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Mili Ist Eine Anal Hure
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Time flowed onward, becoming a blur. The warmth of the summer was relaxing, though I did sweat a lot, and tried to keep in the shade or splash in a stream if there was one close. As summer winded down into fall the pack was becoming a well oiled machine again, everyone adjusting to Black as the new alpha. I'm still so proud of him, he really knows how to lead. I guess it sounds silly, I mean he's a wolf and it's instinct but at the same time I don't think it's all instinct.

And I think Black just had the character and strength to handle being an alpha. I admit thinking, before the incident, that it'd be nice to go off on our own and start our own pack.

But I was to afraid to even try and hint my desire to leave the pack to Black. Though now all the wolves are the same, this is still my family, still the pack that brought me out to the wild, and gave me the chance to find the mate of my dreams and the life I honestly feel I was meant to live. But as with all good things, they came to an end, and so the summer flowed into fall, which then flowed into winter. For me it was a shock, I wasn't exactly use to winter in the mountains and found myself worrying about my safety.

I didn't grow a luxurious thick coat like the rest of the pack.


The biting cold and stinging winds and snow kept me in our winter cave most days. Thankfully I had my family to curl up with and keep warm, but when they were away I was left to shiver on my own. It was hard, because I needed to leave to relieve myself and I also couldn't stay hidden away all winter either because I was the alpha female and had to show myself to the pack.

It also affected my sex drive some. The constant cold definitely didn't help ignite any passionate fires in me. Black was sweet about it though, and I was grateful for having such an understanding mate. I always wonder if his actions are normal for a wolf with a mate, or if somehow, he understands that I need special treatment sometimes. Either way he's the best and though he may want it, he knows I wasn't in the mood. But it wasn't like I went completely without sex. There's no way, and I couldn't let my poor Black go without relief either.

One day, when the wind wasn't whipping snow about, I came out and let him mount me in the snow. Though I was cold the sex definitely helped warm me up with his thick furred body pressing down on me, and the snow was high enough that pressed down my belly brushed against it. It caused such a sensation, my nipples her so hard, aroused by sex yet also rubbing in the snow.

Winter had it's good and bad times I guess. But I grew very envious of my packmates' fur, even more so than normal.

What I wouldn't give to have that thick winter fur to keep me warm. But this is the life I chose, and I'm surviving alright enough with my mate and family to keep me warm. "Blair! Where are ya goin baby?" The young man called out from a group of five others, all of them taking a break to drink and catch their breath from their long hike. I meanwhile, wasn't real winded and heading back up the trail we had all just come down.

I was in my mid twenties, fit and healthy with shoulder length blond hair and a body, I'm not ashamed to say, is smokin hot. Breasts not too big, between B and C, long smooth legs, and a killer ass. I admit to some preening, I loved my looks and knew to enjoy them while they lasted. My boyfriend behind me was Carter, a very intelligent, very hunky, grad student at the same college.

So of course were our other friends. We usually went once a month on a big hiking/camping trip in the mountains to blow off steam and such. Today had been a pretty long hike but I didn't mind it too much, I was use to hiking. Out of all of us, I was a hike-a-holic somewhat.

Which was why I was heading back up. There had been a small trail that I wanted to explore. "Just up a short distance, I spotted a little trail I wanted to snoop." I called back over my shoulder, not stopping. It wasn't that I didn't love my boyfriend, but I loved hiking and finding trails. Been coming to these mountains for years and any time I found a new trail.well I couldn't resist. "Blair, you really have to work on that. Look just don't be gone long okay, we want to get back to camp before night fall tonight." I chuckled, it was because of me that we had to hike in the dark last night.

Again I didn't mind, but everyone else did. "Just go on when you want, I'll catch up. You know I could hike rings circles around you all." "Blair, I'm serious be careful. Don't forget what happened to that woman that Samantha chick from the year before us.

They still haven't found a body." "Oh get off it alright.

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That girl was probably doing something stupid. It's horrible, but I'm way too careful." Carter was saying something but I was gone out of listening range as I made my way back up. Keeping my eyes peeled, I found the little trail.

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It was either something made by animals, or a hiking trail that became unstable or unused and grown over. Just how I liked it. I grinned and took a swig of my water bottle and moved out, making sure to watch my step for any loose rock. I also wanted to keep my eyes and ears peeled for any wild animals. The trail lead me deep and far into the forest.

