Fucking latina ex girlfriend doggystyle

Fucking latina ex girlfriend doggystyle
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Jessica Part 7 Tying Tim up It had been a couple of weeks since Tim got home from his four week trip and he was getting ready to go again. He had a couple of projects that he needed to get done, and he needed some muscle to get them finished in time.

Naturally he called me. We managed to get the work done with a minimum of beer drinking, but a lot of storytelling. Tim was very happy with what Jessica was doing with him, in bed and almost everywhere else in the house. It seemed she could hardly keep her clothes on when he was around, and she found every possible excuse to have his cock inside her somehow.

He was delighted that she wanted him so much, and the sex was obviously terrific. Not only did she want him inside her, but she was beginning to wear as little as possible so she could take him at every possibly opportunity.

She rarely wore underwear anymore, and loved to have the weights attached to her piercings. Over the course of several hours of work Tim told me about numerous surprise sexual encounters that Jess had with him, from stripping in the car while he did his best to drive (Even after the first time she'd done it.) to greeting him at the door wearing nothing but her piercing weights, and handing him a paddle when he walked in the door. She had gotten to where she came early and often, and she rarely let him rest until he'd gotten off more than once.

Needless to say, Tim got himself excited before we finished the work, and I had to keep arranging my own erection to keep it from poking him when we worked close together.

When we finished the work we went inside to clean up. Tim went upstairs and I used the downstairs bathroom. I heard Jess come in from shopping but didn't hear their son. Not unusual, since he was often at a friend's house. Jess hollered "Hi Rich." Through the door at me and I thought I heard her go upstairs.

I was surprised when I finished my shower, as there was still no one downstairs. Which was probably okay, because I realized that I'd left my clean clothes in the living room. I was sneaking out to get them, naked obviously, when Jess came downstairs. She was naked too. She looked at me and smiled. "I'm trying something new with Tim and he's giving me a hard time about it. Would you come up and help." "Of course." I was only too happy to help with anything sexual with Tim and Jess, she was so sweet and sexy, and she'd turned out to be a completely uninhibited lover to both of us.

Little did I realize what she was about to have me try.


I couldn't help but smile and get hard as I followed that sweet, tight little ass up the stairs, but I was more than a little surprised when I followed her into the bedroom. Tim was tied to the headboard of the bed, with his upper body propped on the pillows and his arms spread wide. As I looked I realized that his legs were also tied wide apart.

As I got closer I saw "the problem". Resting between his legs was a bottle of lube and the butt plug we'd used on Jess. Tim's partial erection laying on his belly told the story.

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Obviously Jess had decided to try the butt plug on him and he didn't want to let her. Not that he could do much in his current position, if she decided to really push the issue. I had to stifle a grin at him. "So, what seems to be the problem?" I asked innocently.

"She wants to put that up my ass." "I see that. So what's the problem?" Jess jumped in, "That's what I keep saying. You two love putting your cocks in my ass, but he's arguing about letting me put a plug in his. I don't think that's quite fair." "Well Tim, she's got a point. You never know, you might like it." "Hey, who's side are you on?" "The side that gets us the most sex." I offered.

Tim seemed to be thinking about that one for a minute. "Well, okay. Are you going to let Rich stay?" "As long as he's here, of course. I haven't had two cocks for a couple of weeks, I may need an extra." Jess just grinned at both of us. Then she climbed back on the bed and knelt between Tim's legs. She picked up his cock and put it in her mouth. Tim rolled his head back and moaned. I could see her fingers working against his anus.

"It's okay, I'll be gentle." I lubed the end of the plug for her and handed it to her. I watched as she put it against Tim's anus and pushed gently. "Relax Tim. It won't hurt as much if you don't fight it." "That's easy for you to say." He winced as Jess applied a little more pressure. "Maybe not. Just relax, you've seen it work for Jess." He must have relaxed a bit because the plug started to slip inside him. Jess kept up a firm but gentle pressure and I watched as Tim's asshole expanded to let the plug inside.

His eyes widened as the widest part of the plug stretched him open, then moaned as the diameter shrank and he could close around it. Jess tugged to test the insertion and his grip. "That's better, baby. See, it wasn't so bad after all." Jess teased. Tim's cock was now fully erect and Jess was stroking it with her hand. I suspected she had a plan, and I was right. "Get in here and fuck me, Rich." Jess ordered.

