Sexy men As they were standing I couldnt help but notice that Nu had

Sexy men As they were standing I couldnt help  but notice that Nu had
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The names Marc. I'm not anything special. Just your regular everyday normal guy. Not much has really been special or out of the norm about me my whole life.

I'm 5'10 with a lean build, brown hair and brown eyes. My heritage is a mixture of French, German, English, etc, I'm your typical mutt so to say. I live in a big city and come from a small family, me being the only child and all. Typical mom and dad. Always spending most of there time at work and than sitting around home when no work is to be done.

I graduated high school and now I'm in my third year of college. Like I said at first, nothing so special about me. But that's not why I'm here. Not to tell you about my not so special self but to tell you something about a very special moment that recently took place in my life.

It all started one morning on my way to school. I left a bit early so I could beat the morning rush. I live in a one bedroom apartment on the edge of the city and have to travel by train all the way into the heart of the it for my classes.

You have no idea how packed those trains can get if you don't catch one at the right time. I hate standing around all bunched up with tons of people. It always smells and annoys the crap out of me. So as I make my way through the turnstile and up the stairs to the platform, I immediately notice this very attractive woman standing on the platform facing my direction.

Now when I say very attractive, I mean this was one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life!

Tanned big tits beauty pleased a man

More than likely in yours too. I don't think there would be many that would disagree with me at all. She had that look and air of confidence of a Hollywood actor or some Victorias secret model. She stood at about 5'4 with lightly tanned skin, nice dark hair that fell just below her shoulders.

A pair of big pouty lips covered in a bright red lipstick. And oh man did those lips look good! She wore those big bug glasses I've seen lots of women wear before too, which totally added a cute appeal to her already gorgeous looks. She was wearing some tight white pants that stuck to her body perfectly. That really helped to accentuate all her curves!

I couldn't completely see it from the front but still could make out how they clung to her round ass. You could tell how big her ass was by seeing it just slightly sticking out at the sides. Leading up from the lower half was a black halter top that fell just below her waistline and came up around her neck in a way that quite pleasantly revealed the cleavage of her C cup breasts. Now Im no expert but I'd have to say they were somewhere on the higher end of a C cup.

Not exactly close to a D but not far away from it at all. She looked absolutely amazing, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I don't know if it was just in my head, the glasses made it hard for me to tell, but it seemed like she was looking right at me.

With thinking so I began to become a little nervous. I'm no ladies man but Ive had my fair share of attractive women and have never experienced nervousness with any of them.

I don't know if it was just because of how stunning she looked or what but she quite frankly took my breath away and made me feel a little shaky as I got closer. I got to just a few feet away from her and could feel as if the eyes behind those big bug glasses were staring right at me. I start to think to myself that maybe I should approach her and try to strike up a conversation.

But I become even more nervous and shaky at the idea of it. Now I'm not one to approach a woman randomly like this, never have before but I've never got this worked up or nervous just by seeing somebody before also. Feeling as if she was looking right at me made think she saw something she liked. And that thought just made me even more nervous.

The nervousness made me too scared to say anything as I approached. I just kept walking right on by her as I feel something of a tingle going down my spine and decide it's a better idea not to say anything.

I'm a decently attractive guy but for some reason just felt like this was something completely out of my league. So I keep on going and walk further on down the platform to wait for the train. I stop near a bulletin board that's in the middle of the platform and lean against it. I look it over and see various flyers of different colors sprawled about.

Nothing of interest to me, at least not as interesting as that dark haired beauty standing at one end of the platform. So I turn around to steal another look. When I turn to lay my eyes on one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, I see that she is now facing the direction of where I stand. My heart skips a beat and I feel a slight rush through my body as I begin to wonder if she is watching me as I am watching her.

We stay like this for a little while. Me leaning on the bulletin board gazing upon her, her at the other end looking my way. At least I hope she's looking my way. I begin to think maybe she's just looking to see if the train is coming and start to feel like a creep for looking at her like this.

Feeling like a creep, I turn my gaze away from her and look in front of me towards the street that's on the other side of the tracks. Watching the cars go by and the people walking in different directions. I stand here like this for another minute or two when I notice some movement to the side right where I was looking at before. Just as I turn my head she steps into view. Slowly walking by to the other side of the bulletin board I was resting on.

As she went by I could of sworn that she was eyeballing me through those dark glasses of hers. They were too dark to be able to see for sure but I could at least make out the outline of her eyes as she passed. Feeling like we just had made eye contact made feel that nervousness yet again. On top of that, just as she passes me by I take a look at that ass of hers and can really see just how round and firm looking it is.

For an ass like that it couldn't have been just the pants making it look so lovely, she had to have been one who worked out regularly. With her being close like that you could see the tone in her arms and throughout the rest of her lovely little body.

She definitely had to work out. she had walked right on by to the other end of the bulletin board and turned right back around to face my direction. Again another jolt shoots through my body and nervousness reboots itself. I begin to feel myself get a little heated even. I again begin to wonder if she is looking at me or not.

And as if to answer my wondering, she pulls the glasses to the top of her head. Making it so I could see right into her eyes and she indeed was staring right into mine. not only is she looking me dead in the eyes, she let's out a smile too with a little head nod as to say hi. The jolt of nervousness becomes even more intense and almost consumes me.

I don't know what it was about this woman that affected me in such a way but whatever it was it had a strong hold on me. And when she smiled she looked even more beautiful than before. That smile lit up her entire face. Making me so nervous that all I could muster up was a small smile and a head nod too.

She returned my attempt at a hello with yet another smile and head nod than turned the other way. I begin to worry and wonder if that was my opportunity to say something or to make any sort of move.

I tell myself I'm an idiot and should have said something instead of a stupid little grin and nod. Through these thoughts I yet again begin to think I'm out of my league with this one and that I'm just having some wishful thinking.

