Teenage boy sex with her old aunt gay porn photo They keep things

Teenage boy sex with her old aunt gay porn photo They keep things
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Andy Summers was 19, and had just finished his first year of college. He was a psychology major, and in addition to his normal first year classes, he had sat in some advanced classes so he would have a head start when it was time for him to take them for real.

The best one was a hypnotism class, taught by the most respected teacher on campus. Dr. Martin knew Andy didn't belong there, but he allowed the boy to sit in anyway, because Andy had a way of asking questions that allowed the professor to explain more difficult concepts to the whole class better. Besides, the boy was quite adept and showed great promise. That summer, Andy spent back at home, moving in with his single mother and younger sister to save money.

The day he got home, they both welcomed him to his old room and were happy to see him. His mom looked the same, curvy hips and a nice bubble butt with the same generous "B" cup breasts that still stood proudly off her chest, and her youthful face hadn't aged at all.

His sister was a different story, though. The little stick girl he remembered was gone, replaced by a beautiful young woman who's breasts were really starting to develop into small b cups that shared the same shape as their mothers.

Ms. Lori Summers worked as a waitress at the local diner, picking up every shift the manager would schedule her for. That job was the sole means of support for the family of three. She had inherited the house from her paternal grandfather, so it was free and clear, but for yearly taxes.

The day Andy got back, she had given up a morning shift to see her son home, but she was working a double that afternoon and evening to make up for it. The diner hired plenty of teenage girls as "waitresses" but they spent most of their shifts working the glory holes in the bathrooms or servicing truckers in their rigs, so it was pretty much on her to deliver food and coffee to the tables. Lori was much too proud and proper to prostitute herself, so all she did was wait tables for regular tips.

Her boss Mal was constantly pressuring her to take on some additional duties, but she always managed to laugh it off as she declined.

Andy's sister was in her room, using her computer, when he stood in her doorway.

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She saw him there and turned the monitor off hurriedly, looking a little guilty. "Looking at porn, Ashley?" he grinned. She blushed and shook her head no, but he knew better. "Anything interesting? Anything you want to watch with me?" "No, Andy, for your information, I was in a chatroom, not.

that!" she replied.


"What do you want?" He came in and sat on her bed. "Well, I'd say it was something you weren't supposed to be doing, judging from the look on your face.

Something you don't want mom to know about. I wonder what she would find if she checked your page history?" "Oh my god, Andy, don't say anything to her, please? Okay, you were right, I was looking at porn, but no, it's not anything I'm proud of, and definitely not anything I want you to watch with me. It's kinda embarrassing, actually." "I won't tell on you, Ashley." Andy said, smiling reassuringly.

"Not if you agree to let me hypnotize you. I learned how to do it in college this year, and I wanted you to volunteer, but if you don't have a choice.

That's okay, too." "You want to hypnotize me?" Ashley sounded intrigued. "And if I do, you won't tell mom?" "I wasn't gonna tell mom anyway," he admitted. "Frankly, it's none of her business that you like to watch porn, is it?

I mean, it's your computer, and if you can watch what you want." "Thanks, Andy," she gushed, sounding vastly relieved.

"I don't mind if you hypnotize me. If it even works, that is. Everything I've read about it says it's a hoax, except the porn stories on the internet." "I'm quite good at it, and I can prove to you it works," Andy said, smiling. "I can give you a post hypnotic suggestion to carry out after you're awake, and you'll find yourself doing something, but you won't be able to stop until it's done.

That's the only thing you'll remember from the session, too, if I tell you to forget when you're under." "What are you going to make me do?" she asked, wildly curious now. "Cluck like a chicken? Bark like a dog? Can you make study better? I hate doing my math homework. Can you make me study better?" "I can do all those things, Ashley. You want to do your math homework easier? No problem. Except I'll make you do it topless while I watch. Still want to volunteer?" She giggled.

"That's what they do in the porn stories." The smile faded from her lips, and suddenly, she looked worried. "Andy, I've never done anything with a boy before. Well, I let Brad Bradford kiss me at the school dance last year, but I didn't kiss him back. I pushed him away and never spoke to him again." "So, my little sister is a total virgin? That's something I didn't know before. Thanks for telling me." Andy grinned wickedly.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you remember everything. Every girl should remember her first time, don't you think?" "Yes, I want to remember what you make me do, but I don't want to be so scared that I say no and have to make you stop," she said. "Can you hypnotize me so I'm not scared?" "That's what the hypnosis is really for," he told her. "I can't make you do anything you really don't want to do, but I can take away your fears and inhibitions, so that you are brave enough to do things that would normally scare you into inaction.

