Pure POV presents gonzo sex scene with Sabrina Rose

Pure POV presents gonzo sex scene with Sabrina Rose
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Kira Kosarin received an invitation to speak to the local ninth grade high school class about what it takes to become an actor/actress. She accepted the invitation and made plans to go to the school that Friday night since it was to take place after the school day.

Kira arrived at the school about six PM Friday night and was led to a small amphitheater where she would be speaking in front of the schools ninth grade classes. As the student who would be attending arrived and settled into their seats Kira looked them over their seemed to be about fifty students a mixture of males and females heavier on the Male side. The adult teacher who was in charge of the event led her to a podium to stand behind and introduced her.

She started speaking about her experiences in the entertainment industry but after about fifteen minutes picked up the microphone and stepped out from behind the podium walked to the edge of the stage and sat down. This gave the audience a good look at Kira as she sat down.

Kira was a beautiful young woman with long curly brunette hair down to the middle of her back a light coffee colored skin tonefull red lips an amazing pair of c-cup rounded breasts. Her body was fit and toned displaying six pack abs and a nicely rounded ass leading down to a beautiful toned pair of legs.

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What she had decided to wear showed of her body perfectly with a sheer white sleeveless silk blouse cut short to expose her stomach and cleavage. A black silky short skirt that had a slit up the side that put her long beautiful legs on displayshe finished it off with a smooth pair of black leather knee high boots and a silver double chain link belt.

Sitting down it was obvious that Kira was either not wearing panties or they had to be too tiny to be seen. Kira settled in and continued speaking as the young men in the audience started squirming in their seats as their cocks began to swell. The ladies in the audience started whispering to each other she is such a slutshe should be taught a lessonand you know who is going to pay for this we are after she leaves our boyfriend will expect sex.


One of the young woman said I don't think so as she rose up and went to the school cafeteria and bought a bottle of cold soda then to her locker and retrieved a small bottle of liquid she poured the soda into a cup of ice added the liquid from the small bottle stirred it and put in a straw.

She returned to the amphitheater and took the cup of soda to Kira. Ms. Kosarin you look parched so I got you some ice cold soda. Why thank youI am thirsty and drank down half the cup. Sitting the cup on the stage next to her she continued to talk. About ten minutes later she started to wobble and knocked over cup soaking her skirt with soda.

Oh Ms. Kosarin the on girl exclaimed as she and a few other rushed up to the stage.

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Are you alright they askedyes I'm fine she said but could barely speak. Here let us help you change your skirt and they peeled off her wet skirt removing her boots and showing that she was not wearing panties they continued to remove her blouse and discovered she didn't have a bra on either.

Kira by this time couldn't even sit up so they laid her down on the edge of the stage and spread her legs apart. One of the young girls reached up and separated Kira's nether lips fully exposing Kira's vagina much to the pleasure of the watching young men. One of the young women had started video recording what was happening to Kira and started asking Kira questions like Ms. Kosarin would you like us to spread your vagina open and give these men a good view of your pussy to which Kira replied yes please.


Then they asked her if she would like to have her body massaged and again she said yes please. So the girls around her started rubbing her nipplessqueezing her breastsmassaging her pussyand pinching her clit recording ever bit of it. Catching the point at which she started becoming aroused moaning loudlyher nipples becoming hardand her pussy opening like a dew covered flower. At this point the girls looked out at the boys and one said Ms. Kosarin seems to be in some distress is there anyone willing and able to help her.

Most of the watching boys rushed the stage and dropped their pants as they got to the stage. They recorded hours of activity as the first boy stepped between her spread legs and slammed his cock balls deep into her waiting pussy.

Thrusting into her he soon unloaded the sperm from his dick and moving back made room for the next young man.

Who repeated the action. After the third young man fucked Kira one of the watching woman stepped forward calling a time out and unceremoniously shoved a douche up into Kira's pussy cleaning it out and then dried her off. Stepping back she said to the crowd of boys continue which they did.

This went on for hours Kira being fucked having orgasms getting douches and dried off. Finally all of the boys had fucked Kira and left the theater.

Leaving the group of young women behind when one of them spoke upwhy should we be left out and stripping straddled Kira's head and forced her to lick her to an orgasm while another one got on the stage and started grinding her groin into Kira's until both had orgasms. All of the woman took advantage of Kira in some way and after each was done got dressed and left.

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The last girl left Kira's naked body laying on the stage where she was found by the security officer who bundled her into his car and drove out to his hunting camp where he kept a kennel of hunting dogs.

Bringing Kira into the house he brought the six dogs in and activated his cameras leaving her naked body on the bed and returned to his place in town where he watched the activity on his television.

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The first dog was a blue tick hound he moved up between her legs and started licking her pussy as two others began licking her face bringing her out of her drug induced state. Becoming aware of what was happening she started saying no repeatedly and tried to move away from the dogs. She did not succeed as the hounds continued to lick her causing her to have the first of may orgasms.

After she orgasmed she attempted to put some distance between her and the dogs but soon discovered that getting up onto her hand and knees put her in a bad position as the blue tick seeing her presenting herself to him swiftly mounted her and shoved his dog cock deep into her pussy.

He proceeded to rapidly thrust into her vagina soon filling her womb with his sperm. Kira crying by this time started screaming someone help mestop this. The guards switched on his radio and speaking to Kirais that what you really want Ms.

Kosarin people to find you being fucked by dogs and learning how you let young men and woman fuck and suck you to many many orgasms. No that would ruin my career and possibly land me in prison. Then I suggest you settle in and enjoy the dogs attention.

Kira spent the weekend being molested by the six dogs and the guard when he came out on Sunday to bring her back to town. He brought her clean clothes and allowed her to wash and dress.

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Reaching town he left her off at the bus station and bought her a ticket home. Then he thanked herfor what she asked. Well first for the hours of video to watch you being fucked by my dogssecond for the chance to fuck you myself it's not often an old ugly fat man such as myself gets to stick his dick into a beautiful young bitch like you. He left her at the bus station and when her bus arrived she got on and returned homeshe swore to never accept another invitation to a speaking gig but realized it was an experience she would never forget.

Especially when a few months later sexy nude pictures of her started to appear on the internet. She claimed they were fakes but recognizing some them from the school and knew they were real.