Brunette sabrina lewis brought along one of her girlfriends

Brunette sabrina lewis brought along one of her girlfriends
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The Island Part 3 Chapter One I knew I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming.

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I was running towards a burning tree, but the closer I got to it, the more it seemed like it was burning water. A huge burning waterfall.

Josh was just about to jump into the pool of water when I woke up. I quickly pulled myself upward and looked to my right.

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Josh was sleeping next to me. His face was tilted to the side, while he laid on his back. He was wearing a green shirt he got from the suitcase with just his underwear on. He was slowly breathing and I could see his lips move every so lightly as he exhales.

Seeing his lips made me remember what happened last night in the pool.

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I moved my fingers to my lips as if to try and remember the feeling I had when he kissed me for the first time. I clearly had internal struggles about my emotions.

I dreamed he was about to die and it quickly grabbed me out of my dream in shock. I was clearly scared of losing him somehow and being left alone on this island. I pulled myself up from the "bed" and moved outside. The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon. I looked at the beach and the waves crashing against the sand. My mind was still somewhere in the forest with him.

We ended up staying there for well over an hour last night. By the time I asked him if we were going back to the shelter we made, we were both all wrinkled up from the warm water of the pool. The walk back was uncomfortable to say the least. We didn't say anything to each other while he helped me limp back. I was really tired and sore when I fell down on the make shift bed.

I fell asleep shorty after. He didn't join me but went back outside towards the dying fire I think. I felt my stomach give its all too familiar burn of hunger. There was some banana left and Josh found some coconut trees yesterday morning. Trying to break open a coconut without proper tools proved way more challenging than movies make it seem. I remember trying some coconut milk once with my mom at the mall and it made me feel ill. Weird how a person's life can change and you all of a sudden don't mind drinking the liquids, you didn't like in the past, when you have nothing else to drink.

I sat down on the sand and felt the warmth of the sun bathe my skin. I sat my head down on my arms all the while looking at the horizon. My mind trying to reach somewhere.

Today was our sixth day on the island. "Liam!" I heard Josh calling behind me. He was up and holding a banana in his hand. "You want one?" He asked while walking towards where I am sitting. I nodded my head yes and he tossed me one.

I peeled the skin back and felt him sit next to me. I was just about to ask, when he spoke.

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"You slept ok? How's your foot feeling?" He moved forward to look at my slightly swollen ankle. "It's ok. A little bit sore when I put my full weight on it, but it's not too bad." I said as I lift my foot up to have a better look at it. There was a small scrape on the top side from where the root caught me. "Ok. I'm glad it's not broken or anything." He replied while giving my foot a concerning look over.

"And how did you sleep?" He asked as he moved his gaze to my eyes. I felt a small trigger of shame in the back of my head when our eyes made contact.

"I slept ok thanks." I replied as I moved my eyes back to the water. I wasn't sure what he was trying to say or get me to say, so I just ignored it and continued onto my banana.

"I'm sorry I didn't get next to you in bed when we arrived back. I needed some time to myself and I wasn't going to trust myself next to you." He said.

"What do you mean not going to trust yourself next to me?" I half asked curious yet a little shocked at the statement. He quickly got up and started walking towards the fire pit we made.

"Wait! Come back!" I yelled and tried to turn my torso to look at him. He ignored me and continued walking. I was starting to feel irritated at him. Why say something like that and then just pretend I don't exist?

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I was struggling to get to my feet and follow him, when he entered the forest. I knew it would be better to just leave him alone, but at the same time I wanted to know what was up with him? I limped my way back to the shelter.

I was just about to enter the forest and start calling after him, when he bumped into me. "Where you going? Were you seriously going to come after me in this thick forest alone with a sprained ankle?" he kind of laughed while holding onto my arm. "Yeah, well you seem to ignore my questions, so I was going to come after you.

What do you mean you don't trust yourself with me?" I asked annoyed. "Because what if I do this?" He said and in one quick movement he placed his lips on mine. I felt the warmth of his face on my cheeks. I could feel my face burn with…was that… desire? Before I could even say or do anything he pulled away again. "Thanks for the morning kiss." He said while giving me the biggest sly grin I've ever seen. He quickly moved past me to walk towards the ocean.

I just stood there silently and watched him take his shirt off. The sun was glistening against his tanned skin. I could see his defined muscles on his back and the way his arms moved over his head. He looked back at me, smiled and pulled his pants down.

