Thin party girl slut fucked sperm shot

Thin party girl slut fucked sperm shot
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Chapter 4 - Sick Day *Ring Ring* Eeeeehhhh… What the hell? *Ring Ring* I slowly opened my eyes as Steven answered the phone. "Hello?" he asked groggily, "Really? That sucks." He listened as whoever was on the other end of the conversation talked. "Ok. Tell her to feel better. We'll find something to do." Steven put the phone down and snuggled back into bed. He turned his head to look at me.

"Mom's sick; she's been throwing up all morning. We're on our own for the day" "Guess the Steak and Shake wasn't that great an idea," I replied. I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. It wasn't surprising when one considered what she had for dinner. I would actually be surprised if she hadn't gotten food poisoning at some point. "What ya wanna do?" I asked. A look crossed Steven's face that I knew quite well at this point. Steven scooted over towards me and started to cuddle me.

We had both realized that we quite liked sleeping naked and I could feel Steven's hardening cock against me. "You're nice and warm," Steven said contentedly. Steven started to grind himself against my body, turning me on. He moved on top of me, resting his cock between my ass cheeks. I sighed as he slowly thrust his cock back and forth between my ass cheeks. "You want my cock?" "God yes!" I moaned softly.

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"Well, if you want it you're going to have to follow me." Steven got out of bed and walked towards the balcony, his hard cock stood straight out from his body. I sat up and watched as Steven unlocked the balcony and walked out into the fresh air. His bed-messy rustled in the light sea breeze. He looked so hot out there. "You coming?" Really? He wants me to follow him out there? Our room was on the ocean side of the hotel and was on the 4th floor. The balcony wasn't very big or very private.

Steven was still looking at me. "Get out here." This time there wasn't any gentleness in his voice. He wanted me out there and he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer. I got up and walked over to the balcony. I walked out into the warm, free air. Steven closed the door behind me and leaned against the glass.

Wow… it is really exposed out here. I looked around. If anyone came out of their room and onto the balcony they'd see us instantly. Hell, if someone was on the beach and looked towards the hotel they'd see us. Isn't this illegal? "Get to it," Steven commanded, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?" Steven put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down as he stood there, leaning against the door. I succumbed to both the pressure of his hands on my shoulders and the need to have his cock in my mouth. I let him push me down until I saw the familiar sight of his large cock in front of my face. I took a second to admire his dick. It stood almost straight out from his body, curving up slightly at the end.

It was thick and veiny. As I reached out to grab it I was reminded just how thick it really was when my fingers failed to touch around it. God it's big. His cock was warm in my hand. I squeezed it and felt it throb in response. I slowly started to jack him off.

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His foreskin rolled over the ridge of his glans as I moved my hand towards the head. He moaned softly each time it moved over the ridge. "What are you waiting for?" he asked impatiently. I grinned and looked up at him. Our eyes met and I briefly saw a look of pure sexual need before I broke the gaze to look at his cock once again. All my stroking of his cock had worked his cock up like I intended and a drop of precum was glistening on the tip of his cock.

Delicious. I brought my head closer to him and stuck out my tongue, licking the precum off of his head. "Mmmm" I felt Steven's hand on the back of my head but it wasn't needed. I licked my lips and slowly inched his cock into my mouth.

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His thick head spread my lips wider and wider as I neared the ridge. As I passed the ridge and slowly started with the shaft of his cock I ran my tongue over his frenulum causing his cock to twitch and harden a little more in my mouth. Now that I had passed the thickest part of his cock my lips were not stretched to their full capacity anymore. I slowly backed off his cock a bit and then going down again letting my lips run back over the ridge of his purple head. I then started the process of taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I could manage.

Inch by inch I slid my lips down the length of his cock. My lips slid over the surface of his cock, feeling every vein and bump on my little brother's huge dick. Soon enough I felt the familiar feeling of his large head against the back of my throat. Just as earlier I had been reminded of the huge girth of his cock; I was now reminded of the incredible length.

