Anal of raunchy bitch is stuffed by large black piece of meat

Anal of raunchy bitch is stuffed by large black piece of meat
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Erection By Blueheatt __I couldn't really figure why this happening yet…but all I knew was I had a fantastically great erection.

__It started when I woke up to hearing a girls voice. Her voice was coming from the living room. I had the day off and was enjoying sleeping in. She giggled and was talking sexy to someone. I had no sisters so it must have been my younger brother Lenny), he must have had a girlfriend in the house.

I smiled as I knew they didn't know I was home. My bedroom door was shut, but not all the way. I could hear real good as the couch was just outside my room. The girl was using her cell speaker phone so I could hear the other girl too. So&hellip. Lenny has a girl over after mom and dad go to work. Cool I thought. School was out and I had a part time job. Lenny must have figured it was safe to have her over. She must have been talking to another girl. They talked about getting themselves turned on by sexy clothes and sexy make up.

They were trying to attract guys with it all. They said they loved having guys look at them and wanting to have sex with them. Typical young teen girl talk. They got into the details of their latest fantasy of guys feeling them up.

Rubbing their bodies and feeling their tits. They admitted they had not had sex with a guy yet,&hellip.but&hellip.they talked about feeling each other up and getting very turned on. Ok, some girl on girl feeling up. I knew girls did some of that, no surprise there.


All this talk was giving me a nice boner. I thought how I'd like to fuck these little sluts myself. They kept going on about how they would love to give a blow job to some sexy handsome guy at school.

They talked in real detail about licking and feeling and putting his cock in their mouths and feeling the hot cum shoot and fill their mouths. These young little sluts were giving me a full big hardon now. The fucking details they talked about were awesome and very hot. Licking and tasting this guys cum.

Playing with his balls and licking his body.


Feeling his cock between their legs and riding it up and down with their hips. They talked about going 69, which seemed to be their favorite. Hearing them talk was better that watching a porn video.

The girls were getting themselves all horny talking and saying how someday they wanted to go 69 and feel a big cock in their mouths and what it must be like. By now I had a big hardon and was stroked it under the covers as they kept talking. The girls were describing to each other how hot it would be to suck a cock while having their cock sucked on……wait wait wait,&hellip.did they say having 'their cocks' sucked on? At first I figured I heard them wrong.

Their pussy's licked on was surely what they meant. I was wrong. These two…whatever's…kept on talking about 'receiving' a blow job and how they someday would get that. I pictured all this and my cock got harder. I was turned on by two guys acting like girls?&hellip.and now I knew they were young guys and I still had a great hardon? It must have been picturing two horny girls talking about getting fucked, but now a new turn on was emerging.

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Picturing two girls with cocks having hot sex. I kept listening and stroking my cock.

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I'm straight but the thought of sucking a girls cock was an all new arousement for me. I loved to suck on a girls clit and get her all turned on, but if it was bigger, like a small cock, that might be something I'd like. I used this to think about to justify my turn on.

Yeah, that it, just a big clit to suck on. I wanted to jack off real bad, but I also wanted to see this…boy/girl person. __I quietly got out of bed and put my robe on. I held my hardon down with my hand and peeked through the door crack. I pushed it open a little and there she was. A hot looking young blond laying on her back talking with her head turned, talking in the cell phone.

My hardon was throbbing. She was rubbing between her legs on her crouch. I couldn't see more than that right then. She had on a blouseshort skirt and long stripped stockings. She had on very sexy makeup with the eyes of an angel.

My hardon was throbbing more now. I kept watching as her hand played over her skirt rubbing herself. I had to open that door a little more. She didn't notice at all and was beginning to feel her tiny tits. Her hand began to go under her skirt. I reached over and grabbed my iphone. I quietly took a picture. She brought her knees up and her hands went inside her panties and pushed them down.

Up it came. It was her cock and she began stroking it slowly as she talked and felt her balls with her other hand. Her cock was getting bigger and bigger. Damn this was hot to see. My hardon was about to cum by itself. She started softly moaning in the phone as did the other person.

"Oh it's cuming"…she said. The other person said she was stroking herself and said her hot cock was about to cum too. They both began to moan more as they both stroked themselves. She turned and put her legs up on the back of the couch. She stiffened her legs and pointed her cock right at her face. Damned if she wasn't going to cum in her own face. I had never seen anything like this live in person as I watched intently. I had to release the down pressure on my own cock and just hold it.

She jacked faster and faster and opened her mouth&hellip.I watched her shoot cum in her own mouth and face. My own cock started shooting cum all by itself when she did that. This had never happened to me before.

My girlfriend had given me great hand jobs before but never this intense. I kept watching as the girl squirmed and kept squeezing her cock. She turned my way I must have blinked 10 times as I realized I was now looking at my brother Lenny with make up and a wig on.

