Spanking nude boy gay Jerry Catches Timmy Wanking

Spanking nude boy gay Jerry Catches Timmy Wanking
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Part I "It was a beautiful ceremony," I noted as we walked out of the Tempe, Arizona church towards my car. I look over at you and can't believe how beautiful you look. In high school I had always found you rather attractive, but now that you were a little older you were down right sexy.

The gorgeous black dress probably didn't hurt either. "What are you looking at?" you ask in a toying tone. "It's just been so long since I've looked at you this way and…and…" I stammer to respond. "And what? You forgot how gorgeous I was?" you questioned with a touch of sass. We had been in a hurry to get to the ceremony after checking into our hotel room and changing clothes so I hadn't really gotten to examine the provocative black dress that clung to your perfect frame.

"Maybe," I comment, sheepishly, "but we have to get to the reception." The air-conditioned interior of the Honda CR-V was a welcome contrast to the sweltering desert heat outside. Again, I find myself gawking at the dress and your goddess like body. Black spaghetti straps, low-cut, and a slit up the side that ran dangerously high.

Your body looked incredible with it on. It wasn't until much later that I'd learn your body looked far more incredible without it on. The twenty-minute car ride consisted of a lot of pointless chitchat. We had been extremely close friends all throughout college, but hadn't really talked much at all since. Having talked the entire way into town we had pretty much talked about everything we wanted to. Everything, that is, except for one thing. There was still one question burning on my mind.

Where you still the sexy thing that could turn me on in a heartbeat? I hoped I would soon know the answer. I hoped the answer was ''yes". Part II We soon pulled into the parking lot of the golf course at which the reception was being held.

Neither of us were expecting to know anyone, but still tried to remain optimistic.

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We stepped into the large, beautifully decorated hall. White drapery hung from the rafters; the whole room looked as though it was glowing. You seemed to be glowing, too. "You clean up nice," you comment, noticing my dress shirt and black slacks. "Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself," I reply.

"I'm pretty sure we've already covered that subject," you say, brushing your hand past mine as you walk towards our table. I pause for a second, slightly shocked by the signal you've just sent. Coming to, I quickly make my way to the table and sit down next to you. Just as I settle into my seat I feel your hand on my knee. "What is going on?" I think to myself. We hadn't flirted like this for years. Since we were together both of us had had numerous relationships.

However, we are both still virgins.

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We'd graced that subject during the car ride earlier. As I again drop into a slight trance, I notice you already have a drink in your hand. Part III Much of the usual reception fare had already been endured. First dances had been shared. Garters and bouquets had been tossed. We'd shared a short discussion with the happy couple, our friends from college.


Now the only thing going on for a while was dancing. A slow dance came on and I turned to you. "May I have this dance?" I ask.

You respond by standing up and taking my hand. We reach the dance floor and I slowly pull your body up to mine. Resting your head on my shoulders, I place my hands on your hips. We begin to slowly move together as a certain Rod Stewart song plays in the background.

We dance across the floor, almost floating. It feels wonderful to have your body against mine again and I don't ever want to let go. Unfortunately, the song comes to a close and the DJ speeds things back up again.

I begin to walk off the floor, but you quickly pull me back by the arm. "And where do you think you are going?" you question as I return to the floor. We soon begin dancing again and we slowly push our bodies closer and closer. Soon we are grinding rather hard and I could feel your body rubbing against every sensitive part of my body.

The whole situation had me rather turned on and I could tell by the look on your face that it was doing something to you, too. The music stops and the DJ announces that it is time to cut the cake. I look at you and we both want something so badly. You pull my head to your ear and whisper.


"Let's go back to the hotel." I eagerly agree as a smile comes over me. I discreetly slip my hand into your and you don't protest. This is going to be a fun night. Part IV After some quick goodbyes we quickly make our way to the car.

Unfortunately, we still have about a thirty-minute drive back to the hotel. Having just pulled out of the parking lot and getting onto a street that will take us to the freeway I feel your hand on my inner thigh. You begin to rub up and down as I coast the car into the nearest dark parking lot. "What are you doing?" you ask as I get out of the car. "Just follow me," is my response.

You oblige and we both climb into the back seat of the car. I lay down and you quickly climb on top of me and lay against me.

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Resting your head on my shoulder you begin to whisper in my ear. "I wanted to grab on to you during the whole ride up here. I've wanted to hold you again for so long. Do you remember back in school when you used to be so touchy and kissy. I've wanted that again for a very long time." Your breath on my ear feels so good. "We used to do that in plain daylight.

