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Katie morgan got a sweet tooth
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Chapter 1. The two late children Sarah: The surprising death is a difficult thing and bigger pain for our soul than somebody who is in serious illness. Then we know that death will come inevitably and we can prepare our soul for the end. However I lost my dear husband in a flash. He simply fell on the ice breaking his legs, but drops of bone marrow entered his bloodstream. He died in pulmonary embolism. I became a young widow at the age of forty-seven years. George (my husband) was five years older, than me.

Our three children all left our midwest city. Our older daughter Vanessa lives in Hawaii, our younger daughter Margaret in Maine and our son Peter in Louisiana.

All our children had kids, so I could not say I go to that or this city to help them with my grandchildren. I did not know what I would do in the far future. I came from a poor family, my mom was a divorcee with two children and my dad was lost in the big country without leaving a trace after the divorce. He wanted to avoid paying child support and alimony to my mom, and hiding one's identity was more manageable thing at that time. Yes we were before nine eleven. My mom worked as a waitress in a better class restaurant, but she raised my brother and me well.

We both graduated from high school and my brother, Bob went to Police Academy. After 25 years of Police service he is working as a security boss for a racecourse now. Bob lives happy life with his wife and they are grandparents from their two daughters now. I went to work at a dressing shop as a shop assistant, where I met my late husband.

George was an apprentice in a chemical firm after his graduation from college. He had been to this shop several times before to buy something. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, he accidentally asked me for a date. Dating was nothing new to me for I had some boyfriends earlier, I accepted his offer and after a very brief courtship I was married at the age of twenty years old. We received some money as a wedding present from his brother, James, so we able to begin our marriage in a nice house.

Now I owned a beauty salon in one of the Malls in my city. This beauty salon was a successful business, employing twelve ladies. My late husband was a successful manager at a local chemical company and we were wealthy people.

I did not have a college degree, so I undertook cosmetic and hairdresser training, which enabled me to work in a beauty salon, when my youngest daughter was twelve years old.

For five years I worked as an employee, when the owner wanted to retire, my husband and I decided to purchase the beauty salon from her. We almost had all the money, but a bank loan was required to make up the difference. It only took five years to pay off the loan for the beauty salon. George's brother, James was sixteen years older, was an extreme successful businessman a multimillionaire at that time.

He owned a construction firm, as well as many other investments. He was an architect and he liked his younger brother, but he assisted his sister too. George had a fourteen-year-older sister Nancy, but she moved to California with her husband and their two daughters. My husband was a late child, who was born, when his older siblings were ready to start their adult lives.

However the three siblings had a close relationship irrespective of the age difference or the far distance they lived apart. James was married with two sons, when I knew him. We visited his big house for family events. Nancy's and my family received large sums of money from James at every Christmas.

We tried to give some type of valuable presents to his family, but we were the loser every-time in this competition. Uncle Jim was very popular among our kids and Nancy's kids alike. My husband and I were successful, but we were not as wealthy as James's family. George had a very funny habit, he preferred milk to beer, and he did not like distilled alcoholic drinks. I did not think his taste would be a sexual nature at all. We lived the ordinary sex life of married couples with children having sex three times a week was our average.

When I began to wean my last baby Margaret, I felt a strong attraction to my breast from my husband. During sex he got small milk portion from my breast, when he kissed and licked my nipples, he tasted my milk for first time in all of his life. I am honest in saying we were lucky, because I belonged to that women's group, which felt euphoric, nursing my children.

I was a little confused about his almost accidental nursing during sex that I began to talk about it. So George admitted his most secret sexual fantasy to me. First I was astonished totally about this. He dreamed about such Planet in our Galaxy, The Milky Way, where the women nurtured their lovers, husbands with so much milk, that they did not have to eat other food.

He admitted he dreamed of breastfeeding while engaging in sex. First I told him that his sexual fantasy was weird and in fact disgusting, etc. This concept was a very strange thing to me to grasp. However I thought a lot about this thing the next days and I was lucky that since I loved my husband so much.

I was able to change my mind and I told him I would be willing to try it for him. Only I had a request, this sexual activity had to be a secret from the world, my family and friends. We began an adult nursing relationship or as abbreviated as ANR. The Internet was in its infancy at that time, so the possibility of finding information on ANR was zero. We did not know this connection was named ANR. We discovered this accidentally and we were pioneers of ANR. Later we wrote articles for ANR sites on the Internet to encourage others.

However we were alone with ANR at that time. We were glued in a tighter connection, so at the time of death of my husband, we were in a deeper love than when we got married. James was a heavy smoker, so it was not surprising that he developed lung cancer. The late diagnosis of his condition made the treatment of the disease by the doctors pointless for his body was full of metastases.

Palliative care was organized at the hospice. George helped him and was present when he died. Martha became a widow while her two sons managed the firm after the death of their father.

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His older son was a college graduate with business administration qualifications and the younger son was an architect like his father.

They could quite well divide the tasks between them. Our three children also went to college but they went far from home after their graduations. Our two daughters graduated in business administration and our son in oil industry engineering. I remained alone here, when George left me to also be a widow two years after James's death. The heritage procedure was according to George's will, each child got the one-sixth of our cash savings, and I received the remaining half of the savings, along with the house and the cabin at a small lake.

However I got a surprise, because the will contained a codicil, which required me to visit a lawyer for additional information. This was very strange. I prepared to visit this lawyer in his office, after asking for an appointment. I arrived there in time. We introduced each other. Thomas Williams was an older lawyer who worked in this lawyer office more than forty years, an expert in family law.

He closed his office door directing me sit at his table, after his condolences to the death of my husband. The formality began, "Could you show your identity and the heritage order?" I showed everything. "This is an important formality. I can see you're George Miller's wife, Mrs.

Sarah Miller," he said. I queried, "I don't understand anything about this codicil." Then he proceeded, "I want to ask for your discretion, before I explain everything. You'll decide everything and I'll execute it. However your husband told me and also wrote to instruct me that his wife could manage this thing, but she'll have to promise discretion about this secret." I was a little nervous and my mind was in turmoil, when the lawyer continued, "This affair isn't your husband's secret.

Your husband was an innocent executor of a last request." I understood and queried him again, "Was it from James, the brother of my husband?" "Yes, this was the secret request of James Miller. I'm going to tell everything, but this is a very confidential matter," he confirmed.

"I can keep a secret," I replied to reassure him so that he could continue. He exclaimed, "All right!" and he started to explain everything, "James had a construction company among his investments and he had many employees. One of those was a female employee. James and this woman had a long time work place love affair. She was his personal assistant and they worked in close connection." I began to understand the situation and I exclaimed, "They were two cheaters!" But the lawyer answered with calm voice, "I haven't an official opinion on this matter, only a private one.

I'll give you the letter of the deceased Mr. James Miller to his brother to read. You're to give it back, and when the Will of Mr. Miller is accomplished, this letter will be destroyed. No other copies of it." He gave me the letter. James signed the letter at the end.

I read it twice and I was astonished totally. The content of his letter was the following. Dear George, Susan Blair was married with a ten-year-old daughter and an eleven-year-old son at that time. She was a graduate in business administration and she became my personal assistant.

We had a work place adulterous affair for almost a year, when I broke off the affair with her by transferring her to another department in my company. She was pregnant and she left my employment. Some years later I wondered if her child was mine.

I hired a PI firm to investigate her and her children. They gathered DNA sample from her daughter and the test showed that I was the biological father.

Now I learned I had a five-year-old daughter, Jennifer Blair beside my sons. The PI investigation showed an assumption that Susan Blair was clueless about the paternity of her daughter. Naturally her husband Frank Blair was also clueless about his wife's cheating and the biological paternity of his younger daughter. The letter continued: My eyes and hair color complexion are the same as Frank Blair's. We both have deep ocean blue eyes and light brown colored hair.

Jennifer's facial appearance was that of her mother, so an anthropological investigation could not give occasion to debate Frank Blair's paternity. I asked this PI firm to conduct a second investigation on this family six years later. The older children had just begun work and eleven years old Jennifer adored her Dad.

Frank was very successful dealing with investments. He left the real estate market at a time, when the real estate price was the higher and he invested in new possibilities, as there was an incentive to invest in the alternative fuel industry. He was a forecaster, because the oil price was low at that time. I feel responsible for this situation and after reading about lawsuits, where eighteen years worth of children support was awarded by the court against the biological father as a settlement, this sum was paid to the ex-husband.

