White slut teasing nude body

White slut teasing nude body
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I don't know how long this saga will continue. It was supposed to end until I thought this part up. Enjoy it while it lasts! ----------------------- Steve ran his hands up and down his sisters ass as she laid on top of him. These two looked hott just standing together. Watching Steves cock slowly slip out of his sisters slit.now that was out of this world. "We gonna party tonight, boys?" Steph asked as she sat up and ran her hands over her brothers toned chest.

"All the beer's gone." Steve said. "No way!" Steph raised her voice. "Well, hell, we could have saved all of it if you'da just fuckin' told me you were only pretending to be drunk." Steve said, flashing a toothy smile. "Oh you mean like this? 'Oh Steve.I'm so horny. Please put your cock in my mouth while I'm "asleep"'." Steph joked. Steve reached up and pinched her nipple. "Yeah. Just like that." he said.

I stood up and started walking to Steves room. "Where you goin'?

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Our party just started!" Steve shouted. "You guys wore me out. I'm gonna put some shorts on." I said. "Stevie." Steph started, making a puppy face. "I really want some alcohol for tonight." "Well, Steph.that depends." Steve said.

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"On what?" Steph asked. "If I get some, you gonna fuck me like this again?" He asked. "Alcohol or no alcohol, big brother, we're gonna fuck like this." Steph said. She gave a smile to match her brothers and they kissed. "Alright, babe." Steve said. "Big brother to the rescue. I'll be back later. I'll go meet some friends and get one of them to buy some booze for tonight." Steph grinned and got up off of her brother.

Steve stood and walked into his room with me. He shut his door. "Dude. This is the greatest thing ever." he said. I understood. "I know, man.I know." I said. "I just want you to know there's no jealousy.

You can go and fuck Steph good whenever you want to while you're here. You've only got a week. I've got until whenever she decides to stop." He said. "How long you think it'll last?" I asked. "I dunno. I hope it's just the beginning of a long, long time." he said.

Steve reached down and picked up some shorts and a tank top. "Alright, dude. I'll be back later." he said. "Alright. I'll see ya." I said. Steve grabbed his car keys and headed out his door, up the steps and out of the house. I liked Steve a lot, but the sound of the screen door slamming made me smile. Now it was just me and Steph.

I laid down on Steves bed, neglecting to put my shorts on. The entire reason I came into the room in the first place.

I thought back to how just a few minutes ago I was pumping my cock in and out of Stephs ass. My cock started to grow and I decided to bust a nut right there on Steves bed. He wouldn't care. We'd done so much more on these sheets. I laid there pumping, door wide open, nothing to fear.


I was getting into it pretty good when Steph walked in. "Hey, mister. Put that thing away!" She said. "Why should I? It's your fault." I said.

"Because I'll need it later!" she said. Steph was wearing a black bathing suit. "Guess where we're going." "Hm. I have no idea." I said, sarcastically. "Come on.

Lets go swim!" she said. "I can't with this thing." I said, pointing at my stiff cock. "Ugh. Boys." Steph said rolling her eyes. She made her way to the bed and got on all fours, facing me. She leaned down and ran her tongue across the tip of my cock. She stared into my eyes. Her hand grasped my shaft and she pumped with an up, down, side to side motion.

She engulfed my cock and started sucking. After a few minutes, I was close. I felt my balls tug.I was about to. Steph pulled her mouth off and stood up. She grinned at me. "Oh my God." I said. She'd quit too soon! I didn't cum! "Ha. Now let's go swimming." She said. What a tease. My balls were throbbing. I wanted.I needed her so badly. Steph threw me some shorts.

I slipped them on and grabbed some towels. I followed her out of the room, my cock pointing straight at her ass. We walked outside. Like a good smack to the face, the heat hit us hard. We made our way to the woods and got on the trail.

Steph grabbed my hand. "So.you like it here?" she asked. "I love it here, Steph." I said. "Good. We've liked having you here.

A lot." she said with a smile. "I can honestly say this wasn't what I expected." I said. Steph squeezed my hand tighter and we walked on.

I kept looking behind her. Her ass had a bounce to it with every step. It was so tight inside of those bikini bottoms. "Like what you see?" She asked, giggling. "Love it." I said. "So you and Steve." she said. "You guys getting along ok?" "Uh.yeah. Great." I said. "That's what I thought." she said.

What did she mean? "I'm not gonna lie, Steve was everything I expected." She said. "Well, I'm glad you two are happy." I replied. There was a moment of silence. "I can't believe you fucked my ass." she said. It made me laugh. "Well, I found out it's not so bad." I said, remembering fucking Steve the previous night. "Yeah. I think you've done it before.

