Rough pussy toying with long legged brunette asian teen

Rough pussy toying with long legged brunette asian teen
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(Authors note) from me to you your welcome Hermaphrodite: male or female with both sex organs Shemale: a female or male with the appearance of the other sex(guy looks like girl. girl looks like guy) All right people I know all of my other stories I created and copied off of were complete and total crap. I am not the best writer and this is where that will change.

This is my try hard story if it is bad sorry the only thing you will see abused in grammar is a lot of run on sentences, but I will try to do better with this story to prove that I can do it so here it goes. Oh and p.s at least I was the first person to fucking do those stories if any of you are decent writers at all just one up me and give it to me in the comments no homo.

SHAKE IT UP (intro) It was a hazy day in Chicago 6:15 in the afternoon Rocky and Cece two dancers both fifteen around Cece five foot five with a to b cup breast's white skin, red hair, and the more rebellious of the two, and Rocky just a little bit taller and with b cup breast's with dark skin, and brown hair.

The two girls on the most popular dance show in Chicago called "Shake it up Chicago". They were coming home from a long afternoons practice and after a full seven-hour school day.

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After they did all that, they had to do they decided to relax and rent a movie from the movie store down the street and watch it at Cece's house. The movie they chose was a chick flick full of the usual crap that only a guy would go to see to get in her girls pants.

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And a girl see because of the fantasy that romance and finding the true love would come down off his pedestal just to get with you because of a sudden desire only seen in the movies.

After the three-hour movie, the man got the girl bla, bla, love mush crap. They decided to talk about their day rumors and normal girl chat. Then the phone rang and the caller I.D.


flashed and it was Rocky's mother on the phone and they answer the phone very fast Rocky answered. It was a short and Rocky dropped the phone out of shock and tells that Cece that "OH MY GOD MY BROTHER JUST WAS JUST HIT BY A CAR WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!" Rocky said on the verge of tears after rocky was crying they ran to the hospital twelve blocks away.

They got there and was met by both their mothers and found out that He just died five minutes ago everybody cried that day SHAKE IT UP (Shocking days after the funeral) The funeral is going to be in North Carolina because he always wanted to live there. Only his friends and family went to the funeral. Then after the funeral was over Rocky and Cece allowed to stay for two weeks by themselves in a very nice hotel to get over the passing of Rocky's brother. The hotel was a small home like one more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel with people working all over the clock.

Especially cute farm boys working off the land with no shirts on and sweating all over there six pack abs, which they both check out each day.

Both Cece and Rocky had separate rooms to sleep in and at night, the only thing Cece heard at night was Rocky crying because of the loss, but one night around 12 am Cece heard moans through the wall he being very curious. She put her ear against the wall and heard something that made her wet and incredibly horny.


Moreover she saw something that she would never would forget. Rocky was on her bed naked with her small nipples and fine shapely ass and she was masturbating but not only with her pussy but she had a hand on her her DICK.

Cece guessed it was around a monstrous 12 inch's and it was pretty wide like a pole and Cece realized that Rocky was a hermaphrodite, and watching this turned her on so much she started to rub herself through the pajama pants she had on. Finding that she was extremely wet while watching Rocky fingered herself and jacking off her very big cock.

Cece knew she was close to orgasm and just as she came, she saw Rocky's cock shot 5 long thick strands of cum at the same time as her cunt gushed out a lot of cum also.

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Which sent Cece over the edge and let out a long orgasmic moan which any one could have heard including Rocky, and she did and Cece stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. Rocky looks at Cece with a very deep scowl and Rocky said "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU SLUT!!!", and Cece looked scared more then she has ever been as watching her best friend coming closer with her cute little eraser nipples that were light brown and her monstrous dick which was still hard and her hairless cunt.

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Now Cece on the floor looking at Rocky with fear in her eyes as Rocky towered over her. "NOW IT IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE" Cece says in a panicked state "OH REALLY IT LOOKS LIKE YOU WERE GETTING YOURSELF OFF ON ME MASTERBAITING," Rocky said angrily. Cece admitted to it and said, "What are you going to do to me?" "Well I am going to show you what sluts like you deserve come here!" Rocky said as she grabbed Cece by the hair and pulled her into her room. Cece screaming as this was happening because she was afraid and she was hurting from her hair being pulled.

When they got to the bed she threw Cece against it and she said "you filthy fucking whore you wanna watch a girl fucking masturbate fine sit there and watch" she said. Then she started playing with her pussy lips then putting one finger in her snatch then two then three moaning loudly until she finally came.


Cece just sat there and watched her masturbate then Rocky did something unexpected she grabbed Cece's head and shoved her cock down her mouth, and put it in slowly only able to get about four and a half inches until she heard her gagging on her cock but she didn't care she was lost in the pleasure. She had to have more so she shoved Cece down on her pole another 3 inches she was still chocking and gagging now saliva coming out of her mouth and making the brutal oral assault much easier and Rocky got another 2 inches in now most of her enormous cock.

Rocky was getting fed up of this and pushed her head against the wall and brutally started to face fuck her humping her face like a jackhammer.


Then for some reason she kicked it up a notch and went into over time, she felt like every time Rocky thrusts into her mouth that she was chocking and being punched at the same time as she started crying while gagging on the monstrous cock was forced down her throat.

Then Rocky stopped all of a sudden and she started moaning. "OH MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD I AM CUMMING DOWN YOUR THROAT BITCH AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW IT!", and she did just that and Cece felt liquid coming down her throat and it felt a little salty yet sweet it didn't taste so bad but she swallowed it all just in case Rocky was real on her threat.

When Rocky was finished Cumming she said, "Now get the fuck out come back tomorrow morning and here this is my sign from now on your mine" as she planted a hickey to the point to where she started bleeding, and then she was told to leave. Just as she did that Rocky smacked her on her nice ass then Cece was out of her room and into her own. 3 hrs later After all this happened Cece was still awake thinking about the events that only happed hours ago, and the strangest thing was she wasn't mad, sad, or scared she was EXCITED and she couldn't wait for what was about to happen tomorrow so she passed out and fell into the darkness of sleep.

Waiting for the events to start tomorrow.


(To be continued hopefully) Well guys that is the end hope you enjoyed if you enjoyed it please comment it if this works out I will make another if not I will stop making stories and just add favorites okay thanks for reading.

Greatly FIREUP1