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Slutty brunette babe enjoys a fat black cock in her pussy
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The next morning James had a hard time looking at his mission companion in the eyes. He was embarrassed about secretly watching Seth jerking himself off the night before. He ended up waking up with massive morning wood, so he slipped out of bed quickly and ran into their tiny shower with a raging hard-on so that his roommate wouldn't see.

He stripped off his full body underwear and his cock sprung out, still standing at attention. He briefly looked at himself in the mirror. He had been skinny all his life but now that he was getting older, he had started working out, and noticed that his lean boyish body was getting a little bit fuller every day. He turned on the tap of the shower and instantly started stroking his aching cock. To try and stay pure he rarely ever touched himself, but he had to take care of the all-night boner he got from watching his companion jerking his fat dick the night before.

James could still picture it very clearly and he found himself getting so turned on by thinking about his companion: his flushed face, his soft moans and his rock-hard cock. The fact that he was masturbating now and Seth was in the next room was so hot to him, it didn't take long before James pushed himself over the edge and he came so hard in the shower that he even cried out a little. While lathering his hair in shampoo he finally had time to think about how much of his life had changed in one day.

First off, he was miles away from anyone that he knew in one of the biggest cities in the world, and he was paired with a guy that he was sort of feeling attracted to. This could be amazing or it could be terrible, James thought to himself.

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Either way, for the moment James was just relieved to get rid of his painful blue balls from the night before. James stepped out of the bathroom in a towel. Seth smiled at him from the kitchen. "Do you want some coffee?" the brunette boy asked. James paused. "But we're not allowed to drink coffee?" Seth laughed. "I was kidding. Gotchya!" James laughed too. He was glad he was paired with Seth and not some weird or annoying guy.

Looking at him in the morning light, James couldn't help but notice how attractive Seth was.


His dark features perfectly contrasted James' light ones, he had full lips and his hair was naturally wavy in a way that made it look like he spent hours on it, when really he just woke up that way.

Seth had dark, almond eyes and long lashes, and his body looked like a similar build to James', but slightly more muscular. James had to mentally check his sexy thoughts about his companion, because he knew they were never going to be together anyways, as everything involved in that would be a major sin against Heavenly Father. They were to start the day by exercising, which they grew to do either in the apartment, or going out for runs around Central Park.

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Then, after breakfast they were to study the scriptures from the Book of Mormon separately, then discuss what they had read with each other, before going out door to door to preach the gospel and to find new converts. That morning they both talked about their relationships with God and the church, as well as their relationships back home. Seth was telling James funny stories about his mom and dad, and his kid brother Michael. Turns out James was right about Seth being half Latino, his mom was Columbian but they lived in Miami all his life.


The boys had a naturally easy relationship with each other, and both were very devout to the Mormon faith. They never drank or did any drugs, and were in fact both virgins. The conversation was so smooth that they lost track of time and were almost late to go out on their missionary work.

They hopped on some bicycles that were left from the previous missionaries and set off to go door to door. The boys were shocked by how rude New Yorkers were because they had both grown up in very friendly, small communities.

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One lady even yelled at them for what felt like hours about 'bothering her in her home'. At the end of the day Seth was pretty upset that they hadn't even been able to speak to anyone about the Mormon faith. "Don't worry, Elder Ashford." said James, the eternal optimist. "This is just the first day, we still have a long time ahead of us to spread the good word." "Thanks, Elder Bradley." replied Seth with a small smile.

The two biked back to their shared apartment, had some dinner and went to bed early. The missionary work continued on for about a month before the boys both received an official-looking letter. It was from the Chapter President, whose name they found out in the letter was Victor Adams. President Adams was requesting their presence at his office in the apartment to check in on how the mission was going so far.

They were to come by on Sunday afternoon of that week. It was only Wednesday, but James was already nervous about having to see this man again. There was something about him that made him feel uncomfortable, but he didn't know why. All he knew what that his was going to listen to whatever the President wanted him to do on his mission. That Sunday, right on time, the boys parked their bikes outside the big apartment complex where Mister Adams lived.

