Guard pounding sexy blue eyed pilfer

Guard pounding sexy blue eyed pilfer
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It was in between my freshman and sophomore year of college when I found work at one of the big movie theatres in the area. I must have been one of the luckiest, greatest jobs in the world because every girl that worked there was gorgeous in their own way and made my cock hard just from the site of them.

But the absolute best part was the managers. Three very sexy, hot, older ladies that every guy there wanting to fuck them. On my third day, I was still in the training with Keith, a high school kid about to graduate who has worked there for over a year. Keith was a pretty cool guy and always having fun while the bosses weren't looking.

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"Look man, every summer some wild stuff happens. So be prepared," he told me with a grin on face.


"What do you mean?" I asked. "Well," he says as he looks around and slaps something in my hand, "you are going to need some of these if you are lucky man." I look down at my hand and see he put a condom in it. I blurted out for a moment then whispered, "what the hell, are you serious?" "Hell yeah," he said, " every summer these girls, whether they been hear for a long time or not, always get horny and are ready to fuck so you better be." I looked down at the condom with my jaw hitting the floor and then quickly put it in my pocket as we saw the Head Manager walk up to us.

"Hey guys need to get back to work alright," he shouted at us.

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We nodded and head to the next theatre needed to be cleaned. "What about him?" I asked. "Well I'm sure he gets taken care of too from the cougars under him so don't worry," he said, "just be smart about it and enjoy it." Two days later, it was my first night closing and thank god because I got to close with Rochelle.

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Rochelle was a long curly hair brunette with beautiful curves and a strong body. Her breasts were her best feature, all naturally and very big.

The rumor around the theatre was she was past D's and going into E's with those big things. She was a junior at one of the high schools and a cheerleader. She was very flirtatious and love teasing the guys.

She and I were cleaning up one of the last theatre's to show a flick when she decided to have some fun with me. I was cleaning up the lower rows when suddenly she begins to scream. I run up to her in the last row, "what is it, you alright?" "Who in the hell fucks on a dirty floor of a movie theatre?" she asked, "that is so damn disgusting!" I look around and right in front of her is a used condom and just smiled amazed that someone got away with sex in a theatre without anyone complaining about it.

"Well when you are horny and adventurous I'm sure people would do it anywhere," I said. She turned to me and with a sly grin says, "really, so any guy and girl would do it on a pile of shit if they were feeling in the mood." We both laugh, I look down and see her breasts bouncing as she laughs and feel my cock starting to get hard.

"I'm not so sure about that but I'm sure almost anywhere if the mood is right," I say as my eyes move up and down her body. She leans back a little and places her hand on my chest.

"I can't believe you are checking me out right now after finding this," she says with a slight laugh. "I mean you guys can just get rock hard in a second can't you." I smile and look right into her eyes, "well with a sexy girl like you standing her it is hard as hell to stop the blood from leaving the brain." She laughs and looks at me as I continue to check her out. I move my hand towards her, but she stops me, "whoa big boy, it takes a lot more than a wanting glance to get a girl in the mood," she says as she moves back a little and faces away from me.

"Well thank god I know that," I say as I move a little closer. I lean in and brush her hair away from her face, whispering in her hair, "first you have to get their attention, then you have to relax them," I whisper in her ear as my hands move slowly up her back and begin to massage her shoulders.

I press deep flesh and move my hands up and down her upper back, massaging every inch and feeling her body relax. I work my way down to her lower back, rubbing deep against her. Her body leans over a little as I work hard against her muscles, feeling her body release the tension.

After a few minute I pull her back close against me, my breath against her ear, "then you have to make them feel desired, wanted very slowly." My hands move to her stomach as I lean in and softly kiss her neck, my hands moving up and down but never too close to her breasts, just taking my time as I kiss her soft, warm flesh.

She softly moans, "MMM, oh god I can't believe what you are doing to me." The heat from her body increases as I continue to rub her body, slowly moving down her thighs, but never going in-between, and then back up to her stomach. Her body falling into my arms as I kiss up to her ear lobe, nibbling on it and pulling at it with me teeth.

