Pornstar Teresa Carvajal has multiply orgasm

Pornstar Teresa Carvajal has multiply orgasm
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After Sandy moved in with me and I broke her cherry, we continued to fuck and suck like rabbits. I continued to explore every inch of Sandy's long leggy, sexy body whenever time allowed. We fucked in the shower, on the bed, on the kitchen table, and in every other room of the house.

I worked 2nd shift and Sandy wasn't working, so I got laid every day before work and never left the house without at least two loads of my seed somewhere in or on Sandy's body. She loved to swallow my seed and I loved blasting her tits and chin with big loads of my hot cum.

The sight of the 5'8" 125 pound blonde goddess that was my sister had my cock constantly ready for action and Sandy seemed to revel in the fact that I was always hard and horny. During our time together, Sandy had become more and more angry with our Mother and she couldn't think of anything else but making Mom pay for what she did to her.

After a month or so, Sandy came to me with a favor to ask.


Sandy needed my help and she explained that I would not be held responsible for anything that came about from her plan. Her plan for making life miserable for our mother was to get pregnant and tell Mom it happened after getting picked up in a bar. She would tell Mom that she got drunk and was taken home by some guy who bought her some drinks. Sandy would then tell Mom that when they arrived at the guy's place, he had 2 roommates and she allowed them to take turns fucking her.

The thought of her protected Virgin daughter getting gand banged into a pregnancy would be the ultimate slap in my mother's face. I agreed to help Sandy get pregnant and we started to have sex as often as possible and every load of my cum was directed into Sandy's formally virgin womb during those precious few days every month she was fertile.

Even if she was giving my a blow job, she would stop and have me blow my load into her womb if it was during those 4-5 dangerous days to have unprotected sex. After wearing out the bed and other various rooms of the house fucking Sandy's talented pussy we decided to go for a ride on my motorcycle and see some country and get back to nature for a day. On a sunny Saturday morning my sister and I got ready to go for a ride on the motorcycle and see the sights.

Sandy was still new to riding so she was excited for the coming adventure, and hoping we would have some fun too.

We headed north to the Mountains and soon were leaving the noise and hustle of the area far behind us. We made good time and soon were alone on a twisty country road.

After a few hours Sandy asked to stop for awhile because her butt is getting sore. She needed to stretch her legs and get some feeling back in her sexy ass, and I offered to rub her ass with my hands to help the process along. After a few minutes of me fondling her perfectly shaped ass, Sandy is ready to go, and we head out again.

As we start down the road, I feel her reach around my waist and start rubbing my crotch. I reach back and rub her leg and ass and think of the surprise I have waiting for her.

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A little over one hour later, I turn down a back road and pull into the woods out of site from the road. We take our helmets off, and Sandy takes my hand as I lead her down a path to a hidden stream. When we arrive at the stream, there is a small waterfall and large pool of water. We sit on the ground and start talking and holding each other.

Soon we start kissing and our passion soon grows hotter and louder. As I kiss her, I put my hand behind Sandy's head and pull her tighter to my lips. I slide my hand up under her shirt and start caressing those large firm tits. I feel her hand between my legs as she starts rubbing my cock thru my jeans causing my manhood to stir and grow in size.

As she continues to rub my cock, it grows to it's full 7" and soon is straining to be released from my pants. While Sandy continued to rub my cock thru my jeans, I slid my hand over her 36C tits and feel her nipples grow hard while she starts to moan with pleasure as her excitement grows. I take my hand out from under my sister's shirt and slide it down into her jeans until I feel her shaved public mound.

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When my hand reaches her panties, I feel the wetness that is soaking thru them and she purrs in my mouth as we continue to kiss deeply.

I rub my fingers up and down over her pussy as her panties become wetter and wetter and Sandy's d me ready to cum. As I run my fingers thru her silky blonde hair, I tell her how good it feels to have her lips around my cock. I tell Sandy how good she is at sucking my cock, and to keep going and don"t stop until I tell her to. She quicken her pace and soon has my whole cock sliding completely down her throat past her tonsils. It takes all my control to keep from blasting my load down her throat and I have to pull her away, as I lay her down on my coat.

I unbutton Sandy's shirt and release her perfect tits to the mountain air. I kiss them and give them a long lick and suck on the hard erect nipples that have grown to over a half an inch long.

I marvel at their ability to stand at attention and not droop over the sides of her chest. After a few minutes of attention licking and sucking on her tits, I unbutton her jeans and slide them off her sexy model quality hips. As I see her soaked panties, I know there is honey for me to drink until my heart"s content. I remove Sandy's panties and slowly run my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the hood that hides her swollen clit.