I have organized a secret deposit to pay Frank, in regard to his upbringing of Jennifer, and another fund for Jennifer to help her in life. Since I was unable to accomplish this while I was alive, I have left instruction for a fund to be managed from which payment can be organized to: To give $250,000 to Frank, and likewise $250,000 to Jennifer, and also $100,000 to yourself for your help on completion for my request.

All these would be net money, the fund would cover all additional costs arising, such as additional money to the lawyer office, pay the taxation obligation, and to manage the lawyer's fee and the PI investigation's costs.

I plead with you, George desperately, that strangers, the family, your wife and my sons not be allowed to gain any knowledge about this matter. Moreover, if it might at all be possibility Jennifer should not know anything about the affair.

"George had no way of preventing Jennifer from knowing some of the scandal. Was James for real in his request?" I thought. There may be another solution.

That is to wait until Jennifer would graduate from high school, and at that time to show the evidence to Frank. However I leave it to you, George, to find the best solution with the help of my lawyer. James Miller I looked at Thomas Williams in a frightened way and he told me, "Please do not be afraid of this task we're close to a solution.

Your husband asked the same PI firm to conduct a newer investigation about Blair family. They did at the end of the last year. They're totally clueless about this and Jennifer adored her Dad." I thought of the fate that the two late children, my deceased husband and Jennifer, almost met in their lives. I did not know of a good solution so I remained silent.

"Mrs. Miller, I understand you. I think you should think about the problem before coming to a decision, and I'll give you the all PI reports. We've three reports with photos, videos, written reports on thumb drive.

What's your opinion? We've enough time almost two months until June." I answered. "All right, I'll look at them at home." He warned, "But please don't make any hard copies any of the content, nor another CD, to respect James wishes from absolute secrecy" I agreed with a simple nod of my head.

So with the three PI report, I brought home the "Skeleton" of my deceased brother-in-law. Chapter 2. Peace and happiness Frank: I do not understand how I was so ignorant during the year or it may have been a longer time period. But I could not confirm if there had been other extramarital affair. As a good average husband, I was happy, content and blind. I carry on telling my life story as I lived at that time. I was born in a wealthy middle class family as Frank Blair.

I have two older sisters and as the younger brother I was spoiled totally by my parents and also by my sisters. It may be this condition had led to not note my wife's cheating. I attended college and I graduated with a degree in financial economics, and then gaining employment here at a local bank. My dad owned a smaller investment firm and he told me I needed to gather a little experience in the corporate world.

So I worked as a simple employee to climb their ladder. During my college years I dated girls, but I did not find the right woman. However I met Susan at a family event, barbecue garden party. Susan Logan was a friend of my eldest sister's sister in-law. We began dating, since we both were unattached, we become an item and soon both of us were in love with each other.

Susan graduated in business administration and she started to work at a local company. She had beautiful brown haired, green-eyed tall well-built girl. We enjoyed sex and were compatible with each other. I think she appreciated my future possibilities, which could be important for a woman, who planned family with children. Susan's family was not so wealthy, as mine, but they lived an ordinary middle class life.

Half a year later I asked Susan to be my wife and she accepted. We had a big wedding and we went to Bali, an Island of Indonesia for our honeymoon. Both families helped us and we purchased a nice house with a small mortgage. Soon we began the baby production.

Mark was the first-born, followed a year later by Julie. Susan stayed at home with our children. Our sex life was similar to the other families with children. I adored our children and I was a happy father. I preferred low fat milk to beer and I did not like the distilled alcoholic drinks.

I liked reading to gain knowledge about the World. The National Geographic was my favorite magazine.

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I liked swimming and I participated in water polo, a sport not well known, in college and previously in the high school also. Now I go swimming at the local heated swimming pool in wintertime, when the weather conditions make playing golf not possible. We had a swimming pool in the garden too. I was still working at the bank in a good position, when my Dad asked me to come to work at the family business, as a financial advisor.

He told me, "Son, you learned enough in the corporate world, now you need to learn to carry on this business." After this conversation I left the employment of the bank, and came to work for my father. He paid me well, true I worked hard for two years before the company reorganization, and I received a promotion. So I became the CEO and my Dad became the president of our small company.


He gave all three of his children a 5% share of his company's stock. He said he wrote in his Will I would inherit 60% and both my sisters would inherit 20% each of the remaining shares when he died. When my son was eleven and my daughter ten years old my wife wanted to find a job and she found a company where she worked as personal assistant for the owner.

She told me she had liked this job but after more than one year she was transferred to another part of this company. Susan told me she did not like this sort of job and she was not in good relations with the owner. When Susan discovered that she was pregnant, I did not question whether she wanted to have the baby.

We had sex so if an accident (pregnancy) occurred you live with the consequences so abortion did not even enter into the equation. So of course I agreed with Susan to bring up a child in our old age. She worked until her seventh month of her pregnancy and she became a housewife again after the birth of my daughter, Jennifer. When the older children went to college, Mark wanted to be a financial advisor or planner as I was and Julie wanted to be a pharmacist.

We helped them to achieve their dreams. Jenny remained with us and she was my favorite. She became a true daddy's girl. Our two older children loved us equally, but Jenny adored me most. Sometimes Susan was angry with her so between my daughter and me our connection became even closer.

To be honest I loved her the best of our children. When Jenny was eleven years old, Susan found a job at a firm. She became a supervisor and she was content with her job. Our older children graduated and they are happily employed. My son in the corporate world gathered experiences and Julie worked as an industrial pharmacist until birth of her children. My older children found the right partners, and soon we became babysitters for Julie and Mark's children.

Jenny was about to graduate, when I got an interesting phone call from a woman, who wanted to meet me at my office. Her name was Sarah Miller she informed me that what was discussed at the meeting should remain confidential. I was not amused at the specific request for confidentiality, because my work involved managing confidential investments. But Mrs. Miller told my colleagues that she definitely wanted to meet with the CEO in person.

This was very unusual request, because special things generally needed my immediate attention for our major investors. If there was some very confidential issue, I could negotiate directly with the client, but my employees could manage the portfolios of the most clients. So I was a little excited, but not too agitated.

Chapter 3. The bad news Sarah: I took home the PI reports and I studied them thoroughly. The reports show a happy family and Jenny was truly daddy's girl especially when the older kids left the home. The last year's report showed a very healthy husband. Frank was handsome and his entire atmosphere was friendly around him.

The videos and photos demonstrated this well. According to the last written report the wife did not know the true paternity of Jenny. Jenny preferred her dad to her mother. I reread the reports, re-watched the videos, looked at the photos again and I was in the deepest shit in my entire life. When you are in front of a big problem, you know you have to solve, but you know the consequences on how it will affect your own life.

Unfortunately this case was the other way around, because I was before a stranger and the family of a stranger.

Surely this would open the sluice gate and the all sewage would flow to him. I knew the sewage would flow, because the past had to come out of the closet.

The Last will and testament of my brother-in-law did request, to try to avoid Jenny knowing the truth. I revisited the lawyer and we discussed all the possibilities and only one possibility remained. The $250,000 Jenny could receive it as a graduation present from her Dad. I thought this would be the best solution, but I had to open the closet with the skeleton for Frank.

I had already decided to call him Frank in my mind. I am honest now, I did not think of Frank at that time as a potential boyfriend candidate, but I found him a likeable personality from the PI reports. My husband died just some months earlier and I was a little emotional wreck from this, so this last request of my brother-in-law was a little soul stirring from my sadness, but no more. So I thought that almost nineteen years happy common past would be enough to forgive his wife's old affair.

I am a woman, with a woman's mind. I arranged a longer confidential appointment at Frank's office. His secretary organized this meeting and I arrived on time. I entered his office and we introduced each other and he showed me a place to sit down alongside him. He was the same handsome man that I had watched on the PI videos. I began, "Dear Mr. Blair It's very difficult to begin to explain this problem." He said "All right, you can start it from the beginning." I continued, "This problem isn't a simple investment, this is a family matter and I'm a little hesitant and embarrassed in the manner in which I can sensitively explain the circumstances correctly.

I need longer to explain." He politely reassured, "All right, Mrs. Miller, please continue." I began to open the sluice gate, "My husband died in January just after the New Year's Day and he had a burden to fulfill regarding his brother's will. I've inherited this burden and I have to discuss this with you." He looked at me in amazement. I went on. "You and your daughter Jennifer will both inherit $250,000 each from my brother-in-law James Miller." He was very intelligent and he understood everything after a short time silence.