That's all it really does. Well, it can make you believe you're someplace your not, like visiting memories that seem more real than when it happened." "Yeah, do that!" she said eagerly. "What do I have to do? Stare at a swinging watch or necklace, right? Do you have one?" "I don't use those," he told her. "I hypnotize people with just my voice. Lay down on you bed, arms and legs straight, close your eyes, relax, and just breathe normally.

Listen to my voice; the only voice you hear is mine. Listen to my voice and just relax." "Okay, Andy," she said, laying down and closing her eyes. Her breathing went steady as she relaxed and listened to him. "Just my voice and your imagination, Ashley. I want you to imagine a glowing ball of light. It's not too bright, but you have to lift your head a little to see it clearly.

Can you see the ball of light, Ashley?" "Yes, I can see it." she said. Her voice was low and slow already, he noted. She was a great subject! "It's okay to close your eyes if that helps you see it more clearly, Ashley," he told her. "Just breathe nice and slow, look at the glowing ball, and listen to my voice." She went under rather quickly, so he spent a few minutes deepening her subconscious state, implanting the need to obey his commands and a phrase to get her back to this state without the need for being alone with him or even realizing what he was doing.

"Ashley, I want you to tell me about the porn you were watching," he told her, so she sighed and a crease formed between her eyes for a moment. "It wasn't what I was interested in; I was watching it because Amanda told me it was one of her fantasies, so I checked it out." Amanda was her very best friend in the world, and lived just down the road.

They had sleepovers at each other's houses nearly every weekend, taking turns hosting. Tomorrow night was Friday, and it was Amanda's turn to come here for the weekend. Andy grinned, because Amanda was a little sexpot, just like Ashley.

She was a brunette, about five feet tall, and beginning to show the curves that she would fully develop in a few short years. "She told me to watch a video about two girls in a house by themselves, and a guy breaks in. They never find out who he is, but he knows them, so he has to hide his face. He ties them up and has his way with them, and she said that the helplessness of them was what turned her on so much.

All she could think about was being one of those girls, she told me, and that's what gave me the idea. He bound their hands behind their backs and made them do everything. He put it between their breasts and they had to suck it, then he turned them over and made them get on their knees, with their butts up in the air.

Then he put his penis inside the blonde ones vagina and the brunette's rear end. It wasn't really my thing, but I watched it anyway, because Amanda liked it so much." "Is that something you would want to do, Ashley? When she comes over tomorrow, I could be the burglar and tie the two of you up. You have blonde hair and she's a brunette, just like the two girls in the movie. Would you want to live out her fantasy with her?" Andy asked.

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"Those girls had way bigger breasts than we do," Ashley said. I don't think your penis would fit between ours, so we couldn't do that part." "I could still make the two of you suck it, though," Andy pointed out.

"And I could fuck you doggy style and do Amanda's ass. Is that something you would want to play out with me?" "That might be fun, especially the part where we have to suck it. That was the best part!" Ashley said, smiling. "I know Amanda wants to try that especially." "You like to watch girls sucking cocks, Ashley? You want to do it yourself, in fact, don't you? Ashley nodded, wordlessly, and smiled a little. "I already know this about you Ashley.

This is what you're going to do, and not remember that I told you," Andy said. "When I wake you up, you're going to wait for me to say the word 'giraffe' and you'll find yourself getting down on your knees. You're going to open my pants and take my cock out, then you're going to suck on it, but you won't remember that I told you to do it.

You'll just know that I hypnotized you and told you to do it, and that's why you really are doing it. Do you understand?" "I understand," she said. "When you say 'giraffe' I'm going to suck your c-cock." He could see that although she knew that word, she'd never said it before, and the naughtiness of it was something she liked, judging by the little smile that touched the corners of her mouth. "I won't know why I'm sucking, except that you hypnotized me into doing it." "That's right, Ashley, suck it as deep as you can without choking, and move your lips up to the helmet each time you bring your head up.

Use your tongue on the underside of the head each time you come up, too, that feels really good. After a few minutes of sucking on it, it's going to begin squirting out semen. It's also called come, and that's how I want you to think of it. I want you to like the taste of come, Ashley, keep an open mind about the idea of it in your mouth, and swallowing it.

I want you to think about all the stories you've ever heard about girls who do that and think about how it's not really that bad or nasty after all. I want you to remember that that you are one of those girls, so you don't get to judge them harshly. You get to be friends with them because you're the same as them." "I'm one of the girls like at the diner?" Ashley asked, sounding doubtful.