I lick and tickle her clit as she moans louder and louder. As I continue to lick and tickle her pussy, she lifts her legs in the air and places them over my shoulders, wraps them around my head, and grabs for my hair. Sandy pulls and tugs my face closer to her sopping pussy.

I drink up every drop of her pussy juice as I slide my fingers inside her trimmed womanhood.

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As my fingers enter my sister's dripping pussy, she cums in a long hard orgasm that sends a flood of honey streaming out of her quivering pussy. I drink it up as fast as I can, but soon there is a flood of her sex flowing down my chin. While drinking up her honey as fast as possible, I continue to rub Sandy's G-Spot with my fingers causing her to have orgasm after orgasm. As my sister's body is continuing to shake and quiver from her orgasms she begs me to fuck her, and to fuck her hard.

I get up on my knees, and place my cock head at the dripping entrance of Sandy's pussy. I place the head just inside her and pause for a moment.


She begs me not to tease her, and to stick my cock in her. I tell her to relax, and in one quick thrust, I plunge my cock all the way into her hot, wet, tight pussy. She gasps as my balls slap her ass, and my cock comes to rest deep inside her velvet pussy.

Sandy cries out " fuck me hard and fast, hurry I want to cum with you". My balls are begging to leave a deposit inside her, and I start pumping my cock fast and hard. Faster and faster I go as I pump my thick cock against her cervix. I'm soon going to lose control, and Sandy starts to yell in my ear "Hurry Dan, I'm going to cum again ".

That's it, I can't hold back any longer and with one final thrust, I bury my cock inside her tight pussy and let go a giant load of seed. My cock twitches and pulses as it sends 5 long streams of cum into her wanting pussy. I know what that means for both of us. That large load of cum was the seed that was going to make a baby for Sandy. Because it's the middle of the month, there is an egg waiting for my seed and with that load of cum I may have knocked up my sister.

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I don't think I've ever blown such a large load of cum inside a pussy. The fact that it was my sister asking for a baby and the reason for it, made my balls send a load of seed into Sandy's womb that made me shiver with my orgasm.

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After kissing and calling Sandy "mom", we strip off our remaining clothes and head for the waterfall. After cooling down and washing up, she got that look in her eyes again. She bends over and starts sucking on my soft cock and soon has me hard and ready for the next round. My sister walks over to the edge on the falls and bends over showing me her ass.

She says, "time to fuck my ass Dan". I say no problem.

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The water flows over her back and down her ass as I approach my next target. The sight of my sister's ass is one of the natural wonders of the world. Shaped just right and with all the right curves it was made for fucking and she knew it.

I walk over to behind her and grab hold of her ass and place my cock head against her ass and slowly push it inside.

As Sandy's ass relaxes she looks over her shoulder and smiles at me while cooing her satisfaction as I push deeper into her until my balls are resting against her pussy lips. The water helps keep her ass slippery and I slide slowly in and out of the tight brown eye facing me.

Sandy reaches between her legs and start tickling and fondling my balls as they swing back and forth. I love it when she touches my balls as I fuck her and the added stimulation helps build the pressure inside my balls. I slowly start fucking her faster and faster and as our pace quickens, I start panting and her voice gets louder and louder. I feel the pressure building in my balls as I reach around and start rubbing my sister's clit.

After 15-20 minutes I can't hold back anymore.

I grab her sexy hips and pull them tightly to me as I push as deeply into her ass as I can. As my cock reaches it's maximum depth inside Sandy's ass, I let loose with another load of cum inside her. After blasting long hot streams of cum inside her ass, my cock softens and slips out as Sandy turns to me and smiles. As she kisses me and gives me a hug, my seed drips out of her ass and runs down her leg. Sandy thanks me., and I ask "for what"? She says "for making me a mother, and giving me a child".

I say "Thank you for being such a great lover, and I know you'll be a great mother." A month later, Sandy came home from the Doctor and said she was indeed pregnant. It seems our trip to the mountains was indeed the day she became a mother and I congratulated her. As a means of celebrating the occasion, she asked me to fuck her long and hard and to film it for both of us. I got the camcorder and tripod out and set it up in the living room.

With all the lights on we spent the next 4 hours making our own porno and we did everything possible we could think of. I lost count of Sandy's orgasms when they reached double digits and I came 5 times myself that night. The next day Sandy met Mom for lunch and gave her the story of being gangbang into a pregnancy at 18 years old.

Sandy loved the look of pain on Mom's face when she told her the details of the night and the end result. Sandy went on to give birth to a 8lb 6 oz baby boy and named him Michael. She's moved out of the area, and has since married. I see her every so often and we sometimes even relive our sex filled summer and still enjoy the feel of our naked bodies intertwined in hot sweaty love making.