Two MILFs and teen Chloe hot group sex

Two MILFs and teen Chloe hot group sex
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We as people tend to let a lot of things slide as long as it is in our favor. Usually guild and pride keep us from doing wrong. Those or emotions that are given to us to keep us in check. Most of the time they work, but sometimes they fail…miserably. For me guilt was a little to late to stop me from what I did, and I'm kind of glad.

Ever since I was little I always believed that there was one girl for me. It was more or less drilled into my head from as far back as I can remember by my mom. Not having a father caused me to listen to everything my mom had to say. I was an only child so I got almost anything I wanted. I was spoiled most of the time, and I acted up a lot to get the attention I wanted.

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My mom got laid of at her job so she had to get a new one. My uncle lived with us and he started doing drugs, so my mom decided we should move from the house and get our own place. So we did and we got this small apartment. My mom decided to move there because we had cousins that lived two streets away from us. We used to go to their house every weekend. My mom would bring pizzas and me and my little cousins would play video games and stuff together. I had 2 male cousins and one girl cousin.

The oldest was kind of weird. His name is David, and he was the kind of boy that you thought was going to grow up to be gay. He was smart so he had that going for him, but in the looks department god missed him. He's the same age as me, but he's older by some months. The second oldest is the girl.

Her name is Mia. She was a tom boy. She would play football and basket ball with us. She also was the one with all of the balls in the family.

She didn't take shit and would tell you in a minute what she wasn't going to do. Lastly was my little cousin Mike. Mike was a bad ass. Not much more could describe him.

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He was just the bad seed out the bunch. He wasn't bad enough to go to like military school, but he was very defiant and lazy. When we were younger I would spend the night all the time, and I loved spending time with them.

Me and Mia didn't get along, because I was a bully and she wasn't going to stand around and be bullied. She would always try to get her brothers to stand up to me, but I was bigger and stronger than both of them so they usually did what I said, but not her. I never really tried to bully her. I mean she was a girl, and she could probably kick my ass if she wanted to.

As we grew up me and her really started butting heads. One night though her friends were talking about sex and me and her brothers were in the room with them. Well their parents are uptight so they didn't teach them anything about sex, but I knew. She quickly asked me stuff so she could sound like she knew what she was talking about, and I willingly told her.

I did it mostly to be nasty, and also cause my mom always told me that if you're old enough to ask then your old enough to get an answer. Okay all of that happened before we were 15.

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When I reached 15 things changed. I was all about having sex. I knew I had a big dick and I wanted to use it. I knew it wasn't the longest.

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(About 7 inches), but I knew it was the widest out of all my friends. I had a fuck buddy, but that was only for me to be good at it when I got a real girlfriend.

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I had stopped going over to my cousins' house, because me and my male cousins didn't see eye to eye anymore. For some reason though, probably because no one really cared about my birthday that year, I decide to go over to their house. I should have never gone. The house was normal.


It looked how it always look, my male cousins all looked the same and acted just as rude as always, but Mia had turned to supermodel status. Man when I saw her I couldn't believe it.

My little flat chested, no ass cousin had a size d chest and an ass that you could sit cups on. I had a hard that would rip through steel…literally, but your not supposed to have feeling like that for your second cousin.

It was getting dark and I was about to go home when I saw her outside and she looked depressed. I was just going to go home since me and her really didn't get along that well anyway, but she just had this look on her face like she needed help. So I walked up to her and tried to make her laugh. She just called me silly and was about to go in the house when I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and had this look on her face like why he cares.

I just sat there and was like you can tell me if you want to don't matter. She sat down on her porch and started telling me her story. She had this boyfriend for like 2 years now, and she really loved him, but he never made a move. They kissed and hugged but that was about it. Well one day this guy me and her both knew came to her house when it was just her alone. One thing leads to another and she's in just her underwear and bra with this guy, and he's rubbing her clit through the panties.

Once she got her head together she told him to stop and she kind of had to fight him of to get him to stop trying to finger her. She told me that she felt wrong for doing that behind her man's back, and she know it was wrong for almost having sex, but that feeling he was giving her was just amazing. I looked at her and I realized she didn't know what she had was called, so I asked her. She just shook her head at me. I told her she had an orgasm.

And we just talked about sex for like another 3 hours. I went home and begun jacking off. But I didn't just jack off once. That would have been to simple, I jacked off like 5 times that night and morning just thinking about her, and the sad thing is she had clothes on.

After a while me and her started talking to each other everyday. Two years pass and me and my mom start having trouble and I decided to run away. I had it all planned out, but funny how plans never work how you want them too, and I just ended up sitting on my cousin porch until their parents woke up and realized I was there.

They took me in for a couple of days. The last day I was there I was laying on the floor half awake, and half asleep. I felt a kiss on my lips. I didn't move so that the person wouldn't stop, but in the back of my mind it was hoping it wasn't David. The person got up and walked out the room, and before they left I opened my eyes and it was Mia.

She came back like 10 minutes later and did it again, and then she woke me up to tell me dinner was ready. The next day I moved back in with my mom and everything was cool. A week later I get a call from her. She crying and all upset on the phone. She just found out her boyfriend cheated on her.

Now I'm thinking to myself…why…how…is he dumb…is he stupid…is he blind and can't see how fine she is? I went over to the house to comfort her.

She started telling me that she never ment for me and her to be against each other when we were younger, and that she always looked up to me, and that I was cool to be around when we were not fighting. I just thought she was being nice since I was there in her time of need. She laid her head on my shoulder the she turned her head and looked up at me.

