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Ah, Melissa. That's a name that brings back fond memories of a time of passion and illicit romance. Even now, I can taste the hint of cinnamon on her lips and sense the subtle fragrance of an obscure flower that was the essence of the perfume she wore. Melissa and her husband, a stoic and foolish man whose unpronounceable name I have chosen to forget, lived in the same apartment complex as I. Even so, she might never have come to my attention if not for the fact that we did our laundry at the same time of the morning.

For many weeks we would pass by one another, nodding and wearing that friendly smile that one puts on around a stranger. I had, of course, noticed that she was an attractive woman. Being the man that I am, I never failed to let my eye be turned by a pretty face. Her petite figure and the delightfully graceful bounce in her step were a joy to behold.

Having made note of her wedding ring though, I more or less considered her out of bounds as a possible playmate. Truthfully, that was more because of the actual proximity of her husband rather than any real personal ethic against adultery.

To be completely honest, had I met her at a place farther from home, I might not have been quite so reluctant to become something more than just 'that guy she met down at the laundry.' Melissa, as I said, was a very attractive woman.

She was about thirty as I recall, a bit younger than I was at the time. She was small, standing no more than five feet two inches tall and if she weighed one hundred and ten pounds I would have been surprised.

Her beautifully thick, raven hair cascaded down over her shoulders and her rich and smooth skin was a full shade darker than a deep tan would have been on an Anglo. Her body was athletic and toned, and her breasts appeared firm under the tight fitting tops she preferred.

Melissa was gifted with strong facial features that might have put some men off, but I am not most men. To me, her exotic looks were as stunningly beautiful as they were difficult to place. It was only later that I learned she was of Lebanese descent. As with any new friendship, there came the day when those impersonal smiles became something more.

On that day, I was sitting in the laundry, reading 'Conspiracy in Death' by J.D. Robb, and yes I am aware that it's a pseudonym of Nora Roberts. Hell, everyone knows that, don't they?

I was about twenty minutes into my first load when Melissa came in with her daily basket. We gave each other that friendly, plastic smile, and then she saw my book. "Oh my gosh, I love that series! I just finished 'Holiday In Death' last week!

You've got to let me borrow it when you're finished!" She was actually bubbling with glee over it and I couldn't help but laugh at her excitement. I mean, the stories are pretty good, but I never imagined I'd meet anyone who would actually become giddy over the prospect of yet another hastily written drama featuring the hard but sexy Eve Dallas and her idolizing sidekick Delia Peabody.

Well, anyone but me anyway, I've read most of them. "Sure, it would be my pleasure," I responded as I flipped through the remaining pages. "'Tell you what, I'm about halfway through it now. By tomorrow I should be done.

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Why don't I bring it by your apartment? You can make me a cup of coffee." Her brow furrowed slightly at my offer and for a brief moment, the enchanting sparkle in her eye seemed to dim. It lasted but a single heartbeat, but in that time I could see the hesitation and uncertainty she felt at my perhaps overly zealous attempt to be a gentleman. "Hmm, I would like to, I really would, but my husband might not understand." Realizing that I had overstepped her boundaries, I raised my hand, smiling in friendly defeat.

"I understand completely," I replied, hoping I could save the moment from becoming even more awkward than it already was. I closed the book in surrender and held it out to her.

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"Why don't you just take it now? I've got a copy of 'Special Delivery' I've been looking forward to. I can wait to finish 'Conspiracy' until you are done." Melissa smiled brightly and laughed as she took the book from my hand. "Seriously? You read Danielle Steel? You've got to be kidding!" The previous awkwardness gone, I grinned and softly laughed. "Does that really surprise you?

She really does write some very steamy prose, you know." Melissa actually blushed slightly and said "I know," while giggling in agreement. Then her smile widened as she went on.

"It's a good thing my husband doesn't. If he did, he'd never let me read them! He thinks they're just sappy romance novels.

He'd be absolutely scandalized if he knew what those books were really like!" Her laughter was as pleasantly lyrical as it was flirtatious and I couldn't resist laughing with her. "Scandalized? Really?" I replied, raising my eyebrows in mock surprise. "That's a shame. It sounds to me like the poor guy doesn't know what he's missing out on." I smiled playfully as she unraveled my thinly veiled double entendre and after the briefest of moments her eyes lit up again.

When she tried to suppress her growing smile by biting her lower lip, I was struck by how incredibly cute she was. Over the next few months, Melissa and I struck up a friendship that I would never have believed possible before that day.

We shared our books and our love of the written word in a way that bound us together. Before the summer ended, we had become better friends than I would have thought possible without the uncomfortable presence of overt sexual attraction encroaching into our relationship.

I say overt because sex was an almost ever present part of our conversation. This we hid behind the thin veil of fictions that were the romance novels we shared. Through them, we could share our more illicit thoughts and desires without having to admit openly that we were actually desiring each other. Over time, I found myself craving her company and the steamy if innocent dialogues I shared with her. As the weather cooled and the winters rains began to make the complex's sparse laundry less than comfortable, moving our wash day get-together to the small kitchenette in my apartment seemed as sensible to me as it was unthreatening to her.

It was at that time I learned of her taste for cinnamon in her coffee and its acridly sweet scent still reminds me of her to this day.