I could just make out the thin line of blonde hair in his crack as he bends down to pull his feet from the shorts he was wearing. He grabbed his spear he made and ran towards the water. A familiar feeling of guilt washed over me as I looked at him running towards the water, but the biggest shock was when I felt my dick stir in my pants.

I looked down at the large six-inch bulge my pants were showing. I slowly moved my hand towards the now pointing tent I was making. I lift the band of my shorts and slowly grasped the base of my dick. The feeling was amazing as I haven't shot a load in over a week. I couldn't see Josh anymore and knew he must have been somewhere under the water. I quickly grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to my knees. I moved my hand over the length of my member and took in every feeling.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards as I slowly worked my way over the mushroom shaped head. I was already starting to leak pre-cum from the wave of ecstasy I was getting. I took two fingers and rub the precum over the head to lube it up. I was really getting into it.


I placed one hand underneath my shaft and slightly pulled on my balls. I couldn't believe I was jerking myself off on the beach and in plain view for Josh to see.

Not that he was seeing me. I opened my eyes to look and saw him far in the distance with his spear in his hand. He was still trying to get breakfast it seemed. I quickened my movement and felt myself building up for a huge release. I closed my eyes and tried to remember some of the porn I've watched before.

I remembered a girl with huge tits giving a guy a blowjob from a video I've seen before and tried to imagine myself with her. I was getting closer and closer to shooting my load. I felt my hips start to move to try and stay in rhythm with me jerking my dick in long strokes.

My imagination turned to last night and for a split second I imagined Josh's lips around my cock. It was like an erupting volcano. I shot six huge loads of white sperm over the sand. My legs were shaking and I could barely stand where I was. I felt my entire body tense and then relax from the release and looked down at my dick. It was rock hard with some cum still dripping from the tip.

I pulled two fingers over the tip and wiped the remaining cum off to my fingers. I looked behind me at the palm and smeared my fingers clean. I felt a little ashamed and quickly pulled my pants over my legs.

I was struggling to hide my still erect member from sight. It sometimes, after a good jackoff, still remains hard for a couple of minutes. I walked towards the fire pit we made and got a fire started. As the fire started burning up nicely I looked towards the ocean to see where Josh is.

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He was already holding on to two fish when he dived down again. I felt the shame of what I imagined with him wash over me. I knew something inside me was changing. Chapter Two By the time Josh came out of the water with the fish he caught, I was starving and ready to eat a horse.

I had a nice fire going by that time and took the fish from Josh as he collapsed next to the fire. He was clearly exhausted. He was wearing his underwear, which were just normal Jockey's. I started cutting the fish up and remove all the intestines. I don't know how long I would have survived if it wasn't for Josh. "Hey dude, pass me another one please?" He asked as he tossed his first remains from the meal to the side.

"Sure. Hold on." I replied as I handed him another one. His fingers touched mine and for a second I felt him stare at me. I finished my second fish as well and fell down backwards in the sand. I was stuffed.

I stared at the clouds as they drifted over us. Small puffy grey clouds were being blown over and I knew it was going to rain again. Our make shift shelter will be tested again it seems.

Hopefully it will do the trick and keep the rain out. "We should probably move inside." Josh said as he got up and pulled his clothes back on again. I couldn't help stare at his body.

He was so much more well defined and build than I was. I could see almost every curve his muscles made on his chest. He had a small blonde happy trail moving down from his naval to the thick bush of hair by his penis. I on the other hand was completely hairless, save for the underarm hair and crotch area.

I usually trim them short, but being stuck in the island means you let everything grow. By the time we moved everything inside, it had gotten darker from the storm clouds moving over. Josh fell down on his side of the bed and let out a deep sigh. I followed suit and we just laid there. Waiting for the rain to start coming down.

"You think we will survive this one and remain dry?" He laughed. "I'll be impressed if we do." I replied while looking at the ceiling. About seven minutes later the first droplets started falling down. Harder and harder until it was completely raining. A few drops of rain made it into the corner of the little house, but other than that it was completely dry.

"Well I'll be damned! It bloody worked. Well… for the most part." Josh said as he sat up to look at the drops falling down into the corner. "Well you DID do a good job building this place." I said with a big smile on my face. He looked at me and returned the smile. He came closer towards me. Slowly… until our lips met. He kissed me deeply and I kissed him back. "You really are a great kisser." He said as I pulled away from him. I knew I was blushing deeply.

