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Chapter 30 The morning sun was just lancing through the trees when a particularly loud birdcall woke me. My motions as I stirred must have roused Janie as well, since she gave my hand, still wrapped around her, a squeeze. Looking across the scattered remains of our dinner to the other side of the blanket, we beheld Joelle and Dkembe still asleep, he on his back and she curled at his side, snoring lightly.

We both were fascinated by the fearsome sight of his cock, now flaccid, laying on his thigh.


It was still over 7 inches long even though not erect, probably an inch and a half across, and now lightly covered in a white glaze of dried pussy juice, courtesy of my favorite nurse. "God, look at it," Janie murmured, unconsciously pulling my hand to her boob. "I've never had one that big.

I really want to try it." "You mean Joelle experienced something sexual before you did? She'll be stunned." "I wonder if he'd mind if I…woke him up, so to speak." "Speaking as a man, I can't imagine he would." She unwrapped my arm from her and crawled over to him slowly, eyeing the huge dick the entire time. I could smell her pussy now as she became aroused at the thought of taking him into her.

My dick was already hardening as I anticipated what was about to happen, and I began stroking it slowly as I rolled onto my side to watch. Janie began lightly tickling his member, running her fingers along its length gently.

Slowly it stirred, twitching and growing, while he still slept. Soon enough, it had reached its full size, climbing upward initially as it filled with blood, then flopping onto his belly as it became rigidly erect. Dkembe was now stirring as well, rolling his head from side to side slightly. Janie went for broke, picking the monster up off of his pubis and popping it into her mouth. That finally woke him up with a start, but soon he was smiling when he realized what was going on.

She slurped half of his length into her, eyes twinkling at him as she fucked him with her warm, wet mouth. Her experienced tongue soon had him groaning and writhing, and from my vantage point I could see she was equally turned on, her gaping pussy lips grinning at me from between her thighs as she knelt over him. Runnels of clear fluid were already trickling from them as she worked.

I was just deciding my hand was not cutting it, and about to make a move on that cunny, when she stopped sucking his massive meat and moved to straddle him. I watched in amazement from behind her as she inched that incredible penis into her well-lubed but relatively petite pussy, moaning the whole time.

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The sensations were not lost on Dkembe, and he began moaning as well as her warmth enveloped him as far as she could go. At least three inches remained outside of her when she bottomed out, and after a brief moment to savor the feeling she began rocking on him sensually. The rhythmic shaking of their bodies finally woke Joelle, and after a stretch, which much to my delight pulled those big boobs into taut relief, she looked to her left and gasped when she saw what was going on next to her.

After a minute or two of staring at the joined genitals moving together, she glanced over at me. I gave her a grin, still stroking my cock, and crooked a finger at her to beckon her over.

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She wasted no time, already horny as could be, and crawled to my side. After a quick kiss to be polite, she climbed aboard the Dave Connor ride and impaled herself on my boner.

"Oh, fuck that feels good," I murmured as her slick folds enveloped me. I fondled her bouncing breasts as she began humping me frantically, her arms held high as she ran her fingers through her long, now unruly hair.

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I wonder if Gabrielle's tits are getting felt up right now by those two cheerleaders? The thought made me shudder as I kneaded Joelle's succulent melons.

"After last night's reaming, you're still able to notice my puny little wang, right?" I joked. She smiled reassuringly.

"One of my friends told me once: 'It's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean.' I didn't really know what she meant until now. His thing may be a little bigger than yours, but you sure know how to use it right." Mollified, I slid my hands off her tits and onto her hips, so as to better pound my way into her. The sound of flesh slapping together emanated from both sides of our blanket as we all four silently focused on fucking for a few minutes.

Soon grunts and gasps were drowning out the other sounds as we got more and more into it. Dkembe began yelping, and I suspected Janie had unleashed her magical pussy muscles on him. This seemed to arouse Joelle to new heights, and she heaved herself onto her back, dragging me on top of her. "Fuck me good, Dave! Make me scream!" "Oh, you know it, baby!" I rasped out as I pistoned into her. "You get me so horny, I want to nail you to the ground." She wrapped her long, luscious legs around me and I redoubled my efforts at slamming myself as deep into her as was humanly possible.