God knows Steve has." She said. "Oh really? I didn't know Steve got around so much." I said. "Oh yeah. Not just with girls though. I know Steve is bisexual." She said. "Oh yeah?" I asked. "Yeah. I've watched him a few times. He'll bring one of his friends over and they just go into his room and have at it." She said. "Didn't you notice how well he sucked you?" "I just thought maybe he had a good teacher." I said, smacking her on the ass.

"You didn't look too bad, either." She said. "You know, when I made you two suck each other. How'd you like that?" "I don't think it's that bad. But that wasn't my first time." I said.

"Really?" She asked. "Yeah.wanna know the truth?" I asked. Steph nodded. "Right before I fucked you the first time, Steve and I sucked each other off." I said.

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"How come?" She asked. "You. We were both so damn horny. We tried jacking off, jacking each other off.everything. That's just what worked." I said. "Oh. Did he cum in your mouth? Did you cum in his?" She asked, interested. "Yes and yes." I said. "So is that the only thing you've ever done with a guy?" she asked. "Well.more truth. Last night.Steve and I.kinda fucked each other." I said. "Oh my God! Why?" she asked. "Cause I told Steve about me and you. He wanted to fuck.

I felt like I owed him one. And I kinda wanted to try it." I said. "Did you like it?" She asked.

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"It wasn't bad." I said, honestly. "So. Looks like we've all fucked each other. haha! So which sibling do you prefer?" She asked. "Well.I can't suck your cock. But I can't fuck Steves pussy." I said. "I like you both." Steph smiled and we made our way to the pond. Steph got in first and walked out until the water was just under her tits, making it look like they were floating on water.

"Come on, Bret. I'm lonely!" she said. I walked into the water. It felt great against the heat of my body. I waded out to Steph and she shoved some water in my direction. "You look beautiful." I said.

"Awww.Bret!" She said. She came in close and I planted a kiss on her. "I'm gonna miss you so much." She said. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest.

I was gonna miss her too. But we still had plenty of time for goodbyes.

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There was no hiding it. My cock was growing against her body. "Looks like I started something I should finish, huh?" She asked. "Up to you." I said. With that, Steph eased back and fidgeted under the water.


She brought her hands back up, clutching her bikini bottoms. She wadded them up and tossed them by the towels on the bank. "Take 'em off." She instructed. Who was I to argue? I undid the tie on my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang to life.

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Underwater, Steph had a frim grasp on my aching cock. She brought her left leg up to my waist and I grabbed it. She pulled me in closer and we were connected. I was inside of Steph. She brought her right leg up and we were off.

I eased my hands down and supported her ass. How I loved that ass. Steph wasn't heavy on her bed.or on the couch.but she was totally weightless in the water. I lifted her up and down slowly the first few times. "Come on, Bret. I wanna get done before Steve gets back and wants a turn." She said. I quickened my pace. I lifted her up, brought my hips back, shoved her down, and slammed my hips forward. "That's better." she said. My grip tightened on Stephs ass. With the surrounding water, Steph was gliding up and down my shaft like a machine.

I had to admit, my cock was made for this pussy. I released Stephs legs and turned her around. I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her from behind.

I was pounding hard. I can't imagine what it would have felt like without the resistance from the pond water. I had an idea.

I'd pull my dick all the way out, move a floor up, and fuck her ass again. She didn't complain the first time. Here it goes. I slipped out quick, pushed my hips up and penetrated her ass. "I was waiting for that." Steph said. Great! She liked it!

I slid my hand down and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. It was like having another threesome without Steve even being there. I moved my finger around in search of her clit. Bingo! With my hard cock ramming her ass, my finger began it's assault. Steph began to moan. That was it. Game over. I pounded with all my power a few more times. "I'm cumming!" I said. My swollen cock spurt boiling cum into the ass of my younger cousin, Steph.

My finger, working diligantly, paid off. "Oh shit!" Steph shouted. Her pussy clamped onto my finger. She was there. I pumped Stephs ass a few more times and pulled out. "Oh, you're good, mister." she said as she turned to face me. "It's all you, Steph." I said. Steph smiled at the compliment and kissed me. I pulled her close and put a hand on her back, using the other to snatch her legs up.


I walked to the bank and carried Steph to the towels. I let her down. My cock, slowly deflating, swayed in the wind. "Fuck this." Steph said as she removed her top.

Steph got down onto the towel and laid down. I joined her on my towel beside her. We laid there naked, staring into each others eyes.

I ran my hand down her arm. She reached out and took my mostly flaccid cock into her hand. Slowly, my cock started twitching back to life.