After silently beating myself up a little. I work up enough nerve to look her way again and take in her beauty once more. As I look her up and down I can't help but to start thinking dirty things about her. I start to wonder what her ass feels like in my hands. Wondering what her lips would feel like against mine. I keep staring at her ass, playing it over again and again of how great it would be to be with that beautiful woman.

As I'm sitting there being scared and creepy she turns around again. She looks right at me and starts to smile.

But this time she isn't just looking me in the eyes. She's looking me up and down. As if she was sizing me up and wondering something about me to herself. Seeing her eyes run over me like that pushed me too far. Piercing amber colored eyes are looking me over from head to toe. Sending shivers down my spine.

Just thinking about those eyes going over me and what type of curiosity is behind them was enough to drive me mad.

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We stood there like this for what seemed like a very long time but in actuality was merely a minute or two. Before I knew it I could hear the train whistle blowing and the sound of the train grinding on the rail.

I look past her as she too turns around to watch the train roll into the station. It pulls up and the doors open. Everybody that was on the train pile off and everybody on the platform pile right on. Thinking it would be too creepy and wrong of me to try and follow her to where she gets on. Accepting that I would probably never see this beautiful woman again. I enter through the nearest door at the front of a train car.

As I take my seat and roll through my list of music on my iPod for something to listen to. Still playing the image of her and that wonderful smile in my head, she walks right past me towards some seats that are near by. I watch her as she is about to sit down, so thankful that she got on the same car as me and thinking to myself maybe I have another chance to try and talk to her. Just as I'm thinking yet again that I don't have a chance she drops something to the floor.

I look to see what's now laying at her feet. Before I can even see what it is she had dropped, she bends over to pick it up and all of my attention is immediately diverted to that lovely ass of hers. Now with her bent over no more than 4 or 5 feet away from me, that lovely round ass gets me a little heated and I can now feel the erection forming in my pants.

It doesn't go all the way to rock hard but gets about halfway there. Never taking my eyes off her she turns her head slightly just enough so that she is looking me right in the face. I quickly become flustered and embarrassed at being caught staring at her ass.

Especially since I can feel my dick getting excited. But instead of giving me a dirty look or calling me some bad names she actually smiles and winks at me. I couldn't believe it! I surely thought id be called a pervert or something of the sort and made out to feel like an idiot. Instead she does something that almost tells me it's ok that I'm being the little perv that I am right now.

As my mind is beginning to race around about this she slowly straightens up and takes the nearest seat that's facing me on the other side of the train. Only a few feet from where I sat. As she sits down she never stops smiling and looks right at me. Feeling all flustered and heated I don't know what to do and begin to go back and forth on the idea of wether I should say something to her or not. As I keep playing with the idea in my head, looking out the window and back at her again and again.

She puts her sun glasses back on and looks out her window. I realize that if I want to attempt anything than I better do it fast because I don't know where and when she's getting off this train. and now the idea that I can't just let such a beautiful woman slip on by me without saying anything is playing in my head. But yet again for some reason. The nervousness I feel inside of me holds me back from making any move.

I couldn't work myself up to say a thing to her. Just sitting there stealing glances of each other not saying a thing. What was wrong with me? I have never been this nervous around somebody in my life and I just couldn't shake the feeling at all. As I'm now sitting there contemplating what I should do and beating myself up over being too scared to do anything.

The train fills up as more and more passengers get on at each stop. The more the car filled the more I felt my chances diminish.

I decided and told myself that it's hopeless. That I can't work myself up to do anything so I might as well just stop beating myself up and give up what little of a hope I had. Even though I have pretty much given up I still couldn't help myself and kept stealing glances of her every chance I could get. One of these times I notice that she had repositioned herself in a way where I can see a little more cleavage than I had before.

Now I find myself sitting here staring at her chest thinking about all the things id like to do to her when I realize she has turned her head towards me yet again and sees where my eyes are stuck on. As the embarrassment flushes over me one more time she surprises me again by smiling at me. As I realize that she is clearly ok with the way I'm looking at her I start to see that she is even liking it and possibly wanting me to.

we sat there staring at each other for some time when she raises her glasses back on top of her head and winked and smiled at me. That wink sent a nice little chill down my spine. I couldn't help but get a little excited and think maybe my chances are picking up. Now I know I have to do something. That something must be said on my part. Otherwise id beat myself up for not at least trying. Still baffled by what I should do i see that she has raised a hand to her chest and slowly started running it over the mid of her breasts.

Going up and down the middle than slowly making circles over the one breast I had a good view of. All while looking me right in the eyes with a lustful stare. A look that sent many shivers over me and made my dick go from semi erect to rock hard in just a few seconds.

Now I could feel the blood pumping through my body and especially to the tip of my shaft. After I see this and feel my body begin to yearn for her more and more it become determined to make this woman mine.

Even if it's just for a moment or in the slightest way. I could now see that she either did want something from me or was just toying. Either way about it made no difference to me. I was going to try my chances and find out one way or another. To my luck I could see that she feels a similar way. She began to lick her pouty red lips and cup her entire breast in her hand. Still running her fingers over it with an occasional squeeze here and there. Eventually she pulled her top just low enough so I could get a better view.

She squeezes it again, moving it around slowly all while looking right at me and licking her lips. The way her face looked while she did this was enough to turn any mans cock rock hard. I was really getting aroused. I couldn't help but put my hand at the top of my erection and rub it as discretely as I could through my pants. I look around the train to see if anybody else can see what was going on.

I could see that not a single person was aware. Everybody was either out of eyesight or had their heads down and focused on their phones and their books.

As I look back to her she has now turned herself in away where she was more so facing me. Purposely spreading her legs open enough, giving me a frontal view of a very sexy camel-toe. Now I know most people find that to be disgusting, but not at all for me.

Seeing that she had a camel-toe down there only made my blood pump even more. It made me want her so fucking bad. As I sit there feasting my eyes on the sight of this beautiful woman she takes one hand down to her camel-toe and began sliding a finger up and down the middle of it.

