopped by Cherry. "Mr Cooper, come join us." I felt like was back in high school when i walked over to the table and sat down to bunch of gorgrous girls. "Everybody this is my very coolteenage understanding neighbor, Mr Cooper." Cherry said with a cute giggle.

They all said hi. "Okay Mr. C. This is Amanda, Spring, Stacey, Nichole and Rhiannon." She went around the table each girl raising her hand.

I felt a bulge starting to form in my pants. These girls were out of control sexy. All of them with their stringy wet hair and water rolling down their bodies. I tried absolutley hard to look at their faces and not their tits and i was doing a good job so far. "Cherry he's cute." The blonde girl said in a low voice. One of the other girls nudged her in her side as the other one giggled." "You have to excuse Spring, she's always so honest." One of the girls said.

I nodded as the bulge grew bigger, thankfully no one could see thru the table. "So all you ladies are cheerleaders?" "Yep varsity cheerleaders." The Brunette replied. Damn she had some tits on her for someone with a small frame, she was almost busting out her top. The girls started dancing when their favorite song came on, they all moved their bodies in their own separate sensual ways, turning me on even more.

Their firm tits stayed in place as they moved their bodies to the beat of the music. I knew i had to relive this yearning in my cock so inconspicously i got up and went into the house. And quickly jacked off. Later on that night i kept an eye out on her like Diana told me to. The other five girls from earlier this afternoon were at the house and in the living romm sitting in a circle, they seemed to be just talking.

But to my surprise one of them pulled out what looked like a liquor bottle and they all passed it around taking shots of it. I quickly ran to my office and grabbed my camcorder and stood out in the backyard where i got an even better veiw, zooming in on them all the way until their faces and features were crystal clear.

The camera got all the girls taking shots of the liquor and getting drunk, their voices were muffled, but this was all i needed to get what i wanted. Suddenly i seen two girls kiss and then two more and then the remaining two until it was three kissing couples.

They all switched partners and kissed all over again.

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This made my cock rock solid and wishing i was in the middle of this. At around seven in the morning i called Cherry over about wo miniutes. I heard a light knock at my door, i opened it to see Cherry standing out on my front porch, looking sexier than most grown women. She wore her sexy long red hair down and a tight and short strapless jean dress that clung to her tight teen body like latex.

I let her in and led her to the living room. "You're not going to like this." I said pushing the tape in the VCR "Like what?", she said skeptically. The footage from last night appeared on the screen as broad as day. The drinking and the kissing. It lasted for a full 10 minutes. She stood there, her hands covered her face in disgrace. The tape finally went off. I then flashed her a serious look. "How did you get this?" her face beet red.

"I promised your mother i'd tell her anything suspicious going on in the house while she wasnt home. Looks like im going to have to show her, im sorry." "Please Mr Cooper, if she sees that she'll probobly take me out of cheer, and wont buy me a car next semester. I'll be grounded for life, please dont, i'll do anything.

Oooh i know i'll walk your dogs for three months absolutely free of all charge." "No Cherry." I loved hearing her beg "What if i do ANYthing." "Go in my office." She quickly turned around and went into my office as i stepped in two minutes later, seeing her pace around.

"Calm down Sherry." I said using her full name "Please Mr Cooper, i cant calm down." she said crying "Call me Keith."I said as I picked up a strand of her red hair. She detected a little change in my attitude and kind of sensed what i wanted. "Take off your clothes." "What?" her beautiful face looked skeptic.

"Take off your clothes starting with those flip flops." I leaned against the desk and waited for her to take off her dress but she wouldnt.

"Your mother is going to be home in three hours, i dont think her heart will be able to take it seeing her little joy getting drunk and engaging in acts of lesbianism." "B-but your wife." "Nevermind her dammit, now do it before i show it to the whole block too." i demanded keeping my voice at its low tone.

With watery eyes she reached back and unzipped her dress revealing her large firm tits. I licked my lips in lust waiting for her to take the whole thing off. She wriggled out the rest of her dress showing me the most perfect pussy with a thin stripe of red hair going down the middle, my dick froze instantly.

Her fear and absolute beauty turned me on. As her dress dropped to the floor. "Get over here." I strongly demanded. And with slight hesitation she slowly walked over to me, with the beauty of her nudity right in front of me.

