Arsch in jeans

Arsch in jeans
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I had just stopped for dinner at a truck stop and walked back out to my rig. I had fired the truck up and turned the air on high. Just the 200 yard walk from the truck stop to my truck had me soaked in sweat. It was 100 or above in the shade that day.

As I set in the cab of the truck and got my log caught up I thought about the 325 miles I still had to go that day before I could shut down for the night. Just then I saw someone walking out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to see a long set of legs, a great ass in shorts so short that the bottoms of her ass cheeks were hanging out and light brown hair that was to the middle of her back. Just then she turned around for me to see a beautiful face with green cats' eyes, full lips, high cheek bones, and a perfect nose to top it off.

She looked to be in her early to mid twenties. Then my eyes fell to her chest and my cock went hard.

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She had a perfect D-cup chest but was wearing a bikini top that was way too small, she had tit hanging out on every side of the top. She looked over and saw me setting in my truck and made a bee line for my cab. I thought to myself if she is a lot lizard I will buy that. She climbed up on the side of my truck as I rolled the window down and said Hi in a voice that dripped sex.

I said Hi to her tits and asked her what was up. She said that her name was Jessica but everyone called her Jess, and that she needed a ride.

I told her I was headed south down past San Antonio.

She looked at me smiled, and said that if I gave her a ride she would do anything I wanted to her for as long as I wanted.

I said get in. I reached over and unlock the passenger door and reached out to grab her back pack as she started to climb up into my jump seat. As soon as she got in her nipples were hard from the 30 degree change in temperature in the cab of my truck.

I looked at those great tits and felt myself get hard again. Jess looked over at me and asked if I minded if she washed up she was hot and sweaty from walking over 5 miles with a back pack in that heat. I said sure but I didn't have any soap or water in my truck. She smiled showing perfect white teeth, and grabbed her back pack, pulling out a wet towel in a baggie and a box of wipes she started to wipe herself off. First her face, then her long neck and shoulders then her chest.

When she got to her tits she reached up and un-tied her top and pulled it off. Her tits were so firm they didn't move as she pulled the tiny top off of them. She then rubbed them with the wet towel and said that it felt good to get the grim and sweat off. By now my cock was so hard that I could have driven nails with it, Jess looked over and saw the tent in my shorts and got on her knees between the seats. Reaching over she pulled my shorts down and took the length of my cock down her throat in one swift movement.

She then pulled most of it out of her mouth and suck on the head and top part of the shaft as she rocked her head from side to side. The feeling this gave my cock was incredible. She sucked my cock while she was topless as the driver to my right got in his truck and fired it up. He looked over to see her perfect ass as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Soon I felt my cum rise as she sucked even harder and started to hum, she also played with my balls as I moaned and tried to fuck her mouth as hard as I could.

I then grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take my cock all the way in as I shot my cum down the back of her throat. Jess kissed my cock and then sucked the last of my cum off of the head and said there that's better, I can't have my driver getting his cock stuck in the steering wheel now can I. she then stood up and turned around so the drive next to me had a perfect view of her tits and then undid her shorts and let them fall to the floor. My view was great, her perfect ass spilt by a g-string.

She bent over and waved to the driver next to me as I looked right up her pussy and ass, covered by just a little bit of silk. She then set down a finished her bath as I watched from close and the driver next to me about broke his neck trying to see it all. After she was done she asked me if she could lie down for a little while on my rack, I said sure, showed her where to put her things and pulled the covers back for her.

She was out as soon as her head hit the pillow I came out of the sleeper waved to the driver and started to drive, I still had 325 miles to go before I could stop for the night. As I drove I thought about the hot young thing sleeping behind me as I ran down the road.

By running 75 to 80 the whole way I was at my next drop off in 4 ½ hours. So just after 10 pm I dropped my trailer and ran over to the truck stop to shower and get cleaned up.

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Waking Jess up we went in and showered then back to the sleeper. Jess chose to wear a cut off white tank top that ended so that the bottom inch of each tit was hanging out.


She also wore a mini skirt so short that as soon as she lifted a leg you could see her pussy, she had taken the g-string off. We went in showered and almost ran out to the truck. While she was climbing up into my truck I walked up behind her and licked her pussy from her clit to her ass. She lay down on the seat as I ate her pussy right there in the parking lot. My god she tasted great and was very tight, even her ass tasted good I found out as I licked and sucked on her ass.

Trying to stick my tongue as far as I could both up her ass and pussy I reached around and rubbed her clit making her moan and push herself back into my face. She was pulling on her nipples as I ate her until her pussy juice ran down both legs. When we heard someone coming up to the truck I let her get in the truck and followed her in.

As soon as we got inside I pulled her tank top off and fell on those great tits that I hadn't up till then touched at all. I grabbed one and felt that it was real no implants here and then lowered my head down to suck on her nipple. Her tits where great nice and firm, a full D-cup on a small frame. As I sucked on her nipple she moaned and thrashed around under me reaching down she started to rub her pussy before sticking one of her fingers in and finger fucking herself.

