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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Part One Harry lay awake on his back as the small clock on the wall signalled that it was midnight. Not only did this tell Harry that he should be asleep by now but also that his 18th birthday had begun. Harry sighed to himself as her turned over onto his side to get comfortable. The battle of Hogwarts and the fall of Lord Voldemort had taken place a few weeks earlier and since then Harry had been stopping with the Weasleys at The Burrow.

To him this place felt more like home than any other place ever had.

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Once the war had finished Mrs Weasley has kindly offered that he came to stay with them for as long as he needed as he had nowhere else to go. Private drive was part of his past and after everything he had been put through he felt that he finally deserved some peace, something he wouldn't get with all of Uncle Vernon's moaning.

There was also 12 Grimmauld Place but thankfully Mrs Weasley understood that the place still haunted Harry's memories of his godfather Sirius. So Harry had moved into his best friend Ron's room for the summer.

Although Mr and Mrs Weasley accepted his relationship with Ginny they refused to allow them to share a bed whilst they was living in their house. They had also implied the same rules to Hermione as she had begun dating Ron and was also stopping at the house for the summer. Tonight however Harry's sleeping arrangements had changed.


Bill and Fleur had stopped by a few days ago to announce that Fleur had fallen pregnant and that they were having a baby. This came much to the delight of Mrs Weasley who instantly declared the need to celebrate this good news and had planned a joint party for Harry's birthday and to celebrate the family's forthcoming member. So members of he Weasley family had travelled far and wide from across the country to join the celebrations and because of this Mrs Weasley, whilst apologising repeatedly, had asked if Harry and Hermione could sleep down stairs as family members would require the extra space in the bedrooms for the party the next day.

So Harry had carried bedding down from the bedrooms and kindly offered that Hermione sleeps on the small sofa, thinking that Ron wouldn't appreciate him sleeping to close to his girlfriend. As Harry lay on the hard living room the floor struggling for sleep he began to reflect on his time at the burrow so far.

He had welcomed the news that Fleur had fallen pregnant as it had helped lift the mournful state that had hungover the house as everybody grieved the deaths of Fred and good friends like Lupin and Tonks. Not that Harry hadn't grieved as well. He was ashamed to admit to himself, let alone anyone else, that he had come to rely on alcohol to help numb the pain that had been caused by the deaths of so many of his friends. Often he would take walks into the local muggle village and find himself purchasing alcoholic drinks such as vodka and whiskey, which he would take home and drink that night before he went to bed.

Not that anyone in the house had noticed his behaviour, as half of them were doing exactly the same. Bottles were clumsily left hidden behind bins and under beds as every tried to hide their secret from the others.

But all this had stopped when Fleur had brought that happy news. Well all except Harry. He still struggled to get to sleep at night without having to have a large drink to the take the edge of it.

Although not tonight. Not with Hermione sleeping so close. Ron knew of Harry's new troubles with drink but he had promised not to say a word to anyone about it, especially Hermione who would kick up a lot of fuss.

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So tonight he had left the bottles safely locked in his trunk upstairs and because of this found that sleep once again wouldn't come to him.

Ron and Hermione had been dealing with things a lot better than himself. As everyone became busy and excited planning the coming party, it was common for the both of them to disappear upstairs, although only Harry and Ginny ever noticed. They had heard the evidence of what they were up themselves as they lay cuddling in Ginny's room. Soft passionate moans could be heard through the wall, and at this thought Harry realised he should probably remind Ron about the silencing charm.

As for himself and Ginny? Well Mrs Weasley had made her wishes perfectly clear and Harry had no intentions of breaking them and disrespecting her after all she had done for him over the years. It was because of this that he had turned down all of Ginny's advances, although in his head he was practically ripping her clothes off. Although he had always found Ginny beautiful, he had to admit to himself that she had turned into a fine young women. Her soft red hair seemed to elegantly fall down to her shoulders, and her freckles only complimented the beauty of her kind face.

There was also her toned body which she had gained through 2 years of Quidditch training, and also her perky teen breasts which had grown into a splendid C cup size. Despite turning down Ginny's advances he had thought about her body a lot recently as he realised the urges that his body had for her. All he had seen of Ginny's body so far was when he went into her room in the morning to talk to her and she was in bed in her bra and shorts.