(So it was your brother Lenny cross dressed the whole time?" He said: "Yes. The furthest thing from my mind was the 'girl' being my brother cross dressed") __I never got a good look at Lenny's face at first and then being upside down he just looked like a young hot girl with that blond wig, those clothes and the sexy makeup.

I had just shot a big load watching my younger brother dressed as a sexy girl and jacking off. --- I heard Lenny shower and then leave the house. I got up and went over to my girlfriends house, (I'll call her Mary). I told her everything that had happened.

She smiled and accused me of putting her on. I pulled out my iphone and showed her the picture I took. I had her look it up side down. She said: "Oh my god…that 'is' Lenny&…his dressing makes for a sexy looking girl. A hot girl with a cock…that turns me on…that would be so&hellip." Mary looked at me and started to smile. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's have some fun with this new girl&hellip.a…'Lyn', we'll call her.

Mary had some insight on both our reactions. She said I was responding to the 'girl' Lenny was when he cross dressed, and she (Mary) was responding to a girl with a cock to play with.

Lenny as 'Lyn' the girl, liked having guys get turned on over her. Lenny as a guy&hellip. liked girls. She felt this was a perfect set up for a very hot threesome. Now we had to get Lenny cross dressed and all of us alone together. --- I remembered mom and dad saying they were going to an adult retreat this weekend. Mary and I heard that was just a fancy word for a 'swingers club', she said her parents were going too. OK that took care of 'alone', but how do we get Lenny cross dressed.

Mary smiled and said to leave that to her, she had a plan. Friday night our parents all left and Mary came over. Lenny was in his room watching porn. Mary went in his room. Mary went over and put her arms around Lenny's neck from behind him. She said: "Lenny, I want show you something." She went to a cross dressers web site.

Lenny began to smile.

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Mary said: "There are some hot looking guy cross dressers on here. They really turn me on. You know&'d make a hot looking girl with my help with some makeup and clothes. Lenny gulped and smiled. Mary had my iphone and showed Lenny the picture of him I took. "We could make you look like this 'Lyn' girl. Lenny froze and stared at the picture. He didn't say a word and just sat there.

Lenny had never taken a picture of himself cross dressed for fear someone might find it. He put his hand between his legs.

Mary noticed he was starting to get a hardon. Mary then whispered real sexy to him: ("…no one will ever see this picture…if&'ll let 'Lyn' turn us on.") She eased her hand on top of his hardon.

Lenny was real turned on by Mary. He was gasping and whispered back ("…oh please… don't delete this picture,&hellip. this girl is such a hot turn on,&hellip. I want to keep it.") Mary kissed him on the neck and said: "It's yours". Lenny got up holding his hardon and went in his bathroom. About 30 minutes later the bathroom door slowly opened and out stepped shy little pink faced 'Lyn'.

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Mary stood up and said: "Oh my Lyn, you look so hot in person. Joe come here and meet Lyn." It was 'Lyn's' first meeting with anyone while cross dressed and Mary began hugging 'her'. Lyn was really sexy looking and acted just like a girl. I told Lyn how hot looking she was and rubbed my hands on her along with Mary. Lyn said quietly that she liked to be felt up and she like to feel us.

We guided her into my bedroom. Mary said: "Would you like to undress us Lyn? Feel free to do whatever you want to." Lyn said: "Oh, I'd like that, and I'd like it if you guys will feel me up all the way and take pictures of me if you want." I took pictures as Mary and Lyn started feeling each other.

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Lyn had on a padded bra and high heels. I watched as Mary got very excited. Lyn took Mary's blouse off and began kissing her tits. Mary put her hand down in Lyn's panties and began to play with her now hard cock. They turned to me and both felt my hardon as they undressed me. Feeling Lyn's body was making my hardon throb. Now I was naked and the girls felt my body and cock. I had played with Mary naked before, but Lyn was new and was really making me hot.

The girls got on their knees and it was all I could do not to cum just yet as they started licking on my hardon. I held Lyn's head as she took my hard cock all the way in her mouth. I looked down at the young girl Lyn as Mary was stroking her cock.

Mary stood up and pulled Lyn up. They eased themselves on the bed with Lyn on top of Mary. They were both breathing hard as they took their panties down. Lyn was one sexy girl as my cock got harder and harder watching. Mary was squirming and feeling Lyn's cock. She pulled her up as Lyn's cock went first between Mary's tits. Mary licked the tip of Lyn's cock with each stroke she made between her tits.

Their hands were feeling each other as the tension was reaching a fever peak. (Mary's thoughts.) Lyn had a beautiful body. I had felt girls bodies before, but this was the first one that had a cock…what a turn on this is. I could feel the tension in Lyn's legs as her now wet cock slid between my tits. I loved tittie cums to actually see a cock shoot the cum out and in my mouth.

