Sunny leone sex full sex stories 1080

Sunny leone sex full sex stories 1080
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Will sat on his couch, his hand quickly stroking his five and half inch teenaged dic.


He continued stroking his erect cock, meanwhile starring at the assortment of porn magazines strewn out on the coffee table before him. Right now, Will had on only his green t-shirt, and had thrown his boxers and shorts in the corner of the room while he masturbated furiously to the images before him.

He looked down at his ever growing dic, as the tender skin turned pink and red from the attention it was receiving. Will looked down at his pubes, they had stared growing on the eve of his twelve birthday, an now they were pretty thick, especially for a thirteen year old's. He was seemingly proud of his bush, it made him feel manly every time he glanced down to see them surrounding his cock. Will stopped momentarily as he felt his orgasm coming on, so as to apply more lotion to the head of his erect dic.

He squirted the white lotion directly onto the glowing boy phallus as he massaged the liquid in with his right hand, spreading the cool, moist substance all over his head and shaft. "Ahhh" Will moaned as he felt the tingly sensation spread throughout his dic. He was close to an orgasm, he could feel it. "Oh.Brook.Oh" Will said to himself.

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Slowly he began massaging the head of his dic, using his right hand, Will quickly stroked up and down over the rim of the head. As the friction became to much, he muttered. "OH Brook stop! It's to much!" After this he then lowered his rubbing to only the shaft, and almost instantly felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm beginning to shoot up his adolescent body.

Will responded by rubbing his entire dic up and down rather quickly, covering his uncircumcised head, gland, and shaft.

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Suddenly the tingling shot out from the base of his dic and sky-rocketed towards his piss whole, as clump and clump of boy cum shirted out of his dic. "AHHHH.UHHH!" Will moaned, still quickly tugging on his dic, "Yes.Brook!" He said as he finished. Brook, Anna, and Lisa all made their way back to Will's house. Each one brought with them a different idem for the sleep over they were having at his house.

"Brook!" Anna said in a hushed manner, "Look!" she said pointing towards Darby, who was walking in a direction that indicated she had been to Will's house.

"Oh crap!" Brook and Lisa said in unison, as the three crept behind a pair of bushes. They watched Darby walk back down the street towards her house. As soon as she had turned the corner, the three girls ran from the bushes, and rang Will's doorbell. Will, who had just cleaned up his masturbation mess, walked to the door and waved to the girls. He opened the door and let them inside, right away he could tell that they were all nervous. "Something wrong?" Will asked. "Will?" Brook began, "Was Darby just here?" "Well.uh.yes but don't worry!

I took care of her" "Are you sure, Will? She seemed to be pretty happy when we saw her leaving? What did you tell her?" "Well, I told her before we did anything else we should be friends, and sh got all emotional and felt my house." "OH!" Anna chimed in, "How cute! She was flattered by your little comment!" Anna said in a bubbly manner.

"What do you mean by anything else?" Lisa asked, as Brook glared in a ticked off manner. "Well-uh-I'll tell you later. Okay?" "Fine, Will" Lisa said. "Will?" Brook asked, "Why is there a cum stain on your shirt?" "Wha-what?" Will asked surprisingly as he looked down to see that even with his clean-up, he had doused himself with cum when he had ejaculated.

"Oh God!" Will said embarrassingly. "So, Will. What did you do with Darby?" Brook asked. "Nothing, I swear, or at least nothing this time."
"This time?" She asked.

"Well-uh.I'll tell you later" "No! Tell us now, Will! You might be in danger if you don't!" "Well.I mean we just talked and then I tried to kick her out, but she fell on me and then.well.she pushed me.and then-uh.well"
"What?" Lisa asked with interest. "We, well, she gave me head, if you can believe that?" Will said shamefully.

"Will!" Brook yelled, she put down her things, and slapped him on the face.

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"Ouch! What the hell!" Will yelled back. "That's all she did right? Did she have a recorder?

