Big boob brunette babe gets soaked by cum

Big boob brunette babe gets soaked by cum
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At 19 years old Leah has been brought up "correctly" by her well off family, attended a private school and now has her first job working in admin for a local solicitor. Her life is just about to spin out of control. Walking home late at 7pm it is getting dark and cold, after a long day at the office and eager to get home Leah pulls her hood up and plugs in her ipod trying to push thoughts of work out of her mind.

The last thing she remembered was a mans voice shouting "open the van!". Leah woke on a hospital bed in a large room with several dividers, she was alone, the room seemed clinical, cold and white, she sat up in panic, where was she? She was missing her shoes, tights and panties however still had on her bra, shirt and skirt. Was she in hospital, had she been in an accident, was she in a coma, was she dead, is this heaven?


The door opened and in came the doctor in his white cloak and latex gloves. "Hello Leah, did you sleep well?" he asked in a calm voice with a gentle smile.

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"Uh, yes, i think, where am i, what happened?" Leah began her questions. "Its okay Leah, you're safe, just let me examine you and i will explain" The doctor spoke with an authorative voice not to be argued with. The doctor pushed Leah back gently on the bed, and took a syringe from his pocket, he injected her quickly into her arm and began to explain.

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"Leah, this injection will ensure you stay very still whilst i examine you, you may or may not still be able to speak - medication affects people in different ways, now let me just adjust you" The doctor spread Leah's legs wide fastening them into the stirrups that she had not noticed when she woke, panic set in, her eyes opened wide and she attempted to sit up to fight him, already the medication was working, she was weak and couldn't hold herself up, her second attempt was pointless, she was now paralysed.

"Doctt . Pp please . Doc" her voice didn't work much either.

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A nurse had appeared, the doctor introduced her. "Leah this is my nurse, she is going to undress you, i need to examine you, you have been brought here to reproduce, to make babies, there is no point in putting up a fight it will only make it worse for you".

The nurse unbuttoned Leah's shirt and unzipped her skirt, sat her up and holding her pulled her shirt off her shoulders, and unclipped her bra, letting her back down she removed her bra, and pulled off her skirt too, she was naked.

"Now i'm going to examine you, are you a virgin Leah?" The doctor asked, his latex covered fingers on her pussy lips. Leah felt a shudder down her body, nobody had ever touched herself, she had not even touched herself here except for washing, she was in fact a virgin and had not even kissed before, she had led a very sheltered life. "Uhh. uh." is all that escaped her lips, though she didn't know if she wanted to admit the truth anyway. "We will soon find out" the doctor said as his fingers separated her pussy lips and the nurse wheeled over a trolley with a tray of items on top.

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His cold rubbery fingers prodded her and she clenched herself tight not wanting him invading her private parts, but nothing was stopping him, he began rubbing her, slowly and gently, finding her clit which instantly stood to attention, her juices began to leak and he managed to poke a finger inside of her as tears ran down her face.

"oh, you are a virgin Leah, how lovely" the doctor smiled "you will need some preparation however". The doctor took a small cold metal object from the tray and slid it into her, half in, half out, Leah felt utterly stretched, tears still falling she was humiliated.

"Right lets get down to business Leah" the doctor said "the medication will be wearing off soon, screaming and shouting will not help you as the room is sound proofed but we are in the middle of nowhere, nobody to hear you.

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I am going to restrain your hands for now too, and after these next couple of shots we are going to begin the breeding process." The nurse pulled Leah's hands up above her head restraining them as the doctor gave her some shots "these are to get you prepared for carrying a baby Leah, one of these will make you highly fertile, the next step is for you to be bred!" He sharply pulled out the metal dilator. Leah was shocked when a tall naked male entered the room, she was crying, screaming "No please, I'm a virgin, I want to save it for somebody special, please no, don't hurt me" … the man didn't seem fazed by this and came straight over to the bed.

"Leah, I am special, I'm going to be the first one inside your pretty tight pussy" he smiled a bit too enthusiastically.

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The naked man put two fingers to her pussy, rubbing her gently, sliding a finger in he continued … "You're so ready for me" he laughed.

He climbed over her, hard cock brushing against her leg as he brought it to her pussy lips, rubbing it up and down before pushing it in, she was tight, the only thing that had ever been inside her was the metal dilator and the man was definitely having trouble. Leah sobbed, it stung, badly, this isn't what making love was supposed to be about. He pushed with all his might, and managed to get a couple of inches inside her, letting her adjust for a moment he started to play with her nipples hoping this would relax her, he was right, Leah became lost in the moment.

It was a sensation she had never experienced, she wanted him to stop so much, his pinching hurt, it tickled, but it was so nice, and in her relaxed state he pushed his cock hard into her, breaking her virgin barrier, and continuing to pound her hard… Leah's breathing shallowed and quickened, she felt like she wanted to explode, she felt sick &hellip.


She wanted him to kiss her. He didn't last as long as Leah expected within a few minutes he was panting "I'm gonna shoot all my hot baby seed inside of you, I'm gonna make you a baby" and seconds after, she felt hot gooey liquid up inside her… He stayed inside of her for a minute or so before pulling away and pushing a button on the table, it tipped the table slightly diagonally, causing Leah to be tipped back.

"No orgasm for me Leah?" Her breeder sneered "Orgasms make you much more likely to get pregnant… lets do something about that" and he wandered to the trolley and returned with a small object buzzing away in his hand, he put the vibrator directly to her clit, and whilst sucking and biting her nipples he tortured her with it until she begged.

"please, please, make it stop, please" Leah whined and he rested the vibrator against her clit, within seconds her first orgasm took over her body. "Sleep" he said "I'll see you later".

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