I glanced at the other couple as things started to get noisy over there. Janie was bouncing on his cock wildly, her hands on his shoulders for better leverage as she threw her body up and down at least six inches, riding the steel rail of his cock to an orgasmic destination. With each slam of her body back down, a bark was forced from her lips, and I almost laughed as I realized the sounds made me think of someone falling down the stairs, caterwauling her way down the bumpy slope.

It was a fleeting thought, though. I was too focused on Joelle's sublime snatch to pay much attention to the others. She had drenched my dick with one noisy, wet climax already, and I dug in for real, plowing her to a second one in short order. Her pained cries, making her sound so vulnerable and sexy at the same time, brought such a wave of tenderness to me that I hugged her tightly, burying my face into her neck as I emptied my semen into her vagina.

I was only dimly aware of the shouts and squeals coming from the other side of the blanket as the other two finished up; I was holding my lover so tightly we were virtually melded together. I heard her harsh pants in my ear as she slowly caught her breath, and then she began giggling, shaking my body with the force of her mirth.

I smiled as I pulled back, and we looked into each other's eyes even as the action was winding down a few feet away. Fuckin' A, that was the way to wake up in the morning!

"I thought the 'Full American Breakfast' meant something very different," Dkembe rumbled, causing Janie to erupt in hysterical laughter. Joelle and I joined in, and I managed to choke out, "Good morning, everyone!" in between guffaws.

We strolled together the few dozen yards through the trees to the nude beach, dropping our belongings and jumping in the surf for a brisk swim. In Dkembe's case it was more of a dog paddle, as he was obviously no swimmer.

He stuck to depths where he could reach bottom, but the rest of us weren't interested in going anywhere anyway, so we hung around him to be companionable. When we had washed the sweat and cum from our bodies, we walked back onto the sand and pulled on some clothes. Joelle, ever the compulsive one, was the only one to have brought beach clothes.

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The rest of us had to put our "formal" clothes back on, and we looked faintly ridiculous as we hiked back along the trail to the other beach. A few people were awake when we got back, and we got some curious looks, but despite the small-town atmosphere on the island, people knew how to mind their own business.

We split up, heading to our separate campsites, with whispered promises to do this again sometime. Janie and I changed into some more casual clothes, and grabbed some breakfast (pork jerky and coconut today). While we ate, Jared and Caleb ran up and began begging Janie to let a group of kids climb the smaller peak at the north end of the island. Apparently James and William were planning on leading the expedition. I shrugged when she looked my way. "I guess it's OK," she said with a frown. "Just promise me: no getting near the cliffs, stick together, and use good judgment." "We promise," said the two boys in unison, and ran off to tell their friends.

Janie blew a breath up through her bangs. "Don't worry," I told her. "I've been over that way. It's not nearly as steep as on the side you slid down the cliff." "It's not that," she replied distractedly. "I know I need to let him become his own person and develop some independence. It's just hard to let him grow up." "Well you sure can't stop it. Just try to focus on the good parts, keep loving him, and I think it will work out for both of you." I took her hand. "He can't really make you proud until he lives up to his true potential.

And he can't do that if he stays a kid. Your real legacy is what he'll tell his kids about you when he's the age you are now." "That's taking a really long view of things, huh?" She looked at me curiously. "You think we have that kind of future here on the island?" "We might get recued tomorrow, or we might not.

What's the worst that could happen? The world's a lot smaller than it used to be. We've got food, shelter, a community, and lots and lots of time. If we are here another 10 years, there will be marriages, new kids, and above all we'll be building. We'll eventually build a boat. We'll sail the sea. We'll learn to navigate by the stars. We'll make it to the next island.

