Naturally horny mature blonde loves

Naturally horny mature blonde loves
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The week after the weekend of my seventeenth birthday, when I had sex for the first time with my mother, with Anna the housekeeper and with Nancy my mother's friend, my life slowly returned to something resembling normal. Well, normal. . it was really more me gradually getting used to the new situation at home. The Monday after that fateful weekend I went to school again as if nothing had happened, but when I came home in the afternoon Anna didn't give me a cup of tea, as I had been used to, but a really nice blow job.

While I was shooting my sperm deep into her throat, I realized that I was one lucky bastard. Most kids in my class had to make do with porn mags and endless wanking, of maybe once in a while clumsily messing around with a girl their own age, while I had to adult women at my disposal at home to do the most horny things imaginable with.

The days went by and many things had also stayed the same in spite of everything. My mother, when she was home at night, would still often fuck her biker friends and I was still peeping at her when that happened. She told me that she got a big thrill from the fact that the men who were with her at such times, didn't know that her son was secretly watching them. Mother still had plenty attention for me though and I didn't have much to complain about. I still did my mother regularly and Anna even more often and every now and then Nancy would drop by and then I did her.

Nancy was really my favourite and I wished that she'd stop by more often. On a Friday, when I came home from school, I found my mother at home. She'd just returned from a trip to Germany to promote her latest book and sat, wearing nothing but a red bikini top and an amazingly short denim skirt, in the kitchen sipping a glass of wine. "How was school?" she asked. "You don't want to know," I grumbled, "I failed my Latin test." "Oh, don't worry about it," mother said, "there are worse things in the world than failing Latin." I sighed.

"I know, but I studied really hard for it. . so I'm pissed that I failed it." "I understand that," my mother said in an understanding voice, "but I think that I can cheer you up. I invited some people over this weekend for an enormous orgy." I gave her a questioning look. "Yes, the weather is nice, so it seemed like fun to organise an orgy in the garden." "What exactly do you mean by an orgy?" "Well, you know, just a whole bunch of horny people together and everything goes but nothing is mandatory." "Is Nancy coming too?" I couldn't stop myself from asking.


"Yes," mother smiled, "Nancy is coming too. You're really fond of her, aren't you?' "Yes," I answered, feeling a little caught, "I really do like her." "She likes you too, don't worry. She told me everything about what the two of you did together last Tuesday and believe me, she enjoyed it every bit as much as you did." It really felt good, hearing that. "Who else are coming?" I asked.

"Some friends of mine, both male and female. . it's going to be so horny. I get wet just thinking about it. . ." Mother got up and stood in front of me. "Shall we take a little test drive?" she said in a sighing voice, while her hands wandered to unfasten her skirt. That was something she didn't need say twice and within moments we were fucking hard.

I took her in a really exciting way while she was sitting on the kitchen-dresser. I plunged my prick so hard into her cunt that with every thrust my balls clattered against her pussy lips. It was a really horny fuck we shared and after I had planted my sperm deep in her womb I felt very satisfied. Not much later the housekeeper served dinner.

After that my mother went out to, as she said, be the object of a nice gang bang at the hangout of the motorcycle guys again. Ripe Anna and I therefore had the mansion to ourselves for the night and we played a game that over the past weeks had become something of a Friday evening tradition: we put a skin flick on in the living room and subsequently tried to imitate everything that was being done in the movie.

As always this led to a lot of amusing and horny situations and we both experienced a couple of good orgasms, even when I wasn't completely focused this time. I kept thinking about what my mother had said about tomorrow's orgy and I couldn't wait for everything that was going to happen the next day. That Saturday I awoke at about noon. I got out of bed, took a shower, put on a robe and went downstairs, where I found Anna in the kitchen.

The housekeeper was casually dressed in black pants and a grey shirt. "Morning," I greeted her. "Morning, Peter," she said, "your mother is already in the garden. I'm going to be here for a while to welcome the guests." I nodded and walked to the garden. The mansion was surrounded by a large garden that, apart from a small terrazzo section directly adjacent to the house, where some garden chairs and a table were situated, was really nothing but an enormous lawn.

The garden was surrounded by a thick hedge of foliage about three metres in height. When, as a small child, I had asked my mother why the hedge was so high, she'd said that she didn't want strangers to see what was going on in her garden.

I had thought that a bit odd at the time, but now I fully understood. . The weather was nice and my mother sat in one of the garden chairs enjoying the sun. Aside from a pair of sunglasses she was completely naked. I noticed there were some additional tables with assorted foods and drinks. Apparently my mother had called a caterer to provide refreshments for her guests. When I noticed how much food and drink there was, I started to wonder exactly how many people my mother had invited.