By January, our comfort and trust had grown to the point where we were sharing more than the passing erotic fantasies found in the shallow pages of dime store novels. Melissa confided in me her deeper desires and I, in turn, revealed my own sordid history of past sexual dalliances. Even then, I could not say there was a promise of anything between us more than the satisfying honesty of having someone with whom we could share such intimate thoughts.

Deep in my heart though I could no longer deny how much I had come to want her. From the beginning, it was painfully obvious that Melissa was happy in her marriage and I came to silently despair that our conversations would remain nothing more than pure fantasy. The truth of it haunted me, because while it was equally obvious that as gentle a lover her husband was, there was a fire within her that he could not begin to comprehend.

It was there though, hot and alive in her breast, and every time she spoke of raw passion I could see that longing, that emptiness, slowly eating away at her. It was a time that was as wonderful for me as it was frustrating. I thought of her constantly, not out of love because I didn't feel that for her.

Nor, I was certain, did she feel it for me. No, it was the chemistry we shared to which I was addicted. For three wonderful days each week I would sit across my table from her, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette while I lost myself in my never-to-befulfilled desire for a happily married woman.

It was as glorious as it was maddening. It was on a cold but sunny February morning that everything changed. I could see from the moment she appeared that there was something on her mind. The normally breezy ease she shared with me had been replaced by an anxiety that I couldn't quite explain. I knew something was off, and it was with a sense of foreboding that I poured that first cup of coffee.


Watching silently as she swirled her cinnamon stick into the steaming cup, I finally built up the nerve to take her hand in mine. "Melissa, is there something wrong? If there is, you know you can tell me.

I'm your friend and if there's anything I can do." Melissa smiled sadly and shook her head. "No David, I'm sorry but there's nothing you can do. My husband and I are moving away at the end of the month. I. I should have told you sooner, but I just couldn't bring myself to say it until I was sure." "Moving? Oh gosh, I'm really sorry to hear that." I sat back in my chair and brushed my dark hair back over my head, trying hard to keep my thoughts focused on her, and not to allow the moment to become about my own loss.

Finally, I swallowed my shock along with my pride, and managed to say something that wouldn't immediately come off as self serving. "Well, I can't say I blame you for wanting to get out of this dump.


So, what happened? Where are you moving to?" Melissa smiled sadly. "Colorado. My husband got a promotion at his firm, but it means moving to the Denver office." What could I do? I just sat there, gripping my cup as I struggled to contain my sadness. Eventually I forced a smile that must have appeared as sad as the one she wore. "I suppose congratulations are in order, Melissa. I'm really happy for you both. Although, I really am going to miss our mornings." The words felt hollow and lame even as I spoke them.

Sitting there and telling her I how happy I was that things were going so well for them may have been the right thing to do, but deep inside my heart, I felt my dislike for her husband turn into a seething hatred. It was a shallow and selfish reaction but I felt it nonetheless.

What hurt even more was seeing how sorry she was to have to tell me. That thought, the realization that she cared so much for our friendship, touched me deeply. I knew I should have been honored by her feelings but they only served to make the loss of her friendship that much harder to take. Oh, I tried to deny it, and what followed was an optimistic flurry of attempts to show her how gallantly I could support their decision.

All the while though, and through my crocodile smile, I cursed the fate that had stolen her from my life. Our time together that morning was short and before long Melissa made her goodbye, promising she would drop by again in a few days.

Before she left, she pulled a thick and tattered book from her purse and almost reluctantly set it on the table. "This is my favorite book David. You should read it right away. It's. well, you'll see." Watching her walk out the door that morning left me feeling empty and alone. When the door closed and silence filled the room, I gazed down at the dog-eared and well read copy of 'Sweet Savage Love' she'd left behind.

That night I poured my customary glass of brandy and sat in my chair as I studied the worn cover of the book. It was a typical Harlequin romance, or so it seemed. It was written by Rosemary Rodgers back in the 1970's and honestly, I didn't expect much from it.

Oh, how wrong I was. It was the story of a young woman from the American Antebellum South named Virginia Brandon who, after being raised in Paris, was summoned home during the Civil War by her father. Once there, she quickly found herself in the forced company of a half-breed gunfighter and army spy by the name of Steve Morgan.

Being part Native American myself, I couldn't help but feel an immediate connection with this man and soon began to find I was being drawn deeply into the story. That however, was only the beginning of what turned out to be an even larger surprise.

With but a kiss at first, and then later in explicit and erotic detail, he seduced and took the young virgin in a way that was almost as forceful as it was passionate. In the beginning he had no love for her, and she less for him, but he found her impossible to resist, and she had no will to resist him at all.

On and on through the first half of the book, the story unfolded of a strong man who took in graphic detail what he wanted and a young woman who failed in her feeble attempts to resist him. Late into the night I poured over the pages and I could not help but wonder why Melissa would have given me this book of all things as our last story to share.

As dawn rose, I fell asleep, wondering what message she was trying to send. Despite the obvious answer, I couldn't quite believe she intended me to take it as the hint it so clearly seemed to be. The next few days darkened as a storm moved in and with it so too did my thoughts. I had long sensed Melissa possessed a need far more feral than her husband could fulfill and the unbridled lust portrayed in that book mocked my gentleman's restraint.