And the next. And eventually, explorers from this island will make it to Malaysia, or India, or wherever they land, and those who wish to leave will be able to rejoin the rest of the world." I was in quite the philosophical mood.

"But I wonder, in 10 years, how many of our community will want to leave?" That made Janie blink. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again silently. She took my hand and we sat, pondering the future. As it was, the future came crashing in a few minutes later. "Help!" The piercing scream tore through the morning air like a jagged knife. "Help him! Oh, my God!" Janie and I leapt to our feet.

Onyeka was running toward us, and people were beginning to collect on the shore in an agitated clump.

There seemed to be a commotion in the water, and as we came to the edge of the surf I realized there was blood in the water, and River was yelling in pain as he flailed his way toward shore. Summer was in the water with him and seemed to be pounding on something under the surface even as she screamed like a banshee. River seemed to break free of something and lurched forward toward the sand, now just 20 feet or so from shore. Summer was practically dragging him through the water, and he looked grey-faced and in agony.

Several things happened at once, even as I was trying to process what was going on. Jessica yelled, "I'm a lifeguard; I'll get him!" and dove cleanly into the water.


With powerful strokes she began cutting through the waves on the way to the struggling couple. Almost immediately a dark, triangular dorsal fin broke the water behind the two, and I could see the suggestion of a dark shape under the surface. At first it seemed to be heading deeper out into the lagoon, but it soon swung around and with a powerful flick of its tail aimed itself back at the injured and bleeding River. The next thing I knew Samantha was hurtling past me into the shallows, spear in hand.

As Jessica met them and pulled River onto his back so she could tow him in more efficiently, the black girl yelled, "Hurry up! It's coming back!" I finally understood the drama that was unfolding, and my trauma training kicked in. I turned to Joelle first, who was watching in concern, wringing her hands in anxiety. "Get the med kit ready, and whatever supplies we need for a laceration." She jumped, then nodded and sped off for the medical hut.

Next I turned to Rodney. "Get me whatever alcohol you've managed to produce, as fast as you can" He opened his mouth to argue, then realized what I needed it for and tore off into the woods, Sharon on his heels.

By this time, the struggling swimmers were just 10 feet from the beach, and were now walking laboriously through the water as they could now touch bottom. The shark was only three or four feet from them when Samantha released the spear with an inhuman shriek. The sharpened bamboo rod flew straight and true, and embedded itself in the predatory fish dead center. The creature began thrashing wildly, more blood staining the water in its vicinity. "Get him!" she screamed, and the entire field hockey team dove into the water, knives, clubs, and spears flailing, and faster than I would have believed possible they had killed the creature.

Damn, these girls were serious about their hunting! "Get the shark out of the water, quick!" I heard Horace shout.

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"If he stays in there long he'll attract more!" I didn't think he could make that much noise, I thought hysterically, and then I suddenly had a patient to deal with and I was all business. River staggered ashore, Summer and Jessica on either side of him supporting his arms. He was streaming blood from the back and side of his left thigh, and I directed them to the medical hut, where Joelle had already prepared a space. They laid him down on his side on the covered cushions and I washed the wound with some fresh water.

Two crescents of tooth marks riddled his leg, the punctures piercing into the deep subcutaneous tissue but based on the width of the teeth I figured not into the muscle. Blood was still oozing out, obscuring my view. "Do we have any herbs that are coagulants?" I asked Joelle. She nodded and pawed through some baggies of leaves she had labeled with tape and a marker.

"Here. Falani says that's what they use this for back home." I ground up a handful of the dried leaves and after once more sluicing the blood off the leg with water, sprinkled them over the holes and pressed a clean cloth over the whole thing. I applied pressure, fairly hard, making River grimace and groan. Summer was at his side, holding his hand. "Hang in there, baby. It's gonna be OK." She looked at me, as if to make sure that was true, and I nodded to her.