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Did she make you tell her anything about yourself?" "NO!" Will yelled in response, still touching his left cheek. "Then whats the cum stain from?" Brook asked in her interrogating voice. "I wasn't even masturbating to her!" He yelled, not thinking about what he had just said. He put his left hand over his mouth as the three girls suddenly took on a look of surprise, followed by a giggle from both Lisa and Anna, and then finally Brook. "Oh, Will" Brook wen on, "Its not your fault. She's a tramp." So that set the tone of that night.

They had dinner, and decided to watch the movie, but first Will went upstairs to change out of his cum stained shirt. While he was gone though, the girls had a conversation. "Lisa, can you do me a huge favor?" Brook asked. "What is it?" "Can-can you ask Will if he likes me?" "Well.I guess I could, here, I'll ask him right now".Lisa said, getting up from the couch to go upstairs and talk to the boy.

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As she walked upstairs she ran into Will who was just putting on a clean shirt. Lisa just barely got a glimpse of his abs. "Ooo!" She giggled. "Very funny, Lisa." "So, Will, I have a question for you" "What is it" "Do you like Brook?" "Uh-I-uh.yes." He said, knowing that his pause had given him away in the first place.

Lisa laughed, but Will continued to speak, "Lisa, I don't know what it is, but ever since I moved here, I've had a strange feeling about Brook, and its different than other girls I've met. Also, earlier today, when I was.well you know.I was thinking about her. In fact every time I try to do that, she's all I can think about." "Oh, Will" Lisa said soundly, "That's so cute!" "Umm, okay?" "Will, she likes you too you know.

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If anything, show her you like her." "How do I do that" "Just let her know you feel the same way, don't worry, everything will be just fine." As Will walked down stairs with Lisa, he immediately looked over towards Brook. Will, now looking at her face to avoid starring at something inappropriate, walked up to Brook and softly whispered in her ear, "I love you too".

Brook's usual stone-cold expression suddenly softened, as she blushed and smiled. The two embraced, which was accompanied with Lisa and Anna both simultaneously saying, "AAWwwww" Will Leaned forward an kissed Brook on the lips.

She blushed and remained frozen, as he walked her over to the couch, were they sat by each-other and cuddled up. Half way through the movie, however, Will's hormones got the best of him. He caught from the side of his eye, Brook's cleavage.


Believing that he would get away with starring, got comfortable, and looked down directly at Brook's boobs. His imagination kicked in, as Will began to fantasize about seeing those naked tits. He imagined him sucking on them, or feeling her nipples, or even just cupping them in his hands.

Sadly, Will's moment of bliss was stopped when Brook paused the movie. "Why'd you pause it?" Lisa asked.

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"cause" she sighed, "Will, your starring at my boobs. Now stand on the coffee table and show us your dic." "Wha-what? Wait.NO!" He protested. "Will, that was our deal. Now stand up there and show us, our else." "Fine." Will moaned as he got up on the table.

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He blushed as he reached his thumbs between the elastic band and pulled down his shorts and boxers. His mind was now filled with ecstasy,as every erotic fantasy he had had for the past few days was suddenly coming true. Brook ordering him to strip, it was invigorating, yet at the same time, soul crushingly humiliating.


Will, of course, was now sporting a full on erection, as he closed his eyes, allowing the girls to see his full on boner as he felt a drop of pre-cum leak from his piss whole. At this very moment he was filled with the urge to masturbate, but he knew he couldn't get away with it. Nevertheless, Will slowly reached down and gave his cock a gentle stroke. yet as he did he heard footsteps in the TV room. "WILL!" a familiar voice echoed from across the room.

"MAGGIE!" Will said in shock and surprise, as he covered his dic and jumped off of the table, "I-I thought you would get here at six!" "It's six-thirty, Will. know, what.let's just pretend that that didn't happen" "Ok" Will said. The humiliation was making him explode with pre-cum.

He tucked his dic up under his waist band and sat on the couch. He was more embarrassed than ever before and yet, he wanted to cum right there and then.TO BE CONTINUED