Her legs get weak as I hold her, her heart beating faster as her breathing quickens. I turn her around, "then," brushing the hair away from her face and looking deep into her eyes, "you make them feel like they are the only true, real thing on this planet," I say as I lean in and kiss her soft lips. She pulls me close by wrapping her arms around my neck, drawing my kiss deeper into hers, our tongues merging into one in each other's mouths. My hands rubbing up and down her back, then sliding down and grabbing her nice tight, round ass, squeezing her cheeks.

Her hands against my chest, then moving down and pulling off my shirt, rubbing against my chest and hard abs. Her touch sending shivers over my body and driving my cock insane. Our lips pressing hard against each other as our hands roam over each other's body.

The heat increasing as my hand slides up, anticipating the wonderful feel of her big breasts. She stops and pushes me down onto one of the seats, smiling at me. "Oh god, slow down now," she sighs as she bites her lower lip, "let's actually enjoy this, big boy." An evil grin comes across her face as she begins to move her hips and dance, her body moving to a silent beat. Slowly and seductively, her hands moving up and down her body as she caresses herself.

She slowly moves her shirt off and releases those breasts, my jaw hitting the floor amazed at how big they really are. "I see you like," she says as she swings her hips and dips down, her breasts inches away from my cock, "but I'm not done." She lifts up one of her breast and licks her nipple softly, flicking her tongue against it. Her other hand unbuttoning her slacks, sliding down and rubbing softly against her pussy, causing her to moan as she takes her whole nipple in her mouth and suck deeply on it.

She releases her breast and rubs them, then slowly moves hands down towards her hips and removes her slacks and panties. "Why don't I show you how ready I am," she says as she grabs her panties and throws them at me. I smile as I they hit my face, pulling them off I realize that they are completely soaked. "Oh wow," are the only words that escape my mouth. My eyes focus back on her as she moves closer, now on all fours on the dirty floor and crawling towards me.

"I guess you can call me your dirty whore," she says making us both laugh as she draws near. Her hands slides up my legs and up my body, rubbing against my pectorals, she leans in and kisses my lips.

Then she kisses down my chest, her mouth forming around my nipple, licking it first then sucking deep on it.


She smiles up at me as she bites on it, causing me to jump a little. I smile back, "careful now," looking down at her as she plays with my nipples. "Oh it is too late for that now," she says as she kisses down my stomach, her tongue teasing me as she moves closer to my dick and then farther away. She leans up and slowly removes my belt and undoes my pants. Her tongue slides across my waist as she looks into my eyes, my eyes begging for her to stop teasing but loving every moment.

She slowly slides off my pants and leaves my boxers, my cock bulging out of my boxers, the tip just peaking out from the pocket. Her eyes light up, "OH MY GOD, how fucking big are you?" she yelled as she looked up at me. I'm smile and laugh a little, "well I don't know but by judging your look I say pretty big." "Well damn I never saw one so big.

Usually high school guys are about average," she says as she rubs against it. "Well you're with a college guy now, and we are bigger and better than those boys," I confidently say as I watch her hands rub up and down against my bulge. She smiled at me, and then leans down and ran her mouth over the bulge under my boxers. Her eyes locked with mine as her long tongue rolled up and down my shaft. She slowly pulled down my boxers, my cock springing out as her eyes grow even bigger from the sight of it.

"Oh fuck, how do you walk with this?" she asked as her hand slowly grips it. I laugh a little and smile, "very carefully." She laughs a little too and begins to slowly stroke it.


Her lips softly kissing up and down my long, hard shaft, caressing it with her long tongue. My eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel her hands and tongue massage my cock. She kisses down and sucks on each of my balls, taking one into her mouth and sucking it deep before letting go. Finally she lifts her head up and takes the head of my cock into her mouth, moving slowly at first as her hand works the base.