With the other she resumed rubbing it over and cupping her breast. All while still looking at me with that lustful look in her eye. I could see her shaking and wiggling about in her seat as she sent shivers throughout her own body. Even the way the rest of her body was reacting to what she was doing to it had something sexy and seductive about it. Just watching this was making my cock twitch with arousal. I had my fingers right at the tip of my cock, rubbing it through my pants some more.

Never breaking my gaze from her. This continues on for a little bit when I get a little paranoid and decide to take a look around to see if anybody can see what we were up to. I absolutely did not want anything or anyone interrupting and risk messing up what was going on right now. I could see that there were fewer people on the train now.

And luckily with all their heads down or facing away from what was going on. With My eyes back on the action I see that she is getting more into it. Now she's really rubbing her finger over the folds of her pussy that were bulging through her pants. Moving it faster than before and pressing it against herself with a little more force. I could even see that a wet spot had formed through her pants around her pussy. She was now staring right at me again with an even stronger look of lust in her eyes.

Licking her lip and occasionally biting it. Her hand is now under the top of her shirt and on her breast. The shirt pulled down even a little further. Her hand making circular motions around her breast. Stopping here and there to pinch and twist her nipple.

She was obviously getting very turned on by touching herself in a public place like this. Especially with me watching her. Hell, it was even turning me on. I've never done anything with my cock in public accept piss on a tree or in an alley. Other than that it doesn't get any chance to see the light of day other than back at home. So sitting her watching a woman masturbate through her clothes right in front of me in a public place and me rubbing myself in that same place was definitely becoming the most I have been turned on in my life.

My cock was harder than hard and was beginning to strain from it's need to release. She sat there rubbing her pussy through those tight pants and fondling her breast under her shirt for what must have been close to ten minutes now. Sitting there playing with herself all while staring me down and totally getting me into it with her. After another minute or two of this the conductor could be heard over the speakers in the car.

Alerting the passengers of the next stop. All while this was going on from the beginning, the conductor could be heard over the speakers every so often but was completely ignored and paid no attention. All of our attention was completely on each other and nothing else. But this last time the conductor chimed in over the speakers the woman had lost a little of the lust in her eyes and broke eye contact from me for the first time since she really started going at it with herself.

Her hand came out from under her shirt and the other came back up and pulled her shirt up a little than adjusted her purse strap to a more comfortable position. The lust was still on her face but it was fading more and more. The next stop must have been hers. As much as I didn't want it to be, it was. The train eventually rolls into the station and comes to a stop. The woman and myself look at each other one more time before the doors open. I begin to curse myself for not doing or saying anything else.

For just sitting there and watching her go. She had gotten up and gave me the cutest I'm sorry look I've ever seen on any woman's face. It was so cute it sent a warmth throughout my chest and made me even more sad about this having to come to an end.

She continued to look at me with the same adorable face as she walked towards the door that was behind me. As she got to where I was sitting she looked right down to where the bulge in my pants was at than literally stopped and let a tiny gasp escape her mouth.

I looked from my bulge back to her, she was biting her lip and moved her hand to the front of her pants. That look of lust quickly returning to her face. When I saw this I got excited all over again could feel my cock pulsate through my pants. I don't know if it was our hormones raging or just the sight of my dick but what happened next I never would have thought could happen. The "doors closing" warning rings throughout the car. she breaks her lustful stare from my cock and looks towards the doors just as they began to close.

Once shut all the way she just shakes her head and let's an even better smile than any before spread across her face. She walks right up to me and sits right in my lap. She looks me right in the face and in an excited voice says, "Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm very pleased to meet you!" Flabbergasted at what just happened my head is racing, my heart is pounding, me my cock is throbbing.

I could not believe what was happening or how lucky I was for it too. I could feel the excitement rush through my body as my adrenaline seriously begins to start pumping. I look her right in the eye and say as confidently as I can, "Michelle, it's a pleasure to meet you as well, I'm." before I could even finish the sentence and say my name she cuts in and says, "All mine!" Than leans in and places those beautiful pouty lips right on mine for the most passionate kiss I have ever shared with anyone.

The softness of her tongue running over and around mine, the tenderness and sweet taste of her lips, how she was kissing me, everything was making me and my cock go wild! I have never felt so excited or aroused in my life. No other woman has ever turned me on or got me as excited as she was doing right then and there. After kissing so passionately for a little while my head was getting lost in the rush of all this excitement.

My body almost started to act on it's own. One hand found it's way behind her and around her back. I pulled her in closer. With the other I placed it between her legs and began rubbing the outside of her pussy just as she was doing before. When my fingers first started to rub that camel-toe her head shot up and her mouth dropped.

She let out a slow short moan than began to thrust herself on my fingers. Which seemed like she was trying to do as discretely as she could but was too overtaken by her lust that if anyone around us was paying a little more attention they would definitely see that we were up to no good. Neither of us cared though.

All that nervousness and lack of confidence was gone. We didn't care where we were or who would see us. At this point we were so lost in our lust for each other nothing was going to stop us from giving each other what we wanted. As I continue to rub her pussy, I take my free hand and pull her head back to mine and lock our lips in another kiss.

Rubbing my fingers through her hair with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. Our bodies are on fire. I can feel the adrenaline pumping all throughout my body. My cock is throbbing violently, I start trying to hump her as best I can.

Like clockwork, as soon as I start thrust myself into her she starts moving her ass in rhythmically manner over my lap. Her ass was in just the right position where I could feel both the softness and firmness of her ass cheeks on my dick.

Rolling around driving me crazy with lust. I could really feel her ass grinding into me and it felt great! Just as she started rubbing her ass into me like that, I thrusted into her even more. I was really humping her now. I was humping her as madly and as hard as I could. At least As madly as the position we were sitting in would allow me to. Continuing to rub my fingers into her pussy.