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But he definitely wanted to see more of her body soon. As these happy thoughts floated through his mind he finally managed to fall into a deep sleep. ****** Harry woke the next morning to someone whispering in his ear quietly. 'Happy birthday handsome' as he opened his eyes to see Ginny bending down in front of him, her cleavage directly in his eye line. After 10 whole seconds of being unable to take his eyes away from Ginny's mesmerising boobs she asked 'See something you like?

As she slid her hand under his blanket to squeeze his morning glory through his boxers. 'Not now Ginny your parents could come down any minutes.' 'Alright, alright but you best get up and get ready, the whole family will be down soon and as much as I enjoy it I doubt they want to see you half naked' she responded with a smirk as she got up and left to go to the kitchen and start cooking some breakfast.

****** Harry had a very enjoyable morning opening his presents sat around the kitchen table with the Weasley family. His first present was from Ron and turned out to be two season ticket for the Chudley Cannons for the forthcoming season.

Ron also looked at Harry questioningly as he open this gift and Harry fully understood who Ron wanted him to take with him. 'Well me and George will definitely enjoy these' said Harry as he watched Ron's face drop and then regain a smile when he clicked on to the joke. His next gift was from Hermione, which turned out to be a book.

Harry was a little disappointed as he thought now that he has finished school Hermione wouldn't keep pestering him to read books. But as her turned it over and read the title he realised the amusing sentiment behind her gift. 'Hogwarts: A BRIEF History' 'Now you can read up about all the things you should know about Hogwarts without having to read the 1000 page original' She said whilst chuckling to herself.

Next up was Mr and Mrs Weasleys present which was a small box wrapped up. As he opened it and seen he gift inside he tried to hide his confusion until Mrs Weasley said sweetly ' Its a key to the front door sweetie, I want you to know that you'll always be part of this family'.

'Thank you so much!' Harry said as he rushed to hug her, kissing her fully on the lips. Mr Weasley then held out his hand to shake Harry's but he ignored the gesture and hugged him tightly as well. Harry then got round opening his other present from the Weasley family and friends like Hagrid and Neville. Once he'd finished opening all his presents Ginny came up to him and whispered ' I'm really sorry Harry I've left your present upstairs.

Come up in 30 minutes and I'll give it to you then'. Abit hurt that Ginny would forget to bring her boyfriends present down to give him first, he busied himself packing his presents away in his trunk until he walked to Ginny's room half hour later. It took all his will power not to shout aloud in surprise as he walked into Ginny's bedroom. She was on the bed lying on her back stark naked with her legs wrapped tightly around his firebolt, the handle pressed against her perfect tits.

Harry couldn't help but stare. This is what he had been imagining a lot recently and he had finally got to see a whole lot more of Ginny. Two of his loves, flying and Ginny were erotically entangled on her bed and as he felt a twitch in his cock as he felt himself getting hard.

Ginny instantly noticed the growing bulge in his shorts and after licking her lips she seductively asked 'So birthday boy, how about you come take a ride?' Harry's mind went into overdrive. He was about to tear his clothes off and join her on the bed when. 'Ginny we've been through this!' his voice raising with every passing second.

'I'm respecting your mothers wishes as so should you'. And with that he turned and left the room, leaving Ginny on the verge of tears. ****** The party that night got into full swing as everyone (with the exception of Fleur, obviously) was drinking plenty of alcohol.

Mr Weasley, after having to sit down for 10 minutes as he went weak in the knee's with excitement, had taken the muggle money Hermione had given him and walked to shop in the village to buy some creates of lager and bottles of spirits.

So under the influence of alcohol Harry and Ginny had looked past their argument earlier and spent the night dancing and taking romantic walks around the nearby fields holding hands.

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All until Ginny, head dropping with a mixture of tiredness and too much alcohol, had chosen to go to bed. Harry continued through his party though, and after drinking several more cans looked around at the remaining people enjoying the party. Ron was lying face down on in the grass, being sick every few seconds. He had never properly drunk before and as it was Harry's birthday had hit it pretty hard. After a few more minutes when all the sick seemed to have left him Charlie picked him up and took him inside to bed.