Who was I to refuse. She lifted her ass and I knelt behind her and slipped my cock into her cunt. Jess bent back down to taste Tim's cock, then looked at him, "You can't come yet. I'll tell you when." She went back to teasing him while I fucked her. She was as wet as usual and it didn't take a lot of attention from my fingers and cock to bring her to an orgasm.

She squealed and wiggled and gripped my cock with her cunt. I pumped as long as I could and rode her through a second orgasm before I couldn't hold back any longer. I was watching Tim as Jess teased his cock, and I shouted, "Oh god, baby. Here it comes!" Then my cock erupted inside her.

She gripped me and squeezed every possible drop of my cum inside her. I love fucking that woman! When I had pushed every possible drop of cum inside her I gripped her hips and smiled at her husband. She was still teasing his cock and he looked happy. Jess raised up and looked back at me. "Any more cum for me?" "Nope. You've got it all." "Good." And she pulled herself off my cock and stood up on the bed.

She positioned herself over Tim's face and put her cunt against his mouth. "Open your mouth and lick me clean." She ordered. Tim hesitated and I could see the gob of cum dripping towards his face. "Open your mouth or you won't cum today." Tim opened his mouth and I could see Jess flex her muscles.

A huge gob of cum dripped from her cunt into his mouth, then Jess gripped his head and pushed him against her cunt. "Open your mouth and suck his cum out of my cunt.

Lick me clean or there's no pussy for you, boy." Tim seemed reluctant at first, but as he went on his enthusiasm returned.

By the time Jess seemed satisfied with his efforts he'd made her cum again. She leaned down and kissed him. "See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" "It took a minute, but it was okay." Tim admitted. "I'd never really thought about someone else's cum, but you do it, I suppose it's okay for me too." "That's the spirit baby." Jess grinned back at me.

"Come up here Rich." Jess lay on the pillows next to Tim and kissed him while I crawled closer between his legs. "Stand up and put your cock in his mouth." Tim looked at Jess like she'd lost her mind. I stood, somewhat reluctantly. Jess looked back at Tim, "What?" "You don't expect me to suck his cock. Do you?" "I absolutely do. I've sucked it lots of times, and yours too, clean and covered in cum and you'll do it or I'll leave you like this all night, and you won't get my pussy for a week." "That's harsh, baby." "Tough.

Suck his cock clean or else." Tim looked up at me, "This goes no further than this room?" "No freaking doubt, brother." Tim opened his mouth and I put my cock in it. Truth be told, he did a pretty good job as a novice cocksucker. He not only got my cock clean of Jess' and my cum, but he had me nearly erect again when Jess finally told him he could stop. She leaned over him as I went back to kneeling between his legs and kissed him long and deep.

"See baby, it's not so bad after all. Even Rich's cock agrees. Doesn't it, Rich?" "It looks that way, yes." I admitted. Jess spun around and dropped down on Tim's cock, which was also erect, interestingly. "Now here's your reward baby.

Just lay back and let me fuck you." And she did. Jess was clearly teasing Tim, as she got him close to shooting his load she'd change speeds or stop and make him wait. She didn't wait though, she came at least three times while she rode him.

Finally she let him cum. Tim threw his head back and screamed her name, jerked his hips off the bed so hard he almost threw her off, and exploded. He came so hard I could watch the pulses of cum as they went up his cock. It was pretty cool to see. He finally relaxed back onto the bed. "Oh god Jess! That was incredible!" Tim breathed, when he could. "Thanks baby.

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I thought you'd like it." She smiled and kissed him, then looked back at me. I figured out what was coming next. "Lay down here, Rich, it's your turn." I stretched out between Tim's legs with my face near Jess' ass and waited. She didn't make me wait long. "Your turn to clean pussy." And she lifted off of Tim's cock and slid back over my face.

A small drip of cum just missed hitting me in the eye, but she got over my mouth with the rest. Since she'd decided I figured the best thing was to try to get some pleasure out of this for someone. I opened my mouth wide and when her cunt dropped onto it I closed my lips around her cunt lips and sucked. Hard. I felt the cum flow into my mouth and I swallowed to keep up.

He had sure put quite a bit in there, unless of course he hadn't cleaned up that well after me. Jess came from my efforts and sprayed a shot of her cum down my throat too. It took some effort to get that safely swallowed, but when she was done she swung over next to Tim again.