She is getting faster and more fluent with her rhythmic grinding. Causing shivers to run throughout my body every time her ass comes back around. Our heads don't stop moving from side to side while are to tongues wrestle one another. The more we keep at this more wild we become. Both of us becoming more intense with each move we make, further losing our minds to the lust that consumes them.

Our minds are slowly diminishing from dominance and are bodies are beginning to take control of our actions all on their own. We no longer even realize we are on a train. We no longer realize that people are around us. Even if we did we wouldn't have cared. Nothing was going to stop us. Michelle, sitting on top of my lap with her arms around me, Kissing me like no other woman has kissed me before. All while grinding her apple bottom ass right into my cock.

continuing to thrust towards my fingers with her pussy. I can feel the dampness on her crotch. By this point she was dipping down there. The whole front part where my fingers have been playing was soaked, even through her pants. We kept on like this for a little while. Could have been a few minutes. Could have been more. Neither of us had any idea.

Time meant nothing to us. All that we cared about was the haze of a lust that consumed us. All we wanted was each other. As we continue our humping and making out, eventually though, somebody did begin to notice. And not just one person. Once some random guy looked up and saw what we were doing he pointed it out to whoever was near by. One by one more and more people started to gawk and comment. Saying mean and dirty things about us.

Watching as we have our way with each other. I don't know how long it had been since people started noticing what we were doing. Or even who or how they noticed.

All I know is that at one point I hear a woman's voice get pretty loud and snap us back to reality. "That is absolutely disgusting!!" She bellows, "I can't believe what I am seeing!! You disgusting ass mother fuckers! You need to get the fuck off this train before I call the authorities!" She continued to go on and on and rant, calling us all kinds of names and threatening us to leave.

Eventually other people even joined in with her. Repeating her threats and insults. Urging us to take our little romp some place else. I have to admit, it was pretty embarrassing.


But not enough to deter our desires. Michelle and I just looked into each other's eyes and laughed. We both felt a little embarrassed but mostly we were turned on by it. I think even the embarrassing feelings that we had helped to fuel some of this lust.

Being seen by all these people while we do dirty dirty things to each other. Watching her grind my cock while I ahead with her pussy. It was all such a turn on! The more we heard everybody complain the more we just laughed and squeezed each other.

Gazing into each other's eyes with so much happiness and so much lust. This was honestly the best I've felt. Every new emotion and each new sensation seriously made me feel the best I've ever felt!

The most excited I have ever gotten! Regardless of the circumstances. Sitting here gazing I to each other's eyes, with everything that's going on, I was the happiest I've ever been in my entire life! I don't know what she was feeling or think, I couldn't be sure. But the look in her eye as she stared at me said to me that she was feeling something very similar.

She pulls me close and says to me, "I can't believe this." Looking me dead in the eye, "I don't know what it is but I just have to have you!" She leans in and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. "I want you to have me!" I say as we pull away, "I want you so bad myself!" We both laughed and kissed each other a few more times.

"And we don't even know each other" says Michelle. "The fact that I don't have a clue about you turns me on soooo much!" "It does for me too." I say, "You honestly are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I've never seen any more beautiful than you. I wanted you since the second i laid my eyes on you! And right now I can't believe this is happening!" She looked at me with the most adorable face yet again.

The expression sent waves of joy throughout my entire body. She pulled me in for a nice long hug. Repeatedly kissing the top of my head. We held each other close and tight. Basking in all these amazing feelings and emotions we were bringing out of each other.

Holding each other as tight as we could. "We should probably get off here so we can do this without trouble." She whispered into my ear.

"That is if you don't have somewhere to be." I look around to figure out what stop we are nearing. I think to myself oh shit as I realize that we had passed my stop a long time ago and were nearing the end of the end of the line. "No, I don't have anywhere to be accept with you right now." I say as I think to myself "fuck those classes" She just smiles at me somehow looking even more beautiful!

"Well let's go baby, I don't know how much longer I can hold myself back." Says Michelle. I nod my head and we both take a look around us at all the angry people who keep sneering and making their offensive comments. Dirty looks all around! With Looks of disgust on most of their faces. The speakers kick in and a voice informs us that we are nearing the next station. We look at each other happily and quickly get up.

We make our way to the doors even more angry comments are made. People were dropping names like slut, assholes, whore, disgusting, and so much more. We paid it no attention though. We understood that we warranted it to happen. It didn't bother us one bit. When the train stopped and the doors opened we ran off as fast as we could.

"This way!" Michele says and pulling with here towards some stairs. We run down the stairs and out of the station. Michelle leading the way and pulling me behind her. We keep running for another block or two. I start to wonder how far does she actually want to run and chuckle to myself. She turns down an alley behind a bunch of houses and apartment buildings and takes us about half way down it.

When she stops she turns around and pushes me into back of someone's garage. As soon as I hit the wall she dropped and started undoing my pants. "I want this in my mouth so fucking bad!!" She says with a hungry look in her eyes as she takes my belt off and unfastens my pants. As soon as my zipper came down, so did my pants and boxers with it.

My cock sprang out only a inch or two from her face. "Oh wow!!" She let's out with a gasp. "Just as big as I hoped, bigger even!" Looking right at my nice hard cock only inches from her face. She has a look of delight on her face as she looks at it and runs her fingers along my shaft. Now I'm not monster but I'm 8 inches long and very wide. Michelle was looking at it as if she was a little girl on Christmas and Santa brought her that pony she always wanted.

I could have sworn I even seen a sparkle in her eye. "And it's all for you." I say in fun little voice. "Do as you." Before I could even finish she had swallowed my cock whole. All the way down to the base. She started going back and forth like an animal. Sucking my cock with such ferocity. She pounded away at it. Sending shivers and chills all throughout my body. Luckily I already had my back against the wall or I for surely would have fallen back. The ecstasy that I felt when she first wrapped those big beautify pouty lips.