Now that we're alone, imagine the possibilities," I respond. I lean in and my lips find your neck. The sweet scent of your perfume tickles my nostrils and I begin to softly kiss your neck. My kissing becomes more intense as I softly suck and lick. Your subtle, suppressed moans push me on. I move to your ear lobe and softly suck and tug. My lips continue their work, moving between your neck and right ear as my hands slide lower, finding your belly button through your dress.

There are some things one never forgets. Like the way you moan and push away when i rub your belly button. But this time you aren't pushing away. You are moaning and caressing my body, but certainly not pushing away. I decide to rather abruptly change the pace. Gently pushing you off of me we both sit side by side on the seat. I angle in slightly and take your head in my hands. Bringing your lips to mine, we kiss. And kiss again. I can taste the sweetness of your breath through our open mouths as we suck and tug at each other's lips.

Suddenly you move, straddling me with your face facing mine. You firmly push me against the seat and begin to lick and suck my neck much like I had before.

The already forming tent in my pants suddenly grows as you suck your way to my lips. You are taking charge of my lips, so I begin to caress your upper body. The warm fabric feels so comfortable under my fingers. The passion felt between us is immense, but I know that it will only grow when we reach the hotel room.

As much as I am enjoying this, I again pull away and suggest we get back into the front and move on. Part V The remainder of the car ride is filled with sexy conversation and touching. Enough to keep that tent in my pants standing tall. I quickly adjust myself after we pull into the hotel parking lot before we walk hand in hand into the lobby. The empty elevator is a welcome surprise and we passionately kiss, your tongue finding its way into my waiting mouth. The elevator reaches our floor and we walk out hand in hand towards our room.

When we get inside I close the blackout curtains on our window as you turn on the lights. When I turn away from the curtains you are standing there with your back turned to me asking if I could untie your dress. Of course I oblige and gently untie the tie.

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I begin to unbutton my shirt, remove my shoes, and slip out of my slacks, but my eyes are transfixed on your body as you slowly undress in front of me. Once you have stripped all the way down I get a good look at the low cut Victoria's Secret black push-up and the frilly panties to match.

They hide the most delicate regions of your supple body. I pull you close to me yet again and we kiss sweetly. "Let's get you out of these clothes," you say as you slip the white tee over my head. You rest your hands on the elastic of my boxers, but you're going to have to wait a little longer for that. Taking hold of your hips I lead you into the bathroom.

I quickly knock all the hair products and tooth brushes that clutter the counter into the sink and it takes very little urging to get you to slide up onto the flat surface. Immediately, I begin kissing about half way between your panties and your knee.

I slowly kiss and lick my way up your inner thigh until I reach the sexy black number that hides your secret weapon from my eyes, and more importantly, my mouth. I kiss and lick as close to your panty line as I can while still tasting skin.

Licking up and down along the seam of the fabric I can hear you begin to moan. That's my cue to move on. I slide the panties down your legs and rest my eyes on the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Not a single hair or even the slightest bit of stubble ruins the smooth sensitive touch of the skin. Using two fingers inside you I prod around and explore your most intimate region.

Having touched enough I need a taste. I lower my lips to your opening and slowly slide my tongue inside. You are so wet that I meet no resistance.

Why I do meet is the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted. Your juices are so sweet and delicious I continue to tongue your opening in my attempt to get more of that sweet liquid. My tongue happens to hit upon the magic spot that sends a shiver through your body. I proceed to lick and suck this tender spot that has your whole body tingling. You are pushed closer and closer to the brink of passion as more and more fluid pours from inside you. I strain to drink up every last drop until you finally collapse back onto the counter.

I stand up and lean in to kiss you. You are eager to taste yourself on my lips and immediately begin to lick and suck in and around my mouth. Right away I think of another use for your skilled tongue and begin to make my move. Part VI I have now taken your place on the counter and can feel the warmth of where you had been sitting. My member is again standing at attention and you notice a small drop of precum on the exterior of my boxer shorts. Moving your hands and lips closer you lick at it slightly.

"Salty," you comment. "But yummy." "There's more where that came from," I add, only getting the pun until after I say it. You emit a small moan at the thought of it. Pulling my boxer shorts off my erect penis springs into full view. All six and a half inches of it stands before your eyes. You suddenly get a hungry look on your face and I can immediately feel the inside of your warm mouth around the soft flesh. You take the whole shaft into your mouth and rub your tongue all around.

As you pull out you leave just the head in your mouth and suck in like a lollipop. I let out a moan and place my hands on the back of your head. I run my hands through your hair as though I need to hold you there. You begin to speed up your pace and I roll my head back. I am in pure ecstasy.