I sucked on her other tit as she reached down with her other hand to rub her clit while she was fingering her pussy and moaning deeply. I could smell her hot pussy by now as she rubbed ever harder and faster so I dropped down to her pussy and spread her legs to eat her again. This time I had her lay on her back on my rack as I slid down between her legs and started to lick her tight, shaved pussy while I played with her tight ass and soon slid a finger up her pussy.

After a few minutes I started to suck on her clit, finger her pussy and using the large amount of pussy juice that was running down the crack of her ass to work a finger up her ass. She was bucking and grabbing handfuls of my hair as she started to moan louder and louder, as she got wetter she started to say oh god eat that pussy then to scream as she started to cum.

She came very hard as I finger fucked her pussy and ass as hard as I could; after she got off she pushed me away and set up. She then grabbed and pulled my face to her as she licked her pussy juice off of my face and then sucked my fingers clean. The next thing I did was push her back down on the rack and climb on top of her as I pushed my shorts down and put her legs on top of my shoulders. Taking aim for her pussy I pushed forward and started to slid my rock hard cock into her pussy.

I slid into her tightness with no problem as she moaned and grabbed my upper arms. As tight as she was she was so wet that she had no problem taking my cock into her. After I hit bottom I pulled out so that just the head of my cock was in her before sliding it back into her again, over and over, harder and harder, faster and faster I fucked her tight pussy as she fucked me back hard and dug her nails into my arms.

Soon she was about to cum as I fucked her for all that I was worth, she reached around and clawed my back as she screamed fuck me before screaming oh god and cumming very hard, I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she came for the 2nd time in 5 minutes.

I kept fucking her hard as I felt my own orgasm building, I leaned over and made her knees mash her tits as I pounded her pussy before shooting my wad deep in her. I laid there in her for awhile before rolling off of her to lay there and suck air from the hard fucking we had just done. When Jess caught her breath she set up and moved down to my cock, taking the now soft cock in her mouth she sucked it clean licking our cum off.

She then lay down beside me and told me that her step dad told her to always clean her mess up.

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I then pulled the covers over us and we both fell asleep very soon after that. I woke up the next day to getting anther one of her blow jobs, as soon as I was hard and ready to go Jess climbed on top of me and started to ride me. Going slow at first she picked up speed as she reached up and played with her tits as she ground her pussy into my cock.

I grabbed her hips to make her move faster as I felt my cock grind deep into her pussy. After doing this for a while she told me that she wanted me to fuck her doggie style, so she got off of me and laid down on her face and knees with her ass sticking up in the air.

I got behind her and put my cock back into her pussy as I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard again. I then spit on my right thumb and lubed her ass hole up before sticking my thumb up her ass and making her call out I moved my thumb around for awhile until I spit on it again to make her ass even wetter, after doing this 4 or 5 times I pulled my cock out of her puss and tried to fuck her ass.

It wouldn't go in so I stuck it back in her pussy and went back to spitting on my fingers to lube her ass up. I tried to fuck her ass again, this time I got the head in but she was still to dry to fuck so I went back to fucking her and lubing her ass up.

The 3rd time I tried my cock slid in and went about half way in, I pulled out and started to fuck her ass as she moaned and grabbed the pillows. I fucked her ass for a few then slid back into her pussy, fucking her pussy until my cock was slick with her cum I fucked her ass again, I did this several times until I shot my wade up her ass. When I pulled out of her she sucked my cock clean as my cum ran out of her ass and down her legs.

It was after this that I got a hold of dispatch and was told I had a load that was going to Chicago. I told Jess and thought that she would stay there or go on south when she asked me if she could go with me.

I said sure and went to get my trailer with my new load. As I drove back north Jess stayed in the sleeper in the nude, when we went through a weigh station she closed the curtain and didn't open it again until we were 5 miles down the road.

As I got close to where I picked her up she closed the curtain and didn't open it for the next 4 hours until I told her that it was to stop and fuel the truck and us up. Jess asked me to bring her food to the truck saying she didn't want to go out in the heat, so I didn't shut the truck off after I fueled it and went in to get our food to go. Getting back out to the truck we ate and I got anther of her great blow jobs before heading back north to go to the Windy City.

That night I fucked her again, this time I had picked up some KY so I fucked her ass very hard for what seemed like forever before I pulled my cock out and shot my wad all over her ass and pussy. Jess turned and sucked me clean again before laying with her head on my shoulder and for the first time telling me something about herself.

She said that her dad had died when she was 8 and that her mother hadn't married again until she was 12. At first she liked her step dad and they got along great until she started to fill out the bigger her tits got the more he would touch her and rub her.

The next summer when she was 13 he wouldn't let her mother got her a new bikini, but made her wear the same one she had the summer before. She had been a 32 A-cup then by the next summer she was a 34-C. She said that he would walk up behind her and reach around and grab her tits while rubbing his cock on her ass. When she told her mother her mother told her how her step dad had said that she was rubbing her body on him and was always trying to show her tits to him and get him to touch her.