Her eyes locked on mine as she pushed down further on my cock, moving a little faster and deeper each time. "Damn, never had one this big," she gasps as she catches her breath for minute, "Fuck, my pussy is getting wet from the thought of this monster in me." With that I looked down at her and moved myself onto the floor.

She looks at me and smile as I grab her waist and position her pussy over my face. "Eager thing aren't we," she says as she lies on top of me and grabs my cock.

"No, just getting you ready," I say with a sly smile. Her pussy was trimmed with no hair, a slight pink hue to in the light we had, and was covered with her sweet nectar. My hands began to massage her round ass as I pushed my tongue hard against her soft wet pussy. My tongue pulls one of her lips into my mouth, sucking on it gently. She gasps as her hands and mouth still worked on my cock. Stroking it slowly and covering it with her saliva.

Her mouth wrapping tight around my shaft as I feel her throat pulse against my head, sending shivers up and down my body causing me to spread her pussy wide and suck deep and hard on her clit, feeling her juices cover my tongue. My tongue working up and down against her clit, smacking her ass hard as I push harder against her, feeling her mouth and hands work my cock faster.

Covering my cock with her slobber as my tongue works faster on her pussy, feeling her hips move against my tongue.

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Her moans growing as I feel her hand squeezing harder on my dick. My tongue working her clit faster, pressing harder against her as I squeeze her ass, hearing her moans grow louder.

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Suddenly, she stands up. Her pussy dripping as she turns around and faces me, "alright no more teasing, fuck me now before we get caught," she says. I smile and stand up next to her as she takes my condom out of my pants pocket. She opens it up and slides the rubber down my long shaft, "I think this will do but make sure you get some bigger size next time," she says winking at me.

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I nod my head and kiss her soft lips, and then I bend her over and slowly push my cock into her pussy. "Oh god, never thought I say this but take it slow," she says, the sound of pain and pleasure mixed in her voice. I start slow, my hand on her hips guiding her body to move back and forth.

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Her walls pressed hard against my cock, causing my body to tighten as I move in and out her pussy. I push in a little deeper, causing her to moan as I work slowly into her pussy. My hands raking across her back as I begin to push against her, pushing my cock deeper and moving faster. Her juices running down my shaft and balls as I begin to pump a little faster.

"Oh god, that is it big boy, fuck me now!" she commands. I obey and move faster and harder into her pussy, my hand running up her back and grabbing her hair, forcing her down further onto my cock. Our bodies begin to slam against each other, her moans growing louder and louder as my hands slide under her and pinch her nipples. My lips kissing her neck as my cock pounds harder and deeper into her pussy, leaning closer to her ear and whispering, "Cum for me, my dirty little whore," my words commanding as ever but soft, "cum all over my cock now." "Oh god, OH FUCK!!" she screams as her body tightens then aggressively shakes.

Her pussy juices flooding my cock and balls as she orgasms. "YES, YES…" she screams again as another wave hits her. Her pussy pulsating on my cock, feeling it begin to pulse itself knowing I am near.

I continue to pound her as my own moans begin to grow, "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck," I mutter as my body tightens. Just as I feel my cock ready to explode she slides off and kneels in front of me, pulling my condom off and jerking my cock hard and fast. "God, I want to taste it," she demands as her eyes lock with mine, "give me that cum now." Her hand tight on my cock I feel my body tighten, her strokes moving faster and faster.

"OH SHIT…" I scream as I unload my thick, creamy cum into her mouth, flooding it with load after load. She begins to slow down as the final drops leave, looking up at me as she closes her mouth and swallows the whole load. "Holy shit, that was fucking amazing," I said catching my breath. She smiles and kisses my lips softly, "my exact thoughts big boy, I can't wait to get that cock again. But next time, lets not be at work so we don't have rush." I look at her in amazement, "that didn't feel rushed to me," I say.

"Trust me that was rushing in my book" she says with her sly grin, "now get dressed before we get caught."