I had several inches of his cock in my mouth and the majority of it was beyond the reach of my lips… for now. Each time I swallowed his cock I got more and more used to the size. One day, I hoped, I'd be able to bury my face in his pubes as I sucked him.

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"I love your mouth on my cock." "M'hmm," I moaned, my mouth full of his dick. With that I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. With each bob I would take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could handle before going back up and almost letting it leave my mouth.

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At the same time I started to jack him off. I matched my stroking of his dick to the bobbing of my head so that when just the tip of his dick was between my lips the foreskin would partially cover the head. Every time I went up his dick I would flick my tongue across his frenulum and he would shudder a little.

I could tell he was loving every moment of this by his heavy breathing and the way he grabbed the back of my head pulling me in harder. I continued sucking him for several minutes on the balcony before I noticed him getting closer to orgasm. While I sucked I could feel his cock get harder and swelling even bigger as hard to believe as that is.

"Here it comes Charlie!" I glanced up at Steven and saw his eyes roll back into his head as I felt his dick start to pulse in my mouth. With just the head of his cock in my mouth he shot a huge load down my throat. Four strong jets of cum coated my mouth with sperm as I fought to swallow all of it. After the first four shots his cum dribbled out of his cock slowly, dripping onto my tongue.

His cum tasted so good. It was sweet and salty, not bitter like mine often was. I kept jacking off his cock through his orgasm and didn't stop even after his cum had finished dripping out. I wanted all of his warm cum and wasn't about to stop before I was sure I had milked his cock of every last drop.

He was getting softer and softer in my mouth until it was back to its normal size and he finally pulled it out. He pulled the foreskin back over the head. "Thanks bitch." Steven opened the door and walked back inside.

He closed the door and locked it. He looked at me through the door. I stood up and looked around nervously. Was he crazy? What if someone saw me? Steven grinned and unlocked the door. I quickly jerked the door open before he could stop me and quickly went back into the hotel room. "Ass," I said. I swatted at him but he ducked out of the way and ran to flop down on the bed. He lay on his side facing me.

He looked incredibly hot lying there with his large dick draped over his leg. Like usual I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He could tell I was staring at his big dick. "What? It hasn't even been a minute and you already want some more?" I blushed. "Too bad," he said, "I need a break for now." Steven turned on the TV and looked to see if he could find anything good on. We spent much of the day watching b-rated sci-fi movies, laying around in our underwear, and chatting occasionally.

Remember, if you're ever in Nevada and you start to be followed by a giant, man-eating, burrowing worm, don't run; get on a rock. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened during the course of the vacation. It seems like yesterday that I had first seen my little brother's cock and he had shoved it into my mouth yet it had been a full week. Not only had I sucked his cock but he had pounded me like a piece of meat and made me moan his name on several occasions.

We still had a week left in our vacation and I didn't want it to end. At around 7PM Steven got hungry and suggested that I call room service for dinner. I called them up, told them our room number, and ordered some burgers. We ate while watching Leprechaun in Space. Were those people serious? After we'd eaten and returned the cart to the hallway I decided I needed a shower. After the first two days I had gotten over the shyness of being seen naked by Steven. I actually rather liked it. I knew my dick was nothing compared to his 9 inch cock and I loved the fact.

I had grown to love being dominated by my little brother and having him treat me like the little cock slut I was becoming. I started to slowly take off my boxers, bending over at the waist to tease Steven. I looked over and could see him getting hard on the bed. My cock twitched.

I smirked. I finished taking off my boxers and walked into the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar.

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I turned on the water and stepped in when it got warm. I had just started to get my hair wet when the shower curtain was pushed back and Steven got in with me. My plan had worked. God he was easy to manipulate.

Steven's cock wasn't fully soft and swung gently between his legs as he settled into the steamy shower. We washed our hair and moved on to washing our bodies. I moved down Steven's body, soaping him up as I went.