I loved the little moans of Lyn's as she was about to cum. I kept inching her up so that the head of her cock was going in and out of my lips. I started squeezing her smooth butt with each stroke when she let out a long moan&hellip. I felt her hot cum shoot in my mouth. My pussy was twitching with jolting orgasms.

(Lyn's thoughts) My secret was now out with them and I never dreamed that Joe and Mary would get so turned on by me. The feeling of my cock between Mary's tits is awesome.

She feels my body so good as I'm about to have my first cum between a girls tits. I can look over and see Joe's big hardon as he's watching me&hellip.I want to give him and me the pleasure of cuming together in duel oral sex that we'll never forget.

That's been my dream for a long time now&hellip. --- Joe&hellip. I thought as I watched Lyn so tense as she was about to cum between Mary's tits. Mary's legs were wide open and I looked at her wet pussy.

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Her hips were going up and down as if her pussy was begging for a cock in it. I quick put the iphone down and put my knees between Mary's legs.

I put my cock in her slick pussy. I felt Lyn's butt and held on to her hips. Mary hooked her legs around mine as put my cock deep in her pussy.

Lyn began to shake as I reached around her and stroked her stiff cock. Her hips began to thrust fast as she gave out a loud groan. I felt her cum shooting out and in Mary's awaiting mouth. Mary twitched and pulled Lyn's shooting cock all the way in her mouth.

I instantly shot a mega load in Mary's twitching pussy. Now we all moaned as we all fucked furiously. A three-way cum is beyond words…… Lyn's hips kept thrusting as Mary sucked her cock and wouldn't stop. I felt Lyn's trembling body as I kept cuming in Mary&hellip. Joe continued… That evening Mary was taking a nap in my bed, and I was resting on the couch.

Lyn's door slowly opened and there she stood in a purple long nightgown and hi heels. She came out and walked over to me and modeled the nightgown. She was very sexy looking young girl. I reached out and felt her legs and body.

I turned her and pulled her hips down to my face. I reached under her nightgown to get a good feel of her smooth legs and butt. Her cock was getting big and rested on my face. She parted my robe and began to slowly stroke my hardon. Her tongue began to go up and down my cock. I kept going up her nightgown as I felt her cock. This was the moment when my urge took over and I let her cock slowly part my lips. This was a first for me and being 'Lyn' the girl led me to put her cock in my mouth as I felt my cock slip in hers.

I didn't know then that this was a dream of hers as her whole body was trembling. I felt her smooth skin as she began to jack and suck me. I held her hips and worked the tip of her cock with my lips. Her hips began slow thrusting as her cock was going in deeper with each thrust. My cock felt rock hard as she put all she could in her mouth. She started jacking me faster and faster. I had lost control and she made me cum deep in her mouth.

Her head was moving up and down on my cock as she moaned with the sounds of pure pleasure. My cum was running down the sides of my cock as she kept that same moaning going. As my cock feeling went up off the pleasure scale, she started bucking as she came hard. Cum was everywhere shooting out of our cocks. Her body shook and twitched as more cum kept shooting out. Her dream was being fulfilled. It was the best cums we had ever had.

---- * I asked ask Lenny how this cross dressing all got started. He said later he did ask Lenny about that.


He said he was at a friends house who had two older sisters. The girls came in his friends room and they decided they wanted to put make up on them. We laughed and said now way would we do that. They then started making deals with us. "We'll let you feel some tits if you just let us 'practice' our makeup on you." They both had nice beautiful tits, so we ended up making a deal. They tricked us and put bra's on us and said to feel our own tits all we wanted.

We giggled and felt the bra's on us as they put slutty make up on us and wigs. My friend said they were 'lezbo's'. I didn't know what that meant so he said: "Girls who like girls." The girls took a real interest in me and how much I looked like a girl. They said I was sexy and hot.

They started kissing me and feeling me up. They squeezed my cock and put their hands down the panties they had on me. They said I was making them horny and told my friend to go wash up and put his boy clothes back on.

He leftbut the girls kept me in their bedroom and took out my cock and held me down and sucked on it. They made me cum after all that sucking. They told me how sexy I was and how I turned them on. I liked turning them on and cuming with them sucking on me. I never got to go back but I dressed up as a girl at night and it turned me on looking at the girl in the mirror.

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I kept this all secret but found another crosser at school and we do phone sex, but that's all we've done. The rest of that weekend Lyn, Mary and I had a sex a thon with each other. Lyn liked to fuck Mary while she sucked on me at the same time. Mary liked getting herself all hot feeling Lyn up and sucking his cock…&hellip. It was one wild weekend&hellip.