Rodney and Sharon arrived a few seconds later, breathless, and presented me with a steel coffee urn full of clear fluid. Is that the one the terrorist got hit with? I wondered, even as I inspected it. "This is what we've got so far," he said. "Just under two quarts." I sniffed it doubtfully. "It's safe for humans?" "Hey, I know my moonshine, Dave," he said with a sniff.

"I spent my whole childhood tending the family still while the other boys were off hunting and fishing. It was the only part of hillbilly life I actually was good at. I poured off the first two ounces; that's the methanol that evaporates out first.

I kept it for fuel if you think we might use it. The rest is nature's finest white lightning: pure ethanol." "Good deal. Thanks. Do we have a cup?" I asked Joelle. She produced one from her meticulously organized supplies.

I poured a healthy slug into it and gave it to River. "Drink up, pardner. It'll make things easier later." He took a swig, and began coughing. "Smooth!" he rasped, giving the traditional response. He sipped away at the rest until it was done. Janie arrived on the scene, trailed by Samantha, and quickly asked, "Is he OK?" "I think so. It's going to need stitches, but I don't think there's any serious damage done." "We got the shark, River," Samantha said with a smile.

"He tried to make you his dinner but we're going to make him ours later." "His bad karma," the young man said with a goofy grin. It looked like our improvised anesthesia was doing its job. "We need to get your shorts off so I can get a good look at things." We eased them off with his help.

Jessica looked a little interested in his exposed cock, but was discreet enough that she managed not to stare. I pulled off the compression cloth and sure enough the bleeding had stopped. "This might hurt," I warned him, and slowly poured another cup of the moonshine over the wounds, gently rubbing off the fragments of leaves and sterilizing the area as best as I could.

He hissed in pain, and Jessica looked green. "I can't watch this," she said tremulously. "I'm gonna get sick." "No worries," said Summer. "Thanks for your help, Jessica," River said, squeezing her hand. "You probably saved my life." "You're welcome," she said, before bolting away into the trees. "Is it that bad, doc?" he asked me. "No, not really. It just looks gross if you're not used to it." Joelle and I inspected the wounds carefully.

"At least they're clean," she said.


"No debris or shredded tissue." "No shredding!" River slurred. "I only shred on the slopes." "Christ, that stuff is strong, Rodney," I said.

"That's 200 proof as is. We may want to mix it with juice or coconut milk for drinking." He gave a grimace as I blotted at the wounds. "I'm outta here. That's disgusting." Joelle produced a packet of suture. "This is all we have left. I used a lot of it that first day." "I can make this last for River, but we'll have to make some more with some tendon fibers from one of the pigs.

We can soak it in alcohol and thread it on a regular sewing needle. I'm sure somebody had one on the plane." "I'll start on that later," she agreed. I opened the suture and grasped it with a hemostat.

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"Well, here goes. Let's see how good the anesthesia is." I plunged the needle through the edges of one of the lacerations, and River gave an incoherent yell, but didn't thrash too much. "It's doable, but not optimal. I feel bad hurting him but it's got to be done." "I know how to make it better," Summer said. "If you don't mind." "Hell, no," I said. "Do you know hypnosis or something?" "No, just this." She lay down next to him and sucked his cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes in concentration as her tongue massaged his limp prick into erection.

I was speechless, and looked at Joelle. Her eyes were wide and her mouth open in shock. Her mouth finally clicked shut audibly. "I have no response to that," she said bemusedly. I shrugged. Whatever gets the job done. In fact, River seemed much more comfortable as I proceeded, putting one or two sutures in each of the tooth marks.

He periodically let out a gasp, but it seemed to correspond more with Summer's aggressive suctioning than my stitching. Soon enough I was done, and Joelle cut the last stitch. We bandaged him up carefully. "OK, I'm done," I said. "All right," Summer said, disengaging from the now straining purple erection protruding from River's groin.

"I'm going to finish him off and stay here with him. You guys can leave him to me." I noticed Joelle staring at the impressive boner until it disappeared back into Summer's mouth and her head began bobbing again.