"Mom's not going to like that at all. She won't ever let me go there because she so afraid." "You're not one of the girls at the diner, but you ARE just like them, Ashley; however, you're still not allowed to go there. All the things the girls at the diner do?

You're going to do them, too, Ashley, but here at home, with me. Do you understand?" "Amanda, too? Is she a diner girl like me?" Ashley asked, sounding hopeful. "We've always talked about running away to there together, and she's coming over tomorrow!" "Yes, Amanda, too.

Amanda is a little slut, just like you are. And maybe we can get that rule about not going to the diner changed for the two of you, too, maybe," Andy smiled. "Gonna have to talk to Mom about that." He'd learned what he was most curious about, and it was time to bring Ashley out of it.

Time enough to put her under again, later. "Right now, Ashley, while you're still asleep, Ashley, I want you to take your shirt and pants off, but leave your underwear on.

Do it right now, okay?" Andy rubbed his hands together gleefully; he got to look at his hottie sister getting undressed! "Okay, Andy," she said, then sat up and stripped out of her t shirt, then unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down, staying seated on her bed. Her body was exquisitely proportioned and beautiful! When she was undressed, he came over and sat on the bed with her.

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"Ashley, when I snap my fingers, you're going to wake up, and not remember how you got here with your clothes off," he said. "One, two, three." He snapped his fingers, and she blinked her eyes a couple times, peering at him confusedly, then noted her state of undress and clasped her arms to her chest, tightly. He grinned at her look of consternation and distress. "How did you get over here? What happened to my clothes?" she asked. "Andy, what's going on?" "It worked," he said simply.

"I hypnotized you, and made you forget everything." "Yeah, but my clothes?" she asked, sounding near to tears. "What else did you make me do?" "I didn't make you do anything, Ashley. You're still a virgin, I promise. We didn't even kiss. I just asked you some questions, and you answered them. That's all, I promise." "How long was I out?" she asked, then looked at the clock.

"Oh! It was less than five minutes. I believe you. If you had done anything sexual, it would have taken longer than that." "Oh yes, it would have been much longer," he smiled. "Several hours, at least. With someone as sexy as you are, I would have definitely taken more time and enjoyed myself!" "You think I'm sexy?" Ashley asked, grinning. "Nobody has ever told me that before!" She was still hiding her near nudity behind her arms, but she relaxed a little.

"Ashley, if you weren't my sister, you would not be a virgin right now," he said truthfully. "In fact, I thought about having you anyway, but it would just be wrong to rape my own sister." "It wouldn't have been rape," she whispered, blushing. "If you weren't my brother, I would have done it with you a long time ago." "Really? What sort of things would you have done with me?" he asked, grinning. "Because truthfully, even though you're my sister, I would do things with you.

I really want to!" "What kind of things?" she asked shyly. "The kind of things you told me about while you were hypnotized," he replied. "The kind of things that you want to do anyway." "What kind of things did I say?

What did we talk about?" Ashley was mortally afraid she'd told her brother what she really wanted, and he would know the truth about who she really was inside. She was afraid he knew the secret she'd never admitted to anyone, not even herself.

"Well, for one, we talked about a giraffe," he said, smiling. Ashley got a look of horrified surprise on her face as she slid off the bed and went to her knees in front of her brother. "Oh no!" she whispered as he grinned and pushed his shorts down to his knees. They fell to the floor, so he freed his feet from them, then opened his thighs up wide, exposing himself to his sister's dismayed gaze. "You hypnotized me, and you told me to do this?" She looked up at him reproachfully, knowing what she would be doing in just a few moments.

"Andy, Mom is going to be really mad when she finds out I'm a diner girl. She's going to be really angry when she finds out that it was you who did it to me!" She reached up and took ahold of his cock with one hand, then leaned her face forward and rubbed the head of it all over her forehead and both cheeks, then looked up at him with it poised on her lips.

"I'm not allowed to be a diner girl." "Mom's a diner girl, too." Andy said as Ashley began sucking on the head of it. She was able to go down about halfway comfortably, so he allowed her to bob her head up and down on just that much without forcing her to go deeper. It was Amanda who would be getting that, tomorrow night. "Should I make her realize it with hypnotism?" "You. you could hypnotize mom? You could hypnotize her into doing.this?" Ashley asked, indicating his cock.