You know just what to do to push me to the edge. And you're just about to push me over. Your lips and tongue clench my hard shaft and seem to affect every nerve there. As your head continues its up and down motion you bring your hands to my testes and begin to caress the extremely sensitive sack.

That sends me over the edge. "I'm gonna come," I say through gritted teeth. You stop thrusting your head and open your mouth all the way, eager to catch every drop. Hot, gooey, white liquid shoots out. The first load goes right into your mouth, but the second hits your upper lip. You quickly lick it off and take my tool into your hand eagerly licking at the small hole at the end to taste every last drop I have to give.

When you are convinced you've got all you can you stand back up and kiss me. Leaning in to hug you I quickly find your bra strap and unclasp the last piece of clothing either of us are wearing. We both know what's next and neither can wait another second. Part VII I now lead you over to the toilet lid and you sit down. Your legs open wide you look ready. I look into your eyes and can see the passion inside you.

We both want this, and its finally about to happen. Lowering myself down to the right level I begin insertion. You moan as every inch of my rock hard tool slides inside your wet opening. The warmth of your body presses against the flesh I am now placing inside of you.

The most incredible tingling is coming from my groin and spreading to every part of my body. I can even feel it in my fingertips. Once I am all the way inside you I begin to pull out and then shove my tool deep in yet again. In and out of your hot, wet opening as you moan from the pleasure. The thick, round, hard mass of flesh rubs your most sensitive nerves as it moves rhythmically in and out of you.

After a few moments of passionate thrusting you begin to moan louder and I can tell you are about to reach your climax. I do not let up my in and out motion as your body tingles in ways you had never before imagined. As you come off of your high I decide to shake things up a bit.

Part VIII Still inside you, I wrap my arms around you and you hold on tight with both your arms and legs. Carrying you quickly out of the bathroom I sit you down on the queen-sized bed. "Don't make me wait any longer!" you plead, spreading your legs wide in eager anticipation. Trust me, I don't want to wait either.

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I begin to move you onto your back but you interrupt my plan. "No, no, no, sexy. If I'm going to make this as plasurable as I'm sure you want it then I'm not just going to lie there." With more force than I was aware you had in you you push me on my back. Straddling over me, your amazingly hot body rises above me.

And it certainly isn't the only thing rising. My already hard rod is now stading as stiff as posible, awaiting your touch. Slowly lowering your body closer to mine you adjust yor hips to align our bodies for smooth insertion.

And ssmooth it smooth it will be. Since your body last climaxed just mments before, your most pleasurable crevice is filled with sweet, all-natural lubrication. Lowering yourself farther and farther down slower than I ever thought possible, I feel the head of my tool slip just inside the velvety sanctuary between your legs. I close my eyes in thorough pleasure as slowly but surely more of me disappears inside of you.

Your body heat feels so soothing on my most delicate skin until our pubic bones eventually contact signaling that you can go no further. Pausing to rest your tired arms you allow your body to settle on mine, your brests against my chest. The feeling of your erect nipples on my chest combined with your flesh slightly contracting around my shaft is enough to make me want to roll you over, spread your legs wide, and pound your tight slit harder then you've ever imagined.

But I know that if I let you go about this in your own time the pleasure will be far greater,for both of us.

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You slowly begin to thrust your curvy hips and I again close my eyes and slip into a now familiar world of pure sexual bliss. A few moments later I open my eyes to see your young, sweet, supple body thrusting up and down on my appendage. The amount of flesh that greets my eyes and, more importantly, the pleasure it is inflicting on me auses m to thrust back. Only a few powerful thrusts pass before the rhythms of our bodies are in perfect sync.

The long, hard mass of flesh eminating from between my legs glistens in the light from the wetness inside your warm body. The grinding occuring now is quite different from that which transpired on the dance floor earlier tonight. This grinding pushes me closer and closer to climax every time your flesh rus past mine. "I'm gonna come!" I moan loudly through gritted teeth.

"Don't stop!" you nearly scream. "It feels so good. I want you to come inside me." Just seconds later I fulfill your request. Pleasure like I have never felt before overtakes me. A feeling unlike anything your mouth or my hands could ever reproduce. A hot, steamy, sticky liquid shoots deep inside you.

The sudden burst causes your third orgasm of the night to overtake you. Your heart all but stops as wave upon wave of pleasure takes control of you. Your vaginal muscles contracting around my member feels so pleasurable I can't believe it. You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me close. I can feel every square-inch of your skin against mine as a smile comes across my face.

As both of our breathing patterns return to normal I pullthe coversover us. You still lay atop me and we are intertwined in more ways than one. As we slip off to sleep one question is on my mind: "Is it too late to extend our trip?"