Mom Uhren Teens ficken aus dem Schrank

Mom Uhren Teens ficken aus dem Schrank
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My twin brother, Jake, and I both had been sheltered as we were growing up. After our parents died, we had been given to our aunt who believed that "the outside world spawned evil," and she had made sure we had been outside as little as possible. She homeschooled us until high school, but then we had surpassed her minimal education and went to the local public school. With a height of 5'6, mid-length reddish brown hair and freckles, I supposed I had a mousy sort of look. My only redeeming quality was my sparkling green eyes, which I was told were always lively and bright.

I had a fit figure, but not an athletic build. While I made friends, I didn't make nearly as many as Jake. He had the same green eyes as me, but that was where the resemblance stopped.

He was nearly 6'5, had close to black colored hair and was athletic, which came with the only outside activity our aunt let him do- soccer. And being on the Varsity soccer team gained him friends and female attention. After our placement in high school, our aunt decided to get a job to take up the time she would have spent teaching us. Her job as a food critic took her all over the world for weeks at a time, which she hated, but she loved the food.

And Jake especially loved the fact that he could do whatever, and more importantly WHOEVER, he wanted when she was away.

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I understood the fact that a teenage boy was sexually frazzled to say the least. However, my brother constantly had girls coming and going out of his room non-stop. And, to be frank, they were NOT quiet. But this was where having an iPhone came in. I could listen to my calming music while he plowed away on the latest slut that decided to come home with him. But after this issue was resolved, he decided to cause another one.


Like I stated before, we had been sheltered growing up. And while the noises emitted from his room could be easily ignored, it was a bit harder to ignore a shirtless, 6'5, 17 year old soccer player prancing about your house. I had never had a boyfriend, let alone seen a boy shirtless, so this was quite a predicament for me. And, for some reason unknown to me, I started to savor the images in my head. And not long after did I discover masturbating. I stopped listening to my music when my brother was having sex.

I studied the noises he made, the sounds of slapping flesh, anything I could get my hands, well ears, on. I probably knew more about his 'sessions' than he did. And while I heard them, it was hard not to touch myself.

I started with just rolling my clit with my fingers until I came, but that wasn't satisfactory for long. I started using household items, the end of my hairbrush, a banana, a cucumber, until a found my aunt's vibrators. And those got the job done, but although they still weren't quite what I was looking for, I continued to use them.

Then on Saturday, three days before our aunt was due back, everything changed. It started as a normal day. I awoke in my normal oversized T-Shirt, no pants because I hated sleeping in them, and I strolled down the stairs and into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal.

Jake was shirtless, and at the table, munching on his own cereal. After he swallowed, he said "'Sup Cinderella. You sure slept long enough." "Don't call me that," I said pouring the milk into my bowl, "And it's only 10:45." I slipped into the chair opposite of him, barely managing to contain the impulse of admiring his well-toned upper body.

We ate in silence, and as we finished cleaning up, the doorbell rang. I walked over to the door and pulled it open, not surprised to see one of Jake's frequent 'lovers'. As I leaned back to tell Jake, I saw his eyes traveling up the length of my legs, giving me butterflies. "Um.your.Your friend is here to see you," I managed to get out. He strode over to the door and promptly shut it in her face.

"I feel like being by myself today," he explained to my shocked face. With that, he plopped down on the couch and flicked on the TV. Just as I was about to exit the room, he shouted "Don't forget about my soccer banquet tonight. We have to be there at 8." And I fled to my room. *********************************************** At around 6 o'clock, after all his nagging, I started to get ready. Being as our aunt wasn't here, I was going with him as his 'parental supervision' for the night.

And since this was a fancy event, I decided to dig up a dress from the depths of my closet. The dress was tight, but not uncomfortable and it flared out at my waist, giving me a more curvaceous look. It was short, but not too much so, and had a decently low neckline.

It was a bright emerald with undertones of red, making my eyes and hair pop. I went into my bathroom to do another rare thing, which was put on makeup.


After I had applied my makeup and brushed my wavy hair, I put on my 5.5 inch heels, making me only about 5 inches shorter than Jake. I checked the clock, which read 7:24, which meant I could go downstairs and relax for about 15 minutes. As I descended the stairs, I could feel Jake's eyes on me. I walked semi-gracefully to the couch and sat down, looking at the soccer match that was on. But out if the corner of my eye, I could see his eyes traveling from the place where the dress met my thighs to my cleavage.

"Maybe you should stay home, Cinderella. I can just go alone," he said to me as I finally faced him. "No way! I'm going to support you," I said with a comforting grin. He relaxed a little, but hardly seemed at ease. He quickly got up, shut off the TV and grabbed a coat and his keys. Barely waiting for me to keep up, we got into his car and drove to the school.

The banquet contained all the normal bullshit, but we finally got to eat when everything was taken care of. Normally ignored, I took some of the homemade spaghetti one of the player's moms had made. I sat down at a table by myself, but was soon joined by two boys who I recognized as Jake's friends, Timothy and Alex.