First he became astonished then he became angry and the last picture, which remained in my brain forever, is the tear in his eyes and the sentence, what he moaned loudly. "I Love Jenny the best!" He was very sympathetic, from the photos, videos and the PI written reports, he was polite in his office, but he was no more than a friendly stranger until that last sentence he spoke. I fell in love with him at that moment. I think a little pheromone was from me in the office too. We were silent for a while and he started.

"Yes your brother in law was my wife's boss and I understand everything." "Mr. Blair you don't know how difficult it was to comply with his will. DNA evidence is for the paternity of Jenny. I feel like a bad news messenger…" I stopped speaking, because I noted I told him the sad truth. "All right, Mrs. Miller I've digested this bad news. I understand we have to work together to accomplish James Miller's wishes." He choked up.

I knew this would be the most difficult thing. He followed after the short silence, "Jenny is my daughter and it's not important who the sperm donor was after nineteen years, but my wife…" "James' lawyer and I think the best solution would be for Jenny to receive the money as a graduation present, which you could give to her.

What's your opinion?" I asked him. He replied, "Jenny won't be a problem, we could arrange this money to be her present, but my wife's past…" I told him. "In this case we could organize a meeting at the lawyer's office to finalize the details." He said. "All right we could organize the exact date of this meeting by phone from my office.

So my family will stay in the dark." So we said good-bye and I went home in the same sorry state as when my husband died.

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The meeting was interesting, because I fell in love with Frank and I felt the grief of his betrayal from his wife. I thought my love was only a hopeless dream, because I am a woman and I thought this marriage would survive this obstacle.

However I thought there was a good thing, poor Jenny would be left out of the all dirt. Chapter 4. The postponed finale for the free of charge "escort girl" Frank: When Sarah left my office, I remained alone with my Skeleton from the Closet. My fondness did not change towards Jenny, she was my favorite among my children.

The entire DNA thing does not mean much to me. It is sure, if I had known the DNA paternity, when she was born I would have divorced from Susan immediately and I would not have paid any child support according to the family law of our state. In that case I would not consider her as my own daughter. Eighteen years together has changed all that. Jenny is my daughter, because I raised her. Here I stood on a solid point. Susan was another point. I was wealthy, our firm was successful, but the ownership belonged to my Dad, I am in the fifth decade, healthy so I could even live alone.

Jenny would be going to college, so there were no child considerations. Why did I want to live with a lie? I gave up on my marriage at a glance. I thought I would wait until Jenny's graduation and I would give the gift money to her. I had two weeks. However I wanted to close my old life and also a big divorce statement for Susan.

I phoned a good divorce lawyer and I asked for an appointment. I had intended ending the marriage by divorcing Susan, but I thought through my possibilities again and I recognized I would spoil my youngest daughter's last summer to live in an intact family. So I thought I had better delay the divorce until Jenny leaves home for college, she wanted to be teacher. I thought time spent together would be the true present to my daughter beside the $250,000.

The divorce might be such a side effect that I would not have to explain my inherited $250,000 present to my soon to be ex wife. I went home and I began a three months role-play for Jenny. If my wife was a lying cheater and she played the good wife role for twenty years the lying for this time period would be nothing for me. The sex part was simple I regarded Susan as a free of charge escort girl for that duration. Earlier I planned a big wintertime holiday at the Australian summer.

Now I was glad that I had not told Susan yet. I had wanted to surprise her with this travel plan. The next meeting was organized at the office of James' lawyer a week later.

I went to this office like a business appointment. Sarah and Mr. Williams were already waiting for me, when I arrived. We greeted and introduced each other, then Mr. Williams checked my ID and he offered, "You've possibility to read Mr. Miller's letter, that you learn the reason of his will. I cannot give you a copy of this letter; you can only read it here." I agreed to the conditions and the lawyer gave James Miller's letter to me. I read the certification of my betrayal and I thought thoroughly of the proposition for the graduation gift to Jenny that was a good idea and the way to proceed.

I gave back the letter to Mr. Williams and I said, "I agree to give this money like a graduation present, because I don't want Jenny to know the whole sordid betrayal, the DNA evidence, Susan's yearlong cheating." The lawyer responded, "I think the graduation gift is the best idea and I'm glad you, Mr. Blair accepted this recommendation." Sarah was silent, so I asked James Miller's lawyer, "Could the payment of my net $250,000 be postponed because I want to divorce my wife?" Sarah looked at me with surprise and she flushed a little, but she tried to cover her pleasure.

She was embarrassed, because she recognized I noted her emotion to my divorcing plan. The lawyer did not recognize anything, because his eyes were fixed on me. Sarah became calm quickly, but I remembered her pheromone fragrance in my office, and I surreptitiously surveyed her. She was very beautiful for her age, her D cup breast was full and I stopped to admire her beauty a little. She was a light-haired blue-eyed woman. She did not mind my admirer's look. I heard the lawyer's reply from afar.

"The deceased Mr. James Miller thought of this, so he organized your settlement be received a year after your daughter's graduation present. We'll discuss the exact details together with Mrs. Miller, because she'll only get her net $100,000 after the successful paying out of both the graduation gift and your benefit as well." Sarah smiled at me and she could barely conceal her delight.

"We could meet several times to perform the will of my brother-in-law." The lawyer interpolated with explanation, pending Sarah's look at me with anguished sympathy.

"Yes, we shall organize the next meeting before the payment of the graduation present. Mr. Miller gave funds for the tax and the lawyer's office fee payment, so all sums of money you receive is net. The graduation gift will be allocated to your daughter's bank account, when you want." I was not a marriage fundamentalist, against being faithful to my wife until discovering her past, so I thought I was free to start any new life.

So I know Sarah was not only a simply nice person, but I felt in my soul a possibility for a new connection with her. My brain turned around similar ideas, but I followed the lawyer, so I said, "I'll announce my intention to divorce a week before Jenny leaves for college and I'll give the graduation gift to her after that.

I'll tell my three children, Susan had only an extramarital affair before the birth of Jenny." Sarah's pupils dilated and her sincere sympathy radiated. She told me later, my face was her reflection. I knew we had the suitable chemistry between us. She said, "I think Frank and I should stay in touch, so I could help with the proceedings as well.

I want to work for my $100,000." The lawyer told her. "All Right Mrs. Miller, you could be a participant in this proceeding, but legally the money transaction will be through our lawyer's office. The next meeting will be, to arrange the details of the first transaction to Jenny. You can be a contact to Mr.

Blair to arrange our meetings." Sarah and I smiled at each other with pleasure. I knew I would get to know Sarah better. We stood up. As we were leaving the lawyer's office together I invited Sarah to coffee, and she accepted my invitation. We went to a small coffee shop and sat down. She began. "I'm so sorry bringing bad news, I'm honestly sorry about your sad situation." She told me with honest understanding.

I thought she had a high EQ (emotional quotient) beside high IQ. "It has been a difficult week for I began the divorce proceedings. I've decided to postpone the document delivery until the end of summer. I don't want to disturb the last common holiday for Jenny," I said.

I saw twinkle in her eyes and she said straight, "You're a very nice man, for how you adore your daughter. Jenny is a lucky daughter to have so lovable a father." She told this compliment with a little flush. I recognized her intention to approach closer to me and I wanted this cooperation too. I knew I could be frank, so I said, "The DNA thing is nothing after eighteen years.

If she had been a newborn when I found out she was not genetically to related me, I…" I paused the conversation before I was able to continue, "would have left her without any emotion, but eighteen years together decided after all, she is my daughter." The sincere pleasure seemed on her face and eyes.

She told me, "I'm glad your daughter will be out of the all dirt, you're her true daddy. However your wife will lose you forever." "I'm healthy so I can continue my life without her. However I'm curious what you think about your brother in law, when you discovered this secret?" I questioned. She answered with friendly way. "I was astonished by his betrayal of my sister-in-law and his sons. I agree with the lawyer, this secret should remain with the lawyer, Susan, you and me.

James is now in the grave." I became brave and moved the conversation to know her better, "You're a widow, I'm sorry you lost your husband. Have you any children?" She replied, "Thank you for your warm words, I'm so lonely after my husband's death. I've three children, but they live so far from me. All my kids have children, but I rarely see my grandkids.