I felt a burning hunger build within me as I finished it. By then I could barely breathe when I thought of seeing her again. Rain was falling in sheets the morning of that third day. A cold wind had carried in a storm that held a fury not often seen in Southern California. As the rain poured down, I knew there would be no casual meeting for our usual laundry day get together.

I found myself pacing my small apartment like a caged animal, cursing the storm that dared rob me of the preciously short time that remained in my friendship with Melissa. It was in that state of mind that I heard the soft knock on my door.

I don't remember running for it but I am sure I must have. I do remember seeing Melissa standing on my porch, dripping wet with the dew of rain running down her face. Quickly, I invited her in, and as the door closed, we stood inches apart and yet could find no words to say.

"Melissa," I began, but the fevered look on her sculptured face caused my throat to clench and dry. She gazed into my eyes with a terrified wonder as if she were waiting for something both dreadful and sublime. Somehow, in that wordless dialogue we both knew what neither of us could ever say.

Then, with an almost fearful breathlessness, she asked, "Did you read it?" "Yes," I said and my hand rose to her cheek. She nuzzled into it with a pained smile and as I struggled between my masculine need and my gentleman's restraint, Melissa whispered, "Please, don't ask.

Don't make me choose. Don't give me the chance to say no." I'll always wonder if lightning chose that moment to strike, and if there be poetry in a storm it most certainly would have. In that flash, I moved toward her, pressing her against the wall and crushing my lips against hers. She may have resisted for a moment. I remember the dull and weak impacts of her fists on my chest as our bodies came together. Tightly, she grasped the cotton of my shirt, pressing her balled up hands against me as if to push me away but even then her lips parted, accepting my kiss in what could only be described as an agonizing surrender.

The powerfully sweet aroma of her perfume and the lingering taste of the cinnamon on her lips rushed through my senses, marking them with a beautiful and indelible memory. It was a memory that would become an ache of desire I would be cursed to forever crave. When my tongue glossed across her bottom lip, a breathless mewl passed from her lithe body that was filled with both a longing for my touch and a regret for the violation of her vows.

I became overwhelmed with a torrid passion for her that had been suppressed for far too long. I knew how hard it must have been for her to come to me that morning.

She was afraid, of that I was well aware. Afraid of what I might do, and more frightened by her need for me to do it. We shared a forbidden and overriding desire that had been building for months. For too long we had been standing on the edge of a dangerous fire and once ignited, it burned with a heat that neither of us wanted to resist.

In a moment of aroused aggression I grasped Melissa's wrist and pinned her arms against the wall. My body pressed against hers and my mouth descended to her throat, sucking and biting at her tender and supple skin. Her breath became ragged and she wriggled against me, not quite fighting but still not totally accepting my intimate presence. Memories of our past conversation rushed through my mind and images from the last book we shared flashed before me.

She had, through those pseudo-innocent ways, told me of her hidden desire to be taken and now we both knew that taken she would be. Our bodies became tangled in a frantic rush to shed the layered clothing that still kept us apart. Her coat, my shirt, her skirt, my pants, they all soon lay scattered around us. I remember flashes of that moment and as each piece of her clothing fell away, more of her beautiful body became exposed to my touch. She stood there before me, with only her black lacy bra and gossamer-like panties covering her modesty.

Dark hair, mussed by my arousal, cascaded wildly over her shoulders and her dark eyes gleamed like embers in the night. Shyly, in that pause, her arms crossed over her perfectly formed breasts and she met my gaze with a look of timid surrender as she waited for whatever might come next.

"Melissa, you are so beautiful." My sanity had suddenly returned and I began to caress her face but she shook her head. "David, don't!" Her voice quivered and her eyes were wide with obvious anxiety but she made no effort to break my grip or even avoid my touch.

My mind was awhirl with conflicting emotions. Arousal and lust flared and battled in my belly with reasoned restraint and I didn't know if I should kiss her or scream in frustration. I hesitated, trying to keep myself from doing something we would both regret when she swallowed hard and spoke again. "Please, David, don't be sweet. Don't be gentle with me." It must have been impossibly difficult for her to speak those words.

Her voice was barely above a whisper and in that moment she refused to meet my gaze.

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"I need you. I need you to be a man. Don't ask me to give in to you. Please, I need you to take it. I need you to take me." My skin tingled and grew hot as her words sank in and I don't think I'd ever felt such a powerful sexual tension as I did in that single moment.

My heart raced and my breath almost refused to come. I had always been a gentle lover and I wasn't at all used to being sexually dominant, but while my mind struggled with indecision, my body must have given every sign that it knew what she wanted. As my fingers slowly traced their way down her cheek, Melissa stood frozen against the wall. When my touch moved over her neck, she trembled visibly and her head arched back, exposing herself to me in the most vulnerable of ways. Sensing her desire, my hand closed, gripping her throat just tightly enough to allow her to feel my true strength.

The feeling of power this gave me was incredible and my cock lengthened with arousal as I watched her fight to control her own fear. I squeezed her throat tightly enough to cause her breath to become labored and her face reddened with the strain. I felt that I owned her at that moment and while I'm totally certain I would never have allowed her harm, I really don't know what I'd have done next had she not chosen that moment to grasp my cock.

But grasp it she did, using both of her delicate hands. She drew my length out of my boxers and began stroking me with a frenzied urgency.

