Filipina Slut Takes Huge Dick

Filipina Slut Takes Huge Dick
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Things get crueler for Teri and one of the guys! "So what the plan Joe?" Keith asks as she secure Sherry in the basement before returning to the kitchen.Going to the fridge opening the door seeing what we have on hand that can feed six strapping men after a marathon of sex with a mute. Finding nothing that would suffice,I turn and start detailing our next few hours!

"First I need one or both of you to go shop for food!" The look on their faces as i continue is hysterical "You know burgers, frozen pizzas and what eer else you guys wants to eat when you get back with it!" And to let them know I mean it "Oh and make sure to get something to drink while you're out!

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They nod their heads "When you get back Gary, Dave and Peter will be here and the true meaning of memorial day will really begin If you get my meaning!" They do but they wonder where they were going to get food and drink on the holiday Monday! "Try the chink market you know they have no respect for our holidays!" Finally they leave giving me the opportunity to check on the main attraction of our upcoming event! Making my way up to Sherry's room knowing that the door is locked and block with a chair I decide to make an alternative entrance to the room.


Going through mom's room i open the window and swing my legs out onto the trellis that ran up the wall to the roof so mum could grow her prize roses. It's been awhile since I used this method to get around the house without anyone knowing but i make it to sherry's window without incident.

Looking in I see Teri, nude on the bed curled up in a fetal position as I climb into the window." Well look who presenting my with my favorite view of her?" Teri doesn't move or appear to have heard me. Moving closer I touch her, still no response from her, reaching between her legs, finding her outer labia with my fingers, penetrating her with all four fingers finally earning me a response when she tries to strike me with her free hands.

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Swinging wildly she tries to go for my eyes but I pull my hand out of her fast making her gasp in pain. She pulls her leg into her chest, rocking side to side, tears streaming down her face, so i decide to tell her what in store for her and Sherry in a little bit.

"So Teri just so you know three more friends are coming over and they want some sex and guess who's going to be supplying it for them?" The look in her eyes is pure fear "Oh and Rob, Keith and I are still looking for more!" Then a blatant lie "If you want Sherry to get away without taking any fucking you'll take us all willing you understand?" She nods her head more tears flowing "Good then you know what to do to prove it to me!" she stretches out and spreads her legs as I drop my pant take hold of my cock and starts to piss on her, spraying from her chest to her pubes.

Laughing at her as she tries to protect her face with her hands "Now who needs another shower! Go clean up once more then get your ass down into the basement dressed sexily unless you want Sherry fucked into a body bag!" Kicking the chair away from under the door knob then opening it and leaving her on the bed reeking of piss and fear!

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Walking down the stairs I wait at the bottom until I hear the sound of movement then a door opening and closing Taking a set on the couch I wait fifteen minutes then i hear teri coming down the stairs in one of Sherry's teddies set. Damn she did look sexy in it but i knew she was even sexier when a cock was pounding her. To buck up her spirits "Looking sexy Teri damn it all i can do not to rip that off you right now and fuck you through the floor!

But I need you to get into the kitchen and make some food for our little party!" Slapping her on the ass as she walked by me on the way to the kitchen. No sooner is she in the kitchen than Rob and Keith enter with the food for our little gathering."Well Joe you were right the Haung Kwon place was wide open for business on Memorial day no less!" Placing the plastic bags of fresh ground beef on the table both of them grope Teri ass and tits before taking her in their arms and kissing her on the lips "I like mine rare babe!" Rob informs her after breaking off the kiss.

The three of us guys go out to the pool leaving her alone in the kitchen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wait until the three guys goes out before I try to find Sherry. She isn't in the closed off dining room nor the living room.

Sneaking a peak I can only see the guys out by the pool. I want to go into the basement but the memories from there prevent me even going to the door itself. Going back I do what I was told and start to prepare food for their coming guests. With my back to the patio door, Rob opens the door standing there long enough to say "Just going to piss then i'll be right back out!" Hearing that I drop the tray of frozen pizzas I had ready for the oven, making him jump.

"What the hell was that for?" coming over to help me clean up!" Shaking like a leaf as he comment "Man my snake need to hiss!" He finally leaves but not before he gropes my breasts.

Going down into the basement leaving the door open where I hear "So Sher you ready for your big night?" She's in the basement, they're holding her there to make me cooperate with their sex demands. Rob makes his return, walking past me leaving the basement door open. Getting my nerve up I go down, finding Sherry on the couch where i was gangbaned ,ties up.

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Rushing over to her, trying to untie her before anyone else comes in, I succeed in get the gag around her mouth off then her hands free As she massage the blood back into her arms and hands, I manage to get her feet free. We both make our way up to the main floor, over to the front door and get it open and almost make get away but Joe's friends chose that moment to show up.


Escorting us back inside then out to the pool "Hey Guys look at what we found outside!" Joe's face darkens as he sees us, getting up and grabbing Sherry by the arm. Leading her back into the house along with two of the new arrivals. Rob and Keith come over and lead my to a lounger before introducing me to Joe's friend Peter.

"Well aren't you the cutest and what's your name?" As I start to sign it, he slaps my hand "I don't need to know your ethnicity, just your name!" that's when Rob informs him that I'm a mute. "No shit but she can suck cock right?" Rob and keith force me to sit on the lounger as Peter drops his pants.

His cock looks like a mini sizzler sausage link, all brown, greasy and small. As he shoves his crotch into my face, Joe return giving Peter a high five as his cock enters my mouth. Unlike the others this cock makes me want to puke, it's the taste of rancid food as it slides back and forth over my tongue. God why can't this horror show be over, then movement from my right as Keith get up and leaves while Joe takes his place.

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"So was I lying about her ability with her mouth? "Hell no if her pussy and ass match her mouth then I think we can forget about that little debt to us!" I can believe what I just heard, Joe using me as a way to get out of debt.

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He raped me then let his friends use me anyway they wanted, now he expects me to let more fuck me until I"m raw and they're sated. I have to try something to get away from here.

As peter's cock slides out of my mouth i make my attempt. Back it coming so i bite down as the tip enters past my teeth! A coppery tang enters my mouth as the air is shattered with the loudest "She fucking bit my cock off!" Peter falls back in shock as blood drips down his thighs, Joe and Rob stand there like stunned statues, seeing my chance I try to make a break only for Joe to grab me by the back of the throat "You little bitch just for that Sherry is going to be fucked beyond her capacity to take cock!

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In my mind "Oh shit what have I just done to my best friend!" To be Concluded