They looked at each other nervously before ringing the buzzer. A familiar voice through the speaker said "Yes?" Seth piped in, clearing his throat. "Elders Ashford and Bradley here to see the Mission President." "Ah, yes. Come in." said the President in a silky tone. The door buzzed and the boys walked through. They got in the elevator and fixed their ties and hair up in the mirror while they traveled up to the top floor.

James looked at Seth for encouragement, but all Seth could offer was a forced smile. They were both equally intimidated by the powerful man upstairs, but they were glad that they were in this together, as they had grown very close already.

The doors of the elevator opened and they stepped into the massive apartment again. It looked even bigger now that they had seen that most apartments in Manhattan were so tiny.

James noticed for the first time that all the walls were in fact windows that overlooked the island with a stunning view. The President appeared around the corner moments later. "Hello boys." he said, smiling that perfect smile. "Come in and have a seat at the bureau. Désolé, I mean the desk. I spent my mission in Paris so sometimes I mix up my languages." To James, this man became increasingly more interesting by the moment.

They sat down beside each other opposite from Victor at beautiful wooden desk he kept at the corner of his loft for business purposes.

The man looked comfortable sitting across from them and he took out a little recording device from his desk drawer and set it on top of the desk.

"If you don't mind, I like to record all of our meetings, so that I can properly interview you and write my notes up later." He switched the device on. "Now, tell me how things are going with your mission work." He leaned forward on the desk, eager to hear what the boys had to say. James mustered up his courage to speak.

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"They're going well. We've visited hundreds of people this month, but…" he paused to look at his companion, "so far we haven't been able to convert anyone." "Hmm, I see." said the President. He seemed disappointed by his tone. "We're trying really hard though!" Seth piped in. "You know, boys," replied Victor, "My chapter has consistently been one of the most successfully converting chapters in all of the world.

Do you know why I'm so successful?" The boys nervously shook their heads 'no'. "I push the boys under me very hard." James gulped.

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He was feeling really hot under Victor's gaze, and strangely he was feeling a lot of blood rushing between his legs by what the man was saying. The President looked more attractive than the last meeting. This time he was wearing a casual but expensive looking black button-up and slacks, and he looked effortlessly chic but still like a powerful boss.

Despite his intensity, Victor's hair remained perfectly done. The President continued, "I need you to challenge yourselves, boys. You need to channel all of your energies into spreading the glorious message of Joseph Smith. Are you fully devout to this cause?" "Yes!" they both answered eagerly. They so wanted to please this man. "You need to clear your mind of any other thoughts besides those that benefit you in fulfilling your mission.

Are there any other thoughts distracting your energies?" They paused. After a moment, James mumbled a no. Seth said nothing. "That doesn't sound very convincing. Boys, we're all supposed to be open and honest with each other here. I'm here now to be a teacher and a mentor to you both, but this can only happen if you're willing to tell me the truth and to open up to me.

You have to trust me, boys. Seth, what have you been thinking about besides your mission?" Seth turned bright red. James was just happy the heat was off of him for a moment. "Out with it, son. What are you thinking about?" said Victor forcefully. "Sex!" blurted out Seth, and then on his face was instant regret. The President paused.

Seth looked mortified. James was shocked. "I see," said the President after a long silence; but he didn't seem upset, more intrigued. "That's perfectly natural for a boy your age to have thoughts like that.

And you know as well as I do that we Mormons don't think it's wrong for you to have sexual urges towards women. or other men." James thought it was strange that the President specified the 'other men' thing. He continued, "The only thing that's sinful is if you act upon those thoughts." Seth was staring at the floor, too embarrassed to meet the man's eyes. "Elder Ashford," Victor continued, "I want you desperately to focus on your mission, and so I want to create a kind of 'safe space' for you to be able to express your urges so that you can get them out of your system.

Stand up, Elder." Seth looked up from the ground to meet the President's fiery eyes. The man seemed resolved, so Seth obeyed his command. Victor grabbed a solid wooden ruler off his desk and started smacking it into his own hand, implying that he was serious. "Now drop your pants." said the President, while looking at the young missionary intensely.