Her eyes closed to slits but still bored into mine as she tugged hard on my length. It was if she was begging me to relent, to release her and allow her to please me. I loosened my grip, rewarding her surrender and then brought my mouth so close to hers I could taste her breath. Our lips touched and then we were kissing with a passion that made my whole body burn with carnal need.

Her lips were wet and moist and her smallish tongue felt soft and warm as it danced against my own. I bit and sucked on her lower lip until her ragged stroking of my cock turned into a squeezing pressure that matched my tightening hold on her neck.

My left hand remained on her throat as we parted and I could feel the throbbing heat of her blood as it pulsed under my grip. I could even feel her muscles tightening involuntarily under my hand as she nervously swallowed her excitement. Melissa squeezed and slowly pulled on my cock as I stepped closer. For a moment we stood just inches apart as I held her in my gaze. My right hand came to rest on her hip and I leaned close, whispering in her ear.

"Do you want me to make love to you?" Melissa shook her head slightly. "N-no." Her voice was quiet and strained as it struggled past my grip on her throat. "No?" I said, still whispering in her ear. "But you came here wearing this?" I began toying with the hem of her panties with my other hand, barely slipping my fingers under the thin fabric. Melissa trembled hard and shifted on her feet. I could hear her breath coming from deep within her chest when she said "Yes." "You wanted me to see you in it?" "Yes." "I am going to fuck you, you know that, don't you?" It wasn't a question and I slipped my hand deeper into her panties as I said it until I was running my finger over her slit.

God, she was wet and her sex felt like it was swollen and puffy with arousal. When my finger dipped into her, Melissa's hands rose to my chest. "Yes," she said finally. Then she parted her thighs, allowing me to sink my finger deeply into her. The sudden penetration of her body caused her to whimper nervously and when I drew her moisture up and dragged my coated finger over her clit, she jerked and quivered on my hand.

Her eyes were wild with hunger for me and fear for what she desired me to do. My body towered over her and pressed her to the wall as I began rubbing quick circles around her clit.

Soon, she was leaning against me and her arms held mine as I maintained my grip on her neck. With one hand between her thighs and the other keeping her pressed to the wall, Melissa was caught in between the pressure of restraint and the plunging precipice of orgasm. She rolled her hips, bearing down on my fingers and her body became tense as the tempo of my intimate caress increased.

I'd never seen or done anything like this. The speed her body responded to my touch amazed me and soon her belly started to flex and her nails dug into my arm. Then Melissa's eyes rolled back and she trembled hard! A whining moan escaped her lips despite my hold on her throat and there, against my wall, with my choking grip on her neck, Melissa's orgasm crashed over her. When I finally released my hold on her, Melissa threw her arms around my shoulders, and gasping for breath, slowly sank to her knees before me.

Her eyes briefly met mine and then her gaze fell until it became fixated on my rampant erection. Wordlessly, she grasped my cock again and I could only rest my hands on the wall and lean over her as she took my turgid length into her mouth.

Melissa began sucking my throbbing cock with raw abandon, feasting on it with an animalistic passion that made my head swim. Her fist led her mouth up and down my length, sucking and pulling on my shaft with an intensity that I would not long be able to resist.

The sensation of her warm and wet skin sliding over my glans had me growling with feral pleasure.

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Where just moments before I was master of her fate, she now had me trembling and so weak in the knees that simply standing over her was becoming impossibly difficult. "Oh fuck, Melissa. That feels so good!" I whispered, and she gazed up at me, pulling off my cock long enough to smile breathlessly. "Mmm, David, I love how you taste." Then she fisted my shaft and stroked me hard. "Your dick is so beautiful. It's just perfect for sucking." Melissa's face glowed with excitement as she pulled my boxers off and gently kissed my balls.

The sudden hot moisture of her lips caressed me in their delicate embrace until I was quivering with arousal. "Ahh, easy! Oh shit, that feels so good! You're gonna make me cum if you keep that up!" I was gasping with arousal and shuddered with a husky groan. The erotic image of Melissa quickly working her mouth up and down my cock burned into my mind and I marveled at how beautifully sexy she was.

Her petite body swayed back and forth with erotic grace and her supple back arched enticingly each time she moved forward. More than anything though, the sight of her thick, dark hair flowing over her shoulders and trailing over her olive skin aroused me almost beyond the mere physical sensation of her touch. Long, dark hair had always been something I found beautiful and the sight of her teased locks trailing over her exposed body struck me in a way that approached being a fetish.

Drops of her saliva began dripping down, glistening on the rounded mounds of her breasts and trickling down into the tight valley created by the confining embrace of her bra. "Take your bra off," I commanded urgently and pushed her away from my cock before I lost all control. Melissa was gasping for breath and sucked the saliva off her dark lips as I pulled my moistened shaft away.

Her eyes gazed obediently at me and she reached behind her back to release the binding hooks that kept her bra secured tightly over her breasts. Slipping it off her body, she sat back on her haunches and seductively massaged her boobs for me.

I slowly stroked my cock as I watched her kneed her firm mounds with both hands. "Pinch them Melissa. Make them nice and hard for me." I whispered. "Okay" she murmured and then softly moaned as she began rolling her chocolate colored buds between her delicate fingers. "Do you like them?" she asked quietly as she pulled onher now distended nipples. "I do Melissa. You have beautiful breasts." I could see how much she enjoyed the simple act of touching herself and I felt a new wave of desire wash over me.

