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Kishimoto is da man and owner of the Naruto series. Enjoy This Chapter Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 16 Somewhere in the Hyuga compound some members of the Hyuga council met in private.

"Are you sure she was the only one that knew about the plan" said a Hyuga elder. "Positive the only other person that knew was the Hokage at the time, but as we know he's dead now" said a younger member of the council.

"Yes but I do recall the Hokage leaving some scroll behind, he could have left the details of our plan behind for the next Hokage" said a female Hyuga around the same age as the young Hyuga male.

"No, after she told the Hokage I had some one watch over him, with what was going on at the moment he didn't have time to write down the details of our plans whatever information he had went down with him, and she will definitely not be a problem" said the elder Hyuga. "Well if that is the case then that means that at the moment there is no one that can slow us down" said another elder member.

"That is correct" said an elder female.

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"Then perhaps we could speed up the plan, I think that this is taking quite sometime" said the young member. "The young generation is always in a rush to do everything that is why they always end up in trouble" said the elder male. "What I think he's trying to say is that we will continued with our plan the way we have been going about it and not rush things, understood" said the elder female.

"Very well but I think if we had taken action during the third was still the Hokage everything would have been easier, with Tsunade now as Hokage will only make things harder" said the young female member.

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"If we take our time and plan everything carefully nothing will go wrong" said the elder Hyuga. "I still have a problem with the matter of the clan head" said a young member. "Yes that will probably be the only problematic thing once everything is done.

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. But that is a matter we will take care of when the time comes, now as always this stays between us and only us" said the elder in charge. After everyone left a loose board on the floor began to move and shake then a pair of hands began to lift it up slowly making sure that no one was around or else it would be troublesome.

Once completely out of the hiding place the loose board was placed back in the proper place. "Good thing they didn't have a reason to use their Byakugan or else they would have found me out right away" The figure walked quietly out of the room still making sure no to be seen. "I knew there was something fishy going on, now I wonder what 'plans' they were talking about, I'm ganna have to look in to this more" said the figure as it made its way out of the Hyuga compound.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hinata was standing by the window looking out for her family to return she could hardly see through the rain. She'd been waiting for Naruto and the girls but they were no shows yet.


"Hinata don't worry I'm sure they probably got caught in the rain and now there probably waiting out the rain somewhere" said Ino. "She's right and if we all know Naruto I would have to guess Icharuka Ramen stand" said Tenten. "LAMELAME. . LAMEN" yelled Kenshin as he pounded on the coffee table. "Tenten you should not let Naruto take care of your kid, look at him poor little guy is ganna get addicted to ramen" said Ino. "YAKIYAKI. . LAMEN YAKI" "You were saying" said Tenten.

"Nothing" replied Ino. Hinata was still in the window looking out it was already over and hour since the rain started to come down hard.

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Hinata knew that even if it were pouring down Naruto would run home in the rain. "Hinata if y"— "MUMMY" yelled Kenshin with he's arms stretched out towards Tenten, Tenten picked him up and he quickly began to fall asleep. "Hinata if you want Sakura can always go ask Kakashi to go look for them" said Tenten. "Hey why me, I don't wanna go out in the rain, why can't Ino go" They all turn to look at Ino who was had her hands in her big stomach.

"Oh right, what about. ." she looked at Tenten who was holding Kenshin, and then she looked at Hinata. "Damn it" "Come on Sakura go" said Tenten. "Fine" said Sakura as she opened the door, "But you owe me one" Hinata just stood there wondering, hoping nothing had gone wrong. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Naruto was standing in nothing but darkness; he looked around till he saw three figures standing in the distance.

Once he got a good look at them he knew it was his family, he began to walk towards them but the more he walked to them the farther they got, so he ran but the more he ran the faster they moved away from them. "DaDDDDDDDDDDYYY" Naruto eyes quickly opened, it was all in his mind.

He was sitting against a wall and could feel some weight on his body. When he looked down he could see his girls on each side of him they wrapped themselves with his arms and their heads on his chest.

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'What was that about' thought Naruto. "Daddy you're awake?" asked Emi. "Yeah are you two ok" he replied. "Yeah, daddy where are we" asked Saya.

"I don't know. . Let me get up ok" the girls moved away as he got up to check were they were. He looked around what looked to be a small cell, when he tried to escape he saw that the cell was surrounded by seals, there was no way they were getting out. This place seemed to be small because he could hear the voices of Akatsuki echo through out the place, they were dim but he could hear them.