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After that her step dad did what ever he wanted to her and if she said anything to her mother she would get in trouble for coming on to him. It was shortly after that that he raped her while her mother was in the hospital over night after having a operation.

He had made her give him head and fucked her 4 times before her mother got home. After that he raped her at least once a day and made her suck his cock everyday. While he was doing this he taught her how to suck his cock and to always suck him clean after he fucked her. He had raped her like that for a 1 ½ years before she ran away; when she was on her period he would ass fuck her.

After she told me this she asked me if I would keep her safe before she lay on my shoulder and went to sleep. The next day I woke up with her sucking my cock, I then put her on her back and put my legs over her shoulders and fucked her, I then laid her on her side and lay behind her and fucked her as I reached around and rubbed her clit.

I rolled her over so she laid flat on her face and fucked her pussy as I set and played with her ass. As I fingered her ass she got off and so did I, deep in her pussy. Jess then sucked me clean and looked up and smiled. This day she rode in the jump set wearing her to small bikini top and a black thong.

She stretched her legs out and laid back with a smile on her face as the miles flew by and the truckers all made remarks about the hot young thing riding with me. We shut down at 9 that night in Chicago with 9 hours to kill before I could unload and get my next load. We had stopped earlier and pick up some food and soft drinks so we didn't have to go anywhere. Jess picked up my belt and told me that she had been a very bad girl, she then handed me the belt and lay down across my lap.

I doubled up my belt and brought it down across her ass. She called out and told me to spank her harder. I brought the belt down again with more force, she moaned and cried out and said harder again. When I hit her the first time it made a red mark, the 2nd time made a small welt.

I hit her again and she cried out in pain but told me harder. Her ass was red with welts everywhere I hit her. As I hit her again she cried out and said just like that, I hit her twice more and then she slid off my lap on to her knees.

Looking up she told me not to stop as she took my hard cock into her mouth. The harder I hit her ass with the belt the better she sucked my cock.

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I hit her as she sucked my cock deep into her mouth, soon she was sucking me so hard that I thought she was going to suck my balls along with my cum out of me. I exploded in her mouth as I hit her one last time on that perfect but now red and welted ass. She swallowed every drop of my cum as big tears ran down her face and onto her big tits. I felt drained but at the same time I had felt very horney looking down at her on her knees in front of me.


I pushed her onto my rack and went down on her pussy while I roughly played with her tits. I then rose up and made her suck my cock hard before putting her legs on my shoulders and fucking her as hard as I could.

I then pulled out of her puss and put the head of my cock up to her tight ass, leaning forward I buried my cock as deep as I could in her ass. She cried out and looked at me saying in a deep voice fuck me fuck my ass as hard as you can. I started to fuck her ass while she thrashed around and started to call out louder and louder. She was screaming at the top of her lungs when I came in her ass. I pulled out of her ass and grabbed her hair as I rubbed my cock on her lips until she opened her mouth; I then rammed my cock into her mouth all the way.

After she sucked me clean I pulled out and set down beside her, all I could say was wow. Jess reached out and gave me a hug, she said that she needed that every so often, she said that she almost came every time I hit her hard and that she did cum about 8 times while I was beating her and fucking her.

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The problem was she couldn't set for 3 days after that. This went on for 3 weeks, Jess would go to the house with me when I went home and would go out with me every time I was on the road. We hit 15 states in that time but I had a load that went back to Texas towards the end of the 3rd week.

Jess said that she didn't want to go back but I told her I had to take the load. We had dropped the trailer and hooked up to a new one when I stopped to fuel about 200 miles from where I picked her up. When I went in to pay I saw a poster for a runaway, looking closer I saw that the young lady was going to turn 15 in 2 days. When I looked at the picture I saw that it was Jess.

I had been fucking the shit out of a 14 year old for the last 3 weeks and started to fall in love with her. I had shot at least 2 loads of cum in her a day and never even thought that she was anything under 22.

I walked back out to the truck and set behind the wheel, Jess poked her head out of the sleeper and asked me what I was doing. I turned to look at her and said that I was thinking about what to get her for her birthday, it was in 2 days wasn't it. She said yes and then her face fell, she asked me how I found out and if I knew the year she was born.

I said that there was a poster in the truck stop, and yes I knew how old she was as I looked at her full red lips and thought how good they felt around my hard cock. I then looked up to see a local cop drive by slowly as if looking for something. I turned around and looked at her big tits flat tummy and at that tight pussy covered by short shorts and said what the hell. I told her I was going to Washington state and asked her if she wanted to go along for the ride.

The next day I called dispatch and told them that I didn't want to get a load to or from Texas again.

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My dispatcher laughed and wanted to know what it was because of a female, when I said yes he said done. Its been 5 years now and we haven't been back, but I know have a very hot 20 year old who still gets the belt every so often just to show her who's the boss.