I'm very lonely now." I understood her entirely, she gave me a small encouragement. So I wanted to get more information about her, "What are you doing for living?" "I'm a business woman owning a big beauty salon that has twelve employees." We were a little loose after the serious issue. She asked a surprising thing, "How do you organize your lunch time in your job?" "I generally go to some restaurants or snack bars near to my firm, but sometimes I use pizza or sandwich delivery when I'm too busy in my job," I replied.

She became brave offering the next possibilities, "I could go to the same restaurants and snack bars as you, where we could discuss our common issue. This could be organized by company phone or mobile." I looked at her. She was a little disturbed for being so brave. I strengthened her with my consent, "It's a very good idea, and I usually eat alone.

All right I'll call you tomorrow" She was glad and told me, "I'll wait for your phone call tomorrow morning." We said our goodbyes and we returned to our respective firms. Chapter 5. My second chance for happiness in my life Sarah: I was lonely.

My children and grand kids lived so far from me, I did not want to go to my relatives, or friends so for most days I stayed at home being sad. The accidental possibility to be with somebody was a good initiative to come back to live a whole life, and that accidental possibility was an attractive man who wanted to divorce his wife. I knew I was fantastically lucky. For a middle-aged woman to find a good mate above forty years of age was a difficult thing.

I was in good shape. I looked almost ten years younger owing to ANR previously. I knew my husband would have wanted me to find a new mate and not be a sad lonely woman after his death. Once he told this to me some years before.

Frank was a good guy. I remembered from our first encounter how he moaned loudly, that he liked Jenny the best. We had good chemistry, only I was afraid of approaching this relationship a little too quickly. My love for Frank continued to grow after our first meeting. Since our encounter at the lawyers I had fallen in love with Frank entirely.

Was my love only a hopeless dream? Next day he phoned me and we met in a small Thai restaurant for lunch. Next day a Kentucky Fried Chicken was our aim and an Italian restaurant was next on the list. The following day our lunchtime meeting did not occur because Frank had an important business meeting. But the next week we went to a Steak house and so that's how our lunchtime rendezvous went. I knew he liked me, but we began the approach slowly.

We got to know each other's family background and each other. At the Steakhouse he told me as a personal characteristic laughing how he preferred milk to beer. I found this to be very interesting and this was that moment, when I decided to grab him, because I knew he would be a good partner to participate in ANR sex. My sexual fantasy put him in my dreaming sexy ANR world. I started to dress wearing attractive clothes to show a little more of my bodily attributes.

I was a light seductress, because to work in total seductive method I could get quick success but not long connection. My aim was a lifelong connection and if it might be possible to introduce Frank to sex, which ANR included, it would be a bonus. Frank told me later he also was afraid of approaching to me too quickly. He was still married and he wanted to divorce his wife, but he thought he could be a cheater same as his wife.

They did not have any prenuptial agreement, but he wanted to be fair to his wife. We had an appointment in an empty small Indian restaurant, he had already arrived, and he stood as I approached. After exchanging greetings we smiled at each other and we gave up all pretense to resist our hiding desire. We hugged with a short passion kiss, but the waiter's cough broke off our kiss. We sat at the table and we were glad that we showed our true emotions.

I began, "I could wait two months for you." He was very understanding, "I don't know how I could cheat on my wife. I never did that!" I riposted, "Neither have I! Cheated on my husband that is." We laughed together. I loved him dearly. I'd like to belong to the group of the faithful spouses until serving the divorce document to Susan. From that day I'll be free. I don't want to spoil the cheating statistic data, and I want to tell Susan, I was faithful till our separation," he explained.

I followed the conversation, "I told you I could wait for you. It's only two months&hellip. We aren't so young that after we can't even wait ten minutes after our introduction before we go to bed. However I strongly suggest you don't rent a Motel room or apartment. I've got enough rooms in my house for you, but my bed room will be your first destination." We laughed a while.

He was happy with my understanding and the possibility of a good home with a future warm mate.

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""Thank you Sarah, I accept your offer, so I won't increase the profit of the Motel industry." We laughed again a little. I carried on his humorous words followed with my half serious question to Frank, "What would you like to have for lunch, when you first move in with me?" He thought a while and he blurt out. "Fried shrimp would be a good idea." This was indeed a good idea, for I had this for dinner with my deceased husband several times, but it was followed with him sucking on my breast to drink my milk while having sex.

"I'll put shrimp in the freezer." The waiter brought our meal, so we started to eat. However the ice was broken, so we only had to count down the days. I agreed with Frank to not spoil Jenny's last summer vacation, moreover I fell in love with him, because he loved his youngest daughter so much.

After this lunch we were very excited about the prospects of starting our future together.


Frank directed Jenny to open a bank account, so that he could transfer the graduation present to Jenny at a later date. The appointment at the lawyer office was one week before the delivery of the divorce documents to Susan. Frank had organized the $250,000 graduation gift transaction through the law office so that it could happen on the week after the divorce documents were served to Susan.

I fell in love, but I did not forget to buy shrimp, putting them into the freezer. Frank organized the confrontation with Susan to happen on Thursday, he would go to the guestroom for two days so he would package his most personal things on Friday and he would leave for me on Saturday morning. We remained in contact by phone, I was told everything. I am sincere, I understood Susan's pain, but I was in love with Frank and he decided to go along on this path, of divorcing Susan.

I was lucky for he chose to live with me at my house. I waited for his mobile call, he would call when ready to come to me. I was happy that I would no longer be lonely. From the window I saw him arrive, he could not even push the buzzer before I opened the door in time for him to enter… Chapter 6.

The confrontation with the past Frank: I went home, arriving earlier than Susan. It was good, because Jenny was at her boyfriend's. They were above eighteen years old, so it was not my business. I was sitting in the living room, when Susan arrived. I was calm, because I decided my future four months earlier. The divorce documents were with me, so I wanted only a last honest confrontation, but no more.

When she entered the living room, she knew something was wrong. She looked at me and asked, "Frank what's the matter? Why are you sitting in such a sad state here?" I began straight, "Susan sometimes the past comes back and bites us in our ass." Susan stood astonished in the living room. I carried on, "I'm divorcing you, but I think you have the right to know the reason" Susan looked at me and said. "I don't understand you, what you are saying?" I said, "I want a divorce and I want to tell why." Susan exclaimed questioning, "Have you got somebody?

Have you got a younger slut?" I answered slightly angry at the referral to Sarah as slut, "Yes I have somebody, but she is NOT A SLUT! Nor is she young and I wouldn't have had her at all, if the skeleton hadn't come out from the closet." She became a little hysterical, "What skeleton you speak about? I haven't any secret! I'm innocent of your accusation!" I riposted, "Do you remember James Miller or Jimmy Miller?" I saw Susan taken aback for a wink, but she regained the power of denial, "He was my ex-boss and we hadn't any affair.

I didn't have an love affair with him or any others." I knew it was the time for the coup the grace, so I presented the evidence, "You aren't innocent, because I've DNA evidence between Jenny and him! Stop lying!" She was interrupted becoming silent and began sobbing.

She surrendered with tears. "My daughter, Jenny's sperm donor was James Miller! This is a fact. So it's stupidity to deny this. The only thing left to say for you is this was a single thing or sexual harassment, but I'll spare you from the newer lies. I read James Miller's letter about your yearlong affair." She sat down and wept, so I continued. "I was faithful to you and my wedding oath. If I had been a cheating bastard, reconciliation would have a chance.

Yes you cheated and IF I HAD cheated we could have mutually forgiven each other, but I'm leaving you." Susan began with wiping her eyes. "I can see, you decided to end our marriage. I'm sincere I only had this affair during our marriage. If you believe or don't believe it." "Susan it might be you had only this one long time affair, but I don't trust you. I knew a woman who was sixty years old, but in good shape. She wanted to cheat on her husband with a younger man.

She talked about her long time husband, as he was piece of shit. I was that young man she spoke to, this was before we ever met. So I don't trust you," I explained. She looked at me weeping, "So we haven't any chance?" I closed her last hope for reconciliation, "If I were deadly ill, like your late lover Jimmy, who had his lung cancer, I would remain with you.

You would take care of me until my death, so you could atone for your betrayal. However I'm healthy so I can re-start my life with another woman." She was curious and asked, "How…how did you guess? I started to explain it, but I did not tell her about my $250,000, "Your Jimmy willed $250,000 to Jenny.

I want to give this money, as a graduation present to Jenny. I'll give the money during our divorce. I ask your consent for this transaction." Susan said crying. "James and I broke up and he transferred me to another part of his firm.