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It was so quiet and peaceful, I found myself lost in thought. When I finally began paying more attention I was on a small trail next to the edge of a cliff. Nothing real steep but still, made me take a step back.

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"Wonder where I am? Pretty far off, and the sun is going down. I should head back." It happened in an instant, my foot went down on a loose rock. I didn't see it coming, didn't react in time. It was all in slow motion. I felt myself falling back, my arms flailing wildly for something, anything, to keep me from falling. Instead I went back and over the edge, tumbling and sliding until I ended up sliding down most of the way on my belly, feet first.

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I couldn't grab onto anything, and before I knew hit something, felt a blinding pain and heard a snap before I was tumbling end of end. It might have been five minutes, or five seconds, but either way one minute I was tumbling down the hill, the next there was another burst of pain, then darkness. Groaning, I woke to an all over sensation of pain.

My eyes were still closed, but that didn't stop the pain from coursing through my body from head to toe. Everything hurt, I couldn't even begin to tell what, if anything, was broken. I began to slowly open my eyes, wincing as the light send shards of glass ripping into my brain. I gave a sharp yelp of pain, but I needed to see where I was.

Eventually my vision went from blurry to sharp and I could see though I was in pain from it. I was laying on my stomach in a small patch of clear forest. I was laying tangled in broken branches and plants. Everything hurt, but my head was clearing and as such I could take a better account of my injuries.

I knew I was bruised and scaped head to toe. I might have a concussion. My left arm is pretty sore, but I'm not sure exactly how much damage I've done to it. I put my hands down and pushed, wincing as my left arm hurt pretty bad. Once standing I had to pause as a wave of dizzyness washed over me.

Once clear, I took a step forward and screamed, falling to my knees as I put weight on my right ankle. Oh god, it hurt! I must have broken it, or sprained at least. Either way it hurt like hell. I stayed down on my knees for several minutes, breathing heavily, trying to get it together. Okay, I just fell down a cliff side, pretty badly injured with a busted right ankle. And I have no idea where I am. Then it hit me, I had a compass in my pack! I reached for my waist, finding my pack still there but much to my dissapointment the pouch on my right side where I had my compass was torn open, and empty.

I let myself fall, laying down on the forest floor pitifully.


What went wrong? Everything. I was only suppose to follow a new trail, then get back with my boyfriend and the others. We were going to go party.

That made me think, it was night now that I realized it. I can't believe I didn't pay attentioned to that before I was so worried about everything else. It was night, and I was lost in the forest, alone. What was I going to do?

I managed to stand up and set off. I was hoping I was going in the right direction, but who knew right? I was scratched, bruised, and my right ankle was probably broken so I had to keep leaning on trees so I wasn't really putting weight on the ankle. It took so much work, and I was so weak that I stopped frequently.

Thankfully I still had my water bottle but even then I had to ration it since I wasn't sure when I'd come across a source for water. By nightfall I hadn't gotten real far, and was feeling lightheaded from lack of food and little water. I finally collapsed onto the rough ground and passed out into unconsciousness.


The next morning I groggily got up. My stomach roared angrily with the lack of food, and my water bottle only had a swallow left, which soon was empty. It wasn't enough, I needed food! I think I started crying as I hobbled along. Why me! Why now! Everyone was probably worried sick, and here I was lost without food or water in the middle of the forest.

Later that day I found a berry patch. I managed to find tears of joy, and collapsed beside a patch, snatching at the berries with a single minded determination. I was starving, and even their bitter taste was heaven to my mouth. The juices provided a suitable liquid for my dehydration, and with enough berries I didn't feel quite so starved. After my berry binging though I found myself a right mess.

Berry juice stained my face and down my front of my top. As I stood, I felt my grimyness of my body and shuddered. As I took a look over myself I realized my top was just short of being ruined. Torn and messy, I began to regrettably take it off.

My face was red at the idea of being bare chested, but this was the middle of the forest right? But before I could toss away the filthy top I got a good idea. Looking around I found a suitable stick, and began tearing the top into long strips. After binding the stick onto my ankle I found it helped a little when moving. Of course I was still topless, and my breasts bouncing around wasn't exactly pleasant, more like mortifying.