Not many people were left now, most of the Weasley family had gone to bed long ago, and Harry couldn't identify any of the remaining red heads. He presumed they must all be distant cousins and aunts and uncles. However sat alone in the corner was Hermione happily sipping a glass of champagne smiling merrily to herself. Harry decided he wanted to dance so as he stood up, his heading spinning because of all the alcohol he had drank, and stumbled over to Hermione and asked if she'd like to dance.

'Ohhh pleaseee Harryy' she replied whilst giggling to herself, and Harry could tell that like him she had had too much to drink. So as the two teens slowly danced to the last few songs the remaining guests either left or went inside to go to bed.

'I suppose we should get some sleep now then' said Harry has he led Hermione into the living room. Picking up his own blanket and pillows he began to lie down on the floor.

'Oh don't be stupid Harry, here stand up' she ordered, as she lifted the big comfy cushions of off the sofa and made a reasonably sized bed on the floor. 'This way we can both be comfortable, it is your birthday after all, you don't deserve to be sleep on the floor.' Harry had to agree as he got comfortable and extinguished the lights he rolled over and tried to get to sleep.

What happened next however shocked him so much, even more than Ginny and the firebolt earlier, that he was wide awake instantly. Hermione had turned to face him and slowly placed her hand on his cheek, reaching forward and brushing her lips against his. It was such a soft and passionate kiss but what followed was pure lust. They lunged at each other kissing furiously, not knowing where to put their hands first.

Hermione pressed herself against Harry whilst he reached round and squeezed her arse cheeks. He was surprised at how soft they felt and how rounded and curvy Hermione's bum was. Hermione had reached around Harry and was pulling on the back of his head, pulling him closer to her until she felt his hardening cock press against her stomach. Harry was getting more adventurous and had brought his hands round to the front of Hermione and pushed them up her top fondling her boobs. He was shocked to find out that she wasn't wearing a bra, giving him easy access to touch her where he'd never touched a girl before.

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But he also made another discovery. Hermione's tits were a lot bigger than she had led people to believe, although school robes were hardly revealing. Harry's hand were all over them instantly. The fact that they was so soft and gentle in his hands excited him as he began to squeeze them together and pinch and rub her nipples until they became hard. This all led to Hermione moaning into his mouth and she continued to kiss him, until she pulled away and begged 'Please Harry, I need more' as she pushed his hands down towards her lacy panties.

Harry slipped his hands into her pants and felt her shaved wet pussy. His mind was working overtime and he had no idea what to do next, although the alcohol encouraged him to just go for it as he started to rub his index finger against her slit. As Harry continued to to rub his finger against her pussy until Hermione squealed with pleasure as he accidentally brushed against her clit.

Realising that this spot must be sensitive to her he continued to rub it, whilst pulling down her top to suck and lick her nipples. Hermione couldn't stop moaning in pleasure as Harry got to work.

She knew all about Harry turning down Ginny's advances as the poor girl had come to her for advice. Because of this she knew that Harry had probably never done this before, not that he wasn't doing a very good job now.

Thinking that she should probably return the favour she pulled his boxers down and began to stroke his 6 inch erection with one hand whilst fondling his balls with the other. Although Harry had no idea what he was doing Hermione seemed to be enjoying it so his confidence grew and he pushed down slipping a finger into her wet pussy all the way to the knuckle.


'Ohhh yess. Right there Harry that's the spot!' she moaned into his chest as he began to pump one and then two finger into her pussy. 'Harder Harry, HARDER! Oh my god, I'm so close.'. With a moment of genius Harry pumped harder with his fingers and with his thumb began to frantically rub her clit.

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'Holy fuck Harry! I'm gonna. gonna. ohh fuck I'm cumming! She moaned into his ear and her body began to shake and her legs closed together around his hand.

The moaning and hot breath on Harry's neck were all too much for him as he fired his load all over Hermione's flat stomach and large tits as she continued shaking because of the powerful orgasm that was rocking through her.

As they both caught their breath and regained the sense of being that they had lost through their individual orgasms, Hermione turned to Harry and said 'That was amazing Harry, imagine how good the sex would be.' And with that they both fell asleep. To be continued. Authors note: This is my first attempt at a story so any form of constructive feedback would be appreciated.