I gently brushed her hair behind her shoulder as she shuddered. I held her tight by her tiny waist and kissed the soft delecate white skin on her neck. The sweet aroma of her natural fragrance sending me on a sensual high. My large black hand moved up her body feeling the rest of her supple skin, Her arms were still at her side as if she were not enjoying it.

I suddenly cupped my hand around her tit, and the immediate hardness that her nipples got when i touched it sent me on a wild ride with ecstasy. Looking her deep in in her big brown eyes that were still watery. I put my head down and began to suck her beautiful breast, i felt her arms wrap around my neck finally as i began to play with her nipple using my tongue. After nibbling and sucking her nipple i went back down to get the rest of it, I swirled my tongue around her entire breast as i felt her lightly caress my head.

She was finally starting to like it as i moved on to the next nipple, doing my best to satisfy this one as good as i satisfied the last one, The last one was left pink wet and hard. while non stop sucking on her breast i let my hand explore the southern side of her body. I ran my hand up her thigh and up her inner thigh until i reached her nearly bald cunt. I felt its wetnesss and knew she was ready to "take it" I ran my fingers up her womanhood when i found her extrmely wet clit. I surrounded all my fingers around it, moving her pussylips out of the way, when i sweetly and gently rubbed it, still sucking and nibbling her breast.

"Ummmmm." I heard the moan escape her lips, as she found my lips with hers and began to kiss me, I still massages her now swollen horny clit as i began to explore her mouth with my tongue as she did with me.

The kissing got more feirce more hungry as the rubbing on her clit got rougher. She pushed her body closer up against me, my stiff black dick poking her in the abdomen. My dark brown skin against her white ivory skin showed deep contrast against one another as the steam between us built. Cherry took off my shirt and without notice began to kiss and lick my chest. The feeling of her little warm mouth on my chest felt unbelivably good.

I ran my fingers through her soft red hair as she continued to go lower, kissing and sucking on my abs this time. Lower she began to go, licking on my navel, until her little hands started unbuckling my belt, prepared and ready for what she was about to do i rested my hands and arms against the desk i was sitting on. The wild teenager began taking off my pants and pulling my hard prick out the hole in the middle of my boxers.

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Kneeling down now her mouth now stood before my very dick, so close i could feel her warm breath on it. With her eyes on it she guided it up her mouth. My big black dick streching her lips as wide and far as they could go. She then ran some more in her mouth. The feeling of her warm wet tongue moving up and down on my pole caused me to groan.

Each movenment she made with her mouth and tongue felt surprisingly good. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head in taking more of me as i pulled her out and then pushed her in.

She finally got a clue of how fast i wanted her to go and began bobbing her head up and downher soft lips kept running up and down on me at this rate i was ready to cum in minuites maybe even seconds. She let my entire cock slide out her mouth and dove back in this time just getting the head which was fine with me, she flickered her tounge around and around, sucked, licked and lapped like a dog.

I felt myself cumming but without warning i busted in her mouth. My cum shot directly in her mouth as she continued to suck, a little bit of it on her lip.

she swallowed vigorosly as i shot load after load of my blackman seed down her little white teen throat. After one last and final squirt she licked my cock clean leaving a shiny black pole. She wiped her mouth off and looked at me with surprise and embarassment. "Ever had any boyfriends Cherry?" with her finger in her mouth she lightly answered "About two." "Two, you've got to be kidding me, you're so damn beautiful." She gave me an embarassed smile as i walked over to her.

Now standing about 8 inches away from her. I grabbed her tiny wrist and walked her over to the desk laying her down on it as she shyly cooperated. I stood beside her as she lyed beautifuly on my desk, I gently started caressing her hair. "Still a virgin beautiful?" she nodded yes as i walked up between her legs, taking off my boxers.

She looked nervious but gorgeous I slowly spread her legs holding them by the backs of her knees. I took a good look at what i was about to be inside of. Her insides were so pink and wet, her pussy looked so little and tight and the tiny pink hole so small, i looked at my dick and wondered myself how i was going to get it up there.

I decided i was going to go for it. Preparing myself I slowly penetrated her cunt as she let out a tiny squeal. Only the head was in and she was sqealing, i really dont think she'll be able to "take it" penetrating a little deeper now with great struggle.