They both looked at me. Jess said, "You know what to do next." I did. I got back on my knees and leaned over Tim's cock. "No further than this room. Right brother?" "I'd cross my heart, but it seems I'm a little tied up at the moment." We both laughed and I took his cummy cock in my mouth. Truth be told, it wasn't that bad.

I licked his cock clean, and Tim must have thought I did okay, because he was hard again when I lifted my head. Jess looked at Tim's hard cock and smiled.

"Oh goody. More cock. She climbed on Tim with her back to him, grabbed the lube and smeared some on his cock, then guided it to her ass as she slid down. She slowly impaled herself on his entire length, then looked at me. I wasn't quite fully hard and she was ready. "Bring that here, I need both of you." I put my cock to her lips and she started to suck it then stopped and looked back at Tim. "Would you rather do this?" "No baby.

You're way better at it than me." "True, I'm sure." And she sucked me hard in seconds. When she was satisfied that I was ready she pushed me down and I slipped into her cunt, next to Tim's cock.

I was going to be the one moving, so I got busy fucking her as she lay back against Tim's body. Jess was delighted to have both her cocks back inside her at the same time.

She bucked and moaned and screamed as we made her cum over and over. Since she'd fucked us both so recently it took a while before either of us got close again. I could tell my cum was building back up and I asked Tim if he was getting close. He closed his eyes and said "Yes." I increased my efforts, sliding in and out of Jess juicy cunt faster and faster. She squealed with joy, and another orgasm, then Tim shouted, "Oh god. I'm cumming!" And I felt his cock pulsing in her ass.

That did it for me and I joined him, shooting all I had deep into her cunt again. When we all finished I knelt in front of Jess and stared into her eyes. She stared back and grinned. "Oh god! I Needed that!" Tim was looking just a little uncomfortable. "Guys, that was great, but I would love to be able to move my arms while I still can." Jess giggled. "Well, I can't help much. Rich, would you untie him while I take care of this." She pointed down and we all knew what she meant.

"Sure babe." I pulled out of her and watched our cum stream out of her cunt. "What a waste." "Then don't." Jess said. She reached down and scooped up a handful and brought it to her mouth. Then offered me a second handful. We both licked a hand clean, smiling at each other. "Okay, that's it." And Jess jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I got up and untied Tim's arms, then his legs. I looked at him as he started moving, gingerly.

"I am so not going to help you with the butt plug." "That's quite alright with me too." I watched Tim follow Jess into the bathroom. I let them have time to clean up. They walked out together, hugging and kissing each other. They stopped next to me. "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" She asked Tim. "Which part?" "Any of it. The plug, eating Rich's cum out of me, or even sucking his cock." "No, I guess it wasn't all that bad." "How about you, Rich?" "I was okay with it." "Yeah, but you didn't get plugged." Tim stated.

"That's true." Jess agreed. She looked at Tim. "Maybe we should plug him too?" "If I get plugged someone is going to get paddled, before we fuck some more." "Promises, promises." Teased Jess. "Tim, get the plug for me, while I get the paddle out." I just stared at her. Tim walked out of the bathroom grinning with the butt plug in his hand.

Jess took it away from him. "Give me the lube baby. And you lean over and grab the rail." I did as I was told. I felt Jess massage some lube around my asshole, then I felt the tip of the plug pushing against me.

I did my best to relax and let it slip in. I heard Tim snicker. Jess paused, "Bend over next to him, for that you're going to get paddled with me." She finished pushing the plug into my ass and tested to make sure it was seated firmly. Then she grabbed some rope and tied Tim's hands to the bed and handed me another piece.


"Tie me too." I tied Jess' wrists and stepped back. I loved paddling her tight little ass, but had never considered doing the same to Tim. I hesitated a moment. "Alternate strokes or alternate asses?" "What do you think Tim?

Five strokes each then switch?" "I'm for none, but if you insist, five and five. I'm not sure I enjoy pain you know." "Then you're going to find out." Jess told him. "I happen to love this, I hope you do too. Just think about the fucking you're going to get when it's done." I saw Tim's cock stiffen a little. This could be very interesting.

"Who first?" Jess looked at me. "Tim." It was an order. I stepped into position and brought the first stroke down on Tim's ass. Tim flinched and opened his legs a bit.