I reached down and cupped her chin, raising her gaze and lifting her eyes to mine "Hold your arms behind your back, Melissa. Show me your body. Show me how much you want me." Silently, Melissa settled on her knees and locked her small hands behind her back. My god, what a sight she was!

She was kneeling on the floor and arching her body in an intimate display meant solely for my enjoyment. Her shoulders were strong and lean and her boobs jutted proudly from high on her chest. Dark, upturned nipples rose thickly from them as if they were inviting my touch.

Melissa's breath was deep and heavy and when my hands reached down and pinched her sensitive nipples hard, she whimpered in response.

For a long moment she silently held my gaze while I gave her this exquisite torment. Then my hands moved up and my fingers swept into her wonderfully thick hair. I moved my hips forward, bringing my cock to her mouth again. "Keep your hands back this time Melissa.

Just use your mouth on me. Yeah, that's it. Just like that. I'm dying to fuck your pretty face." Melissa mumbled something but it was but a garbled moan to my ears. I held her head tightly, controlling her as her mouth took me deep. I could feel her convulse slightly and her body shifted around, but she dutifully kept her arms locked behind her as I forced my length toward the back of her throat. Several times I forced my cock into her mouth and each time I went deeper.

I wanted to see how much she could take and Melissa took every stroke with a longing obedience in her eyes. She gagged and choked on my cock as it pressed into the back of her throat.

Her face reddened and saliva dripped out of her mouth but she never tried to stop me. I was reaching a point of no return and I alone had to decide whether or not to cross it. I could almost sense her thoughts. She was wondering what I was going to do.

Would I keep fucking her mouth and feed her my cum? Or maybe I would blast my load over her breasts or face? I have to admit, I was sorely tempted. The thought of watching my pearl white cum splashing over the high curves of her olive colored breasts only made me want to cum all the more. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't let that happen.

I feared that in the pause of post orgasmic repose, Melissa might find the will to remember how wrong what we were doing was. I knew she was still conflicted in her desire and I couldn't take the chance that those thoughts might reemerge and deny us what we both needed so badly.

"Enough!" I growled with a groan of frustration. Then I pushed her off of my throbbing cock. Melissa sat back on her haunches and looked up at me surprise. "What? No.! I want you to. I don't, I don't want to stop!" She was whining almost plaintively as my cock twitched in front of her.

She began reaching out for it again but before she could grasp me, I took her hand in my own. "Oh, we're not stopping, I just don't want to finish right here in the entry." I said as I kissed her. Then I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms. "The tile is no place for us.

I want you in my bed." Melissa smiled and moaned in agreement as I kissed her gently, reassuring her as best I could. She responded to my kiss and then cuddled into my arms as I headed down the hall. Her small body felt weightless in my arms and she was happily giggling by the time I set her on the bed.

Once down, she crawled up on her knees, inviting me to move in behind her. I pulled her panties down over the smooth globes of her ass and I could barely contain myself as I drew the sheer material down her thighs.


Melissa squealed happily as she felt me yank the tiny piece of lingerie down her thighs and she quickly kicked it off. Then she lifted her ass high and buried her head in the pillow, clearly offering her body up for whatever pleasure I wished to take.

Her hips swayed and she spread her legs, exposing her glistening sex to my gaze. I just love this view of a woman's body, the arch of her back and the curve of her hips never fail to drive me wild with lust. "Damn, you are so sexy," I whispered as I gently caressed her for a moment, simply enjoying the warmth of her skin. Her tight little butt felt so smooth and firm under my touch that I couldn't resist the urge to bend down and lightly bite each of her rounded globes.

Melissa cooed and arched back, gazing hungrily as I lathered her with kisses and gently messaged the sting away. Then I smiled an evil grin and slapped her ass hard. Melissa's eye went wide and she yelped in surprise. "Oh, you're so bad!" she said and seemed to crouch even lower on the bed. I grinned mischievously back at her.

"I told you I was a gentleman, I never said I was nice!" Meanwhile, a rosy redness appeared under my hand and I slapped her again, making her jump delightfully. "Oh fuck, I knew you'd like my ass.

So, you want to hurt me, then do it! Spank me David! Spank my little ass!" There was a playful hunger in her voice that resonated deeply within me and I slapped her on the butt again, delighting in the quiver that ran uncontrollably through her. Melissa gritted her teeth, squealing and squirming as my hand fell, and her hands clenched the sheets as she fought the urge to crawl away. Only when her dark skin glowed an inviting shade of red did I relent and gently massaged the sting away.

Melissa's squeals turned to moans under my hands and she sighed as I lightly kissed each glowing cheek. Slowly, as I caressed her flanks, Melissa shifted and rolled her hips up, inviting me to enter her from behind. "Mmm, stop teasing me, David. I want your cock inside me." My heart fluttered as I saw her arch and my breath caught in my throat.

There were still so many things I wanted to do with her that I almost hated to fuck her this soon, but the desire in her voice was impossible to resist. "So, my prim little friend is a closet slut, eh?" "Mmm, I am today." My penis was hard and hot as I moved behind her and I wet my hand to lubricant the head. Then, as I brought it close to her damp and swollen slit, she reached between her legs and guided me into her. Oh my lord! I cannot explain how my first entry into her supple body felt.