I got down to his crotch and slowly moved the loofah around his cock and balls, using my other hand to fondle them as I cleaned them. I retracted his foreskin to clean off the dried mixture of his cum and my spit which was under it. I kissed his glans quickly and then pulled the foreskin back over the head before moving along to the rest of his body.

He was left with his cock standing almost at full attention from my work but that was his problem. Steven started washing me and worked his way down my body paying careful attention to my nipples. He pinched them and I moaned. He continued down my body getting me nice and clean as he went. He got to my cock and quickly washed it and my balls. He retracted my foreskin and cleaned around the head before letting my foreskin slide back down to the normal position.

My cock started to get hard the second he touched it and continued to move down my body, getting on his knees. After he'd finished cleaning my legs and feet Steven dropped the loofah and returned his attention to my now rock-hard cock. He pushed me back against the wall and grabbed my cock and slowly started to jack me off. His face was level with my cock and it looked so hot to look down and see it all happening. While I figured it was coming it still caught me off-guard when Steven moved forward and put his lips around my cock.

I had never experienced anything that good in my life. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined what it felt like to have a mouth around my cock. I can't believe I didn't blow my load right then and there. It only felt better when Steven ran his tongue along the underside of my cock and against my frenulum.

"Holy fuck!" Steven backed off my cock for just a second. "You like that? You like your little brother's mouth on your cock?" "God yes!" I moaned. Steven licked his lips. I watched as he returned his mouth to my throbbing cock and engulfed my head once again. I felt weak in the knees and I moaned loudly. His head bobbing up and down on my dick was so hot. Even farther down I could see that his cock was also rock hard. This was my first blowjob and it was very clear to me that I wasn't going to last very long.

The sensation of my brother's mouth on my cock was just too much to bear.

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Even though he had never given a blowjob before Steven definitely knew what he was doing. He'd gotten enough blowjobs and seen enough porn to know what felt good.


Deep inside my loins I could feel my orgasm beginning to grow and boil up. "You're getting me close," I gasped. My cock was achingly close to exploding down Steven's throat.

I wanted to cum down his throat so bad. I wanted to coat his tongue with my sperm like he had coated mine. I wanted him to take my very essence deep inside of him.

Steven kept on sucking my cock, not even acknowledging what I'd said even though he must realize that I was close to cumming and he must have heard me. "Oh, Jesus!


Here it comes!" Steven stopped bobbing his head and left my cock with just the head of my cock in his mouth; his lips locked around my cock just under the ridge. With his hand he kept jacking on my cock. My knees locked as my cock began to pulse in his mouth.

My cum began to rise out of my balls and up the length of my cock as he jacked me off in his mouth. I felt as though I could feel each individual sperm fighting to erupt from my dick. I threw my head back. "Uhh!" Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from my cock and filled Steven's mouth as he continued stoking my cock. I shot 5 long streams of cum down his throat and he drank as much he could.

Some of my cum ran down his chin as he struggled to swallow what felt like gallons of semen exiting my penis. "God yes! Drink my cum!" Steven continued sucking my cock long after I had run out of cum and I had returned to my soft size. It felt good but at the same time it started to hurt. "Ok. That's enough. You've sucked me dry." Steven looked up at me as if he was sad to take my cock out of his mouth. Some of my cum was left on his chin. Steven let my cock fall out of his mouth and stood up.

He looked me in the eye. Using my finger I scooped up the extra cum and licked it off. He smiled. "Delicious isn't it?" Steven asked?

"I've never had any before but I can see why you like it." "You've never tasted your own?" "No. It seemed weird before." We got out of the shower, dried off, brushed our teeth, and got back in bed.

We turned on the TV and watched Adult Swim. Steven was laying behind me holding me. I could feel his dick pressed against me. We spooned as we watched TV and eventually drifted off to sleep. Who says sick days aren't fun? End of Chapter 4.