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There was no doubt in my mind what they wanted as they stared at my tits and they said, "Don't you look different today Cindy." Before things could get more awkward, Jake strolled over and smacked Alex in the back of the head. "C'Mon dudes," he said, semi-angrily, "That's my sister, not some slut you meet at a bar." They started talking about the most recent soccer standings and I tuned out as I ate my food.

*********************************************** On our short drive back to the house, Jake started talking about Alex and Tim. "That's why I didn't want you to go," he stated as we stopped at the red light. "What do you mean? They go after anything that moves," I asked.

He shook his head, "No, it's because you look so sexy in that dress," I blushed at that, and he continued on, not noticing "Jesus C, I didn't even know you owned anything like that." " think I'm sexy?" I asked, nervously fidgeting. He gave me a mischievous look, then started scanning my body, eventually reaching my eyes again. "Yes. I wish." He started as we pulled into the driveway.


"You wish what?" I asked as I got out of car. "I wish you." He unlocked the front door and whispered "I wish you weren't my sister." And then he escaped to his room. I went upstairs, exhausted from the day and flopped down in my bed, and soon fell asleep.

*********************************************** I heard noises coming from downstairs about 3 hours later.

I was still in my dress but I figured I would check out what was going on downstairs and then change. To my surprise, I found my brother, boxers around his ankles, jerking off to porn.

His breathing was hard and his eyes were closed as he moaned "Fuck Cindy, stroke it faster." I must have gasped at my name, because he turned around and pulled up his boxers as he shouted, "FUCK!

Cindy!" He paused the video and turned to face me, but his dick was still hard and tented his boxers, which distracted me as he stammered, "Um.I wasn't. Li.listen I don't know what you think I was doing but." "Jake.Everything's okay, just calm down and tell me what you were doing." "Cindy, I wasn't! I mean I was, but I know I shouldn't and." "You were what, Jake?" "I was.I was jerking off.

to you, sis." I must have looked bewildered because he started babbling,"I know it's weird, but. Ever since I hit puberty you've always seemed so.ugh I can't believe I'm saying this. You've seemed so attractive that I can't. You and your running around the house in just a shirt that barely covers your ass.I just. I can't stop thinking about fucking you but that's not just it. I wanna take you on dates and show you off and buy you nice things and I. I don't understand what's going on.

I thought that fucking other girls would make it go away but. When I saw you in that dress I just." "I've been doing the same thing," I interrupted, shocking him, "I mean I haven't been fucking other people but I've been masturbating to you having sex in the room next door. I." I was interrupted by his lips crashing to mine. I had never had a boyfriend, let alone kissed someone, but there I was, making out with my brother in the middle of the living room.

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And worse, I was enjoying it. "Jake." I moaned as I felt his hand reach the zipper and yank it down, almost breaking it in the process. "Cindy, don't question this. You want it, I want it, we are just two people who are exploring the attraction between each other." He pinched my nipples, making me moan and proving his point.

He pushed me against the table until I was sprawled out on top of it, and started licking my hard nipples.

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I was very glad my aunt was away, otherwise she would have definitely been woken up by how loud I was moaning. He licked up and down my stomach before finally reaching my underwear. By this time, I was soaking wet and eager to get out of my underwear. He threw them to where my discarded dress lay and slowly lowered his mouth onto my clit. "Ahhh! Jake!" I didn't even know what he was doing. My mind had gone completely blank. All I knew was the pleasure that he was bringing me.

And when he slipped his finger inside me, I almost lost complete control. My hips were grinding my pussy into his mouth and fingers. "Jake! Fuck Jake, please!" He removed his tongue from my clit to look up at me and said "God, you are so fucking hot!" He dove on my clit with a new passion and I felt my orgasm rising.

I was just on the edge when I heard "Come on! Cum for me, sis!" That was all I needed to be pushed over the edge. Pleasure raked through my body as I came. No masturbation session had ever felt this good.

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We were both panting as I got up and pulled down his boxers. After years of hearing girls moan as they were being fucked, I finally got to see his dick.

It was rock hard and was about 7.5 inches. I hesitantly reached out and touched his hot dick. I slowly started to move my hand up and down, picking up speed as I grew braver. He leaned against the table for support and closed his eyes.

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"Fuck!!! Just like that, Cindy!" Seeing this as my opportunity, I put the tip of his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.

His eyes shot open and he bucked his hips into my mouth. "Cindy," he warned, "You're.Ahhh, fuck! .You're gonna make me cum if you keep this up!" I began to inch his dick into my mouth. As I started deep throating him, I stared into his eyes, the eyes we shared. He closed them as he screamed "Fuck, Cindy, I'm cumming!" I removed all but the head of his dick from my mouth and began to take blast after blast of his seed.

And afterward I looked right into his eyes as I swallowed his load. "Please God, don't let this be a dream!" Jake said looking to the heavens. "It's not. I'm real," I said sitting on the table with him and putting my head on his shoulder, "And I'm still horny." I got up, gathered our clothes and walked towards the stairs. "Are you coming or what?" I winked and began to walk to my bedroom. To be continued (probably)