Things were going badly. I had admitted, after another day, that I was completely lost. I was starting to get thirsty, my water bottle empty. And the sun didn't help with the heat, my stomach was cramping with hunger it hurt so bad. And being topless wasn't all that fun, my breasts kept getting scratched by branches and bushes, the worse was it made my nipples erect and ache, totally embarrassing to be stimulated.

I just attributed to the searing heat though. Later, I'm hobbling around, my ankle throbbing as I fall against tree and tree, trying to keep myself standing.

I know I'm lost, that's a given. But if I keep going.I'll find something.right? I know I pass into a delirium, I can't remember what happened for a long time after. When I come out of it I'm waking up next to a small pool of water, not enough to wash my dirty body off, but enough to get something to drink. Next to that are bushes of dark red berries, they look so good!

I start stuffing my face with berries, feeling the juice smear all over my mouth, down my chin onto my breasts, don't care! I shove my mouth into the warm water pool, it doesn't really matter it's water right? I drink almost all of it while periodically stuffing more berries until I finally fall back, mostly full. I start wandering away again, running my fingers over my chin, down my breasts trying to wipe up any stray sticky juice.

The sweet/sour taste is so good. But the feeling doesn't last. It's early even when I feel my stomach churning, sharp jabs of pain. Oh god.the pain! And my head, I'm feeling woozy.things are blurring, spinning. I couldn't tell where I was going, what was around me anymore. I felt pain in my leg, I think I was sort of walking on it, but I couldn't be sure. Then the pain in my gut, which never ended, was there jabbing every few seconds.

God, that water.those berries. They were bad, had to be. Everything shifted, I fell against a tree, stumbled into a thorn bush crying as the thorns scraped across my breasts and belly, arms and legs as I scrambled out.

I couldn't focus, and I think I was becoming delusional. Or at least, I'm pretty sure a fountain spraying Mountain Dew was an illusion.wish it wasn't.probably was.I think.

Again I woke to the strong aroma of bloody, raw meat. I wasn't even surprised, but did blush at the idea that whoever this person was, they saw me completely naked.

I pulled up onto my knees and grabbed the hunk of meat. I was still hungry, but this meat was helping out mostly. I wish I wasn't so dependent on my mysterious follower, but after the incident with the berries, I didn't trust my "woodland" skills at all, if you can call them that. After feeding, I washed my face and chest off, cheeks burning with the idea that this man, or woman.this person, was seeing me naked like this.

Speaking of which! I quickly turned around, only to discover my shorts were gone. What the hell, where did they go?

I know I set them next to me when I went to they were gone! I crawled around hopelessly, looking frantically for my shorts yet they couldn't be found. I got up, wincing at my ankle and scanned the area for any sign, but nothing.

Could they have fallen into the stream? They weren't real close, so that didn't seem possible. Where did they go? I looked down, embarrassed now that I was completely naked except for my boots and socks.

If I ever find civilization, I'm stealing someone's clothes before I'm seen like this! I couldn't do anything about my shorts, and so I stumbled off again wondering how long it'd take for me to find some sort of civilization, even some remote campers would be welcome!

And maybe she'll be able to find out who her benefactor was. He was supplying her with raw meat, which was weird but maybe he couldn't really cook it or something? My thoughts revolved around my benefactor all morning, and into the afternoon. And while hunger pained me, I had gotten use to it and let it go.

Anyways, there would be meat waiting in the morning, I could get by. But today just wasn't my day. I was tiring out quicker today than before, I didn't know why. Maybe the hunger was effecting me more than I thought? I decided to rest, it was early afternoon, a half hour wouldn't matter much right? So I found a shady area and sat down slowly, gritting my teeth at the sharp pain in my ankle.

Then at the completely uncomfortable feeling of sitting on the bare ground completely naked. Every little bit of rock and dirt, ever twig and leaf pressed into my ass, it was definitely uncomfortable.

And the whole hike today was as well. Going naked through the forest may sound kinky, wild and romantic. But it wasn't. Every time I leaned against a tree, stumbled into a bush, everything! It all rubbed against my naked body in uncomfortable and painful ways. My thighs and hips were scraped, my ass even was marked and sitting here right now probably would just add to that. I leaned back against the tree, feeling the rough bark rub a couple cuts and abrasions on my back.

But at last I got into a relatively comfortable position, gazing out at the forest around me. My eyes were heavy, so tired today. I decided a little afternoon nap wasn't going to hurt, it's not like I knew where I was going anyway.

So I let myself go, drifting off into sleep.