Those perfect for cock sucking lips. Nice and plump and around my cock. Giving me the most pleasure I've ever felt. The ecstasy from that had completely consumed my mind. I no longer had any coherent thoughts. Just impulses and the most lustful of thoughts. We both were animals now. And there was no going back. She continued to blow me like that for a while.

Using those big dick sucking lips all over my cock. Sucking my dick like a pro in a porn. I couldn't believe it. I've had a few blow jobs before but not one like this. Not one from a woman who looked as if she'd be the next biggest porn star and would have the skills to make it happen. One hand at the base of my shaft jerking me off, the rest of my cock going down her throat again and again.

She was sucking like a mad woman. Completely Crazed with lust. She loved having my dick in her mouth, she loved every inch and every second of it. She was moaning and moaning.

You'd be surprised at how loud she was able to moan with my dick I'm her mouth. Each moan turning me on more and more. She continues blowing me like this for some time when she eventually pulls it out of her mouth and slaps it on her cheek a few times. Moaning as she does. She takes her tongue and slides it up and down my shaft. First one side than another. She does this a few more times until she swallows it whole again and resumes to suck it like her life depended on it. She keeps jerking me with one hand and now playing with my balls with the other.

Blowing me harder and harder. I begin to get dizzy. It felt way too good I almost couldn't take it. I stood there losing my mind even more. My head was spinning and my knees were shaking. I started to wobble as my knees buckled. I started to feel as if I was gonna fall and braced myself by putting both arms spread out up against the garage door. I let myself slide down just a little. No sex I have ever had before was as good as this. Nothing was as good as this. Not by a long shot.

I seriously in heaven. Her moans became louder as we went on. Now with me moaning too. I just couldn't help it. This was too amazing!

As she moans more and more I can feel my orgasm building. And it was building fast. I started to lose complete control and my body had already started convulsing. "I'm about to cum baby" I say though gasps and moans. "I'm almost there, please don't stop baby.ohhh.fuuuuuccckkk." She pulls my dick out and looks at me. "I want you to fuck my throat!" She demanded. "I want you to slam that cock down my throat until you come.

I want you to fuck the shit out of my face baby!" Now pretty much begging for it. She says again and again in the sexiest voice while pulling my cock towards her face. "Please face fuck me baby!" She's says again and again, "please fuck my face baby! Make me gag baby, I want to choke on your cock, please baby, choke me with your cock!" She didn't need to say it any more.

Looking down at that lovely face with those hot pouty lips. My mind was too far lost in this haze. Seeing her and hearing her say those things just made it worse. I quickly grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock all the way down her throat. She immediately gagged and coughed. I pulled out fast and rammed it right back in again.

Another gag and cough comes out. I pull out one more time and as I'm about slam it back down her throat she reaches her hands behind my ass and pulls me I towards her. Adding more force to the impact. I could hear her gag and moan. Turning me on and making this all the better.

I slammed the shit out of her face like this for some time. Sending it all the way down her throat again and again. Quickening my pace each time. Spit is now dripping from her mouth around my dick. It's all around her mouth, dripping onto her chest. Her red lipstick smeared around her lips and my dick. Mascara is running down her face as her eyes turn red and begin to water up. I continue to fuck her face, feeling my orgasm reaching it's peak.

Looking down at her face. Seeing all her makeup smeared about, her eyes watering and spit dropping from her mouth pushes it closer and closer. She still pulls me into her herself. Desperately wanting my dick down her throat. Again and again I slam her face as fast and as hard as I could. You could hear her gag and gurgle. Each gag followed by another immediately after. A gurgle and cough would escape when I would hold it all the way down her throat for a little.

Now I can feel my orgasm coming. Not knowing I even could after how fast I was already going, I. fuck her face harder and faster. Through gasps and moans I could barely manage to say, "I', I'm!!!" Ecstasy shoots through my whole body. The most wonderful feeling in anyone's life just overtook my complete being.

I couldn't think of anything else, I couldn't even see straight. The convulsions and impulses tearing throughout my whole body. I couldn't control it and begin to moan so loud. Just as the first shot of cum hits the back of her throat she pulls me in hard and sucks the shit out of my dick. She sucked as hard as she possibly could which made it all even better. She pulled me in to shove it all the way down her throat and hold it there for the remainder of my orgasm.

But I just kept coming and coming. My whole body twitched with pleasure, each little movement sent electricity through my dick to the rest of my body. Shooting more and more cum down her throat and right into her stomach. Her face turns red as she coughs and moans. She started to lose her breath but tried so hard to not pull me out of her. After a few more seconds her face was red and her eyes were bulging. Spit and cum all over the bottom half of her face.

Dripping out from her mouth and down to her chest. I pull out still shooting a little more cum. She let's out a long deep gasp for air followed by a few coughs. The last few blasts of cum shoot out hitting her in the cheek and chin.

Once she felt she caught her breath she reached up and pulled my dick to her face. Moaning softly and rubbing the tip of my cock all around her it. Smearing my cum every where. Eventually she puts my cock back into her mouth and starts sucking again.

Trying to get every last drop she could. Once she felt she got it all she started wiping all the cum on her face with her fingers. Pushing what she could into her mouth and sucking what she couldn't off her fingers. Just watching her act so dirty made my cock twitch again.

Something about the sight of this was even somehow beautiful to me. Seeing her like this with my cum on her face and her make up smeared kept me aroused and wanting more.

Even with her eyes being red it made the amber stick out more. Making her eyes even more piercing. She swallowed as much of my cum as she could then finally broke the silence. "Oh baby that was so good, you have no idea!" She says very enthusiastically.

"You don't even know!" I say in reassurance. "That was the most amazing thing ever! I've never even had sex as good as that, I never even came as hard as I did either! You're amazing baby you really are!" She looks up to me with pure joy all over her face and says, "Oh so are you baby! I don't know what it is about you but this was just as great for me too.