Seth gulped and did how he was told, dropping his pants to the floor. Victor was clearly enjoying making him squirm like this. He looked at Seth deliciously, like a juicy steak. "Now the underwear." commanded the President. Seth protested with his eyes. "It's as God commands." Seth dropped his underwear around his knees, exposing a half-chub. His face was red and he was breathing hard as he was standing there, exposed to his mission companion and leader.

James had seen Seth's cock before, almost every night when he thought James was asleep. But this was the first time Seth knew he was looking at it. James found himself squirming around in his seat by how hot he found this scenario, all while staring at Seth's humiliation.

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Seth's cock was twitching. "Now touch yourself." said the President. Seth didn't move. Victor slapped the ruler down hard on the desk, making both boys jump. "Do it now, Elder! You need to rid yourself of these impure urges, and I need to make sure you're doing it right." Seth looked down and his hand found his dick. He winced as he started stroking himself. "Lift up your shirt! I have to see everything." Seth did as he was told, starting to get visibly very aroused by what was happening.

James could feel his pants tighten as he started to get hard as well. He didn't dare move besides to lick his lips, for fear that Victor would expose him like this too. Seth stroked himself up and down slowly. "I can see that you do this often." said Victor, staring hungrily at Seth's penis. "Boys like you are supposed to stay pure and leave sex until marriage.

You, Elder, are a dirty, disgusting, filthy boy." He said each insult with relish. Seth whimpered. "Now stop!" Seth stopped stroking himself, coming back from the sexual daze he was in. He was still painfully hard, so very close to cumming. The President stood up and walked over beside the panting boy. "You need to learn obedience. When I tell you to do something, you will always reply to me with 'Yes, Mister President'. Understood?" "Yes." whispered Seth.

Victor smacked him hard on the ass with his ruler, making Seth yelp. "What was that?" "Yes, Mister President." he shakily replied. "That's better. Now bend over across the desk." Seth whimpered and did what he was told, his erection pressing into the side of the mahogany desk.

The President flipped the boy's shirt up over his shoulders to expose his perky ass and muscular back. "You!" Smack. "Will!" Smack. "Learn!" Smack "Obedience!" Smack. Every word was punctured by a spank on Seth's ass with the ruler until it turned bright red.

"Yes, Mister President!" he cried out in pleasure and pain. James didn't know what to do at that moment but he was so turned on by the scene that he started rubbing himself through his pants. Victor took his focus off Seth for a second and looked over at James who was lustily watching them. James couldn't pull his hand away quick enough. "Are you having impure thoughts too, boy?" said the President. "Uhh, no I was just, uhh." stammered James.

"You sluttly little Elders can't keep your hands off your dicks, so I'm going to fix this for you. Elder Ashford, if you fucking move from that position I'll whip your pretty ass again. Spread your cheeks apart for me." The whimpering Elder obeyed while the President quickly grabbed some rope out of one of his desk drawers, James was starting to think this wasn't the President's first time doing this kind of thing.

"Put your hands behind your back, Elder Bradley!" commanded the President, and he quickly tied James' hands behind his back and then to the wooden chair he was sitting on.

The man had definitely done this before. In one quick motion Victor unbuckled James' belt and ripped off the boy's pants and underwear, exposing the teenager's massive hard-on. "Looks like Elder Ashford isn't the only little whore in your group.


You keep that ass spread wide over there, I want to see your little hole." James looked pleadingly in the eyes of his Leader, and then over at Seth who was looking hungrily at his dick, still bent over the desk with his hole exposed.

"Please sir," begged James, but he was cut short when Victor smacked his inner thigh flesh with the ruler, making him cry out. James was still a virgin so all of this was a major overload to his senses. "Please, Mister President." he whimpered.

"Speak only when spoken to, boy!" shouted the President and he started smacking James all over his thighs, and with every spank his erection grew stronger. "Yes, Mister President!" cried James. "Oh, yes! Yes Mister President!" He was surprisingly loving what was happening to him, getting dominated by this attractive, powerful man. Victor stopped, and James suddenly missed the feeling of getting his inner thighs spanked.