She looked at me and realizing she'd been busted, blushed. I took her arm and we left the two of them to themselves. "I've heard of alternative medical therapies," Joelle whispered, cheeks still flushed, "but that takes the cake." "Maybe we can write it up for the New England Journal?" I joked, and she laughed, burying her face into my neck.

After the excitement of the morning we all needed a little time to decompress and talk things out. Janie collected a group of the adults and we sat in the mess hall mulling things over. Surprisingly, Horace was the first to speak.

"We need to make a shark fence for the lagoon," he declared. "What's that?" asked Jill. "Something to keep sharks from swimming in from the open water." "How would you do that?" asked Janie curiously. "Drop a few bamboo poles strung on a line across the break in the reef." "That wouldn't be that difficult," I mused. "The gap is only about 20 feet across. And probably only about 12 feet deep." "Volunteers?" Janie asked.

Horace, Dkembe and Stu offered to help. "We can recruit some of the teenagers for the swimming part," Horace said. "They have more energy than I do." "OK," Janie said. "That's done. Now I've got another topic I want to talk about. Something Dave said this morning got me thinking; we need to plan for the long haul.

I don't discount the possibility that a ship may drop by tomorrow, but I don't want to rely on anybody else for our survival. I think we should start a school for the kids. I can teach business and management skills.

Dave can do biology and medical skills. Joelle can teach nursing and Spanish. Falani can help with botany and herbology. Any other thoughts?" This got people excited, and folks began clamoring to be heard. "I can teach economics and math," said Mi Cha, and after a whispered aside with Do Hun, "And Do Hun will teach people fishing skills." "I can show the kids carpentry and construction, and tool-making," said Horace thoughtfully. "We can teach hunting skills," said Mary, "but only after age 14." I suspected Janie and I were the only ones who knew the real reason for that requirement: the extracurricular activities of the team.

"Danielle and I can also help with sports and PE." "I can take turns with PE also, and French," chimed in Anne. "It will have to be more coaching than participating, for now," she added, stroking her belly. By the time we had hashed this out, we had instructors for chemistry, animal husbandry, agriculture, physics, philosophy, music and multiple languages lined up. "Now we just need someone to organize and run the thing," said Janie.

Onyeka spoke up. "Dkembe ran a small school back home in Botswana." All eyes turned to the big man, who seemed embarrassed. "It is true, I did this for a few years.

It was a bit different than our situation. But if you are willing to be patient with me, I will try." We cheered him lustily and he looked at his feet bashfully. We broke up the meeting, and our current cooks, the Korean contingent, began butchering the shark. He was an impressive sight, about six feet long and probably 200 pounds. That was going to make a lot of Filet-o-Fishes, I thought.

Which reminded me I was kind of hungry, so I grabbed Janie, Joelle and Jared and we sat down in the shade for a snack. We had just finished, and Jared had run off with his buddies to begin their exploration of the northern end of the island, when Samantha approached.

Joelle said she wanted to straighten up the medical hut and get to work on making some suture out of tendon fibers, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she headed to the infirmary to check on River. "Hey, y'all," the dark-skinned beauty greeted us. "Hi Samantha," Janie said. "Thank you for taking care of that shark. You guys really stepped up." "Yeah, that was pretty impressive," I agreed.

"When you let loose with that spear it was awe-inspiring." "It was nothing," she demurred. "That's what we do. But speaking of the shark, I wanted to invite you guys to our camp tonight. We have a tradition of having a party after we get a kill.

We thought we'd invite a few people over to have some fun tonight. Are y'all in?" Janie and I looked at each other and smiled. "Definitely," she said. "When?" "When people start gathering for dinner, we're going to head over to the hunting camp.

I'll have someone grab you. Bring towels and water, and anything else you can think of that y'all might need." A significant look accompanied that statement. She strolled off, that fantastic ass of hers waggling back and forth as she walked. "Oh boy, oh boy!" Janie exulted. "Something tells me we're in for quite a night." To be continued.