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I gave him another, then the next three. Jess looked back under him and laughed. I looked at her and asked, "What?" "Look at his cock." I looked between Tim's legs and laughed out loud. He was erect and throbbing. "Is it the paddle or the promise, Tim?" "Both?" he answered.

I stepped over behind Jess. "Ready Jess?" I thought I heard her moan before she answered, "Yes.

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Please." I brought the paddle down and gave her five good hard strokes. She was definitely moaning after five. Tim just looked at her and shook his head. I stepped back behind Tim and started his next five. At the last stroke Tim moaned too.

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Jess was staring at his cock, which was fully erect again and throbbing so hard it looked painful. I gave Jess five more and could see the juice flowing from her cunt and running down her legs.

I alternated, giving each of them five strokes three more times. It was enough for Jess, she came and squirted on the floor. Tim just looked stunned at how hard his cock was from being paddled.

I knew what Jess would want next so I untied them both quickly. Tim didn't even lay down, he gripped Jess from behind and impaled her ass on his cock. I stood in front of her and she grabbed me. "Cunt!" was all she could say.

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I rammed my cock into her and we stood there and fucked her as hard and fast as we could. We all screamed together as we came, the two of us filling her up once again.

I was holding Tim's ass and pulling us tighter together as we finished. Jess was suspended between us, several inches off the floor, impaled by our cocks and pressed between our bodies, and from the blissful look on her face, loving every minute of it.

Tim reached around and held me tightly against Jess also. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at me, then glanced at Tim. "You know, this could get to be habit-forming." She laughed.

Then she frowned. "All that yummy cum is going to drain out on the floor when you pull out." I thought a moment. "Maybe not." I answered.

"Tim, can you stay inside her as we walk?" "I'd love to." "Then let's do this." I explained. "I'll walk slowly backwards into the bathroom while we keep Jess impaled like this. When we get there I can grab the glass and hold it under her to catch the cum for her, or whoever." Jess answered, "Me." "Okay then.

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Ready Tim?" We walked to the bathroom and I got the glass as planned. When I tried to figure out how to slip it between her legs Jess just grabbed it from me and slid her arm between us until I felt the rim of the glass against my balls. I slipped out quickly and watched while our cum drained into the glass. "That worked well." I said.

Jess slid the glass along her pussy lips and lifted it. "Cum cocktail." Then she put it to her lips and drank. When she had finished she lowered the glass and held it out to me. As I took it she said, "A little water please." She paused. "I'm not sure what you guys are thinking.

Your cum is luscious. I just love to drink it." I handed her a little water and she swirled the glass to get all our cum then drank again. I started to step to the sink but Jess said to Tim, "Hold my hips." Tim slid his hands down and she leaned forward, grabbed me and turned me towards her, and swallowed my cock.

When she had sucked our cum off me she straightened up and smiled. "I love man juice. Can you tell?" Tim started laughing so hard that Jess slipped off his cock and quickly flopped down on the toilet. Jess glared at him and demanded, "What's so funny?" "I never imagined my quiet reserved little Jessica as a cum slut." Jess started to argue, then stopped. She looked at me, "It's his fault." "Me?" I asked. "How can it be my fault?" "I don't know.

It just sounds better than I've learned to like all kinds of sex and especially eating my guys' cum." "Okay then. I guess it's my fault." "That's better. I'm done, I assume you need this." "Yeah, probably do." I walked over and took the plug out of my ass and cleaned up. Jess watched, fascinated. When I was finished she asked, "Anybody want to join me for a shower?" I just laughed.

"Jess, you know perfectly well that if the three of us get in that shower together we'll need another shower when we're done." "How about if I promise not to fuck either of you while we shower?" I laughed.

"Jess, you have two cocks here and three holes, and if we get that close to you naked I guarantee they'll combine somehow before we finish. You can't help yourself." "Is it that bad?" "It's not "bad" at all. I love it, and I know Tim loves it." Tim just stood there grinning and nodding. "But I need to clean up and get home. You'll have to make do with one cock for tonight." "Okay. You shower then Tim and I will." She grinned at him.

That boy was going to get no rest. From his grin I didn't think he minded at all. They let me shower and get dressed, and walked me to the door, but as I was leaving I saw Jess jump on Tim and start working his cock.

The last thing I heard as I closed the door was, "With only one cock you're going to have to work twice as hard tonight." She was going to hurt that boy. I was very happy for him.