I wanted to rebuild my marriage with you. You don't believe me, but I love you and I wanted to carry on our marriage. I thought Jenny was conceived by you … after breaking away…I was happy with you…Life isn't kind to me!" She wiped her eyes, "And our children?

Will we tell Jenny you aren't her biological father? You love Jenny the best, don't you?" "I'll tell our children I discovered your affair with James Miller. I won't tell Jenny, James was her biological father. I don't intend to uncover she was conceived from an adulterous affair.

I want to give the $250,000, as a graduation present. I don't want to cause any problems with Jenny. I love her the best…" Susan looked at me with tears in her eyes and she told me with resignation, "I know you're leaving me. I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE GRADUATION PRESENT IDEA TO JENNY! I wish you happiness. I'm honest…I lost&hellip." She went to the bedroom weeping. I remained in the living room waiting for Jenny.

Jenny was late coming home, but I waited up for her. We greeted each other. "Dad, why are you waiting up for me?

I'm eighteen years old." "Jenny I want to tell you a very important thing. I'm divorcing your Mother." She was astonished. "Why…Dad?" "She had a workplace love affair before your birth. I discovered it three months ago.

I postponed divorce proceedings until you go to college." Jenny understood my intent, but she asked. "Dad, could you go to counseling? I explained to her. "Jenny, it was that time, when I worked hard in the swap over of the business from your grandpa. I was clueless and I don't want to live a lie." "Did you decide this matter?" It was more of a statement than a question from Jenny. "I'll inform Mark and Julie of the divorce tomorrow.

Jenny I want to give you something to soften your loss. I'll give $250,000 as a graduation present." Jenny began crying, "Daddy no monetary present is the same as a loving family. I understand your betrayal, but I'm crying for our family." She tightly embraced me and I felt her tears on my shirt. After she went to sleep in her room, I remained in the living room alone thinking of my past with Susan. I thought Jenny would be lucky she would be left out from the dirt.

Later I thought of the future with Sarah from the next days forward as an adventure. I went to sleep to the guest room and I prepared myself for the moving to Sarah's house in the next days. Chapter 7. From the Australian honey moon to our Galaxy the Milky Way with a Mozart Opera Sarah: Saturday morning Frank arrived and we made love and after the good sex I fried the shrimp for lunch.

We continued making love together all weekend, but I showed off my cooking skill as well. Next week we left for work from my house and he accepted my earlier suggestion to sleep in my bedroom, so my bedroom, my house became his bedroom and his house.

I asked him, when he went to work on Monday what time he would arrive at OUR HOUSE. He was touched by my question, OUR HOUSE&hellip. Frank told his children, he wanted to divorce from Susan. The children were astonished and first they wanted reconciliation to occur, but Frank explained he learned that Susan cheated before the birth of Jenny. He was faithful and he did not want to continue his marriage under these circumstances. The kids accepted his decision and they were mad at Susan.

However they visited her. I think they visited their mother more often than Frank, because Susan was an emotional wreck, but she agreed to the divorce with 50-50% statement. Jenny got the $250,000 "graduation present". Frank visited his two older children by himself, at their homes so he could see his grand children. I told him, it would be best if we wait until the divorce decree, when I could make an appearance together to see everybody.

Frank told me, my EQ was as high as my IQ. However Jenny visited us, when she came "home" from college for the weekends, she always preferred Frank to her mother. Our connection was characterized by caution. I understood her and I did not force myself onto Jenny. However I offered Jenny a free of charge beauty makeover at the salon.

I got an unexpected visit from her there later. After her haircut she became much friendlier towards me. I thought she accepted me. The two older children tried to navigate towards neutral territory between their parents during the divorce proceedings.

When Frank got the divorce decree after three months from the start of his divorce proceedings, he took me to an exclusive restaurant and he gave me a nice engagement ring and he asked me, if I would be his wife. I answered affirmatively and I hugged him while we kissed passionately. He had purchased two tickets for Mozart's "The Magic Flute" Opera in Chicago for next Saturday night. Frank informed me, that Susan did not like classical music, so he thought we could give Mozart's Opera a try.

I told him, "I don't know, never been to a classical music opera, and therefore I'm looking forward to going to the Chicago Opera Theater." I was really interested so I read up about the "The Magic Flute" on the Internet during the coming week.

We drove by car to Chicago where we booked a Hotel room for Friday and Saturday night. We hailed a cab to commute to the theater. I liked the music of Mozart and I understood the essence of the Opera as well. I did not know then, that the characters of the opera could be compared to Frank, Jenny and Susan living in the twenty first Century. Frank introduced me to his parents, sisters and friends. Likewise I introduced him to my mother, my brother's family, and also my deceased husband's family but especially to my friends.

We planned a small wedding and Frank surprised me with his plan to travel to Australia for honeymoon. I found this very interesting. My children came with my grand kids to the wedding. Frank's older children wished us happiness, but they did not attend, because they did not want to hurt the feeling of their mother anymore.

We understood them. Jenny was a positive surprise, because she was there among the guests on the reception. My brother Bob had the honor to walk me down the aisle to Frank.

The best man was Frank's best friend and the Maid of honor was my best friend. My youngest granddaughters were the flower girls.

We were happy to say yes in front of the guests. I danced with my new husband a lot at the reception. Jenny was very friendly with me.


My sister in law Martha and her sons were among the guests also. I agreed with Frank that Jenny's paternity remained in shadow.

My mother was very glad I found happiness again. Frank's parents and his sister's family accepted me. My children and their family found Frank a nice man and they accepted him. Frank's friends and my friends found us a very, very happy couple. When nobody could see I was crying a little from the happiness.

Next day we flew to Perth in Western Australia. Frank does not like distilled alcoholic drinks and prefers milk to beer, but he likes the quality wines, so he found these brand new winery areas south of Perth. We rented a car and drove to Bunbury, where we had accommodation in a nice Hotel, which was booked by the tourist firm. The city is near to the Geographe Bay winery area and the Margaret River winery area.

We tasted the local wines and went to look at the karri tree forest. These trees are some of the tallest flowering trees in the World. We saw mobs of kangaroos mainly when we drove in the countryside of Western Australia at night and many flocks of sheep during the day. We tasted the meat of kangaroo, crocodile and emu at such restaurants that catered in specialized native tucker. We bathed and swam in the Indian Ocean. The tourist firm organized a three-day trip to the Uluru (the aboriginal name for Ayres rock) by a small plane from the Burlington airport.

We were in Perth for three days before returning home. We knew each other's sex habits, but the exciting honeymoon strengthened our love towards each other better. I knew that to enjoy the tasty wines of winery and ANR at the same time was not a good idea, so to reveal my plan to Frank remained a goal for our future. We had just arrived home, when Frank received a mobile call from the angry Jenny, who wanted to come over immediately. We waited for her arrival while we continued to unpack our luggage.

She rushed to Frank with almost weeping eyes and hugged him, "Daddy I love you so much!" Jenny began to cry. Sobbing as she spoke, "Daddy I am not interested in any stupid DNA test. I am so glad I was at your wedding." I stood at the background and I understood everything.

Susan revealed the secret. "What a STUPID BITCH!" this was my thoughts. Weeping she said, "She thinks I'll turn away from you. You loved me with all your heart and YOU ARE MY DADDY!" Frank told her, "Jenny you were my daughter while growing up and you're STILL my daughter now. Nothing changed at all." She said a voice interrupted in, "She told me that your graduation gift wasn't your money, but from her cheater lover… She does not know, what this graduation present means!

Daddy… you wanted me to believe you were my Father…Daddy I'll love you forever!" I stood at the background listening to Frank trying to console Jenny, "My daughter I didn't mean to hurt you. I wanted this to remain a secret." Jenny replied while still crying. "Daddy this DNA thing is nothing to me…I believe in two principles…the true love and the fondness." I began to weep and Frank was not without tears too.

I began to adore Jenny. I wished Jenny would find solace and happiness. Frank said. "My daughter…" Jenny constantly hugged Frank but still crying interrupted him, "Daddy I don't want to go to her…I won't take my kids to her…She thought I'd turn away from you…" What a stupid bitch was Susan.

I walked over to them and guided the weeping Jenny to sit down. While I sat beside her, I offered the next to her, "You can come to our house, when you want to come. You'll receive a key from us and I want to be your friend." She looked at me with grateful eyes, "Thank you, Sarah." I knew we would become friends.