"There," my mother said as soon as she saw me, "finally awake, sleepyhead?" "Yeah, yeah," I mumbled, "you know I like to sleep in on weekends." "I turned in much later than you yesterday and yet I was up again much earlier," mother grinned.

I knew, she was teasing me so I didn't react. Without saying a word I sat down in the chair next to her. "The guests will be arriving soon," my mother said after a while, "for lunch.

I figured I'd offer them some food, since screwing on an empty stomach isn't all that." "How many people will be coming over?" I asked. "Not that many. You'll see." Between half past twelve and one 'o clock the guests arrived. Many of them were bikers. Most of them I had seen before while peeping through the keyhole of my mother's bedroom, but they obviously had never seen me before and they all kindly and politely introduced themselves to me.

I quickly got the impression, that my mother enjoyed something of a goddess-like stature among these motorcycle guys, that I, as her son, apparently automatically shared. Mother, who'd put on a robe by now, consequently introduced me to the guests as "my horny son Peter," which I thought was kind of nice. I wasn't really interested in the bikers, my attention being more drawn to the women among the guests and they were surely something to look at!

Most of them I'd never seen before, but they apparently all were friends or acquaintances my mother knew through the publishing business, save for a few slutty types that had come along with the bikers.

There women in all shapes and sizes, which pleased me. I happen to like a little variation. . almost all the women I saw, made me feel simple lust, but I didn't feel a real response from my groin until the moment that, as one of the last of the guests, Nancy arrived. She looked fantastic in a slutty, strapless dark purple dress with sparkles that called attention to her voluptuous form in a most spectacular manner.

As soon as all the guests had arrived Anna joined us and by then some thirty people had gathered in the garden, who at first busied themselves solely with the food and drink.

Sandwiches and drinks quickly found their way. When at about one thirty everybody had finished lunch, my mother clapped her hands, causing all conversations to smother and my mother spoke. "Dear, horny friends," she began, "I am glad you are all here today. We are all going to get busy with each other and I wish you all much pleasure. Let the orgy begin!" Those present all clapped and cheered in response to this 'speech', after which most of them began to rid themselves of their clothing and jumped each other.

Within a few minutes the guests, spread across the entire garden, were engaging in all kinds of sexual acts. The moment the orgy got underway I was standing next to Nancy, because since the moment she'd arrived I hadn't strayed from her side for a second. She had obviously noticed this, but seemed to be all right with it, since as soon as the clapping and cheering were done and the party got underway, she turned to me and pulled her dress down so I could throw myself at her bare breasts.

I did so fanatically. Drooling I slobbered all over those wonderful tits and enthusiastically I sucked her rock-hard nipples, while Nancy opened my robe and started stroking my cock, which was hard as iron within instants. With my mouth I continued to work her breasts and I began kneading her fabulous buttocks with my hands, while Nancy rubbed my dick-head with a few fingers of her free hand and noisily licked the pre-cum that stuck to these fingers from them.

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She bowed her head to my ear and sighed, "I want you in my ass. . now. . ." I let go of her ass and tits and Nancy turned around. She rid herself of her dress and panties and while she knelt before me I carefully positioned my rock-hard pole against her rectum. "Come on, shove it in," she yelled and I let go of my reluctance. Without further thinking I pushed my cock in her arse. To my surprise my prick slid in quite effortlessly, even though it felt incredibly tight.

I found the experience enormously exciting and stated to knead her buttocks again with my hands while I was plunging my prick vigorously in her ass, which made Nancy groan and moan. I kept thrusting nicely when suddenly one of the bikers Harry, if I remembered his name correctly appeared in front of us, completely naked like most of the guests by now. He put his limp dick in front of Nancy's face. "I bet you feel like," he told her, "blowing me stiff while you're taking it up the ass." Without saying a word Nancy took the biker's cock in her mouth and began thoroughly sucking him off.

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I felt it incredible to see how she was blowing another man while I was fucking her in her arse. It didn't take long before Harry's dick was rock-hard, but Nancy didn't stop and kept sucking it hard. After a while I felt I was on the verge of coming and from the contorted look on Harry's face I could see he wasn't too far away from an orgasm either.

Nancy perceived this and let Harry's prick slide out of her mouth. I took my cock out of her ass and she lay down on her back, ready to receive the semen of two men.

Both Harry and I only needed to stroke our cocks a couple of times more before we started spraying and we shot huge spurts of hot sperm over Nancy's belly, breasts and face. The sight of this horny woman being covered with cum by two men drove me crazy with lust, certainly when considering the fact that I was one of these two men.

Thick drops of semen landed on her voluptuous body, which she visibly enjoyed.