I think I came three time from all that." That being said, I look down to her crotch and couldn't help but chuckle a little. She looked as if she had wet herself. Her crotch area and inner thighs were completely soaked! She watches me look down there as a smile spreads across my face. She gets up and turns around. "Just look at my ass." She says in an embarrassed voice and sticks her ass out. Making that gorgeous apple shape. "It seriously looks like I wet myself!" You could see that pretty much half of her big beautiful ass was wet.

Not sure how it happened, must have been from the way she was kneeling. But she was totally soaked. I almost couldn't believe how wet she was. And all just from sucking my dick. I never would have dreamed I could have had this affect on a woman. I began to wonder if maybe this was a norm for her.

"Does that usually happen?" I ask "No, not really." She replies. "I have squirted many times before but only from masturbating. Never ever by somebody else." Hearing this made me start to feel really good about myself as I was sure I somehow played a big part in that happening.

I've never been with such a lovely woman before. Like I said, I've had my share of attractive women, but none like this.

Michelle was honestly the most beautiful woman in the world to me. As I continue to play this all out in my head she turns back around and pulls me into her. Wrapping her arms be hind my head and pulling my face right to hers. Rubbing her forehead and her nose against mine.

Playfully going in for a kiss and pulling back just before I can land one. Then pretending to bite my lip as I got close. Holding each other close, squeezing ourselves into one another more and more. She proceeds to grind herself into me. Trying to pull me closer but still not letting me get a kiss. Teasing me so seductively. It was bringing back all the previous lust we had for each other.

I quickly began to lose myself again. As this goes on my dick starts pulsating. Already back up to it's full strength and ready to go for some more. "I want you inside me baby." She whispers to me. Still teasing me with her lips. "This has been the best for me too, and I know having your cock inside me would feel sooooo good." As she says soooo good, she places a hand on my dick and starts to rub it. Sending electricity throughout my body get again. She pulls her head back and looks me right in the eyes.

"You want to fuck my pussy?" she says in very seductive voice. "You want to shove your nice big cock into my pussy baby?" "Yes." I say with a voice filled with lust. "I want to fuck your pussy more than anything!" "Ooohh baby, will you fuck my pussy?" She says. "Will you fuck my pussy and make me your bitch?" Getting more and more excited I grab her by her ass and pull her closer to me. Squeezing her ass.

Getting as much of a feel from it as I can. As I do this she rubs my dick again. Now holding onto it and stroking it slowly. "I want you to take this cock and make me your bitch!!" She demands. Jerking it off even faster now. Pushing me closer and closer to the edge of losing myself once more. "Yes, yes I'll make you my bitch!" I say with the highest confidence. I slap her ass hard with one hand. She let's out a soft moan. "You are going to be my bitch!" I say as I slap her ass with the other hand.Another moan escapes her lips.

"You want to be my bitch don't you?" I as and than slap her ass with both hands and squeeze hard. She lets out a little cry. "You really want this cock don't you?" "Oh please baby, please shove your cock in me and make me your bitch!!" She says and starts to violently pump her hand up and down my cock.

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"I want your cock so bad baby. I need your cock inside me baby! I need it!" I slap her ass a few more times. Each time pinching and squeezing it. She moans louder and strokes me harder the more I do this. "I want to be your bitch baby, I want to be your dirty little slut!" She says loudly and and seductive. "Treat me like the dirty little slut I am and make me your bitch!!" I reach down and undo her pants. As soon as I get the zipper down I pull her white cum soaked pants down to reveal a sexy little pink and black thong.

She kicks her shoes off and steps out of her pants. I turn her around so I could get a better view of her ass. And let me tell you, the sight of that big beautiful apple bottom ass with that little thing riding up her crack was a sight to see. It was too damn thick and too damn hot. My dick jumped and twitched just at the sight of it. I pulled her thong up tight to her ass. Making it ride right into he crack of it and gave a nice smack.

She immediately let out a small cry. "Oh baby I love it when you smack my ass!" She says. I smack her ass again, pulling her thing up a little more. She let's out another cry. I smack and squeeze it again and again. Each time she moans more. Each time she gets louder. I turn her completely around to where her ass is lined up with my dick. I than kick off my shoes and pants and get down so I could see her pussy.

As soon as I get a good view of it, I can see that she is indeed dripping wet. Juices are just flowing out if her vagina and right down her leg. Looking at her legs you could even see the lines of her juices from where they trickled down her leg.

A steady flow keeps coming and coming. I give her ass another smack never taking my eyes off her pussy. When I smacked her, you could see more juices squirt out of her pussy.

I smacked again and again. More and more juices shot out with each smack. Seeing that was all I needed to be pushed over the edge and lose myself to lust once again.

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I straighten up and pull her towards me. "It's time I make you my little bitch!" I say as I line my cock up with her pussy. Just from the anticipation of having my cock inside her, she starts to squirt so much more than she was before.

She gasped and moaned before it even went inside her. I could feel her juices shooting on my cock and balls. Even the rest of my pelvis area and my legs were getting a little wet from it. The way she squirted for me drove me wild! "Yes baby, shove that cock into my pussy and make me your slut!" She almost screams at me.

With no hesitation I shove my cock into her pussy. Her lips close perfectly around it. Clinging to it nice and tight. Making both of our eyes roll to the back of our heads as we shutter in pure pleasure. Now we are strictly animals. There is no thought or no possibility of it. All of our primal and sexual instincts are kicked in to the fullest.

From the second I entered into her we lost our minds completely to lust. She let out a long pleasurable scream as I slid it into her. I could feel her spraying me with her juices. "Ohhhhh GOOOOODDDDD YEESSSSSS!!!!" She screams "IMMM ALREADY CUMING BABY. OH GOOODDDD!!! OOOOHHH MY GOOODDD BABBY!!!" She rocks herself back and forth on my dick.