"Are they here yet?" "No" "We needed the others to perform the jutsu" "Then we'll just have to wait" "They're taking longer then I thought" With the loss of Deidara and Sasori the group needed to use more power to perform the jutsu, so now every member needed to be present, before projections of each would be enough but that was no longer the case. That's where the voices stopped.


He looked over to the girls and he could see that they had fallen asleep. He sat down and closed his eyes. It took him a moment but he was finally were he expected to be. He looked up at the huge cage in front of him. "Kyuubi. . We have to talk" said Naruto. "Kit. .

Just so you know I can't help you with the seals as you can see I myself am suck in one. .

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Or is this about last time you were here, I asked something of you. . Have you come with and answer" said Kyuubi a bit mad. "Don't pretend to be mad, you know well why I didn't agree the moment you asked me" said Naruto. "Let me guess now you have accepted because the situation you're in calls for it.

. Right?" said Kyuubi. "Perhaps, but this will also be useful in the long run" said Naruto. "Well what if this time I refuse" Said Kyuubi. "You're telling me that you are refusing an offer that will give you limited freedom" said Naruto. Kyuubi just looked at him; the kyuubi knew that Naruto knew that there was no way he was going to refuse that offer.

Over the years Naruto and Kyuubi became closer and had respect for each other, but when the kyuubi asked him for some freedom Naruto was still in doubt. "What do you need" said Kyuubi, Naruto just looked him with a smile that said victorious.

"Not now I hear some voices" said Naruto. When Naruto opened his eyes the girls were still sleeping he then turned his attention to the voices. "What took you so long" asked Kisame. "This bastard did" said Tobi. "Where are the others" asked Itachi. "There gone" replied Tobi. "What do you mean gone" asked Itachi. "I mean dead, this bastard is able to use seven tails that is why it took so long" said Tobi.

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"You idiot this fucker is basically dead" said Kisame "Like I said he was able to use seven tails the only way to beat him was to use my full power which is why he's in that state" said Tobi. "Do you know what will happen if he dies" said Zetsu. "Yes, all we have to do is perform the jutsu before he dies" said Tobi.

"We were already down two people; we can't perform the jutsu especially now that Kakuzu and Hidan are dead. . The only other way is to wait for Pein and Konan but this fucker is going to die before they get here" said Itachi. "What are we going to if he dies it all goes to hell" said Kisame. "Zetsu you know the jutsu to transfer the demons from body to body without the need of a sacrifice" said Tobi.

"Yeah but then we would still need to extract the demon later to put it in to the statue and there is now way any of you idiot will want the demon in you" said Zetsu "I have and idea" said Kisame.

The voices stopped but then footsteps began to echo though out the place, they were walking in his direction. Naruto waited and waited till they were finally standing in front of the cell.

"There we'll use one of them" said Kisame. "Good idea" said Zetsu. "Is that the jinchuuriki" asked Tobi. "Yes" replied Zetsu. "And them" said Tobi as he pointed to the girls. "His daughters" replied Itachi. "He already has a demon, I suggest we use one of them" said Zetsu as he pointed to the girls.

"LIKE HELL I WON"T LET YOU TOUCH THEM" yelled Naruto waking up the girls. "Or what?" Said Kisame. "You need me, if you touch them I'll kill myself" he replied. "In front of them I don't think you will" said Tobi. Itachi quickly entered the cell and grabbed Naruto. "What are you doing?" asked Kisame. "We'll use him" said Itachi. "He already has the Kyuubi who know what will happen if he takes on more" said Zetsu. "We don't know what will happen with them either, beside if we continue arguing the other jinchuuriki will die" said Itachi.

Kisame quickly closed the cell again as they took Naruto away. All the girls could do was scream for their dad. Naruto knew that this could be the moment for him to escape, but there is no way he will leave the girls alone. He was one of the strongest Jounins in Konoha he could definitely stand a chance against some of these guys but he would put the girls in danger and these bastards would do anything to get the kyuubi.

At this moment he was ganna have to go along with what they wanted him to do and keep an eye open for there chance to escape. Once Akatsuki chained Naruto up to a wall they set the other jinchuuriki just under him. Zetsu began to perform the seals for the jutsu and once he was done his hands had a dark glow. Zetsu then stabbed the jinchuuriki on the floor with his hands then he began to pull out his hands and with them a bigger mass of black chakra.

Zetsu was struggling to pull it out once he had a good hold of it in one swing he shoved it in to Naruto and all Naruto could do was scream in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh" "So. . Looks like this guy now hold both the kyuubi and Hachibi captive inside of him" said Tobi. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Troublesome situation for Naruto.

What will happen to Naruto? You'll have to stay tune to find out.

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