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He fell back down with his head against a puffed-up jacket and looked at the ceiling with a grin on his face again. I puffed my own jacket up and laid my head down on it.

I turned on my side and faced the outside. I could see the waves breaking harder on the beach from the rain outside. I laid there… just listening to the rain and watching the waves. I must have fallen asleep. Chapter Three I woke up some time later to find Josh's arm over me.

He was spooning me from the back and holding on to my body with his right arm. His arm was over my stomach just above my belly button. I tried to move very slightly and felt it. He had a raging hardon and it was sticking against my back. He had removed his clothes apparently during the time I was sleeping and was completely naked. I didn't blame him. The humidity was high and I felt myself burning up from his body heat. I could feel his erection pressed just above the start of my crack line.

The feeling of his dick against my back was a bit weird. I moved away from his slowly as not to wake him up. I lifted his arm off from me and placed it next to him. He stirred and turned on his back. His dick was now standing up at full mast or at least would have stood up if it was shorter. The length was making it difficult to stand fully erect as it probably took quite a bit of blood to keep it hard in the first place.

It was lying on his happy trail looking towards his chest. I couldn't help but stare. He was about almost nine inches' rock hard, with a decent foreskin wrapped around the head and not to mention rather thick in girth as well.

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It was slowly moving up and down as he was breathing. I don't know why, but I was in a complete trance. I think it's because I have never seen someone else's dick so close before. Never mind the fact that it was so huge. I found myself wanting to touch it and feel it. I moved my right hand slowly towards the base of his cock. I could feel the heat coming from it as I moved my hand closer and closer. I slowly touched my finger on the side.

I was surprised at how soft yet hard it felt. I steadily wrapped my hand around the lower base of his cock and couldn't believe I couldn't touch my other wingers. I really slowly pulled his foreskin down to try and see more of it, when he made a low groaning sound. It made me snap back to reality and I quickly pulled my hand away.

I got up and left, hoping he didn't wake up. I walked towards the beach to splash myself cold with water. I realized I had a huge boner poking on the side of my pants. I moved my thoughts to a different direction to try and make it go away. I was walking a lot better now, with my foot feeling less pain.

The swelling has really started to go down and it looked almost normal. I splashed my face and lowered my torso into the warm but cool water. I haven't been able to properly wash myself since being on the Moricana. I pulled my shirt off and started walking back to the shelter. I was about three feet away from the entrance when I heard it. Low moaning was coming from inside.

I felt my heart drop and knew what Josh was doing. Every cell in my body was telling me to walk away, but I couldn't help myself. I slowly moved to the side of the wall made from thick palm leaves and used my finger to make a little hole. I lowered my eye and looked inside. Josh was lying on his back with his right hand around his haft and his left hand cupping his big balls. He was rather hairless on his balls.

His eyes were closed and he seemed like he was in pure bliss. I watched as he pulled his foreskin all the way down to reveal a big mushroom shaped like head.

He was leaking precum like crazy. It was dripping from the slit on the top. It made long strands all the way down to his small amount of hair on his stomach.


I could feel myself getting harder and harder. I've never watched someone jerked off before and the excitement and thrill was boiling in me. He started moving his right arm faster and faster. I could see he was starting to get close as his legs were straightening and tensing up.

He gave one loud moan and slowed his paced down while increasing his grip on the base of his dick. Thick ropes of white cum spurted out. The first one hit the leaves that are being used as a wall behind him.

The second and third both landed on his chest and the rest was falling on his stomach. He was tensing the whole time while shooting his seed everywhere and I could almost count the muscle strains under his skin. I was leaking some precum from the top of my hard dick when I realized he was going to get up and I quickly moved away from the hut. I half ran and half limped back to the water and to give the impression that I was there the whole time. I was sitting in the water for about three minutes when he came out of the hut.

He looked for me and started walking towards me when he saw me. He had all his clothes back on again and was sporting a small bulge in his pants still, but it looked semi normal. "Dude. I can't believe we slept thru the rain!" he said while moving his feet in the water and looking at the setting sun.

"Yeah." I replied and just sat in the water while looking at the side of his face… hoping he would kiss me&hellip. Please feel free to comment and like the story if you did. I will add another part soon.