"It will be easy, Ashley," he said confidently. He felt himself getting close, so he warned her of his impending orgasm. "I'm about to come, Ashley. I'm going to come in your mouth, and you're going to swallow as much of it as you can. All the diner girls like the taste of it, Ashley, just like you. You're a diner girl, too, and it's okay.

It's okay to like sucking on my cock, because all diner girls like sucking cock, even you." he said, a moment later. "They like sucking on them, knowing that they are giving so much please to someone else. They like using their mouths to give pleasure, and swallowing is their reward for doing such a good job." He knew he was getting close as he spoke, and his words were just the warning she needed. He felt her sucking a little stronger and going a little faster as his cock began twitching in her mouth, and she tried her hardest to swallow it all as he spewed her mouth full, because she knew how important it was, somehow.

The second shot caused her to choke a little, which made her chin and lower lips a little messy, but her eyes were smiling for her whole face as she looked up at him after doing her best and drinking down the rest of it. "I'm really glad I'm a diner girl, Andy, that was as much fun as I always knew it would be!

I can't wait to tell Amanda about it!" she said, her eyes shining with happiness. She wiped her chin with the heel of her hand, then licked it off, smiling. "I can't wait to quit pretending!" "But you have to keep pretending!" Andy said, sounding alarmed. "Especially in front of Mom!" "I know, and I will, but you want to come over to Amanda's house tonight?

You could pretend to be the burglar and do all three of us, her Mom included. It would help if they were diner girls, too. Plus, they both of them are anyways, same as I was, yesterday. I don't want to wait until tomorrow for the rest of it; let's do it tonight!" "Ms.

Miller, too, huh?" Andy mused, stroking his chin with a thoughtful look on his face. "They sure could use the money from the diner, same as us." He looked at his sister and answered her question before she asked it. "I'm going to make all three of you go to the diner tonight, since Mom's not there.

Mal told me to bring you over there whenever I wanted; as soon as I could get away with it. Never gonna be a better chance than tonight, and he won't mind about Amanda and Ms. Miller at all!" "Yeah, we just have to wait until Mom goes to bed, which will be early, since she has to work in the morning, then we can sneak out and go over to Amanda's house.

She'll let me in, then I can let you in later, and you can "take us hostage" like in the video you caught me watching earlier." "You know, Ashley, after I tie you up, you won't be a virgin anymore. I'm going to go all the way with you, and more than once. Amanda, too. And her mother. All three of you are going to be tied up and fucked.

Is that what you want? Is that what you want for your friend and her mother? That's what you're asking, you know." Andy looked at his little sister, grown into a different person, it seemed, seeing her a the slut she was, and not the little girl who she used to be. He saw a truck stop whore sitting there with his little sisters face, his little sister's cum smeared face, and smiled, thinking about her all trussed up later as he penetrated her for the very first time, and the look that was going to be in her eyes as he did it.

He felt his cock beginning to stiffen again just from his thoughts and shook his head, then tossed Ashley's clothes to her. "Get dressed, you little slut, because we're going downstairs and make sure Mom goes to bed." "I'm not a slut yet," she said primly, putting her clothes back on.

"I'm still a virgin. All I did was one blowjob." "Yeah, okay," he said, smiling as he got up. When she was dressed, she followed him downstairs, and jut caught Mom getting up from the couch and the TV to go to her bed in the basement, as far away from the noise of the street outside as she could get.

They lived across from a major intersection of the local highway, and cars loved to blast their horns at the ones who slowed down to turn off. Amanda lived just a block away, on the other side of the intersection, and both kids were able to walk there in less than five minutes.

Amanda herself opened the door, and admitted her best friend. "What's going on?" Amanda asked Ashley. "What are you doing here?" "Amanda, I think I was followed here!" Ashley said, stepping inside without closing the door. She knew her brother was right behind her, wearing a black ski mask over his face and a roll of duct tape to tie them up with. "You were? Did you see him?" Amanda said, following her line of the video they had watched together perfectly.

Right on cue, Andy rushed in and grabbed Amanda, putting a piece of tape over her mouth and holding her arms together behind her back. Amanda screamed a lot louder than the girl in the movie had, however, and Andy was nervous that the mother had heard it and was calling the police. Unbeknownst to him, however, was that the mother had gone out on a date tonight, something she did a few times a year, with one of two guys she was stringing along by playing hard to get with.