I took her into my older daughter's room. Frank came with us. She fell onto the bed. "If you like, this room will be yours from now on, when you're in our city." "Sarah, Thank you." I knew she needed to be alone, so Frank and I left the room and I embraced him tightly. "You've a wonderful daughter and I'm so envious." Jenny revealed her biological paternity secret to Mark and Julie. Susan got a total boomerang effect of her revenge on us. Frank thought of revealing the whole truth for his children about a yearlong affair of the cheating Susan, yes he deliberated this for a long time.

However he told me his children had punished Susan enough and we now were living in happiness, so he did not want to burn her to the ground.

His children preferred him to Susan moreover Susan lost Jenny forever.

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I thought I was glad Frank took me to watch Mozart "The Magic Flute", because I was in the world of this Opera with three characters from it. Because Jenny was Pamina, Frank was Sarastro and the stupid bitch Susan was The Queen of The Night. I thought it was the time to surprise my Sarastro, Frank with my ANR project.

My plan was simple, because I knew that a heterosexual man, who preferred milk to beer, had such sexual fantasy to suck "honey" milk from a female's breast. So I tried to fish out this sexual fantasy from his mind. Sometime I did humor with woman breast and his milk preference.

When he sucked my breast during sex I did joke with his milk preference and whether he would like to suck the real milk. Eventually I made him sat down to the PC and I showed him the few ANR websites, which were around at that time. He read them and he was disturbed a little.

I smiled at him and I said, "Yes, if you aren't afraid to drink body warm milk, I could produce milk for you. And my milk production should last for few more decades." Frank became sincere. "This is my most secret sex fantasy!" I told him to be happy with the decision, "There are a number of methods by which to induce lactation, by medicine, herbal tea or frequent breast sucking. When the lactation starts, I'll be in long lasting euphoria again." Frank asked, "Is it a pleasure for you?" I responded, "Yes, I'm in a long lasting euphoric state and I get orgasms from ANR.

However not only the long lasting euphoric state, orgasm, but the most important is we both will be in a closer emotional connection." Frank admitted, "I thought from my ANR sex fantasy that this would be pleasure for me only!" I smiled at him, "I can see, you're near a positive decision, can't I?" Frank looked at my eyes and he said, "Sarah, if the ANR is pleasure for you, I say, YES. Let's start!" I re-affirmed his decision with my own confession, "George and I were an ANR couple and we were closer to each other, but you and I'll be the same closeness to each other.

Please believe me!" I began to take the medicine to induce milk production. After three weeks we were an ANR pair with sex twice daily. We knew each other's heart beat by heart. The healthy part of the ANR is also important to us.

The ANR is good weight control for me, breast cancer prevention to strengthen my husband's immune system and the twice-daily sexual activities is good prevention against prostate cancer. James Miller's Will was finalized by the law office, so both Frank and myself received the $250 000 and the $100 000 alike, but we were wealthy even without this money. We donated a little of our good fortune to needy charities.

Jenny always stayed with us, when she was not attending college and we became friends. She was full of affection for her Daddy and what a surprising thing she liked me as well.

I liked her and I thought of her as Pamina from the Mozart's masterpiece and I wished she could find her Prince Tamino. Yes, we went to the Chicago Opera and I watched Wagner "Die Walkur", Verdi "Aida", Bizet "Carmen", Puccini "Madame Butterfly", Rossini "Il Barbiere di Sivigla", Mozart "Marriage of Figaro", but I liked Mozart, "The Magic Flute" the best.

To celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary Frank bought two tickets to the Metropolitan Theatre in New York to watch "The Magic Flute" after the performance we went to my daughter Margaret's family in Main.

While we were watching the Opera I imagined Sarastro as my husband Frank, Pamina as Jenny, The Queen of The Night as Susan and I imagined the important part of Prince Tamino, because our living Pamina is happy to have her Tamino. Chapter 8. Who is the true father? (A reflection by Frank) We became an ANR couple so our connection was so tight, that we knew the heart rhythms of each other. I liked low fat milk all my life, but this "honey" was a new taste and the milk with sex a constant adventure.

A hetero man like me, who prefers milk to beer, to suck milk direct from beautiful breasts together with sex, was a general sexual fantasy of mine that I only dreamed of it.

I am the rare exception, because this sexual fantasy has been fulfilled twice a day since its initiation. Sarah bloomed entirely and as time passed our love grew stronger. I think this is opposite to an ordinary marriage. Because the love level decreases to a lower level in an average marriage with the years pass and remains at this level for years, like I experienced with Susan. However such event as cheating can destroy that level of love, as Susan's past did with my love for my first wife.

I hated Susan for having been my wife. The stupid unsuccessful revenge of Susan did not improve my hatred to her. I almost confessed the whole truth to my three children, but I persuaded myself that Jenny's angry campaign against her mother was enough punishment for Susan.

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My revenge was complete. I found a marvelous new wife, the love of my three kids and I managed to punish a cheater ex wife.

I am honest if the stupid Susan had not tried to spoil the connection between Jenny and me, Susan would have been far less an unpleasant memories. I did not understand Susan at all.

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I left Susan with so little hatred and felt like I was generous, because I told the kids I was faithful to their mom but learned of her infidelity in the past. I thought I was totally fair. But Sarah explained Susan's behavior better. Susan was envious of our relationship that we found true happiness, as a couple, while she remained a lonely adulteress in the eyes of her children and she did not appreciate my generosity in the shadow of her hatred.

Her hatred drove Jenny to us. I could not imagine how much affection there was in the soul of Jenny. I was not the only lucky person who received this love and affection. First Sarah and later Brian her husband became the aim of her fondness, but not her biologically related, yes I could call Susan this name, she got zero from this fondness.

My two elder children were mad at Susan, they were astonished at Jenny's paternity and I became the first parent for them. Susan burnt herself entirely. It was an interesting BTB (Burn The Bitch) situation. My two elder kids made peace with their mother later, they took the grand kids to her, but Jenny did not visit Susan. After three years Susan married a divorced guy, Kevin Wood and my two elder kids attended their wedding.

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We lived a happy life, my son Mark left his job and he became my deputy in the family business. Unfortunately my father died and my mom followed a year later, so they never met Brian, Jenny's husband.

I inherited the majority of the share of the family firm. Jenny did not find a constant mate in college. She became a grammar school teacher. She found Brian in our city and they dated and they got married. Susan was not invited to the wedding. Brian was a general medical practitioner generally known as family doctor. Brian and his younger sister lived a troubled childhood, that can only be described as a nightmare.

Their biological father was an alcoholic. He was especially violent, with no respect for family values by bringing home a slut to fuck late one night. Brian's mom, Liz had enough, filed for a restraining order against her husband.

She eventually divorced him and lived alone for some years with her kids, before she met Tom, a divorced man. Her ex-husband moved to Alaska showed no interest in his kids. Brian and his sister have not seen their father since that night. Liz married Tom, who was a fantastic stepfather. He had children from his first marriage and his ex was a cheater, but she got the custody of the children. Brian adored his stepfather. Brian and Jenny, both adored their "non biological" Daddies, like I was.

This emotional relationship was the common attraction, which brought them together. Sarah and I have met Brain's family, both Tom and Liz have a friendly nature that is easy to like. Brian's sister was nice lady, luckily she found a good guy.

Sarah and I traveled Europe as well as China and Peru. We visited Sarah's kids, who were spread throughout the nation, in Hawaii, Louisiana and New England several times. Brian and Jenny had kids and Sarah, Tom and I became the grandparents. Strange for those people who think blood is the all, but Brian and Jenny thought of this topic in other ways. We heard from my elder kids, Susan's second husband got bladder cancer and Susan cared and nursed him well. They struggled with the illness, but Kevin lost the battle and Susan is widowed now.

I told Sarah, I could confess though I did not like Susan, but I did not hate her, because she was very close to her second husband during the trouble.

She fought against the cancer together with her second husband. So I was honest, I became neutral about her. However Jenny did not forgive her mistake and she did not take her kids to Susan. We were the grandparents from her side. Sarah sank entirely into this grandma role and she told me how glad she could be a true grandma to Jenny's kids, because her "real" grand kids lived so far from us and she was "Skype (or audiovisual) grandma only" to them communicating by the internet. Jenny did never mention the DNA connection any more, but I knew she regarded me, as her true father.

Against my elder two kids, whose kids were DNA descendent of me, so they had my blood grandchild, but Jenny's kids were my favorites. We, Jenny, Brian, Tom, Sarah and I learned from each other that not the blood first…but… Chapter 9.