Victor grabbed James' face to meet his blazing eyes. "You like that, don't you? I have special plans for you, pretty boy." And he pulled his pupil in for a passionate tongue kiss.

James was still tied to the chair so the man pressed into his face and his exposed erection. This was James' first kiss, and he never thought it would look anything like this. The President's scruff brushed his face lightly, and his musky but sweet smell was such a turn on. He pulled their faces apart and stood up. "You boys need to help each other out. That's what you're here for." the man said with a devilish smile.

"So from now on, you can quickly relieve yourself from your sexual urges and focus on what's important, fulfilling your mission. Ashford, quit showing everyone your asshole and come here you little bottom." Seth clumsily stood up, his pants still around his ankles.

He stepped over to where James was sitting. "Get on your knees." Elder Ashford hesitantly knelt in front of his companion. "Now open your mouth." Seth did as he was told and suddenly Victor grabbed his face and shoved it down on James' dick, jamming it all the way back into his throat.

Seth's eyes bulged and he had to pull off and come up for air, gagging on the cock. He had never sucked a dick before. "No!" said the President and smacked him hard on his tender ass. "You need to breathe through your nose. Try again, Elder." Seth had tears in his eyes but he felt he had to do what the President told him.

Seth grabbed James' thick cock with one hand and started sucking on the head. The boy had snuck in watching a few pornos in his time, so he had a basic idea of how to give a blowjob, but this was his first time actually doing it. Seth's head bobbed up and down on James' cock, who was still tied to the chair but had a glorious view of his dick disappearing into his friend's mouth. Victor kept his face close the action and shoved Seth's head down further, but this time the boy could take the girth.

"Good boy," said the President, "You love that pretty pink dick don't you?" Seth drooled while his head bobbed sloppily up and down as he knelt on all fours. Victor grabbed Seth's tie and used it as leverage to push Seth's head down further and choke his pupil. James had been on the verge of cumming basically since he walked into the apartment, so it didn't take long before he was sent over the edge by his first blowjob and came inside Seth's mouth.

Both of the boys were caught off guard by it, and Seth's wide eyes showed that he didn't know what to do with the cum. "Swallow it, you cumslut," commanded Victor. "You'd better learn to love the taste if you're going to be sucking off your companion every day." Seth looked up at the President and swallowed the load, wincing after.

"Good boy. I'm going to reward you for good behaviour. Since I know it turns you on so much to be spanked on that perky little ass…" He motioned his eyes at Seth's pulsating boner. "I'm going to give you what you want." Victor sat down in his office chair and commanded Seth to lay across his lap.

The President took one hand and wrapped it between Seth's legs so he could jerk him off while spanking him, more softly this time, on his flushed red ass. Victor licked his index finger and wiggled it into Seth's asshole, jerking him off the whole time with the other hand.

He was a pro at this and James watched in amazement, taking mental notes. Moments later Seth cried out loudly and shot his load all over the dark wood floor. "Ah look what you did." said the President, noticing Seth's cum.

"You made a big mess all over my floor. Since you love cum in your mouth so much, go lick it up. I want this floor to sparkle when you're done, Elder." Victor grabbed Seth by the hair, who was exhausted from his orgasm, and pushed his face into the floor to lick up the creamy load, face down, ass up. Seth stopped protesting against the President long ago and greedily licked it up until the floor was clean. "You're a disgrace, both of you." he went over to untie James while Seth came out of his submissive daze to find his clothes.

"Now you know what happens when you disappoint me. You get punished. But now you both know what to do with each other to get those unhealthy thoughts out and focus on your mission." The boys were almost fully dressed, but very disheveled looking after what just happened. "Now get out of my sight." The teens turned to hastily leave the apartment before more punishment would come. "Oh and remember boys." he held up the small recording device and clicked it off.

"If you tell anyone about this I'll send this tape anonymously to your parents. I'm sure they'd love to hear all the 'hard work' you're doing in the big city." They ran out of the place before they caught the evil glint in the President's eye.

--- Part 3 Preview The boys start to warm up to Victor's unusual teaching methods.