I told her she would be okay, and that's when it started. She kissed me, and not a soft kiss, and deep long kiss. I stood up and didn't know what to say or think. She just lifter up her skirt and there was her pussy, no panties and all shaven. Now most of you are thinking that we slept together that night. Well your wrong, I ran out there as fast as I could, because I knew her daddy schedule. I mean he worked the same job for years and he would have been home as soon as we stared, plus what was about to happen was wrong…wasn't it?

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That night I tossed and turned. I couldn't get her out my head, or maybe just her pussy. It didn't matter either way I couldn't get much sleep. Around 10 o'clock that morning I get a knock at my door. Its her. My mom let her in before she went to work. She sat at the edge of my bed. She got very direct with me. She started asking me if she wasn't good enough for me. I told her no (of course), but that she's my cousin and this is wrong. She just walked up to me and kissed me again, and asked me if it was so wrong why I still got that hard on I had from last night.

I was stuck; I couldn't even lie to her straight. She put her hands on my pants where my dick was and I damn near lost it. We started kissing more. Then she backed up and laid on my bed. I quickly followed her. She had on shorts this time with a tank top on. I moved the tank top revealing her titties. I started sucking on them. They were so big, so soft I just couldn't get enough of them. She started up buckling her pants and I finished taking them off. Her panties were soaked.

I could smell her pussy juices. She wanted to waste no time, she quickly took off my pants. I laid in between her legs. She started breathing heavily. I told her that this will hurt. She told me she didn't care she just loved me. Loved me? Loved me? How could she love me? I didn't understand nor did I want to. I took the tip of my dick and I put it right between her lips. I slowly started to push.

It wasn't long before I reached her cherry. I decided not to go soft on her and I broke it with one fast thrust, she screamed and tears rolled down her cheek. I didn't stop I started pumping faster and faster, and I think part of me wanted her to hate me for this. She just kept her eyes on mine whenever she could hold them open.

I felt my nut coming so I tried to pull out but she had rapped her legs around me. So the only thing I could think of was to stop.


She asked me what was wrong and I told her I was about to come. She just told me to cum in her. If I was in my right mind I would have said no, but I was in the middle of a nut. I damn sure wasn't going to not get it. So I started drilling again. Finally the nut came. She laid there motionless for a while, then she got her things and left. I felt so bad, so horrible for what I had done. She told me she loved me, and I just fucked her like she was a street hoe. She wanted me to love her and that's what I gave her, just a bad fuck.

That eat me up inside for like weeks. I couldn't even bring myself to see her, or to tell her sorry. I had to do something, and I ended up letting my mom know what happened. She looked at me like how could you, but when she saw how eat up inside I was she decided to give me advice. She told me that you can't always decide who you fall in love with.

She said that you and her had a bond since I could first remember. You two would fight because you didn't know how to express love, but I knew from looking at you to something was up. Then she looked at me and told me I knew what I had to do. I picked a day and I decided I would tell her sorry, and that I loved her too. I got lucky, almost like the fates helped me, and it was a day she was all alone in the house. I knocked on the door, and she asked who it was, I didn't answer, thinking that if I did she wouldn't open the door.

She opened the door, and when she saw me she just left it open and went back into the house. I followed her and closed the door. She went to her room and I followed. She looked at me and told me it was okay, before I could open my mouth to apologize. I told her that it wasn't okay and that&hellip.and that&hellip.and that I did love her. She just turned her head and tilted it towards the ground. I got up and I moved to the side of her. I had begun kissing her.

At first she resisted a little, but not enough to cause me to stop. Then she started kissing me back. We kissed for like 30 minutes. Then I started kissing her neck. It smelled so good. She must have had on some form of perfume.

I lifted her shirt over her head, and begun to fondle her breast. This time she moaned.


I wrapped her nipple with my tongue. Making sure to lick and kiss every inch of both of them. Then I worked my way down to her stomach. I paid close attention to detail. I pulled the skirt she had on down Then I kissed her mound. She automatically gave me a response. Then I started feverishly liking her clit.

She arched her back and gave out a long moan.

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She started talking in heavy breaths. She starting telling me she loved me. I started to lick even harder and faster till finally her juices were all over my mouth, my nose, and my chin.

I kept licking her, because I know how good it feel to still have that contact even after you finised having a orgasm. Then I wiped my face off and stood up in front of her. She was now sitting on the edge of the bed. She took my pants off and lifted my shirt up. She laid back on the bed and left her legs up.

I went once again back in between her legs. This time I rubbed my dick's head against her clit and her slit so she could feel me before I entered.

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I slowly entered her wet pussy. I took it very slow; I made sure she felt every centimeter of my raging hard-on. Finally our bodies met, and we started moving together. She kept her mouth open and was freely screaming to god as I worked my dick in a piston fashion. Deeper and deeper I tried to reach. At that point it was no longer about me. I just wanted to please her. I wanted her to feel good, to know what my love was like. I knew my orgasm was coming when I started getting those electrical signals in my balls.

So I turned her over and went back in from doggy style. I would have never guess this was her weakness. Almost after my 4th pump her pussy started drooling cum. She created a wet spot on her bed the size of a stop sign. She started bucking like crazy, and screaming so loud I swear the dead was going to come to shut her up. Finally my nut came, and I let out a deep low moan as I grip her waist, just to try to hold my self up.

I was exhausted and I fell on the bed in next to the wet spot. She laid down on her stomach. We both were hot and sticky but we didn't care we started kissing each other anyway. Then I looked at her and said…you know you were always my favorite cousin.