And…funny, but who is the true mother? (A reflection by Sarah) We had lived together for ten years; we were an ANR pair with all its benefits. Yes we were happy and healthy.

The ANR sex gave us more possibility for a healthy life. Not only the sex or deep intimacy near to each other, but also the healthy part of the ANR assisted us to live a whole life.

Jenny and I were closer as the years passed. Jenny and Brian had two kids, the first a boy, named David and then a girl called Pam. I had grandchildren in the far parts of the States and they were teenagers now. I met them occasionally when we went to visit their parents or when my children came to us. However they lived far from me, so the only children who treated me as a Grandmother were Jenny's kids. Frank's other children whose children were older were teenagers too.

I was regarded as a friendly "Aunt" for them. Yes I liked them too, but they were really only my husband's grandchildren. They also visited their grandmother Susan. Jenny had not visited her mother since that event at all, when Susan had disclosed who her biological father was. So my husband was the only grandparent for her kids. I knew Jenny decided she would never visit her mother, but she did not talk about her last meeting with her mother. Brian was a super dad and Jenny was lucky to get the right man to suit her.

Brian understood the difficult situation, because of his family background. He had a very good stepfather, who married Brian's divorced mother. We met his mom and his stepfather several times. Liz and Tom were very friendly people and Frank and I liked them. I regarded Jenny like my fourth child, but I did not tell anybody especially Jenny. David and Pam decided I would become their grandmother, because they began to call me grandma.

I was happy to be the grandma for the kids of Brian and Jenny. First Jenny and then later Brian also calling me simply grandma and I thought I became a true grandma. I worked as the owner's duty at the beauty salon, when I received a phone call from the ambulance in January, transporting my husband to hospital with a broken leg, because he slipped on the ice.

Immediately the circumstances reminded me of my first husband's death and I panicked. I left my job quickly and I arrived at the hospital, but Jenny was already there and ran to me. I could not come sooner! She hugged me and she told me first, "MOM, don't be afraid! You won't lose my Daddy! The embolism is rare at fracture." I began to cry from the joy about the news regarding my husband, he was in good state and first time that Jenny called me MOM!

Jenny's kids, my grand kids ran to us and they shouted loudly. "Grandma, Grandpa is in the surgery." Jenny already told them. "Kids don't shout we're in the Hospital! You need to be quiet!" Jenny and I smiled at each other. We went to the emergency surgery's waiting room until my husband was brought out from the surgery and taken to plaster room.

The surgeons told us, "Mr. Blair's ankle is broken; we secured the fibula with two screws." I asked the main surgeon. "Doc, when could I take my husband home?" "Mrs. Blair the temporary fixing screw must be removed before Mr. Blair could get gypsum cast for walking. Now he's getting a cast for bed in the hospital ward. He'll only get a gypsum cast for walking after positive X-ray result of the healed fracture. Then he could go home using crutches to aid his mobility." "How long will my husband be in the Hospital?" "It may be a maximum of two weeks only.

He has to come to physiotherapy after the removal of the walking cast and the safety screw must be removed a year later. The walking cast could be removed after newer X-ray investigation in about one month" He went away; I stopped in front of the gypsum room with Jenny and my grand kids waiting for my husband. Jenny told me. "When my Daddy comes home I could come to your house to "Daddy-sit" with the kids and you can go to work." I thanked Jenny. Frank was taken to his ward and we sat beside his bed.

He was glad for company. Jenny went home with the kids later. The older children phoned and they asked information about their dad. Saying they would visit their Dad tomorrow. I wanted to go home, when the door opened and Susan came into the ward. Frank and I looked at each other shocked. We knew she had lived alone since the death of her second husband.

She had nursed her ill husband with exemplary care. My husband told me he did not hate her since the death of her second husband, because she was close to her cancerous second husband. But he could never forget her betrayal and he did not like her at all. We met her and her second husband at some family events, but we avoided each other. I stood up waiting to greet her. Susan greeted us and then she came to hug me telling us, "I know, you do not want me here, but I felt like I must come.

I heard from Mark and Julie, that Frank's ankle was broken." She looked older, than us. "Frank is doing well, he'll go home in two weeks," I responded. Frank joined the discussion, "I fell down on an ice patch, when I was getting out of my car.

I was simply unlucky. Mark is my manager at work, so he'll manage the business while I'm recovering, but I've my laptop here so I can help him." Susan began, "I'm glad the accident wasn't any more serious. I came, because I want honest conversation. I knew Julie and Mark would visit you tomorrow and I couldn't see Jenny's car in the parking lot, so I came to your ward to be alone with you both." Frank and I looked at each other surprised.

"Yes, I came, because I wanted to be honest. You don't know how I had hated you both earlier," she said. Frank took over the conversation, "Susan it doesn't matter, that is water under the bridge. If you want to confess your secrets, don't hesitate." Susan carried on her idea, "When you left me to live with Sarah, I was an emotional wreck. I cried all day, I could hardly work. I thought you were unfair. You didn't believe me that I was faithful to you after James." I was silent, but Frank said in calm voice, "You had a long time affair.

You may have been faithful for nineteen years, but you were a cheater. You can't have a short time accidental tryst without any consequences." I began to understand Frank's calm words. He told this fact without strong emotion to Susan. She replayed, "I didn't think of this at that time.

Kevin was a good mate, to help me to understand you. Strange but I understood you through my deceased husband." She turned to me, "Sarah I'm Mrs. Wood now, you are Mrs. Blair. I'm so lonely without my Kevin now." I told her, "I'm so sorry, you lost him." She said, "Thank you Sarah for your sympathetic words, which are comforting from you. I was alone and after your wedding I hated you both so much. Although I agreed not to tell Jenny, who her biological father was, when you Frank announced the divorce." Frank could not wait any longer and he interposed, "Jenny came to see us immediately on our arrival home after our Australian honeymoon and she told us you revealed the secret to her." Susan carried on, "Frank, I wanted to destroy your good connection with Jenny, so I admitted the graduation present was from James.

Jenny began to shout and she told me, that DNA thing meant nothing to her. Two most important things are in the World true love and fondness. You Frank her Dad stood on these disciplines and you showed by managing that graduation present." She stopped a while and carried on, "That what I wanted to destroy, that connection she had with you, Frank. She was right! What I wanted was totally in the wrong. She again told me that the DNA is nothing to her and she would never visit me!

I wouldn't be her mother although I gave birth to her. I wouldn't see her children at all and she left me forever.

She has kept her word and I lost her forever." Frank and I remained silent. We knew about Jenny's quarrel with her mother. She told us of the threats of never going to visit Susan. Words that were generally spoken in a heated exchange, but are really not meant. We did not need Susan telling us about Jenny's fondness for Frank meaning more to her than the DNA results that disinherited her from the man who raised her as his daughter. Susan began to cry, "Frank…you are the winner.

I was behaving as a stupid cunt of a bitch…I deserved." We were silent and Susan turned to me, "Do you know that Jenny refers to you as Mom even when you aren't there? This has been occurring for over one year now. Julie admitted this." I replied, "Today for the first time she has called me, as Mom and she told me in the Hospital." Frank looked at me with interest, but he remained silent.

Susan looked at me, "Sarah, I want to say, a very important." She went on weeping, "Sarah, I GAVE MY MOTHERING RIGHTS UP ON Jenny. She IS NOW YOUR DAUGHTER!" She began crying again.

I understood her. Her mistake or revenge plan had a boomerang effect and she wanted to close this in fact she wanted a closure with this confession. We were silent and Susan carried on, "I decided that I must visit you at the Hospital to talk to you both, when I learned of Frank's situation. I want to thank you both, Frank and Sarah you were generous to me" She started to cry again. Frank and I looked at each other and we knew she was expressing herself honesty.

Frank said, "I didn't tell the children the true extent of your long time cheating affair with James to save you some self respect. Did you ever consider that?" Susan wiped her eyes with tears and responded, "I can thank my deceased husband Kevin and you, that I could rebuild my connection with Mark and Julie. I'm very grateful for this and I know this is the most important thing in my life now to thank you." She moaned.

"Jenny rushed to Julie and Mark telling them everything that she had guessed about my cheating on you. Mark and Julie phoned me to meet me to confirm the allegations.

We met and they were astonished, how I had a child, Jenny, from cheating, and questioned how I could cheat on you. They were mad at me, but you helped me. With your explanation; this was a short affair and a work place sexual harassment by James. I honestly thought Jenny was conceived by you." Frank threw in, "You were lucky your lying remained buried. I was successful with Sarah, so I didn't intend to badmouth you deeper. I knew our children would want connection with both parents.