I watched the little pink skin on the side of her pussylips spread wider and make way for me as i pushed in a little deeper almost halfway in. Her squeals turned into yelps when i felt her soft warm wet cunt envelope and clasp around my cock like plastic wrap.

I havent felt a pussy like this in over fifteen years. i began to appreciate it more as i pushed a little more up in her when i felt something inside her rip. She yelled in pain and absolute agony. "Please take it out, it hurts." She said crying. I didnt care how bad it hurt, it felt good to me and im going to keep pouding her until i cum in her sweet pussy, the look on my face said so as she read it knowing i wasnt going to stop.

I realized what it was that ripped inside of her, it was her hymen, her sweet innocence and dear virginity which was taken by me, this huge black dick. I finally got all the way in her after nearly splitting her in two. I pulled out quickly, when i saw drops of dark red blood dribble out her and onto my desk. Ignoring the blood i pushed myself into her in one big thrust causing her to cry out bloody murder, like i was killing an animal. Not caring about how she felt anymore i banged in and out of her little tight fucking canal, she gripped to the sides of the desk crying but i couldnt care less.

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I held on her legs even tighter and began roughly thrusting in her the feeling of her young teen pussy was too much to bare. "Fuck your pussy is tight ahhhh Dammmnn!" i groaned behind clenched teeth and heavy breathing. Sweat started to form on my forehead as my cock drilled her on my office desk, her tits moving up and down to the speeds of my thrusts.


The feeling got much more intense until i could no longer hold back. My cum shot deep inside her and me at a sudden standstill as i emptied myself inside this sweet little white teen red head cheerleader Cherry Summers.

I emptied the rest of my cum into her, then i pulled out to see her cunt ooze my cum and a bit of her blood. She looked at me with anger and disgust as i stood there breathing hard. "Are you done with me?" she asked in an angry tone, making me a little mad at her.

"No, no im not." I answered back in anger. "Get off my desk." i srongly demanded. She slid herself off the desk. Right afterwards i grabbed her arm tightly and threw her face down on the desk still holding her hands behind her back as she let out yelps of protest. I kicked her legs open as i stood behind her and forced my black pole into her little asshole.

She screamed to the top of her lungs, shattering my eardrums and possibly having neighbors suspect something. I pulled her up by her hair and violently hit her face with the palm of my hand. While humping and sexing her tight ass. I was kind of surprised i did it considering i've never hit a woman. "Shut up stupid bitch!!" She immediatley grew quiet as i pounded into her for the second time sodomizing her and leaving no hole unfucked by my laarge black cock.

The only thing escaping her mouth were whimpers and tiny squeals. Like her pussy walls, her rectum walls closed around my dick making me experience the best feeling yet, still slamming into her with full force as she laid there being fucked moving up and down like a lifeless ragdoll. I grabbed her waist letting both her now bruised arms free.

i used one of my hands to slap her round ass till it turned red like the color of her face from the hit. Red with MY handprint. "OwwwUnghh Stop!" she lightly pleaded but it made me want her even more.

"The hell i will!" i said between groans, the same sweat growing back on my forehead. It was obvious she was crying i kept hearing her sobs and weeps. The feeling got more sharper and better as i pounded her twice as rougher as i did before as she started gasping in air completley not taking my dick like a true pro.

I finally came and shots and streams of cum went up her torn ass.

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I groaned one last time as i emptied the last drop of seed in her ass. I pulled out and with it came a slick and slimy "POP" Out of breath i sat down on my office chair, while Cherry still layed in the same position dripping my cum out both her no longer virgin holes. "Now im done with you." i said in a non chalant voice. She gave me an evil look picked her dress up off the floor and zipped it back up, and then putting on her flip flops.

I did the same thing as well as she tried to make her hair and appearence look as good as it did before she came. "I want the tape you sick bastard." She demanded in a shaky voice "Whoa, whoa now is that really the way to ask me." I said blocking the office door.

"Please.Hand me the tape Keith." "Thats more like it." i got the tape from where i left it and handed it to her. "But before you go." I forcefully grabbed her by the waist and intensley kissed her, i felt her little hands push me away, i stepped aside and let her walk out the room and out my house but she knew and i knew she'd be back tomorrow to walk the dogs.