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With her hands she rubbed the sperm all over her body, which was such an incredibly horny sight that I thought I'd never stop cumming. When Harry and I had finally emptied our balls on Nancy's glorious body and were standing there breathing heavily because of our exertions, my mother walked up to as with a naked young woman on her arm she had earlier introduced to me as Sandra, an intern at my mother's publisher's office.

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I had already noticed her between the guests for being a real hottie. She was young, probably twenty or so and therefore only a few years only than I.

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She had long straight red hairs and though she was shorter and leaner than Nancy she did have a couple of nice boobs with beautiful nipples and a fine round ass. Her face wasn't extraordinarily pretty, but the really horny look in her eyes, that seemed to be plainly begging for semen, more than made up for that.

"It appears you are amusing yourselves," my mother laughed, "and that was exactly the idea. But it's been a while since I've had Harry's cock in my cunt, so I'll be stealing him from you for a while. In the meantime Sandra here is more than willing to play with you." My mother took Harry's arm and pulled him onto the lawn with her, where they wasted no time getting down to it. Harry lay down on the grass and mother put her crotch on his face.

Harry started eating her instantly while my mother bent over him and started to suck him off. Though, as always, I was immensely aroused by watching my mother engage in sexual acts, I discontinued watching because Sandra attracted my attention. She took my arm and said, "your mom just ate me out and screwed me with a dildo, but right now I'd like to get busy with a real flesh and blood cock." Before I could say a word she pushed herself against me, put her arms around me and gave a wet kiss on my mouth, that seemed to last for an eternity.

When our mouths finally let go of each other, my cock was rising again and pushing against Sandra's abdomen. "I want to blow you," Sandra said, "lie down." I lay down on my back and Sandra knelt before me, bent over my crotch and took my boner in her mouth all the way to my balls.

While my prick got even harder, she slowly let it slip from her mouth to subsequently rub the head subtly with her tongue. While Sandra was being creative with cock Nancy had gotten up and squatted on my face. She pushed her soaking wet cunt against my mouth and I started licking it. The saline scent of her vagina aroused me extremely and enthusiastically I licked her pussy lips and pushed my tongue inside. Every now and then I softly bit her clit, which she seemed to like, since it brought out some muffled shrieks from her.

After the three of us had been going at it orally for a while, Sandra felt that my prick was throbbing and ready to spurt and she stopped sucking. She sat on me and gracefully guided my rock-hard cock into her bald pussy, after which she started to move slowly but hard. With every plunge her pussy lips thumped against my balls. Because Nancy and Sandra were now both on top of me, facing each other, they also had the opportunity to play with each other and it didn't take them long to start French kissing, while fondling each other's nipples and breasts.

That we were simultaneously stimulating each other in multiple ways soon led to orgasms. I felt the muscles in Nancy's cunt contract and groaning she came. I couldn't keep myself from coming any longer either and as soon as Sandra became aware of this she let my dick slide out of her pussy. She took a firm hold of my cock and started jacking me off hard, making me come gruntingly and deposit my sperm on her belly and breasts.

While I was enjoying the aftermath of my orgasm, Nancy crawled up to Sandra and put a couple of fingers in the other woman's pussy. Nancy looked at me and said, with a really randy smile on her face, "you and I both came, but Sandra hasn't, so I'm going to give her a hand with that." The two hot women also started French kissing again, while they rubbed their semen-covered bodies against each other and Nancy now put four fingers into Sandra's cunt. I kept watching the two women messing around for a while, until I felt I'd recovered a bit and let my eyes wander around the garden to see what was happening here and there.

I saw that my mother wasn't playing with Harry anymore, but was being screwed up her ass by a guy who name I thought to be Roger and who was the big cheese at her publisher. Somewhere else Anna was getting a double penetration treatment courtesy of two bikers.

Everywhere people were sucking and fucking. I quite enjoyed just sitting there, looking around at all the sex action that was happening in the garden and getting some strength back after the two intense orgasms I had experienced so far. After a while I noticed I was rather thirsty. I got to my feet and walked over to the tables where the refreshments were to see if there was something to drink left. I found a can of beer and was just gulping it down greedily when a woman appeared next to me, who was apparently also looking for something to drink.

Contrary to most guests this was someone I actually knew very well. It was Barbara, an old friend of my mother's from the time she was still on welfare. My mother had stayed in touch with Barbara through the years and she still saw us regularly. I hadn't expected to see her today though. She looked quite all right: she was about thirty-five years old and rather chubby, close to being plump.

She was in any case chubbier than Nancy but I did find her quite attractive, though I had known her since my earliest childhood and had really always thought of her as sort of an aunt. Now that she was standing next to me naked I couldn't deny I found her pretty hot. She had a cute face, nice shoulder length brown hairs, wonderful dark eyes and full red lips.