I can feel the walls of her vagina squeeze dick so tightly. Her pussy begins to pulsate and squeeze my dick as tight as it can. I pull out, feeling every inch of her pussy wrapped around my dick. I slam it back in her and pull out again only to slam it back into her as hard as I can. She moans and screams at me. Completely wild with the pleasure I am giving her. "FUCK ME BABY!!" She screams. "FUCK ME HARD BABY!!

DRILL YOUR COCK INTO MY DIRTY LITTLE PUSSY!!!!" Just as she had asked, I begin to pound away at her pussy. Her ass bouncing and slapping hard against me.

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I tear into her like a wild animal. Pump after pump after pump I slam my cock as deep as I can. Thrusting harder every time. She rocks herself back into me. Slamming her ass and her pussy onto my dick.

I squeeze one of her cheeks with one hand and slap another cheek with the other. Each slap made her moan even louder. She screamed and moans as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. Saying dirty things to me. "THATS RIGHT, FUCK THAT ASS BABY!! IM SUCH A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME LIKE THAT BABY!!!" She screams and moans as she looks back at me. "FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY LITTLE SLIT I AM!!" I take both my hands and grab her by the hips and pull her into me.

Slamming her again and again. "YOU ARE SUCH A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT." I say back to her as I pound away on her pussy. "YOUR MY DIRTY SLUT AND IM GONNA FUCK YOU LIKE THE DIRTY LITTLE SLUT YOU ARE!!" Now before, I've never talked to any woman like this. Not even over the internet. I always had the most respect for women and would never even think to say such things. But with Michelle, once she started talking dirty like that to me it just turned me on so much I went with it.

Now here I am calling her really dirty names and saying really dirty things. And it's turning us on so damn much. All the dirty talk only made this better for us. "OH YES BABY, IM YOUR DIRTY SLUT!" She says to me. "IM YOUR LITTLE WHORE BABY. AND YOUR LITTLE WHORE LOVES YOUR COCK!!" As I continue to slam into her I can feel her squeezing fighter again. Each thrust feels tighter and better. Making me lose my mind even more. She slams herself into me harder.

"IM GONNA CUM AGAIN BABY!" She screams as she slams her pussy on my dick harder and harder. "OH GOD BABY IM GONNA CUM, IM GONNA CUM!!!! IM CUMMING AGAAAAIIINNNNN.!!" Her back arches upwards and her head cocks back.

She stops slamming herself into me and only shutters as the full waves of yet another orgasm hits her again. This one obviously more powerful than the last. I reach up and grab her by the hair. Pulling her head back. I wrap her hair around my fist and start pulling as I pump into her. This sets off another series of screams and oh gods come out. Now she is shaking violently. Her tongue falls out of her mouth and her eyes roll to the back of her head again.

Tongue flapping up and down as she does. Eventually all you can hear from her is some grunts and moans. Every inch of her convulsing with pleasure. She just shakes and moans as my cock pulls in and out of her. After fucking like this for a while. She eventually comes down from the orgasms she had and turns to me to say, "Oh baby, let your little slut get on top.

I want to ride and fuck the shit out of you baby." I pull myself out of her and look around for the most comfortable looking spot I could find. Being in an alley there wasn't any. So I took of my shirt and grabbed our pants to make a makeshift bed for us.

She sees what I do and takes her halter too off as well. Giving it to me for extra cushioning. I lie down and get as comfortable as I can. She doesn't hesitate one bit and hips right in top of me.

Barely taking any precaution to not hurt herself on the gravel. As soon as she got positioned properly, she looked down to me and said. "I'm going to fuck your brains out baby!" Than she impales herself with my cock. Making me moan out loud.

She immediately rocks herself back and forth. Making slow circular motions as she does. I don't know what it was that made this feel amazingly better than before but it did. I could feel myself swallowed so much deeper inside her pussy. Now it was my turn to shake as she sent electricity all throughout my body. Making me gasp and moan as she goes along.

It felt so fucking amazing. My head was swimming in ecstasy. I've never felt anything like this in my entire life! She circles herself around and around. Occasionally giving herself a good thrust with my dick. "You like that baby?" She purrs to me.

Pushing her lips together then licking them slowly. Biting her lip as she looks me dead in the face. She knows I like it. Even more than that, she knows she has me completely under her control. "I do baby, I love the way you're riding my cock right now." I say I her. "Mmmmm, you like your little slut riding your cock like dirty little whore?" She moans to me as she continues to rock back and forth.

"Do you want me to make you cum baby?" "Yes I do you little whore!" I slightly bark at her. "I want you to make me cum and shoot all of my cum up into your pussy!" "Ooohhh baby!" She mutters back to me.

"You really want to cum in my pussy? You really want to cum in this filthy little slut you just met?" "Yes, yes! I want to cum in your filthy little pussy!!" I say. "I want to unload all of my cum right inside you!!" I say this with a hard thrust which sends electricity through her whole body and mine. She let's out a long loud moan. "Make me cum you little slut!!" I bark right at her. "Ooohh, I'll make you cum baby!! I'll make you cum and swallow it all up with my pussy!!" She says.

Than she begins to slam her ass and her pussy hard on my dick. She moans loudly and does it again,,, and again,,,again. Moaning louder every time. She picks up the pace and does it in a fast repetition. Up and down, up and down, she gets faster and harder every single time. We both begin to moan loudly. My mind was gone and hers as well. There's nothing going through them but the pleasure we shared. We were completely overwhelmed with our lustful desires. Nothing matter more than her bouncing up and down on my cock.

Slamming herself into me as hard as she can. She began to pant. You could here her gasps and moans become short and more often. She has completely lost her mind to the sexual sensations raging through her body. She was very animalistic again. Breathing faster and heavier. Her juices are spraying all over my pelvis area. I can feel myself drenched down there.