She was very wet but still tight and I only got maybe two inches into her before I had to pull back. Then, as she began to adjust to me and I became moistened in her juice, I sank more deeply on the second. By then, I could feel her pussy stretching around me. The slick and grasping walls of her sex molded around my shaft and pulled deliciously on my glans as I began to withdraw.

The sensation of gentle pressure sucking wetly on my length made me hiss in pleasure and I gripped her hips tightly as I was finally able to plunge completely into her. Melissa gasped sharply as my cock surged inward, penetrating her completely. Her small body felt the force of my thrust and she braced herself against the oaken headboard just to keep from being driven forward on the bed. By then, the sweet embrace of her sex had conformed to my shape and caressed it in the depths of her moist heat.

I held her hips in my hands, dragging her back onto the length of my cock each time she was driven forward by the force of my thrusts. The visceral feeling of my shaft being so tightly caressed inflamed my already searing arousal, and the very sight of her writhing body made my blood run like quicksilver through my veins.

Hot and thick, it coursed through me, making my entire body stiffen with a heated need that I could not resist. Soon, the erotic soprano of her moans began matching the fervid rhythm of my thrusts. Her feminine mewls set a rousing tune that merged with the subtle creak of the bed and the rapidly increasing metronome of the headboard thumping against the wall.

The heavy bass of my breath thrummed deeply through it all, and together they grew into the distinctive and unmistakable opus that is the essence of unbridled lust.

Perhaps it was because I was already driven mad with arousal, or maybe it was simply because a good, hard fuck was what she needed most. Either way, the result was the same. I was beyond any desire to be the creative lover I might have been, nor did I wish to long delay the inevitable and rapturous crescendo of our passionate symphony.

At that moment, I desired only to take her as hard as I could, to see her body writhe and hear the prurient and torrid sounds of her onrushing orgasmic release. Through the narrow haze of my carnal thirst, I took in the beauty of her skin as a sheen of perspiration formed on her back. Lean muscles flexed in her shoulders and arms, tautly fighting the driving force of my body as she pushed back on the headboard and bore down on my thrusting cock.

It was then that I reached out, and taking her by the arms, I began pulling her back onto my tumescent shaft. "Ohhh yeah, David, that's it! Just like that! Right there, baby. Oh yeah, right there. Do it to me! Fuck me, fuck me harder!" Melissa's voice strained against the stress on her body as it hung above the sheets, jerking violently as I pounded my cock into her tortured cunt. The wet gloss of her juice coated my cock and drooled down her thighs, lubricating my frenzied assault on her sex.

I have no idea how I managed to last but moments later, a low, powerful groan escaped her lips and a palpable shudder passed over her body. I buried myself deeply into her as she came, savoring the wet and pulsing contractions that rippled over my shaft. I released her arms and Melissa shook uncontrollably as her orgasm pulsated through her. Moments later, her strength gave out and she collapsed into the satin embrace of the sheets. The raw power of her climax inflamed my excitement beyond all control and I followed her down, wrapping my arms under her head.

I gathered her legs together with my own and with her body held tightly under me, I fucked her hard until I felt the thunderous pressure of my own release. Heated pressure built up inside me and with a throaty growl, my passion exploded and bolts of raw pleasure coursed down my cock. My hips rolled forward, driving it as deeply into her as I could reach and I glazed her channel with blast after blast of my hot, steaming cum.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." I heard Melissa repeating as the roar of my orgasm passed. I slid off her supine body and gathered her into my arms, hoping to comfort her in that emotionally charged moment. Melissa rolled on her side, spooning against me and nuzzled her head into my shoulder.

"That was amazing!" she finally said. "I think I'm going to be sore for a week." We both laughed and then I slipped my hand between her thighs and lightly played my fingers over her sex. "I think I'd be worn raw if you weren't so wet." I dipped my middle finger into her and tickled her clit for a moment, causing her to squirm delightfully. Then I held my wet finger before her eyes so she could see her glistening dew. "That's not all me, you know," she said playfully as she nuzzled against me.

I brought my coated finger to my mouth and sucked it clean. "Mmm, you're right, it most certainly isn't all you!" Melissa's eyes widened as she watched me enjoy the flavor of our lust. "Oh my. My husband wouldn't be caught dead doing that." Her voice trailed off as if she instantly regretted saying it but I just kissed her hand, silently reassuring her.

"It's okay, I'm not at all surprised the thought of tasting his own cum has never crossed his mind." Melissa rolled over to face me and tucked her hands under her chin. "I'm sure it hasn't, he won't even taste me." I was actually dumbfounded by that.

"You're kidding. He doesn't go down on you?" Melissa shook her head slightly. "Nope. He says it's unclean. I think it has something to do with his parents. They were devout Muslims. We don't practice but he's still got some funny ideas." "His parents taught him not to eat pussy?" I tried to seem serious, but I just couldn't keep a straight face and Melissa playfully slapped me on the shoulder. "Oh, stop that!

Islam is a perfectly moral belief, it just happens to have certain restrictions on cleanliness. I think it gave him some kind of complex or something." "Or something is right! So, you're saying you haven't been licked since." "Before I met him, yeah." she finish for me. I really couldn't believe it. The fucking moron! I thought. He has the love of this beautiful woman and he refuses to go down on her.

The fucking idiot! "Then this is long overdue!" I said as I quickly flipped her onto her back. Melissa yelped in surprise as I pulled her closer to me and slapped her thighs apart.