So I thought this was enough information, that I knew you had an affair. I THINK IT WAS ENOUGH PUNISHMENT TO TELL THEM YOU WERE THE ONLY CHEATER IN OUR MARRIAGE. You were a stupid bitch with your revenge plan, so you sank into the shit deeper." I chipped in, "My knowledge of your past is a result of second hand information, and so I was only a bad news messenger to Frank and no more.

Frank and I decided to keep silent about your past. The kids and mainly Jenny punished you enough." She carried on, "Yes, Julie and Mark were mad at me, but they still came to visit me with the grandchildren, but I lost Jenny forever.

Frank, you're the best parent for Julie and Mark and I felt my two older children resented me. However the lying about the job harassment worked and they visited me with the grandchildren. Thank you for this. I don't know what I I'd have done without my two older children and the grandchildren." Frank repeated, "I thought the overkill might have a boomerang effect." Susan affirmed and she cried again, "I tried it with Jenny and I lost her forever.

Sarah, believe me Jenny is your daughter now!" We kept silent, only Susan wept. She began the confession again, "I don't know how to show you both my thanks. If you told the entire truth the children, and even Kevin wouldn't have been mine. I want to tell everything. Thank you for I had Kevin and I managed to retain my older children's respect for me." She wept and we looked at each other with an astonished look.

She went on, "I was alone for two years in a state of depression. I surfed the net finding a funny dating website for older people.

Kevin and I met on this website. It was a fantastic interesting experience, because Kevin's wife was a cheater and he discovered other affairs of his wife. For example she cheated with one of Kevin's best friends. If I were a simple cheater she would be a slut. After my marriage with Kevin I can say such phrases. I was a cheater before, but I was a faithful wife to Kevin. He lived alone for two months after his divorce before we started our corresponding.

They have three adult kids. We communicated with each other, telling him that I divorced resulting from job harassment with my boss and I had a daughter from this affair, but I had two joint kids as well.

I left that job and I was faithful to my husband for nineteen years, when the shit hit the fan. Kevin disappeared for three months after my confession, but I got a surprising answer in E-mail." Frank noted, "You were a liar." Susan responded, but she defended herself, "Yes, I lied for my future happiness. However I was your faithful wife for the last nineteen years after that.

Believe me!" Frank replied, "I believe you were faithful for the last nineteen years. All right! But the evidences show you were cheater earlier." Susan carried on her confession, "Frank, you don't know how relieved I'm that you believe me now. I was faithful to you in the last nineteen years and I thought I deserved to sit in the garden with you, FRANK, with the grandchildren to see the sun set in the evenings. Sarah you're the lucky one now and I'm so jealous of you.

I don't hate you both now. Frank, believe me I thought you sired Jenny!" Frank was silent so I asked her. "Susan, Kevin was a betrayed husband, so it is a very interesting thing, you could meet him at all." Susan explained, "We met and after some dates we had sex. We were very compatible. He thought I'd be a simple short time girlfriend. I was glad for dates, believing that would be a good medicine for my deep depression. During this time I was honest with Kevin.

Explaining about Jenny and you, how I wanted to destroy your relationship with Jenny. But instead I lost my daughter. He understood me, so our relationship continued." Frank admitted, "When you upset Jenny, I almost told the children everything.

However I thought Jenny's remarks would punish you enough." Susan moaned loudly. "Thank you Frank and Sarah for being so generous!" Susan wiped the tears from her eyes and carried on, "I introduced Kevin to Mark and Julie. They both confirmed that the affair with James was a short duration resulting from work place harassment. Jenny was born as an accident. If Kevin knew the truth he would never have proposed marriage.

So we got married. Julie and Mark attended the wedding." I intervened, "They talked about your wedding." She continued, "I was a faithful wife to Kevin. We were happy I was a good "Aunt" for his grand kids and a good step mom. We were on holidays in the Carib and Europe.

He quit smoking a decade ago, but his bladder cancer may have been connected. The symptoms of the disease were detected too late. His body was full of metastasis; when the doctors began treatment. We struggled with the cancer, but he lost the battle. I'm alone again." Frank said honestly, "We talked about you, when you nursed Kevin.

When I heard this from my elder kids, I no longer hated you." Susan began to cry again, so I said, "Susan, Frank told me, he couldn't forget your betrayal, but he didn't hate you." Susan began her confession again, "I took care of Kevin, like he was you, if you would have been ill. Frank, do you remember the confrontation day, when you told me if you had been ill and dying, you wouldn't have divorced me?

You remember, don't you?" Frank answered, "Yes, I do." She continued, "My older children told me, they forgave me, because they saw how I nursed Kevin and how I fought with Kevin against the cancer. I thank you both that I regained the respect of my older children. They admired me, how I took care of Kevin. Thank you, thank you!" She wept again.

We were silent. She stopped to cry and said, "I'm sorry. I don't want to disturb you any longer, so I'll go home. I hope you will heal up quickly. Thank you both for listening to me." Frank told her, "It was good, that you came to the hospital. Thank you. Please compose yourself, I don't hate you." I stood up with Susan and we hugged each other. She told me, "Please don't forget, Jenny is your daughter now!" We said good-bye to each other, "Bye-bye." She went away and I remained a little while longer with Frank.

He said, "Jenny is our daughter officially." I replied, "If she's my daughter, I'd like to share our secret ANR with her. What's your opinion?" He smiled at me, "Sarah, this will be your business to tell the ANR secret. It's said 99% of the ANR pairs hide their secret from the World, but we could be an exception if we tell our secret to Jenny." I told him, "I'll try to tell her, when you're at home.

Soon I'll go home and I'll express my milk. My breasts are so full now. I'll express my milk, in evening and morning and then I'll bring it to the Hospital tomorrow." We laughed a little at this.

After wards I left for home. Next day Jenny was with her Dad after lunch, I came from my job. Mark and Julie came in the afternoon. Jenny and I were in the Hospital every day. Brian, Mark and Julie came on weekends. The two weeks passed and Frank got the walking cast and I took home him from the Hospital. He had drunk my expressed milk from the bottle only in the Hospital, so he was glad to start the erotic breastfeeding. Next day Jenny arrived before nine with my grand kids.

I could go to work while she stayed to assist Frank. Frank insisted that he would go to work after two weeks irrespective that Mark was a good manager. Next day I planned I would go to work later. I wanted an honest conversation with Jenny to reveal our ANR secret. We knew Brian liked drinking milk, so we thought the ANR would not be too weird for him. We waited for her and the grand kids. The plan was simple Frank would entertain the grand kids and I would reveal everything on the net to Jenny.

Jenny arrived with the grand kids and I opened the door. We greeted each other and the kids. They ran to their granddad and he took them to the kitchen. I told Jenny, "I would like to show you something on the net." Jenny came to the PC with surprise on her face, "What do you want to show me I'm curious?" We sat in front the PC and I showed the first ANR site.

She read it, remaining silent, then looked at me with interest. She answered, "Interesting." I showed the next site on how to induce milk production. She immersed herself in the reading. She looked at me and she shot me a question that was more of statement, "You and my Daddy live an ANR lifestyle, don't you?" She smiled at me.

I knew I was successful, so I responded, "Not only Frank, but my first husband lived in ANR as well." She told me smiling, "I knew there was a reason that you showed these websites to me. I liked to breastfeed my kids; I was euphoric a little from it. This article on this site describes a successful technique to induce milk production for Brian.

I'm sure I'll be a lucky woman, because Brian likes drinking milk." We laughed a little and I gave information about the mechanics and medicines of the induced lactation. Afterward I went to leave for work, later than normal. Jenny and the grand kids came to us everyday, but we avoided discussing the ANR topic. After two weeks Frank went to work for half a day after lunch, Jenny drove him to work with her car.

I brought him home. Three weeks passed after the ANR PC show, when Jenny came with the kids, as she usually did. The kids ran to see their granddad but Jenny immediately took me to the living room hugged and she said, "THANK YOU MOM!

Brian and I are an ANR pair too and it's fantastic!" We looked at each other and I started to cry. She referred to me as her Mom. She guessed why I cried.

She said loudly, "Yes, YOU ARE MY TRUE MOM!" We hugged each other, and Jenny began to weep too. OUR GRANDKIDS ran to us and I looked at my Frank and he also had tears in his eyes.

The end.