Her body wasn't bad either: she had truly enormous breasts, that weren't that firm but were adorned with beautiful, gigantic nipples. She did have an ample belly, but I had to admit to actually quite liking that as well and her great colossal ass almost gave me an instant hard-on. In addition to all that, she had quite a bit of hairs on her pussy, which I found interesting too. She stood out as far as that was concerned among all the women present, most of whom had only a very small patch of pubic hairs or even none at all.

I did find it a bit peculiar to see Barbara, whom I'd known for such a long time, now standing next to me naked. "Hello, Peter," she smiled at me, "you probably didn't expect to see me here today." "No, er, not really," I answered hesitantly.

"I'm just as horny as your mother, you know. And you're not the little boy anymore I used to babysit sometimes. Think I'm hot?" I swallowed. "Rather really very," I stammered, "you're rather really very hot." "Then shall we?" she grinned and without waiting for an answer she knelt down in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. She started sucking hard and within moments my cock started to grow. As soon as my prick was at full strength again, she let it slip from her mouth and got up.

She pushed her ripe body against me, put her arms around me and kissed me on my mouth. After we had shared a long, intimate kiss I let my mouth descend all over her body. I licked her chin and her neck and went down from there. I slobbered enthused on her marvellous boobs and sucked at her amazing nipples before going further down.

Drooling I licked her sizeable tummy before ultimately arriving at her crotch. I was squatting in front of her now, grabbed her ass with my hands and pushed my face between her thighs. Barbara put her hands on my head and resolutely pushed my face against her wet cunt. I began working her pussy lips and clitoris with my tongue and lips, causing her to let out giddy little cries.

Her pussy was so wet that before long her vaginal juices were dripping from my chin. I got much of her juice in my mouth that I didn't have any choice but to swallow some of it, which I found quite pleasant and exciting, a bit to my own surprise. After a while Barbara began moaning louder and pulling at my hairs, until she said, "fuck me, fuck me now." She let go of my head and turned around, making me look at her back and particularly her formidable ass.

I stood close behind her and slung my stiff pole against her buttocks a couple of times, after which she parted her legs and I drilled my boner in her hairy cunt from behind. I started thrusting fiercely and at the same time I put my arms around her so I could squeeze her massive tits and nipples, while concurrently kissing and licking Barbara's neck.

I'd had my share of tremendous sexual experiences over the past weeks, but standing here in the midst of this vast orgy fucking this incredibly hot voluptuous woman from behind was something that was really very special. Barbara began to groan and moan louder as I thrust faster and faster. Every now and then she sighed, "harder, harder" in between grunts and I did my best not to disappoint her. Eventually I was plunging my prick so hard into her cunt that with every thrust my balls clanged against the inside of her thighs.

Barbara kept moaning louder and I felt her cunt muscles convulse while she underwent a colossal orgasm. Because I wasn't quite near coming myself yet I kept thrusting vigorously. As soon as Barbara's orgasm finally began to subdue after what seemed an eternity, I felt that I wouldn't be able to contain my semen much longer.

I felt like shooting sperm all over those fabulous buttocks of hers, but in the end I just kept thrusting hard all the way until I exploded in her cunt. After this third orgasm of the day I had the feeling my balls were really empty by now. I let go of Barbara's tits and let my cock slide out of her pussy.

She turned around, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a solid kiss on my mouth. "That was real good," she said, "but now I'm going to move on." She grinned. "Let's see if one of those motorcycle guys feels like doing my ass." She gave me another kiss and walked onto the lawn, where she was quickly immersed in a mass of writhing naked bodies. I sat down a moment and decided to just look around a bit again at everything that was happening around me, when my mother appeared in front of me.

There was sperm all over her face and breasts and she looked like she was completely happy. She sat down next to me and put an arm around me. "You like the party?" she asked. "Great," I answered, "can we do this more often?" "Sure," she laughed, "that is the idea.

How do you feel?" "Wasted. Completely screwed." "Now, you don't want to quit, do you? We're going to continue for a while." "I came three times already," I countered.

"You're seventeen, Peter, what's three times?" She had a point there, I had to admit that. "Besides," mother continued, "Nancy will be heading your way soon. She's busy now with Roger.

Roger is her boos, you know and she wouldn't be much of a secretary if she wasn't doing her boss." My mother laughed loudly at her own joke, even when I didn't think it was that funny.

"But," she continued, "as soon as she's done with Roger, she'll be coming to play with you again." Mother gave me a kiss and got up. "I'd better get back into the fray," she said and walked away. I still felt very tired, but the thought that Nancy would be on her way soon to come 'play' with me already caused my cock to start stiffening again. . .