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The look on her face was a delicious mixture of both excitement and surprise and I grinned wickedly as I slid down between her thighs. Melissa was actually trembling as I gazed down at her perfectly trimmed mound. I took a long, lascivious look at her dark labia. Her lips were thick and puffy, and just glistening with our combined fluids. There, holding her thighs up and back against her breasts, I licked my lips in anticipation of what I planned for her.

Then I gently blew my warm breath over her wet and puffy sex. Melissa felt my breath wash over her moist skin and her look of surprise turned to one of awe. "Oh my gosh! But you just, I mean we." I grunted a laugh and gave her a knowing look. "I think you're forgetting who you're talking to." "Well, yeah, I guess you wouldn't mind the taste of your own.Ohh, holy hell! Sheeze, that feels good!" At that moment, my tongue flicked out and slid deeply through her labia.

Melissa's breath sucked in with a sharp hiss, silencing whatever reservations might she have felt and cutting her off in mid sentence.

My tongue swirled up and around her clit with devilish intent and then I moved off slightly, trailing a line of wet kisses over her thigh. "Mmm, I told you, I never mind a little cream in the cookie." Melissa watched me with a burning intensity as I softly kissed and nibbled at her inner thighs.

All the while, her chest rose and fell with her breath and the tension in her thighs built as I spread my kisses all around her sex. For long moments, I carefully avoided her pussy and just lightly bit and kissed all around her vulva.

Then I sucked the tender skin of her thighs into my mouth and flicked my tongue here and there, drawing wet lines all over her dark skin. Sliding my hands down her thighs, I gently parted her thick, dark lips and my cock began to awaken when the vision of her bright pink flesh appeared.

She was wet and squirming under my kisses and when my lips grazed her clit, her hips rolled up, trying to bring her sex closer to my mouth. Her taste was sweet and thick and I lapped her juices hungrily while she writhed in my arms. Soon her hips were moving with me as if she were timing my touch and my face became coated in her wetness as I sucked on her supple flesh. The scent of her arousal rose around me like a fog, enveloping my senses and I bore down toward her clit, causing her to begin moaning in the urgency of her desire.

My mouth closed over her quivering sex and my tongue began swirling around and around with a deliberate slowness I knew would soon drive her over the brink. Melissa's body found my rhythm and met me move for move, following the touch of my kisses.

My heart pounded in my chest as I felt her body stretch and grow taunt in my arms. My stomach churned with excitement as I watched her moment draw close and then, in a glorious instant, I saw her bite her bottom lip and her head arched erotically back into the pillow.

She writhed hard in my arms, clawing at the bed and then her whole body convulsed as the orgasm I'd so carefully crafted suddenly exploded through her. A long, low grunting moan rolled out from her belly as she came that soon turned to a high pitched, whimpering scream. I held her tightly through it all, sucking hard on her clit until her legs wriggled hard. It was a torturous pleasure and laughing breathlessly, she finally pushed me away.

"Oh god, oh god David, stop! Please stop! Oh my god, I can't take anymore!" I laughed and smiled as I released her and she closed her legs tightly with her hands between them and rolled onto her side.

"That was amazing. Oh my god I came so hard!" Melissa's body seemed to glow as she began to relax and she gazed at me with a look of adoration I could never forget.

I kissed her leg and caressed her thigh, basking in that special moment, knowing then that I'd given her an experience she had so desperately craved. It would have been perfect right there, except that I'd become as hard as stone again.

Despite the orgasmic afterglow that she wore so beautifully, or maybe because of it, my own arousal had reached an uncontrollable height. I moved up over her lithe and petite body, kissing her belly and then took her nipple into my mouth.

Melissa's arms cuddled my head as I sucked and she cooed quietly while gently caressing my back. Up to then, I hadn't the chance to pay proper attention to her glorious breasts. Just big enough to fill my hand, they were perfectly proportioned to her tiny frame. Her olive skin was just a shade lighter under her bikini lines, and her areola and thick nipples were as beautifully dark as her labia had been. I brought my hands to them, squeezing them gently and loving how wonderfully firm they felt to my touch.

I kissed and sucked each nipple until they were both distended buds, hard and long enough to roll under my palms.

Melissa turned her body toward me, offering her breast to me and I suckled them with a joyous abandon. Moments later we were kissing hard and when I finally pulled away, I had already decided that I would take one more pleasure from my beautiful friend.

Rolling her onto her belly, I pulled her up to her knees. Melissa lifted her hips invitingly as I moved in behind her, giggling as she said "Mmm, ready for round two already? Okay then, but you better promise you'll go easy on me this time!

I don't know how much more of your big cock my poor little kitty can take." "Don't worry, I'm not that big and your little kitty isn't what I'm thinking about right now." Then I pulled her tight cheeks open and licked her from her dripping pussy right up over her anus. "Oh, my gosh! What was that? Are you licking my ass?" In answer I spit a glob of saliva right onto her rosebud and then probed it with my tongue, flicking and swirling it over her.

"Oh David, you nasty little. Damn, damn that's so nice!" Melissa's voice trailed off into a prolonged sigh as the insidious sensations of my tongue sliding over her rosebud grew.