Eventually she takes herself off her knees and and gets on her feet. Never letting my dick free from her pussy. As soon as she gets herself positioned right with her feet just below my armpits and a hand on each shoulder to help hold herself up, she goes nuts. She is able to lift herself up further from my cock which made it possible to slam herself back down on it harder.

It also made it possible so she could take up the full length of my cock right to the tip and slide right back down with a force that sent even more Intense sensations throughout my body. She did this over and over. Being able to go even faster before. She was driving me crazy! I never seen any woman fuck like this or ever thought it was possible. My mind is completely blank now. She slams and slams again. I begin to shake violently as I feel my orgasm building.

Her juices are spraying all over me. I shake more and more. I feel my head spinning so much I felt like I was about to pass out. Jolts of electricity are surging through our bodies. With the way she was fucking me. With how we looked while she fucked me so ferociously. You probably would have thought we were having seizures. That or that we were a pair of some wild animals or something. Both of our eyes rolled to the back off our heads.

Both of us convulsing so much. My mouth was dropped as I moaned more and more from every single sensation. Hers was dropped as well but had her tongue a hanging out of it again. The longer we went on like this the more we really did look like some wild animals. I can feel my orgasm reaching it's peek. My cock has become so much more sensitive. Each sensation escalating beyond the last. She continues to thrust herself vigorously onto me.

My climax getting oh so much closer. I thrust myself upward as best I can. Trying to make my orgasm come faster. I can feel it building up. I can feel it getting closer. I can feel it coming! "OH MY GOD BABY IM GOING TO CUM!!!" I shout out as I thrust my slept into her already slamming pussy. "OH MY GOD BABY, PLEASE CUM IN MY PUSSY!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CUM IN MY NASTY SLUTTY PUSSY!!! She begs of me. "CUM FOR ME BABY!

PLEASE FILLY MY FILTHY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM!!!" We both begin to pant and scream. I thrust my cock as hard and as far in her pussy as I can. She pulls herself right down onto me. I can feel it finally build all the way up and than release itself. We both scream and shake and hump as violently as we could. Pumping myself into her as torrent after torrent shoots all the way to the back of her pussy. "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUUUUUCCKCCKKKK!!!!!" She screams out.

"IM FUCKING CUMMING!!!" She repeats herself again and again as every thrust I make sends more and more cum all the way into her pussy. She screams even louder as our orgasms reach their climax. I grunt and huff as I release every last drop of my seed into her vagina.

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Letting this almost nirvana like feeling race through my body. Spreading throughout every single inch of my body. There really is going through my mind accept this bliss. I couldn't even begin to describe how wonderful and enlightening it felt at this moment. The feeling consumed me so much I began to lose my vision. My body arched and trembled as my orgasm torr through my body. Michelle sat here still pushing herself onto me. Screaming and panting.

Trembling just as I was. She let out scream after scream of pure ecstasy. Loving every second of what was happening to us. After a while of sitting there convulsing and spraying our cum into each other. When every last drop was spent. Michelle got off her feet and let herself collapse on top of me. Laying her head on my chest, I put my arms around her and hold her in a tight embrace.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. Just taking our time to catch our breath and take in everything that has just happened. I would rub my fingers through her hair and kiss her head every so often. She rubbed her fingers over my chest and occasionally kissing my chest as well. "I don't even know what all that was, but it was the most amazing thing that's ever happened in my life." She says to me. She raises her head to look me in the eyes.

"I know it probably doesn't seem like this, with how we just met and all. But I honestly never have done anything like that before." I look at her happily. Hoping these words are true and not just something she's saying. "I hope you could believe this. But it's the same for me as well." I say to her as we stare into each other's eyes.

"I've never done anything like that before. I didn't even know I had it in me." "Me too!!" She says very enthusiastically. "Well I've at least always loved giving giving head, and hard fucking.

Just not with strangers." She laughed as she finished her sentence. "I've never had the opportunity to do it like that at all." I say. "Just a few blow jobs and some soft fucking. At least soft fucking compared to what we did today." I let out a little laugh as well. We both laughed for a little after that. "I've had my fair share of fucking but out of all the dicks that have been inside of me. Yours was by far the best!" She says to me with wide eyes and another kiss. "No cock has ever tasted or felt so good as yours baby, not by a long shot!!" I lean in and kiss her passionately on her lips.

"The feelings are mutual baby.


I've never felt anything better than this." I say than lean in for another kiss. I hold her as close as I could. I don't know where this was gonna go beyond this point. All I did know was that I just did not want this to end. "So I think you should definitely give me your number." She says as she pulls away from our kiss. "I don't know about you, but I want to do this again soon." I can feel a rush of excitement run through my body.

Again I find myself sitting here not believing anything that has happened today was possible. I honestly felt like I was in heaven. "Yes of course you can have my number." I say to her in a very reassuring way. Her face lights up as a smile quickly forms. I can see that little sparkle in her eye again. She kisses me on the lips again and again. "Ok good!" She says enthusiastically. "I'm glad we'll be able to do this again!!" "Me too honey!" I say.

"Me too!" "Ok Good!!" She says again. She reaches for her purse which was a only a few feet away and pulls her phone out. "Ok let me have it!" As I give her my phone number I think to myself of how she doesn't even know my name.

"You don't even know my name honey." I say with a chuckle. "Never gave me a chance to say it." I begin to tell her my name when she cuts me off again. She leans in and kisses me quickly.

"Stranger where do just fine for now." She says and winks at me. "Id like to keep it like that for a little longer if you don't mind." I think about it for a second and can't come up with any reason why not. "Yeah, I'm fine with that." I say. "I can remain to be your mystery fuck!" "Yay!" She shouts out and hugs me tightly.

"I'm not sure why, but keeping it like this for a while is going to be a really huge turn on for me!!" Thanks for reading! Please inform me of any suggestions!