Amanda's cries went unheard by everyone except the people already in the room with her. Andy forced the little brunette up the stairs with Ashley following close behind. Amanda found herself thrown onto her mother's bed, face down, as more tape secured her wrists together behind her back. She looked at her friend Ashley, pleading for help with her eyes as Andy pulled the t shirt she was wearing over her back, then the front, baring her breasts to the bed under her, but she knew when she rolled onto her back, he was going to see them, and there was nothing she could do about it with her hands taped together like this.

Ashley was standing against the wall, near the corner by the head of the bed, but her hands were secured behind her, so she could really do anything to help her friend. She shrugged and watched with great pity in her eyes as Amanda lay there, just as helpless as the actresses in the video she liked to watch so much. The reality of it all scared Amanda out of her wits, though.

She didn't know what the man was going to do, but from watching the video, she knew very well what he might do, and she couldn't imagine a worse fate.

Knowing it was happening to Ashley, too, that was the worst of it. That video was the worst thing she had ever imagined, and now it was becoming true right before her eyes. She heard his belt buckle, then the sound of the zipper, and saw the look in Ashley's eyes as she saw it, the first one either of them had ever seen, and it made Amanda's heart leap into her throat with fear. Before she knew it, she was being rolled onto her back, and she saw it herself, the thing that had put the look of fear into her best friend's eyes.

She saw his giant cock coming closer and closer, then he was touching her breasts, sliding that huge cock between them, he was fucking her tits, Amanda thought to herself feeling both dismay at being used like this, but a little pride, too, glad that he liked them enough to do this, and the little smile she saw touching the corners of his lips seared itself into her memory.

She felt him shifting his weight, more onto his knees, and then she could see his cock coming closer and closer, brushing her lips and pushing insistently inside her mouth. She closed her lips over the head of it, and allowed her instincts to take over.

"I'm sucking his cock. I'm a cocksucking slut." she thought to herself, and resigned herself to the fate she knew had been inevitable from the day she had first heard about the girls who worked at the diner. It was where she belonged, and in her heart of hearts, she knew it. She was kind of relieved the the waiting was over. She just hoped that Mother wouldn't be too angry. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked down at her.

"Are you a virgin? You are, ain't you? Both of you are, right?" "Yes," Amanda said, and she could hear the pleased note in his tone as he chuckled. Something about that laugh tickled a memory, but she couldn't put her finger on it, so she dismissed it for the moment. She was too afraid as he got off her and moved between her legs, opening her knees with frightful ease. "Please, not my virginity!" she begged. "Anything but that, do it in my asshole instead, but please, not my virginity!" It was her line from the movie, so she said it, playing her part.

Andy looked down at her, looking at her directly through the eye holes cut in the mask. "Anything, huh?" he said, exactly like in the porn movie. "Okay, but you're gonna watch your friend get popped first!" When he grabbed Ashley and threw her down, Amanda knew this whole thing was staged, because it was too much like the porno, and she thought she knew what was going to happen. First, he was going to fuck Ashley, but only for a couple minutes, then has would come back to her, and she would talk him into fucking her asshole instead of her pussy.

Then he would come on both their faces and he would leave, and they would never learn his identity, except it was someone the two girls had known all along; he just kept his identity a secret from them, and "comforted" them at the end of the video.

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He even used the same kind of knife to cut Ashley's panties off as the guy in the movie, but when he pushed his cock into her, Ashley made an entirely different kind of noise, and she tried scooting out from under him in a way that the girl in the movie hadn't done.

She could see and hear how much it had hurt for Ashley to get her hymen torn like that, but also knew that it was an inevitable part of the process, and knew that she herself was going to be experiencing it for herself quite soon. If Ashley had set this up, and Amanda strongly suspected that she had, the little blonde had gotten more than she expected when he fucked her like that, because there hadn't been any pain at all in the movie.

Amanda knew then that this reality was all staged, but still reality, just the same, and so she decided right there and then that she would rather have whoever it was wearing that mask take her virginity instead of taking her asshole. She was more worried about him following the script than doing all the things in the rest of the movie.

All the rest of the stuff, she was rather looking forward to doing. Especially sucking it. She had really liked doing that. She wondered again about his laugh and tried to think who Ashley would get to role play a part like this. She drew a blank.

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It wasn't anybody she'd ever met before, she was quite sure of that. The laugh reminded her of Ashley's mother, but this was obviously a man, and she didn't know anyone at all who this could be. He pulled his cock out of Ashley and came over to her, rubbing the wetness of his cock over her face before making her suck it. She could taste Ashley's pussy on it, because it tasted different than the first time it had been in her mouth.