Slowly she began to relax and her body sank more deeply into the sheets. Her legs splayed seductively open and her hips curled up, opening her ass to me as widely as she could. Melissa tasted clean and fresh and her tight muscle slowly relaxed as my wet massage continued to caress her.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're doing this!" Melissa started moaning quietly, urging me on with high pitched whimpers. "I can't believe how good this feels, David. Don't stop, baby. Don't stop! Oh yeah, right there!

Oh damn, damn, that's nice." I knew from personal experience what she was feeling and despite my desire, I fought to control myself. I kept my tongue nice and wet as I probed and prodded her anus, slowly teasing her until her breathing became deep and even.

Her hole began to loosen under my oral massage and soon I was able to push in just slightly. Once in awhile, I would move down and lick her perineum, causing her to gasp slightly. Melissa was soon drifting under my touch. Her post orgasmic bliss combined with the insidiously pleasant sensation on her back door until she reached a place of quiet peacefulness.

From there, I heard her serene voice ask me the question as I was dying to hear. "David, are you going to fuck me in my ass?" I stopped licking and gently rubbed her with my thumb. "I want to Melissa. I really want to. Have you ever done it this way?" Melissa looked back at me and shook her head slightly. "No, but you have, right?" "Yes," I answered quietly, trying to be as reassuring as I could.

"Then I'd like to try it, just this once. With you, okay? Just this one time. Just this one time with you. I'll never get another chance." I kissed her softly on the rise of her bottom. "I'll be as gentle as I can. You can trust me on that." "I know. Please, David. I'm ready for you." I was hard as bone and burning with need when I finally began to thrust into her.

By then, I'd coated my cock with lube and spent an agonizing amount of time working it into her. Even with all my careful preparation though, I knew well that making sure she was relaxed and ready was the only thing that really mattered.

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I was spooned behind her with my arm supporting her head. We kissed and caressed each other, reassuring ourselves that this was what we both wanted. Her body resisted at first. Melissa had never felt this before and the not knowing meant she didn't yet understand how to let go and accept my intimate intrusion. Then, almost without warning, her body suddenly gave up its resistance and stretched open around me. I felt her wince and a slight, high pitched squeal issued from her throat as my size began to move into her darkness.

"Fuck, ouch, that hurts baby. Go slow, slow, oh my god." Melissa tensed and writhed and I held as still as I could, shushing her quietly. "It's okay, Melissa. I'm going nice and slow, nice and slow. It will get better soon, you'll see." I went as slowly as I could, barely pushing and all the while I whispered sweet assurances that I understood what she felt.

Soon I felt her whimpers turn to a sigh and her body's grip on my cock eased enough for me to slide in farther. We were almost there and I was ready to pull back when Melissa moaned loudly and then I felt her teeth sinking into my arm!

Pain traded for pain and pleasurable agony rolled through us both as we paid the toll for our lust. My hold on her body tightened and my blood rushed hot in my veins as the stinging pain of her bite shot up my arm. Melissa's arm reached back behind my head, holding herself to me as I withdrew and then I thrust into her hard.

Melissa gasped hotly when my entire length slid deeply into her ass, releasing my arm from her hold. I felt the tight restrictive ring of her muscles grip my cock as I slid into the softer recesses of her body and my self control snapped. Rolling her onto her stomach, I pressed Melissa's body down into the mattress and clutched her hair in my hands as I began to fuck her in earnest.

I hunched and gathered myself over her tiny frame and used all of my strength to drive my cock as deeply into her as I could. Melissa grasped the sheets, her knuckles whitening under the strain but even through the ferocity of my arousal, I felt her trying to push back, driving me even harder into her ass. My arousal was total and I was on a course to reach an incredible orgasm as quickly as her tight body could pull it out of me. Though the haze of my lust, I heard Melissa grunting as she felt each of my plunging thrusts penetrate into her.

Through the creaking of the bed and the wet sounds of my cock moving in and out of her ass, I heard her urging me to cum. She was so very tight, pulling on my shaft with a grasping strength that made me shudder. I drove into her so deeply, my balls slapped against her ass and I felt a boiling pressure start to build in my belly. I gritted my teeth and then growled in agonized lust as my cum began shooting out of my cock. I pressed in, driving my cock into her and then began spraying my seed into her quivering body.

When I rolled off of Melissa, she turned to face me, burying her face in my chest.

"Wow, David. That was incredible." Feeling the sudden post-orgasmic calm, my normal composure returned and I kissed her tenderly. "Yes, it was," I told her.

"You deserve so much more, Melissa. You are capable of so much more." We showered after that and made love again that afternoon. True, gentle love making that more suited my nature. I thought back to those last, frenzied moments and before she left, I had to ask if I had hurt her.

Melissa smiled and caressed my face. "Yeah, it hurt a lot but that's okay. I wanted it to. That's why I bit you." When she saw my confusion, she kissed me and looked into my eyes with what I could only call sadness. "You're a gentle guy, David. You like to think of yourself as a bad boy but in the end you're not so different than my husband as you might like to believe.

You care, and if you thought about what I was feeling, you never really would have let go. That's what I needed though. I needed to feel you lose control and not worry about me.

I've thought about doing that to him for years but he wouldn't understand. I had a feeling you would." Melissa didn't come by again. I think we both knew what we had shared couldn't be repeated and within two more weeks, her apartment was empty. I never saw her again but a year later, I bought my own copy of 'Sweet Savage Love'.

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