Hardcore gay Timo Garrett is eager to help break in fresh guy Dustin

Hardcore gay Timo Garrett is eager to help break in fresh guy Dustin
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Part 1 recap: Paul helped his girlfriend Amy move into her dorm. When they finished moving her in, they had sex, then fell asleep in Amy's bed.

An hour after Paul fell asleep in Amy's bed, Paul woke up. Amy was still asleep, and Paul decided to let her stay sleeping for a while longer. She was so beautiful when she was asleep. He held her and stroked her hair. After a few minutes, he decided to wake her up. He slid his hand down her side and slid it into her pants.

He found her slit and started playing with her clit and felt that she was getting wet. Amy soon began to moan with pleasure. She spread her legs wide to give Paul better access to her pussy. He slid one finger into her hole and fingered her until she came. After she came they got out of bed and went to a restaurant for lunch, then shopping for what Amy needed for school and her dorm. When they made it back to her room, Amy began to pick up what she had bought that afternoon.

Paul walked up behind her and pulled her tight against him. She felt his cock start to harden in his pants.

She reached down and gave it a light squeeze. Paul grabbed her tits. He lifted her shirt over her head. She unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor.

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He unclasped her bra, and then stepped out of his pants while she took off her pants. They both dropped their underwear and climbed into bed. Paul pulled Amy's mouth to his and kissed her soft lips. As the kissed, he played with one of her tits.

She reached down and began to stroke his cock.


With his free hand, Paul began to play with the lips of Amy's pussy. Paul kissed Amy from her neck down to her pussy. He kissed her clit, then flicked it with her tongue. He moved away from her pussy and kissed her thigh.

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"You big tease," Amy moaned as he repeatedly kissed her thighs. "You know it." Paul moved back to her pussy and started to lick her clit. She grabbed his head and held it in place so that he couldn't move away again. He sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked and licked it. He placed the tip of a finger in her pussy.

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She grabbed his wrist and forced the finger all the way in. As he sucked and licked her clit, he fucked her pussy with the finger. She began to moan with pleasure, and he could tell she was about to cum.

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He slipped an extra finger into her pussy and moved both fingers faster. He reached up with his free hand and twisted and pulled on one of her nipples. This drove her over the edge. She squeezed his head with her thighs as she came hard, and his fingers were soaked with her cum.

Paul moved to lay next to Amy and held his fingers in front her face. She grabbed his wrist and sucked the fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked her cum off his fingers. She kissed her way down Paul's chest to his cock.

She licked around the head of cock, then took it in her mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, he pinched one of her nipples with one hand.

With the other hand, he reached around her and started fingering her dripping wet pussy. She began to moan, and the vibrations of her mouth felt good on Paul's dick.


Paul could feel that he was about to cum. Amy could tell as well, so she stopped sucking. Paul grabbed her head to make her keep going, but she pushed him aside.

Amy climbed out of bed and went to her closet. She pulled out a condom and a small, bullet vibrator. She handed the condom to Paul and laid in the bed next to him. While he put the condom on, she started to rub her slit up and down with the bullet on the lowest setting. Paul watched as she started rubbing her clit with the bullet. She slipped two of her fingers into her wet pussy and began to fuck herself.

Paul reached down and got one finger wet with her juice. He slid his finger to her asshole, and gently pushed it in. As he pushed his finger into her asshole, he could feel her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. He held his finger in her ass while she masturbated until she came. He pulled his finger out and bent his face to her pussy.

He licked her hole, tasting the fresh cum that was leaking out. He continued to lick her pussy until she was about to cum again. Before she could cum, he moved so that he could give her a kiss. She reached a hand between her legs and lined up his cock with her pussy.

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Paul pushed his dick into her hole and started to fuck her. Amy grabbed her bullet and put it on her clit, turning it to the highest setting. Almost immediately Amy began to cum, moaning as she did. She pushed Paul off of her and climbed on top of him. She slammed his dick into her pussy and started to ride his cock. Paul grabbed the bullet out of her hand and rubbed it on her clit. With his other hand he pulled on Amy's hard nipple. He could feel that he was about to cum so he let her nipple go so he could hold her hip as she rode him.

He started to hump Amy as she rode his cock. He started to cum, and they continued to fuck until the last bit of cum shot from his dick.

Amy climbed off him and lay in bed next to him. They laid in bed and kissed for a few minutes, then got up and put their clothes back on.