Minha bunda eacute_ muito pequena

Minha bunda eacute_ muito pequena
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Introduction: Hey y'all this is my first story. Um please don't judge me to hard about it. I hope you all like it. Please leave comments at the bottom to tell me how to improve my stories. This story is about a 14 year old boy named Logan starting his freshman year with his best friend Luke. Logan had been wondering about his sexuality for almost a year now. He didn't know if he was gay or straight.

Living in Texas wasn't exactly gay friendly and he just didn't want people to find out he liked guys, especially his best friend Luke, which he had a really huge crush on.

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The next day was his first week of his freshman year. He was pumped for football this year. Logan loved football and was the star player during summer ball. He was well built for a 14 year old, being 6 feet tall and having a well tone six pack.

Logan was well known by the ladies and was swooned over for his good looks and handsome features. He had light blonde hair almost like Justin Biebers, and those eyes, god they were beautiful, blues eyes that could pierce through your soul.

Logan wasn't for those ladies though he had only one thing on his mind. Luke. Luke was 14 also. Built almost like Logan, but slightly smaller being 5'11".

He had short brown hair that he spiked up at the front, and had green eyes. How could Logan not like him. He was only focussing on Luke that night, thinking about his sexy body.

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Finally he drifted off to sleep ready for his first day of school tomorrow. BEEP.BEEP.BEEP.!!!!


Logan's alarm screamed at him to wake up. Logan got up and waled to the bathroom. He then turned on the shower and stripped down bare. He waited for the water to adjust and then step in. Still trying to wake up he leaned on the side of the shower. He started thinking about Luke again and instantly became hard, so he decided to jerk a bit.

Logan was really into it. Stroking hard and harder thinking about fucking Luke's sexy little ass with his 7.5" uncut cock. He wanted that ass so bad. He was 5 minuets into jerking his cock when he finally came all over the side of the shower wall.

Logan stroked a couple more times to make sure he was all cleaned out.

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Then cleaned the wall off and got out of the shower. 45 minuets later Logan finally arrived at school. His first day of high school. He walled up the steps and in side the building and saw Luke talking to the principle about lockers. Luke then turned and saw Logan. He said goodbye to the principle and walked over to Logan. "Hey man, you excited for our first day of school?", Luke said excited "Yeah, I'm a bit nervous though, did u get your locker number?", Logan said "Yes I did and I got yours too!

And guess what? We're right next to each other thanks to yours truly." " Hahaha, Logan laughed, I knew you'd do something like that!" They two boys walked to the front office and got their schedules. They didn't have many classes together, actually they only had one. It was gym class, their last class of the day. "Aww man! This sucks dick", Luke said disappointed, "We only have one class together." "Hey at least we have one class together",Logan said. Logan thought about the showers. "Oh no!" He thought.

"What will I do if I pop a boner in front of everyone." They continued down the hallway and went their seperate ways.


They met up at the end of the day to go to gym class. Couch made them run extra after class for cursing so they both missed the bus. Logan decided he smelled really bad and went to the shower room. He stripped down and laid his clothes on the bench. He turned the shower on and started washing his hair. For some reason he felt like someone was watching him and turned around to see Luke completely necked.

Logan looked down and saw a monster, Luke's 8.5" erect cock sticking straight out at him. Logan couldn't believe what he was seeing and before he could say anything to Luke, he was pressed up against the wall with Luke's tongue probing his mouth. Logan moaned softly inside Luke's mouth.

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Logan couldn't believe this was happening, his dream was finally coming true. Luke stopped kissing Logan and smiled. "Luke", Logan said. "Are you gay? "Logan I've had my eye on you for a long while. And to tell you the truth I think I am gay. I think.I think I love you Logan.", Luke said honestly. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this Luke I've dreamt about you almost every night and honestly, I think I love you too!", Logan said.

All they could both Do was smile. Logan stared into Luke's eyes and new just then how much he wanted him. Logan grabbed Luke's head and kissed him passionately. To be continued. Please leave comments and tell me how to write the second part of this story.

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And how to make my stories better. If someone would like to help me message me and we can work on it together. Hope this was ok. I'll make sure to put more sex scenes in part 2. Um. Well thanks y'all. Oh and also if u want to talk snapchat me at reddyboy. But only if your 14 through 17.