The shame she felt was very real, as was the enjoyment she took from it, from the perverseness of it, that's what Amanda truly enjoyed most of all. She thought about the pedestal she'd been placed on by the members of her mother's church and the depths of sin she was about to explore and relished in the depravity that lay before her now.

She'd always known the devil was inside her. For if was not the doing of the devil, these feelings inside her, then God built her with serious flaws and she truly was an imperfect creation.

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He looked down at her, seeing the look in her eyes and reading every thought in her mind. He knew he was suppose to allow her to plead and beg to keep her virginity intact, those were her lines, but she didn't say them. "You were supposed to beg me to fuck your asshole instead of your pussy, but you didn't," he said, in his regular voice.

"I guess we're done with the script, then." He took his mask off, but Amanda still didn't recognize him. "That thing was really hot!" "Are you going to untie us and let us go?" Amanda asked. Andy chuckled that same laugh again and pulled her up onto her knees, putting her in the exact same position as the girl in the movie.

"Hell no, and I'm not gonna miss out on your asshole, either," he laughed. "I'm really looking forward to fucking you, Amanda. I wanted to this ever since we first met, and you were only twelve at the time. I'm glad it gets to be who gives your first fuck. Your first everything, right?" "Wait, that means." Amanda felt him moving behind her, and his hands rubbing between her legs, the first one to ever touch her there.

"But you're Ashley's brother? Andy?" Amanda felt his cock probing into her, then it was pulling back and immediately going deeper, and suddenly it was all the way inside her, and it only felt good, no tearing pain at all. She was no longer a virgin! Andy looked her right in the eyes and smiled down, resting balls deep inside her.

"You like being tied up when this happens, don't you?" he asked, a knowing look in his eye. "Don't worry, I'm going to fuck you tied up plenty of times tonight. With your mother watching, too, doesn't that sound fun?" Before she could reply, he was pulling it out and shoving it back in, over and over, and faster and faster.

Soon, she was moaning and writhing in passion under him, fucking him back, and she hadn't known or even suspected that her body could ever feel this good. It all became too much, and she shuddered in the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced, then collapsed under him as she passed out from all the pleasure she just felt.

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He untaped her arms while she was still passed out, and took all of her clothes off, too, then rolled her onto her back and got between her open thighs, pushing her knees up to her shoulders and holding her open like that as she came back into her body. Groggily, she opened her eyes as she felt his big cock sliding back and forth over her clit and saw his face looking down at her, his eyes smiling. "You. you didn't leave?" she asked, sounding confused.


This wasn't like the movie anymore. She could feel how big and hard his cock was, moving over her like that, down there, and she got even more frightened. He had already taken her virginity; what else was left for him here? Why wasn't he gone already? "Please don't- I know what I said before, but those were movie lines! Please don't put it in me back there, I don't want to be like the movie girl anymore.

Please just let us go?" "The movie is over, Amanda," he told her, then lowered his cockhead down an inch to her asshole. "Time to live the fantasy for real!" "No, please, not there!" she gasped, trying to squirm out from under him to no avail.

"I didn't pick the video, Amanda, you did. This is what you want, Amanda, and I'm going to give it to you." Amanda squealed out loud as she felt him pressing harder and harder, and made a massive gasp as it finally popped through the sphincter muscle guarding the entrance.

He held still there for long moment, letting both of them get used to the new sensations. Finally, he smiled down at her and began pushing deeper inside again, watching her grimace as he penetrated her.

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"You want me to fuck you the right way?" he asked, stopping with it all the way inside her. "Yes!" she sobbed, crying tears of pain as he pulled it back out. "I want you to suck it again," he told her. "Me and my sister are going to get in the 69 position so I can eat her out, because I feel like I should kiss her pussy better after what I just did to it. You're going to suck my cock instead of her, though.

I want her just to enjoy my mouth without having to worry about sucking on me at the s­ame time." "Okay, but first, I want to thank you for not doing it to me back there the way the girl in the movie got it. I bet she couldn't walk for days after that shoot!" Amanda said gratefully. "I thought it would be okay, because sometimes my fingers feel good back there, but your cock is WAY bigger than a couple of fingers." "Amanda, will you be my girl?

I mean, I'm still going to have my sister, and a whole bunch of other girls, too, but will you be my first?

I want to keep you forever!" "Of course, I'm yours forever," she replied, looking a little puzzled by his question. "You kissed me on the mouth first, made me suck it first, then took my virginity in my pussy AND my asshole. Of course I'm yours forever, silly!"